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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Isn't life totally fair to have you sleep when you're not supposed to and keep you up when you desperately want to sleep? I can't believe I'm without the slightest trace of drowsiness at three AM (in the morning... AM ≠ after morning). Listening to Pavarotti and Mirella Freni's Madama Butterfly now. Chuan En insists on a fresh experience on that day itself, and is basically staying away from everything Butterfly, even when I told him he might miss the action (like I did in Turandot with Mr Wong) from craning his neck to see the surtitles (not an error, translations are shown on top in opera, so it's sur-, not sub-). Oh well, I won't stop him. As long as he doesn't bug me and ask every few seconds what did they just do. I'll kill him the moment they announce intermission.

4.30AM now. Still no sign of sleepiness. Oh man, what'll I do later if I wake up at 12 noon?

Oh yeah. As soon as I save enough money I'll get a 6GB iPod Mini. My Zen is causing endless problems. And I have the comfort of using iTunes as my media software, which I'm of course most familiar and comfortable with. Probably by the end of the year then. If I'm smart enough.

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Friday, April 29, 2005

Our Father in Heaven works in very mysterious ways. But no matter, point is, he works. As you know because of my 'addiction' to memorabilia, I am on a tight buget (not really, but all the same I am scrutinising every cent of monetary movement. Can't afford to make a splash then realise it's a mistake). Ah, it'll be all ok when I start school and get pocket money again. Then my parents will be funding my... desires.

Anywayz, we (the shop owners and I) were expecting a large shipment of magnets today. But alas! It was delayed. Haha, and by doing so, I am prevented from drooling over the many new stuff I want to buy. Not only that, I also got what I wanted! The owner, having found more 'Matrix' magnets (I mentioned before that they are actually hard to find nowadays), agreed to let me have the first set that was originally reserved! I think I mentioned that two posts earlier. Wheee! But then fifteen magnets is no joke I already did the math for you. $45 can buy 18 large fries from Mac's! [That was always and continues to be a standard of something's monetary worth for me] So I just picked out the main posters... The first movie had only one, and I picked two of each from the other. Reloaded was Neo and Trinity with that vampire face and sunglasses squeezed into a single frame,and like about 3 dozen Agent Smiths, and Revolutions saw the raining-code-at-30-degrees with Neo drenched, and the same with another 3 dozen drenched angry Smiths.

No one can put it this perfectly except Daddy up There. Love you, Dad!

Of course in addition I am now recognised as a regular customer, so I hav my own section in the long list detailing my likes and when to inform me of what. My bubbling goodness and mercy shall spare ye the details.

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Thursday, April 28, 2005

I find myself uncontrollably addicted to memorabilia now. I blew $10 today on Harry Potter. If I don't stop soon I'll be owing money. Good thing I cleared out the calendars section. The next shipment worthy of my inspection arrives in June. Poor things who run the shop are also stressed, because even though they get regular shipments they aren't quite predictable. Like a shipment of calendars just arrived late yesterday. Ha! About time! Open up... 20 designs!!!

All Phantom of the Opera, which moves slowly to put it kindly.

Tomorrow is my last day volunteering for the library@esplanade people, so my last day there as a daily customer. I'll pick up a few magnets before kissing everyone there goodbye and scrubbing my lips after that.

I also blew another freaking $68 on a pair of Apple in-ear earphones. It was a bloody mistake, since the full output potential can only come from an iPod. Stupid Apple engineers. They just know how to corner you.

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Mozilla Firefox - Nicht güht
Wednesday, April 27, 2005

After using Firefox for a few days, I have decided I'm not quite comfortable and will use it as a secondary browser. But I do like the remote media player control FoxyTunes, and StumbleUpon, which is like a random hit thing based on your interests. IE is somehow cleaner and neater to use, and definitely faster to respond to an 'open' command.

