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Term 3
Tuesday, June 29, 2004

The new school term has started barely two days ago, ladies and gentlemen, and already i'm suffering from stressaconnecticus eczema.

Kidding... I've had them for a long time now... Stubborn bastards won't go away.

Anyway, I wished immediately to the high heavens I did not have to go to school the moment I stepped in. Besides, I saw several bad omens...

>Our chan-chime is rusting, which means a renactment of The Phantom of the Opera is due soon.
>Nicholas got grounded.
>Ian and Leck proclaimed me to be a man during CME.

What could be worse? Ms. Tang?

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I Hate Homework
Thursday, June 24, 2004


Finally my homework has caught up with me. I now realise the seriousness of the situation.

Currently I am finishing my history homework: finish the other two questions of your mid year paper. Are we to do the same for SS? Because I lost my SS question paper(D'OH!)... Or did Thiru not give it back? Mmmm...

Then there's E Maths, and because I'm not taking A Maths anymore, hooray, I have less homework. But that scarcely matters. I more or less have not touched my E Maths yet. You?(Post up there Δ)

Then of course there's physics which I'm not too sure whether to do or not because while I'd rather relax I'm not too overjoyed about Ms. Tang after my blood, or even worse, brain juice...

Done my English...(duh)

Chinese? (Hmmm hmmm hmmmm... hmm hmm hmmm hmm hmm)

Lit? Buh...


Ok not funny.

In any case, I look forward to seeing most of you in school come Monday. I'd sort of taken this holidays to relax abit, so it's full steam ahead once school starts.

Which reminds me: Does that condemn me to GSSP?

Actually I don't mind. I've never been able to study at home, but my parents have remained in stubborn denial, saying home is the best place on Earth... Not with this machine it isn't.

Till Monday, gentlemen, and beyond.

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Grabbing Water
Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Something rather unusual happened just now, while I was in the shower.

I was standing on one leg trying to rub soap off the other when suddenly I just lost balance. This kicked the EMERGENCY section of my brain into action, and I did the only sensible thing.

In a flash my hands shot out. One struggled to find the wall behind me. The other reached out, and made a grab at the beam of water gushing from the showerhead.

All of a sudden, with a whoosh and a thud, time came to a momentary halt as I wondered what the hell I thought I was trying to do.

Then another whish, and the clock started ticking again. The other hand found the wall behind, but it slipped, sliding towards the door frame, and smacked against it, making the most terrific rattle under the moon.

I was back on my feet again.

On hindsight, I don't know whether I should be blaming myself or not. After all, instinct doesn't really differentiate between solid and liquid. Does it?

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Saturday, June 19, 2004


I was somehow tricked! I thought my preciously ripped songs had been kept safe during the Purge. But no! All GONE!!

I cant believe it... 24 hours of hard work down the recycling bin. ARRGHH! This has something to do with Renjie, that sobladonschenkeskichzon. He would have told me if Daddy had deleted them, at least I could fish them out from the recycle bin. Why that scheming little liar! LIAR!!!!

Thank you very much for listening. Have a nice swindle, i mean have a nice lie, i mean... oh!!! HAVE A NICE DAY!

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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

He did it.

My brother and I are proud survivors of the long anticipated purge my father threatened about... I would have posted it earlier if I wasn't told to stay away from this machine.

Simple really. We just shifted our files into other directories, where he wouldnt have dreamt of looking.
According to my brother(i was in the shower), he actually checked every folder until he came to the one before that which our files were shifted my brother ran out and called,'Daddy COME HERE!!'.

He never returned to the computer.
My brother thought up some silly excuse for drawing Dad away from his raid. Lucky lucky.

My mom caught me downloading stuff though... My brother's fault. He wanted to see the Reloaded preview. My mom came in halfway... Kena scolded, basket...

Incidentally he downloaded a new P2P software(world never seems to run out of them) almost like Kazaa. Its called Warez. Check it out. If you wish.

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Sunday, June 13, 2004

yeah! sunday!

will be leaving for city plaza shortly for buffet lunch. some sort of rare family gathering, i think. after that maybe some karaoke? nothing like that to keep your voice syrupy.

thank you, thank you to all for visiting my blog and giving some... enthusiastic comments. you might have noted that i asked for advice to provide links around here. i suck at HTML, i took about 3-4 hours just to position my tagboard and counter correctly.


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Friday, June 11, 2004

I'm not happy.

That stupid snob Renjie cancelled off my downloads, knowing I can't complain to anyone but you because I'm not allowed to use file sharing software until after 'O's, as mentioned before. It was all going so well... I even thought the download was completed.

I suspect that this had something to do with the Kazaa thing that happened a few days ago. He was downloading Legally Blonde 2(aspiring to be a bimbo when he grows up, no doubt), and it was running better than ever. When he turned the computer on one day(as usual) to resume the download, he did not check on the download's status, preferring to minimise it into the system tray straightaway. When I opened the application an hour later, the file had disappeared.

At first I thought the file had been downloaded in a sudden burst of bandwidth. Broadband is just so unpredictable... So I checked out the Shared Folder.

Not there.

I felt a little panicky and called Renjie in. He had to be persuaded for a full minute that something was wrong, and that I had not aquired a wand and was luring him into the room to turn him into a monarch butterfly. And guess what he did?

That arsehole accused me of cancelling the file.

Then again it was always me. Mentos, chocolate, the last drumstick, always my fault. Makes me feel a little like Harry Potter. Besides, he also couldn't complain. Not unless he wanted the computer formatted. Mom and him are watching TV in the other room right now, in case you want to know.
My phone just buzzed a reminder: <2200 - Bachelor>. Mmm, ok, just let me finish this up first. The Bachelor's fun. Fun seeing people sobbing,'I was dumped on national television!' Whose fault? Ah ha...

Better wrap up then, my headache's getting worse.

Probably owing to the fact that I've neglected my homework.

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Zis Sucks
Wednesday, June 09, 2004

This sucks. Totally.

My dad found out about Shareaza, my new file sharing software. And he starts rambling on about no Kazaa... no whatever 'zaa' until after 'O's. And while we were at that, he went on about the old music thing... Don't care what folder you putit in, delete it. Don't care if it's hidden, delete it. Time to do emergency rescue... I've got a backup installation and application for Kazaa Lite on a disc... I reckon I'd do the same for Shareaza, though I can't find a disc presently. And I can only 'work' when he's out. Which means I can well take up to the day after 'O's to download my movie(s), songs, what have you. Which is like so totally swell.

Partly my fault though... See I asked my cousin why the files were taking eternity to download. So she called up and handed the phone over to her friend, who then handed the phone over to her brother, who happened to be an expert on file sharing. And i needed to answer questions for him to troubleshoot. The rest is history. I just should have said I wasn't free then messaged her to tell her why. But, well, you know, i don't have the knack for that sort of on-your-feet thinking.

Overall the situation's dangerous. Not that it'd be a problem for Shareaza, I can go to the site to download it again. It's more the music. I spent effectively 24 hours ripping my best CDs and copying my files and organising them neatly... Somehow I don't fancy them being deleted.

It is quite sad, having such a terrible start to my new blog... But things will get better.

Won't they?

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