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Post Chalet
Saturday, December 04, 2004

Isn't it funny how we wish to get over an event for over a year, and when we get it over with, life becomes dull and boring?

Luckily there was the chalet. I suppose it was great, better twelve people than thirty eight. As it is some of us had to beg and borrow a bedsheet just so he could sleep without turning into a popsicle.

I guess the highlight was post-barbecue, when a third of us were shouting and grinding our fingers over two legendary Chinese characters fighting off tons and tons of soldiers with whatever they had. I suppose when you're angry even a fan can be used to fire energy beams. The rest of us were upstairs losing money to Wilbur (again). After a whole year he still manages to pull some money out of us. Then after that was like five of us, Wen Hao, Daniel, Sean, Mason, me playing Tai Ti. My luck was quite good, and I was playing rather wildly. Unfortunately though, I only managed to play my way through to like one card every game, just keep myself in the game, that's all that matters, cut losses card losses cut losses card losses. Strangely, everyone else is affected when I put down my card, and then when it comes to me it's more often than not I say, 'Shit.' And it took me a few eons to realise that making the three of clubs your last card isn't particularly intelligent, but there you go. The best part was just before Marcus chased us out, I put a king of hearts I think and then everyone said skip and I put my 3-7 flush down, and everyone's mouth just fell open, especially Mason's. Heehee. But then after that my luck just went lower lower lower. Second night all of us were tired... I kept gaming when it was someone else turn, doing dumb things like putting Tai Ti down when Andrew had played a house... Luckily we didn't play for money. We'd have all died.

When I came back the next day, me and Dad went for a preview. That's a little thing universities give to lure you to their programmes. We're looking at a three-year degree course, starting from 'O' levels. It's quite attractive, ideal for me too, given my results. It's held at the Singapore Institute of Management, degree awarded by the University at Buffalo, New York. Supposed to be a prestigious university, or at least highly recognised, if not prestigious. And no, the nearest buffalos are found about a hundred miles away, apart from the Buffalo zoo, if there's one. More information here.

Just went to Esplanade again. Borrowed Beauty and the Beast and a Poirot mystery DVD, among other things. The camera angling and panning during the 'Tale as Old as Time' scene were actually comparable to the Matrix. They panned the ballroom, set in 3D rendering, 360°, with Beauty and the Beast in normal 2D.

Just watch it sometime, okay?

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