The memorabilia shop. Here's their website, the name's PopcornPop. COrny, I know, but you like it there. Note: Just learnt this at my own expense today. CALENDAR CARDS are only printed for A WEEK, and no more. Magnets usually have several reprints. The best time to get calendar cards (since they're the cheaper alternative) is when trailers start playing regularly on TV (which probably means that it's well under way into screening in the US) and during the duration of the film screening. Big films like Matix trilogy, Spongebob get their calendars cleaned out within a month, if not a couple of the ugliest designs of the lot left to rot there. Almost nothing is left of the Matrix series, except a few of the potraits (I got Trinity, Morpheus, and Agent Smith - no more Neo, no more bleached Twins, no more Monica Belucci(spelling?), and Nairobi(spell) wasn't worth getting, and those Revolutions raining-code-at-30° shots. By luck the supplier found a COMPLETE set of all posters and potraits of the series in magnet form, but it was already reserved. Oooh I would have snapped it all up I tell you. Not cheap okay - 15 magnets X $3 = $45 (whee I can still multiply fear me whahahahaha). I was drooling as the shopkeeper laid it out for me to see. I left my name and contact, in case they got lucky again. And as a result of my depression from looking at the back of the album (where the Matrix stuff were) I blew $20 on 9 calendars and 4 magnets. Calendars I set for potraits and teaset/special print pictures. Magnets I set or official movie posters. Now get this the four magnets I picked today, interestingly, were Robots, Incredibles, Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc.

Sheesh, all cartoons. I won't bore you with details of the calendars. All I know is that as far as I'm concerned, I have cleared the calendars of whatever I have thought worthy, and I'll just wait for the next shipment, due in the next day or two.

I'm doing volunteer work at the library@esplanade now. They are expanding with a big reference section, so they buying more CDs. My job is to select records with two star (out of three) ratings and confirming the availability at amazon.com and inputing the necessary information into a spreadsheet. And after that from early Sunday (I'm leaving at 4am... *yawn*) to late late Wednesday, I'll be in Hong Kong buying and eating and buying and eating. Thursday rest day, Friday morning and afternoon I'll be at SIM orientation, and evening a final visit to the Esplanade for a few months for Madama Butterfly,a good coffee and to bid my movie shop adieu, mi love!

Ok, enough. To bed.

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Sunday, April 24, 2005

There it is. Again.

As I read Jafnie's and John Cheo's posts about their euphoria, it was as if my heart (not the physical one, the figurative one around the upper chest area) was suddenly drained, devoid of any feeling except a deep loneliness and an almost pensive sadness, recalling my own thoughts of never being able to feel with the group of actors who have grown so close to each other, or basically anyone from EL again. I could only imagine the madness that ran through their minds, buckling under the sheer weight of the word. GOLD!

I learnt the news that very night, Friday. I returned to my room after dinner to find an impatiently flashing message from Bertrand on my com.

'did you hear the news?'



'so fast?'

'and we got clean sweep'
'cultural groupie things'

'eh but i thought they say two weeks later'


'but you're not pulling my leg are you'
'i'll bloody kill you'

'i'm like messaging koh now lah'

'ang will die miserably'

'go VS website urself'
'too tired to argue'

'oh okok'

When it sank into me (it's quite a habit, bad or not I won't say, to not believe Bertrand until I see hard facts. Now it's gone into my subconscious, sheesh), the feeling was beautiful, like an erupting volcano, and I just yelled, 'WHOOOOOOAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!' as it flew out of me, eliciting a stare from my brother. And my mom looked from the other room and asked, 'Why, Renhao?' My brother, as usual, received the full impact of the shock (he's in Chinese High Drama and they prepared much more than us. Or at least a few weeks earlier, I forgot), and then masked his face, shook his head, and sighed, 'Gold only.' Talk about denial.They'll probably get an award too, the script was good.

And Ang will die, because EL is gonna demand a much much bigger budget for SYF. May I remind you that they merely received $1000 which they blew on a supposed theatre professional (ah it's somewhere below or in the archives lar. Go check it up yourself).

