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A Private Moment
Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I've been sort of neglecting this blog because 1) I'll be moving to Wordpress as soon as I work out how to import all these posts, and 2) there are simply more people I know reading my 125 blog. It's rather self-centered, yes, but then why sing on an empty stage when people are anticipating your presence at the theatre? Uwahhh chiminology.

This post, however, is a private performance, to continue in the vein of my analogy. I believe anyone who at this point still bothers to check this site regularly cares enough to know about this. Especially when, as I found out to my horror, my blog template doesn't even have RSS-enabled codes written in it.

Recently I learnt that two of my closest friends were going to Buffalo for a semester. I never entertained more than a fleeting glance of that thought, because I didn't see the need previously. And even though a good number of my friends are in Buffalo now, I didn't feel sad for not being able to go over. As soon as I heard that these two were going though, something strange happened to me. I began to reason with myself why going would be beneficial. I began to visualize myself staying with them in an apartment, conveniently taking a lift to campus in the car one of them is bound to drive, and all that. Suddenly I wanted to go so badly.

At first Angel Hao dismissed it as a simple case of I-also-want. But to my self-disappointment, I realised that it was so much more than that. I just couldn't bear to let my two friends go. Because obviously although, as demonstrated with another friend at Buffalo right now, we can still chat around this time (11-12pm SG), they won't be here, physically. And that was something I couldn't really imagine. As you might be thinking now though, I was rather afraid, disgusted even, of these stalker-like tendencies. They are my close friends, but how can I hold them back? And who am I to anyway? It doesn't matter how attached I am to them (or them to me, though I seriously doubt we share the same sentiments on that matter). They have their own lives to live, their own dreams to chase, just like me. Just like any other person. It is truly a horrible, cold feeling, to be doubting yourself, to be torn between what you know is right and what you want.

I'm not patronizing or pretending to be interested when my friend talks about the details and processes of arranging to go over, even though sometimes it does depress me to be talking about a near-impossible dream so casually. I feel sincerely happy for my friend that he's got this opportunity to go over. And you don't have to shut up about it, by the way, just because you read this blog post. I'm ok with it, and I really want to know. If anything I hope he, and my other friend who can well afford it, understand through this post really how blessed they are to be going over, to be even stressing out on a perpetually incompetent CMPB.

Along with all these ideas came some really smart ones about trying my luck with my parents. Thank God Angel Hao put my common sense on emergency high alert. I would only be disappointed if I were to ask them. So I held back, while querying on the deadline for my target semester. After ensuring there was no immediate rush, I rang up my cousin Sandra.

Several times before Sandra told me to always, always, always feel free to call her when I needed something - money, advice, material. The only material I've actually asked her for is my beloved guitar, and I'd be wont to ask her for cold cash. I accept charity, but to ask for it is beyond my morals. Advice however, I've asked a few times. And this was the perfect chance to hold her to her word. As I rightly predicted, she was in a position to know more about my parents' financial situation than I was. They wouldn't tell me anyway, so from a good amount of angles which you viewed the situation with, calling her was the best. She was quite obviously shocked out of her shoes with the bond amount of $75k, although I assured her a mortgage and bank statement was acceptable. And even then, she spoke in a shocked hush after she heard that the other expenses, tuition lodging and all, would chalk up another $17k.

See the thing about telling a confidant is you have a clear mind to put the situation into perspective. She enquired about the length of my program - 3 years. About the cost each year - almost 20k. And I was sobered when she said that my parents would be paying a year's worth of local fees for 3 months of an eye-opening experience. She urged me to 'really pray' about this, something which I knew very well I should be doing, but for some reason hesitated to do. It couldn't be plainer, I guess, that that's the only thing really right for me to do. Cos if the Lord doesn't provide a solution, I wonder if anyone else can.

I'm not sure if I'm doing the right thing by disclosing these things. I see nothing wrong or private of course, other than face, which I increasingly scorn, but who knows what people out there may do with this information. I got the financial information I was looking for from my cousin - my parents' need to prepare money for the completion of our new condo, and to do that they have to sell the house I'm in now as well as our one other property. I was surprised when my cousin told me that if she was not wrong our other property, a small condo in Geylang (nothing fishy la) was paid for, but my HDB apartment still isn't. This is a huge surprise because I thought I heard in one of their conversations years ago that this flat was finally paid for. And considering that this flat is 12 years old, and that for a third of these 12 years my dad was earning considerable pay working in the banking sector, I was really puzzled. But the fact was that I knew couldn't possibly burden my parents by even planting the thought of me missing out on going over, above their long lists of existing concerns. I believe behind their nonchalant facades they are probably disappointed that they couldn't give me what I wanted. They aren't material-pleasers who would get me a useless thing if I asked for it, though they've surprised me time and again with stuff like the Casio digital watch I'm wearing, and more recently the Crumpler I'm using. I can tell when they snap at me for wanting useless things, and when they try their best to explain that we cannot afford it. They aren't good explainers, I only agree so that I wouldn't be stuck with them the whole night, but it's a clear distinction between the two situations.

