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Saturday, October 02, 2004

OMG. I'm dead.

Many events have befallen on yours truly since I last posted. And what events indeed they were.

First was the lead-up to my Prelims. See how we've become? Prelims have been made so important that we capitalise it. Like God.
Dear God, please help me with my prel-Prelims, so that I'll make my parents proud.
So now we have Prelims? What then?
Dear Prelims, please help me with my subj-Subjects so that I'll make my parents proud.
Doesn't make too much sense hein?

Mrs D just could not help with my Lit. Or is it refused to? No no no, that would be unfair. But then she says something like, 'Help me help you!' and then the next minute she's 'No lah aiyah this is not the way! Where are all your quotes quotes quotes?! What are you trying to say? Aiyah...' And she pouts, but not before leaving a set of Himalayas' on the page, right over the ink which I did injustice to by wasting.

But now Prelims are over. I was overjoyed that I wasn't called back, because that would have meant you were a disaster, like Bertrand. See la Bertrand, big mouth lah. Better learn your lesson ah.

But then it struck me that since the criteria for being called back was flopping 3 subjects and above, I could have escaped by the skin of my teeth by flopping two subjects.


The results will be out today/tommorow, just put the dates in your perspective lah. Cross your fingers, people.
On a lighter note, we had a very eventful final Chem practical on Saturday/yesterday. The VA was the same as our Prelims, and I screwed it the first two times, and got the exact same results for my third and fourth try. I'm feeling quite confident now. Don't break it. And with Nicholas Ong JJ sitting beside me I thought I'd have a much better time. But noooo...
Actually to be fair it was better in some ways. We shared our chemicals freely, joking and laughing at each other's mistakes. Like when all my iodine disappeared in the VA, then after that the blue-black colour disappeared too quickly. Then I laughed at him because the same thing happened to his solution. You'd have thought geniuses learn from others' mistakes, but oh well, there's gotta be some exceptions.
And he kept asking me questions. Talk about irony.
QA was also great. The highlight of Nic's mistakes was getting ppt in an apparently clean test-tube.
My mistake, however, was a much more costly one. I had just tested for oxygen gas when I put the test-tube down and bent forward to sit down(or to check on one of the chemicals, I forgot). Then I felt some warmth in my hair and heard a sizzle.
When I touched my hair, I myself felt fried.

In spite of that I burst out laughing my head off, followed by Nicholas. Lucky Mr. Wong was in the other lab, or he would have given the both of us the Chomp Chomp treatment.

I quickly took out my ever-ready fine-tooth comb and desperately tried to comb off the burnt hair. But the bits at the end hang on to its living companions, and it was only after my shower at home that I got rid of the last bits.

Speaking of which, Isa, Mason, and I had a lovely, oily breakfast at Bedok Hawker Centre, complete with chwee kueh. Then I bought 8 DAYS and went on my way home. I still can't believe Jessea Thyidor is out. But you can't really beat others when they have principals writing pleas to vote on report cards, amid See Me!s and Good Jobs. Imagine Ang doing that.

Disappointed in your performance. Vote for Wilfred.

I must say, though, the lab-hair incident really gave a new perspective to hair trimming. Perhaps that'll be the next trend. $10, 10 000ºC.

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