And moving on now to local news. I bought a complete set of magnets with all six Star Wars movie posters and another Episode 3 Mace Windu magnet (I actually like the violet lightsaber more than Samuel L Jackson, but he's a marvelous actor). From the movie memorabilia shop at the Esplanade Mall. It's really splendid, you should go there sometime. Second level, beside Chocz (chocolate coated strawberries ain't as licious as it looks). It has movie posters, big (check out the holographic Matrix code one) as well as standard B4 ones. Note though that these are promotional posters from Japan where it is normal practise to distribute them as teasers. As such you don't get 'Lilo & Stitch', but Japanese words in the same font. Not quite the same appeal. There are also the more familiar pocket calendars at $1 each. I finally got a picture of Jack Jack (from the Incredibles) on plastic-coated hard paper. They slip it in protective plastic when you make your purchase. And the magnets at $3 each, good selections from latest movies back to around the Harry Potter 3 period. And all the other stuff! Man...

Harry Potter
-life sized replicas of Harry, Ron, and Hermione's wands in velvet lined casing. Non working. ($90)
-life sized time-turner replica. Non working. ($150)
-mini (no actually tiny, considering the actual size) replica of Firebolt. No, it doesn't fly.
-figurines and normal souvenirs.

Lord of the Rings
-Bilbo/Frodo's sword replica
-another sword stuck in a stone that looks too long to be Frodo's
-the Ring normal, with inscription and chain ($15)
-the Ring in 24k gold and red coloured inscription of the curse with chain ($90). Non working.
-Figurines and souvenirs

Phantom of the Opera
-mini replica in what I suspect is wax of the Mask

Star Wars
-mini replicas of lightsaber handles of
~Luke Skywalker
~Mace Windu
~Obi-Wan Kenobi
~Darth Vader
~Darth Maul (half of his double blade)
~Count Dooku
($79.90) Non working.
-slightly-larger-than-life sized replica of Darth Vader's and Luke Skywalker's lightsaber. A large plastic tube which lights up in ascending motion (whatever you call it, the way the blade shoots up in the movies lah) as the blade when the switch is turned on. Corresponding sounds with motion sensor. ($240)

And these are only the really outstanding and expensive ones. There are much more to suit your fancy. Disney stuff too. So go check it out.

Speaking of which, in accordance to my parents wishes I have taken this time to do whatever I want at the Esplanade library, and shall stop visiting in view of my classes commencing soon. Quite coincidental that I borrowed Mozart's Requiem in D-minor on my final visit. Oh well, I get to go to the movie shop once more when I watch Butterfly on 6th May.

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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Bravi! Bravissimi!!!

The MMF actors outdid themselves onstage. Weird thing was that they generated laughs at the wrong point. Like when the Detective said, 'Elementary. Rudimentary. Documentary.'


And then when Lady Stump flung the towel on Mr Stump it landed on his crotch (which it has been happening as far as that action has been slotted in) and everyone (on top) screamed with laughter.

Ok I should explain. ACS Barker's Drama Centre has two levels (only, as opposed to us three. Wahaha fear us you rich little brats! GRRR!) Seating capacity also is nothing compared to ours. But the stage is as big as our hall's and without those supposedly aesthetically pleasing steps.

So this very extra SYF official stood hanging around the doors, and as Ms Tham, See Kiat and I approached he wheezed, 'Heh heh. Standing room only.' To which Ms Tham replied a much more polite version of 'Yeah so what you smelly old fart let us in!!!' But we got real squeezed and after awhile when Ms Tham and See Kiat went down for Prep Talk (number 7), my little brother and I (he kaypoh come and see our play for the sake of shaking his head and saying, 'No hope, no hope.') evacuated that stupid stuffy balcony (hot air should get heavier, dammit) to go down and wait with Mr. Ee Poh Lam. And we entered, as soon as the previous play was finished, the main auditorium (hot air can just keep itself up there), which was rather empty, thanks to the same smelly old fart. Like halfway through the play when the AV guy played the doorbell chime it was so damn loud I was off-focus for awhile. And there was an audible flinching gasp as Lady Stump gave Cuthbert a hard cracking slap on the face.

Part I - Attend Rehearsals [check]
Part II - Go and Support [check]
Part III - GET VIDEO!!!!!!!!!! [Aha...]

After the performance, Ms Tham and See Kiat dashed backstage, with me following as an afterthought. The 'host' of the day obviously wasn't happy with the world. He was like giving us the Eye all the way. 'Victoria School, this way please.' But we were all too happy and like, whatever, and reversed direction. We were even more happy when we saw the school after us.

