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The GCE 'O' Level Chinese Language Oral Examination, Among Other Things
Friday, July 09, 2004

I'm dead.

The oral was a flop.

And it didn't help much that I had to wait about an hour or so for my turn.

An hour.

The timekeeper tried to be nice about it. So nice that she said,'Wait until sleepy ah? Er her her.'


Mr Wee was a greater success with his encouragement, although his words were, as usual, understood only to the select few in his class, including yours truly... He spouted nonsense like,'Talk more less marks, talk less more marks, ah. Ahaha!' -_-"

So it was finally my turn. I went up to the teachers and greeted them - only that stones would have given a warmer reply.

'Please start reading.'

'... The Muslim Associa- cia- ciation of Singapore's be- be- beginners' Chinese class was a...'

Was a total flop.

The conversation was better though, although...

'And, well, the thing is, polytechnic gives you... what? Five years?'

'Three years. It's not that long.'


Oh well now that it's over, no use crying over fallen tutu.
I got slammed for attending PESA. When I returned at 11 my mom was like,'Sooo... What did you learn today?'

'To speak better.'

'You can already speak very well!'

I waited up for my father and asked him precisely what the heck he thought he was doing, saying I went for 'some of his nonsense'. And he was all sweetie-pie saying 'don't get upset lah she's only worried about your studies lah I honestly forgot lah...' He even remembered to tuck me in. But by Saturday he was all 'you're going out too much ah don't expect me to give you permission next time ah you got attitude problem ah...'

Talk about double standards. And he scolded me twice, once while walking me to the bus stop(he always does), and once in front of my mom, so I know he's not putting on a show, or there would be a prep talk before the performance. Here below are the rough points of the lecture.

-never study(which I sort of rebutted, so...)
-good boy, but never study hard enough(dotz)
-just because people play piano you also want to play(ref. Isaac... he came over a couple of times to teach me a few ridiculously advanced pieces, with stuff like double-hand melody[D. Scarlatti, Sonata in C, K.159, Grade 5]So not that I'm ungrateful but... anywayz...)
-just because people sing doesn't mean you have to sing also(ref. Bean)
-I idolise Bryan(WTF)

Here I snapped back.

'What makes you think I follow Bryan around?'
'There are signs ok... We've known you for 16 years.' Yeah, cool. What colour underwear am I wearing?
'Like what? Just because I sing songs all day does it mean I follow Bryan around?'
'Doesn't it?'
I had tears in my eyes. You'd thought I laughed too much.
'Mom you know I like those music, why is it such a probl-'
'Yes yes, but these things are past times. You shouldn't be spending 1,2 hours on them, you know.'

She'll be dangerous in Nascar, changing lanes like this.

So we played hide-and-seek behind coconut trees for awhile more, before they ran out of things to insult me. My father, however, managed to end off spectacularly by saying this.

'Wasting our time ah, talking to you.'

He got up and was gone before I could say 'tutu'. Hum ji.

As BMO would remember we exchanged our views on parental tyranny. He gave some advice on post-dad bash. Unfortunately, I could not put into action any of them except a political speech embargo. At least now everything's back to normal.
I must say I tried blogging on Sunday. But my aunt's computer was a Win98, 56k modem, and a primitively low RAM, so...
Sunday night my father came to me and said, 'Hao, er... you know... mummy has been making some...noise about getting Extrim™, so er... I thought you and Renjie could contribute a little bit... you know... early birthday present?'

My mom's birthday's on September 2nd. Might as well give me my angbao now.

Anyway I contributed $50. Ditto my brother. But my dad bought a two month supply, which makes it about $218. Don't care. He said he would foot the rest.
Whooo. Long story. Well, till next the gentlemen. Meanwhile, I've decided to create another blog, one for posting short stories I've written. Will keep you updated, so keep your fingers crossed.

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