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Bose Impose
Thursday, March 24, 2005

Never. Ever. Let. A 2.5kg magnet near a TV screen. I did and I spent the most physically draining 30 minutes of my life demagnetising the bloody screen.

It was the Bose system my aunt left with us while she went to Hong Kong.

At first it was just abit. Just a little 'fraying' at the sides. Fine. One day later it looked like the TV had contracted eczema. Large chunks of sides were badly discoloured. So I searched for the strongest magnets in the house. And what did I find? A screwdriver and a button magnet.


As an act of desperation I unplugged my Creative subwoofer and swung it in front of the TV, trying to use my physics knowledge to figure the right side of the speaker to use.

Ok. Ok. Deep breath. The screen is red in colour. So it received too much of X pole, therefore reflecting Y pole's colours. So we should show up green to reverse it?... Oh shit no... Ok ok. OH... We should repel! Ah stupid stupid... Ok... Ah yes I did i-... Eh wait why still like that? BAHHHHH!

And so it went on like that for quite some time. The I thought of The Incredibles.

The only thing that can destroy it is... [cut flashback to machine bashing itself in lava cave]... [cut back] ITSELF!!!

So throwing all cares and worries about my foot and hurling around a dunno-how-many-thousand dollar woofer, I heaved it up and waved it at the screen. Don't ask how I did it... They say in crises you suddenly gain phenomenal strength. I plonked the woofer on top of the TV and slid it around, to mess up the magnetic arrangements. And the first ten centimetres of the screen was turned permanently into a freakin' rainbow. I nearly fainted.

Ok so in the end the small subwoofer did it. But it took 24 hours for the little 'frays' to go away. Sheesh.

But its working fine now. Except those DVDs of older shows are quite soft so I had to turn up the volume damn loud. You can imagine what happen when I accidentally pressed the CD button on the remote. The Star Wars theme came on. We all ducked for our lives.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

There are some days I wake up feeling like the vilest, most disgusting form of shit. And then there are those special days I feel I'm the King of the World.

Today is one of those days.

Today I wasn't dragging my feet, I was feeling up and about! Spring in my step! Bravo! Magnifico! Tutto! Pazzo!

Until a flying leaf hit my forehead. Those killer litter should be banned.


Robots is the best film I've seen in a long time. Adventure, kung fu, Alohomora, yeah ok. But this was pure comedy. I was watching with Ian and Oh my God when we saw the Britney Spears scene we died two times laughing. If you can't choose your holiday treat between Lemony Snicket or Robots, go for Robots. Just download Lemony Snicket or buy the pirate or something, anything that won't incriminate you lah, because it'll be my fault for suggesting it.

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Sunday, March 13, 2005

This is the second time.

Sometimes a single action, word, or even look, lights such a brilliant fire in your heart, so bright it blinds all other things. Such is the heat that burns through every cell of your being it's overwhelming, and at times you feel you just want to literally explode into a million pieces, just to be in peace and not think about anything. Your hunger for more, more, more, is insatiable, your thirst unquenchable, against the strongest of wills. Totally consumed, your only option is to look and find, to search and search, and search and search some more, regardless of what happens around you, or what has to be done, you have to be satisfied before you finally cease the frenzy of activities, falling down, collapsing, crumbling onto the floor in sheer exhaustion, in ecstatic victory, in defeat.

Now I can fully appreciate the words Jesus spoke-

'It is finished!' before slumping, victorious, breathing his last, dying to live again, for ever and ever.

Only when my frenzy ceases to burn, only then, the real battle begins.

Thanks to San and Kat for your encouragement. Otherwise I'll still be searching for nothing. Truly, you are the greatest blessing the Lord has bestowed upon me.

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Reverend Benny Hinn

Benny Hinn is either a great great man of God, or a very smart fraud. I gravitate towards the former conclusion, but let's examine both sides.

What we saw was no doubt spectacular. During the healing time, we were all deep in the Lord's presence, I was rather enjoying it. What better than to fall on your knees at his awesome glory? Then suddenly a single word, fired like a gunshot, roared through me, making me jump in shock.


People started yelling, screaming, laughing.

'This side, quickly! Join hands! TOUCH!'

In a spectacular wave, people fell back, swept and knocked and winded by an invisible force.

'Over here! Join hands! TOUCH!'


The other more 'scientific' point of view is that very good actors were placed among them. Noticed he asked them to join hands? Convenient no?