I'm just writing this down for catharsis, and for recording's sake. As I said, all that I can do now is pray. I'm irritated by that sense that my writing isn't as fluent and eloquent as I'd like it to be, but well, as long as I can recall what went on when I read back......

Thanks for reading.

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Now Listen
Sunday, January 21, 2007

For all the planning I've done I find myself lagging behind again. This is a short post to inform those who don't already know, or didn't notice on my 125 blog because you were more interested in sifting through my 1000 other words, of my intent to move to Wordpress. I've had a great time here at Blogger (and if any Blogger staff are reading this my greatest thanks to your dedication even though we don't pay a cent for this wonderful service). But for all the readership that I take pride in, the nagging at the back of my head was confirmed with Kevin's 125 class. My HTML, no matter how much I love it, how much I've personalized it, is out of date. Last season. Out of fashion.

CSS, while responsible for making the new Blogger so much more convenient to customize, is harder to grasp than HTML, and I'm no longer familiar where to put what if I ever have to get down to the level of textual codes again. Also my friends have informed me that Wordpress is easier for stuff like blogrolling, trackbacking, whatever whatever. I've said on Kevin's student information sheet that I wanted to have a bigger Web presence. I am starting with this move.

It shouldn't be a problem, I'll leave my new address on this site when I move anyway. But you know, for cosmetics' sake, it'd be good to change the link ASAP. ESPECIALLY if you're an irregular reader. If Blogger deletes my account for any reason, you're lost man. Lost.

Expect the move in the next 30-50 days the most.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007



Yes I'm back. I have many things I could have blogged about which I didn't and I'm now regretting it because it's just about disappeared from my mind. But this is just to announce to the whole world that I'm going to watch the musical of my dreams. A very very big terima kasih to Mariani who so sweetly agreed to help us buy the tickets first, and let us pay her back later. Without that I think we won't be going.

Ok. Now to save for $110. Plus the $2 SISTIC fee.

Yes ar! Hoo0~!

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Happy Helium New Year
Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Yes I am. I'm not in the mood to blog. But out of the kindness and compassion of my big warm heart, I bring you this clip of my brother and I, at the NUSS Countdown Dinner, having the usual fun with helium (not flammable, so the next best thing is to inhale).

Hippy Niw Yiir! Heheheheheheeee!

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I'm BACK!!! + Video
Saturday, December 16, 2006

Hey guys back from an excellent trip. Shall be posting the day by day accounts/summaries soon, I'm a little tired now. But meanwhile, another gem gleaned from Xialanxue. I don't really believe blondes are dumb, I always laugh it off as a media joke. I still do, but this is some pretty compelling evidence against my stance.


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Monday, December 04, 2006

Apart from the fact that it is simply childishly amazing, alot of time must have been spent perfecting this. It flies perfectly without wings (well, without obvious wings)! And check out the loop-the-loop. Cool man.

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

I was tempted to stay at home to try to study today, but I'm going to miss the next two weeks of church, and I don't want to miss even more, so I decided to screw it and just go.

During praise and worship, my ever-omniscient (hoho) ears picked up a sound haven't heard in a while, certainly not in public places in Singapore. It took awhile to register and confirm that I was hearing a soprano somewhere behind me.

I took a quick glance back and saw this rather old lady who as far as my quick glance could take in looked Indian. And boy was she fervent! At the end of one song she released and held a note that rang throughout our entire section of the overflow room. Like I said, it's been awhile since I heard any hint of a voice that could pierce through a chorus of say 50 others in my audible range. Faint yet distinct. It was only a little disruptive to me, but I'm sure there were some who were... more than a little disturbed.

So later we went to Raffles City, and I went to the toilet there. They had a sign in the toilet that said...

Surf and Shop!
And so I thought... why would they put an ad in the toilet to persuade you to shop? And in any case, who the hell surfs the Net while shopping?