Two more weeks. Two more weeks, people.

My five month break from studies drawing to a close. 'Bout time too. Gives me some proper time to breathe, instead of the blasted school hols. Juat when you're in the mood you're hauled back to school.

Saw PM Lee on television. Giving endless anecdotes and examples really isn't the way to convince the House, Mr. Prime Minister sir. Telling terrible jokes (worse than mine, if you will) and laughing like that.

'I think we can all learn a lesson from this. That's what big sisters are for! Hurhur! Hurrhurrhurr!'

Be witty, not funny. Mr. Prime Minister sir.

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Madama Butterfly
Tuesday, April 19, 2005

So many things on my mind, yet I do not blog them off. The consequence? They slip away, forlorn, disappointed I did not use them. Now reluctantly and slowly they are returning to me.

Going to see SYF Drama tomorrow at ACS Barker, 2.30 +-, so be there early just in case, if you're at all going.

Helped my friend select a laptop. His dad gave him a very generous budget of... ... $1500???!!! In the end, we just busted it, spending $1962. Originally we did not opt for the 40-60GB HDD upgrade, DVD burner, and Complete Cover Warranty/Insurance. That came up to like $1986. But the guy was sweet (or stupid, depending on how you see it) enough to point out that spending over $2300 will entitle you to a 15% discount! So we threw everything in to make it $2309.10, -15% is $1962. Cool huh.

I'm going to Singapore Lyric Opera's Madama Butterfly. Mr. Wong maintained that we were only wasting our time, SLO's singers have no breath control, no diction, no musical sense, no portamento, lousy legato, terrible coloratura. And many other things even I don't understand. But my friend from the US advised me to go, cos somethin's always better'n nothin', y'know what I'm sayin' yo?

Ok no he didn't say that. He's very polished. FYI, even though you'll most probably not be interested, I met him through an email forum call Opera-L. Great way to keep up with the latest news. Search the Net, you might find your ideal List. Opera-L, Tango-L, Pokemon-L,

Anyway since Bryan's stuck in Melbourne having a smashing time studying, and Isaac isn't quite into opera, and Mr. Wong spouted words that'd make a sailor blush every time I mention SLO, and Chuan En recently acquired a vocal coach, I'm going with Chaun En.

You can pick your mouths off the floor now. There are only so many chances to catch an actual living, breathing, live opera performance on this damn desert island. Arts hub my ass. I'm not gonna miss this. Something just told me that from the very start. I just won't.

And then we found out that concession tickets have long been sold out! Some cheap tarts were willing to be blocked by heads, bars, and walls just to catch this performance. So we had no choice but to pick up the 50 frigging dollar tickets. Minus 10% with OCBC, so that's $45. Still hard on our pockets.

The things we do to see a geisha falling in love with an American, only for him to ditch her and his son for an ang moh za bor, and then come back in time to see her dying on the ground and to collect the child off to live happily ever after.

I should have always gotten full marks for my summary. Something seriously went wrong with the markers. Who can summarise three hours into less than 10 seconds? Sheesh.

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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Before my sob story of the day, allow me a paragraph to shamelessly promote (once again) my story-blog. Details there (why I set it up, why blog format and not site format), but hey, if anyone's reading it there are no comments at all! Don't have to be a de Souza-length Lit essay, just a note to say Hi lah. Make me feel like there are people who appreciate my efforts leh.

But if you want to write a full length essay, you're welcome! Just make sure you don't beat around the bush to churn out a thousand words.

Love you all! Ok now on with my sob story.


Seems I have plenty of sob stories nowadays. Perhaps I had them already, but last year no time to write. Too busy to feel sad. That's sad.

I just came to realise. I was enlightened today. Seen the truth.

The truth is, I was finished with the VSELDDS the moment we (our batch of ELers) left our last meeting. I would forever be welcome back as an alumni, welcome into meetings and rehearsals, but never. Never again will I make a tangible impact anymore. I can tell John he's being too screechy, or Jafnie not to torture the poor dead man by rattling the hell out of him. Even if I am invited to return to direct a play and am being introduced as an 'extremely accomplished actor, a very nice guy too!' I will never again share that special intimacy with members.

