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I Finally Had To... :'(
Monday, August 23, 2004

Just a short update. I finally had to delete my post about falling sick because I cannot erase the damaging effects of the Wsyiwyg editor. That's the post that's been causing all the bedamned trouble on my blog. Just like Bertrand, who never fails to screw up my day.

OK, got to go. I can't risk being caught blogging, it profanity in this household. Besides, I don't have the time. Apart from Prelims, I, no we still have to practise for Teachers' Day. According to Bertrand(again), I will be suaned for The Longest Time. Oh well, it's not my fault he can't sing for nuts. Even Denys sounds like Barry Manilow next to him.

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Track & Field Part 1
Saturday, August 07, 2004


I know I haven't blogged in a million eons, but you have no right to blame me, cos I happen to have adults droning on about this and that, studies, taking care of my brother like I should. Soon they'll be discussing Mambo No. 5.

Track and Field, yes. I must set a few records straight, seeing how the raw truth of my ever commanding presence right up to the end was so baffling that it prevented a few revelations. As well, it well nigh would have spoilt the bloody day/evening.

First, I did not stay through two downpours. More like one and a half. At the first signs of rain, Ciping went for the exit, urging me to go too. I politely declined the generous offer, optimistic that the rain would stop. 15 minutes later I was soaking wet and, like the man I'm not supposed to me I dragged Nicholas' and my bag through whimpering Sec Ones and Sec Threes who were making a true blue Victorian ruckus but were essentially trying to get out of the rain, into the nearest exit, with 狂 on my tail. As soon as we were in a relatively dry place we saw Ciping and Ci'an, among those yellow barricades that were just as tall as them, if not for the fact that they were standing on its ledges. Ciping took one look at me, dripping wet with my over-exposing Victorian Challenge T-shirt, and launched into a cute admonishment about how I should have just followed him and kept dry. I couldn't retaliate, I was drowning in the water flowing off my head.

So anyway I called Nic to inform him of my considerate behaviour. I shouted loud enough for my immediate surroundings to notice a buxom Victorian with a chic Nokia 3100. Nic got the message after a second call. 狂 looked so stoned, it was as if he had lost a sword fight with Samurai Deeper kYo, or Alucard, or Hellsing, or, jot this down, Junichiro Koizumi! Ehi-ba.

You know, I never thought of this before, but I could break up events into a few posts! Wow wow weee. Till tomorrow, or when I'm free. Whichever comes first.

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