'Wahhhh!' And they pull a whole side of the stadium down with them.

Either that or the glory of God manifested itself upon the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

'Ladies and Gentlemen, you are seeing what is possibly the greatest Healing Crusade in South-East Asia!' Applause

I think it was the glory of our Father. I was for the first time so overwhelmed I teared.

For thine is the power, the kingdom and the glory, now and forever. Amen.

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Creative Speakers
Thursday, March 10, 2005

Just purchased a 2.1 Creative speaker system, woo hoo! Quite alright for $35 (UP $39). I nearly died when I saw what the stupid magnet in the woofer did to my com screen. That magnet is powerful I tell you. Nearly got half my screen discoloured. My parents weren't, expectedly, that amused. They went on the whole night about something to the effect of "you don't know the value of money" and "Not only never help around the house, you spend money on this kind of thing." But it was cool! You can imagine... The first song I played was Hey Mama.


But I had to make minor adjustments when it came to opera. Either too soft or too rich, and that causes the stupid 'I'm-being-overused' crackling from the satellites. Not to mention I spent half the time trying to set a compromised bass power. So that Hey Mama won't bang the house down, and I can hear the basses in the stupid orchestra. Other than that, I'm not complaining. Good Buy!

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Work and the 'O' Levels
Thursday, March 03, 2005

It's almost amazing how one's actions can become senselessly automatic.

I was answering the phone in the office because my aunt was out for the moment. It was a Hongkonger, so just add in the accent in your head, cos I cant do that for you.

Me: Ngee Ann Co-op. (Decided aginst Good morning... Waste breath only, they never reply to your greeting.)
Woman: Hello, can I speak to Margaret please?
Me: She's out at the moment. May I know who's that speaking?
Woman: Oh, This is Linda.
Me: From?
Woman: Timothy.
Me: o.O Timothy?
Woman: Yes... The greeting cards...
Me: Oh! Greeting cards, yes, yes. (not much idea, but must be professional)
Woman: Ya, eh, I am supposed to have a appointment with her, to take things down(she means 'take stock' lah), but I have something... urgent. Today.

I started taking notes down. After I said 'thank you', I wondered where the pen and paper had come from.


My parents' aim in making me find a job was to make me learn the value of money. Apparently, I haven't learnt a thing. If anything, I'm actually spending more money.

I'm allowed to set up my own speaker system, allowed drinks, with access to the nearby delis and the occasional entertaining a customer at the PC shop, but that's as far as they go. Not much benefits. But hey I like it. I get to answer calls, get to put people on hold for an eternity while frantically trying to cantact the other party (Phone call! PHONE CALL!!!!!)


It's decided. It's done. I'm going to SIM. I'm not going to do up that article on SIM I promised, and you know it, so I leave you with the link here.


17 points for 'O' levels. Still can breeze into SIM, but I was quite disappointed. I mean, our school's Mean L1R5 was 11.3 for goodness sake, I was expecting 14 or 15.

There were actually prefects guarding the stairway to the seventh floor. Just to prevent bungee jumpers. Sans the bungee.

I went with Mason, Bertrand, Daniel, and Wen Hao to Mason's (big big) house. Big mistake, cause they set the very light penalty of one push up per card left.

I did more than fifteen.

Surprising though, that I could even push myself up, considering the traumatic stress I'm putting on my non-existent biceps (or cordyceps or whatever ceps there are in you upper arm).

Wen Hao managed to get himself 26 at one go, because one of the other two were being evil and he could clear no cards at all. Daniel happily applied the double penalty rule. Ah, but 26... Chicken shit to Staff Sergeant lah.

Apparently Mok was smart enough to continue working after he got his 'O' results. I actually had the brains to take half day. Unless of course his boss didn't give him a choice. Ah, so hard, a democratic society... Poor thing could only imagine everyone trying to block Marcus or something while screwing on Chicken Essence caps.

MSN available again. My brother got permission, so I decided that if anything, I'll just point my finger to the left and leave the rest to them to quarrel. At least I won't get blamed again for talking to some stupid Swedish girl shouting at the top of her lungs and giggling. (MY NAME IS SVENKA. VOT! IS! YOURS?!?!?!?!?!)

9.15am-5.15pm at work (Chess Pieces). 8-11pm at home(My cute face before blackheads destroyed it). See you there.

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