... *gasp* OH MY GOD LOOK this XX is such a biatch! Look at the things she writes ugh I hope SPCA locks her up in a oooooo look at that dress... here, you there! How much is this thing...

So I thought, hey. You put this ad in a toilet. And when you're in a toilet, sometimes when larger things need to be taken care of, you sit down for abit right? And when you sit down you have time to surf the Net for abit right? So why not...

Surf and Shit!
Isn't that so much more appropriate for an advertisement in a toilet mirror? Man I should totally become an ad consultant next time.

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Fantastic piece of CGI. If mere graduate students can do this, I don't see why the folks behind Death Note can't do the same for Ryuk. They're supposed to be professionals for goodness' sake with the best software on the market. Disappointing.

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Playing with Gas and a Sweet Made of Strange Shit
Friday, November 24, 2006

So I thought it would be fun to try out the Diet Coke-Mentos experiment for real, since I brought a bottle back from today's pizza party. I had one (ONE! ONE!!!) Mentos left and after seeing the amusing reaction with Sprite (significant amount of bubbling), I decided to go against my worry and leave the Diet Coke bottle unopened till I got home. See, the bottle was seriously hard, there was so much gas built up, and it seriously didn't help that the bus kept rocking, and making the liquid shake back and forth. But anyway, to retain the best possible reaction with what little materials I have, I kept the bottle sealed and fresh.

So expecting a mediocre reaction with just one Mentos, I unsealed the bottle, right in front of the computer that I am typing this with now, thought hajime-masu, and plopped it in.

There was nothing I could do. The reaction was split second. And not only that, it was unbelievably strong. The fountain kept itself at a good 10cm height for three agonizing seconds.

Considering it's a near explosive reaction we are talking about here, three seconds is really. really. really. LONG.

All I could do was grip the bottleneck helplessly, where seconds before I was attempting to cap up the moment I saw the velocity with which the foam rised, while Diet Coke flushed onto my table, the floor around me (1-metre radius ok), my keyboard, mousepad, even screen, seat, Crumpler.

It was death and destruction man. For three seconds, anarchy took gleeful reign.

Please. Do not try this at home.

Not at your computer. If you will die without trying it out, do it at your kitchen sink. And if there is even a slightest chance of a disaster, bathroom sink it is. It took me my shirt, pants, and another A1 size rag to mop up the mess. It be no funny.

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Hey Peepers
Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I haven't been blogging, but hey. Doesn't really matter right? No one reads my blog anyway.


So after Oprah ended, The Tyra Banks Show now takes her place. I do admire her as a supermodel. She...

Okay I don't follow these things everyday. Although I must admit I'm quite drawn to the Ellen Degeneres Show. The laughter isn't canned there. Or hey, maybe they play a laugh track to stimulate the audience into laughing. Unlikely though.

So ya Tyra. She is charismatic, for one thing. On the runway she radiates life, unlike the size-0 models who look like they're only modelling because they would be forced to eat Mac's for breakfast lunch dinner otherwise. And she's proactive with stuff like breast cancer and all that.

So on the show aired today she was exposing the dangers of Internet chatrooms. They showed footage of her going into chatrooms posing as a 14-year old, and dirty old men showing their dicks on webcam.

And just to show how prevalent it was, she did it again. Live on the show. And again we got a dick on the show.

Then. The idiot asked to see her. On her cam.

So she said ok.

Uncovered her cam, facing the audience, and showed it to him.

He signed off immediately.


So think twice about showing your cock ah next time, if any of you readers actually do that.

You sick fuck.

Oh speaking of dirty stuff, a few of you know that I'm taking an interest in scanlated (for uninitiated: scanlated or scanslated = scanned + translated) manga. And having no Palm like G, nor wishing to have to go through the trouble of zooming each page to a readable size and then unzooming to go to the next page, I decided to print them out.

Yes. Print. Four pages on one A4 page. I rock. You... well maybe not.

So my recycled paper was my dad's printed material, with a hole punches. So I just reversed the order such that when the manga came printed out it was bindable. Now I knew my father had those file thingys you could lock and make a sort of bind. So I went to search his drawers.

When I found it, I saw at the back of that particular drawer were two packets of peanuts and kidney beans. This was his stock of snacks to keep him awake during his long nights and dull afternoons. I've always wondered how there was such a constant replenishment of these things in his trusty little container. I'd expect it to be empty sometimes.

Finding his snacks hidden in there really felt like finding your dad's porn stash.

I just hope he doesn't find mine.

Snack stash, not porn.

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