I'm not complaining. I hope I'm not whining. I have been learning alot since going out into the real world, the dirty politics, the way to resolve conflicts. And more painful lessons such as these. Out means out. I realise now I haven't been losing faith in their acting, I have been losing faith in my own communication with them. And to think there is so much more to discover - break-ups, spousal quarrels... God do I shudder.

And now, what can I do? Except sit quietly and watch the performance, knowing if I had been to more rehearsals I would be helping to spot errors and correctible areas instead of trying to stifle my laughter from the countless jokes. When people who care more than they're required to turn to me for approval, I nod quietly, smiling proudly at how much they have achieved in a fortnight, perhaps less. When people ask, I merely agree and say, 'No COP.', happy inside with their ecstatic smiles.

That's all I can do, besides attending the performance come Wednesday. And I shall be contented with that now.

Ah yes. Contented.

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Some People
Friday, April 15, 2005

Some people just know talents when they see it. And they treasure that person's very life and soul, and love him for what he's worth, and urge him to go! Go for your dreams!

Obviously my parents aren't even close.

Now let's get this straight. Talent, as far as this post goes, does not point to prodigial, Professor Isaac Lean sort of talent. That is all very well, and yes you'd be an idiot not to love and want that, but no. I don't mean that.
What my definition of talent is, as far as this post goes, once again, is something you discover in yourself, an art or a science you find yourself to be good at. Bryan's talent is singing. Marcus's talent is basketball. Bertrand's talent is arguing (debating doesn't emcompass all aspects of his talent). Mok's talent is... well anyway... That one thing that makes you happy, contented, satisfied, to do it.

Now you (most of you) know I like stage. Whether or not I act well, whether or not I am really good at advising people on how to act, is another issue. The cold hard fact is that I like acting. And now? I'm not even squeezing my way into a role in a play, merely attending rehearsals to give however many cents worth my comments are.

And these two indifferent people who claim to know me inside out can ask questions like 'You're already going for the performance, why attend rehearsals?'. Pretending not to understand the simple difference between rehearsal and performance? Making me explain to them? And then laughing their sorry asses off and asking, 'Are you sure they want you or not?' Humiliating remarks like 'You're just an intruding outsider lah.' And as if that's not bloody enough they pretend that nothing ever happened minutes after that, giving me useful tidbits of information. 'That song, Renhao. S'called "Kung-Fu Fighting."' And when I refuse to talk to them, instead of keeping quiet, much less apologizing, dear Mother says, 'Aiyah, Renhao mooooo-dy today lah. Having PMS lah. Hurhurr.' And they start laughing and snorting like screwed-up fucktards.

It's just so embarrassing. I have to actually rely on my relative's support end encouragement. Otherwise I would have just flung drama aside, and forced myself into this miserable, drab life of stiff routine. Even though God has been gracious enough to provide pillars of support for me, it's still emabarrassing. Like running to your neighbour's house to stay for a few days while your lightning-struck, bomb-blasted house is getting repaired. Utterly disgusting and embarrassing, and humiliating.

Only God can touch their hearts now, to awaken them to the truth. And God help them. Meanwhile I shall give them a snotty face everytime we meet.

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Cross Country

Hurray for the double golds for VS. Bravissimi cross country.

I got there at 5.30pm. And a chance encounter washed any thoughts of going up to the stands to watch the prize giving.

Normally I like to sweep down on people in an impressive announcement of my presence. Like I did when I tapped Sharaf's shoulder as he was walking past me. He nearly broke his neck turning back to look at me. But somehow I forgot all my stuff, and in any case I wanted to make sure it really was...

'Ms. Neo.' Not a question, just a simple announcement of my presence.
'HAAIII Renhao! How are you? What are you doing here?'
'Oh meeting a friend...'
'Oh... Today's our cross country nationals!'
'I know.'
'I'm waiting for Chuan En, actually.'
'Ooh! Well wait for me, I go to the toilet...'
'Um, ok...'

Ok so our plan was to meet up and then go home together, he was in a rush to get back for his piano lesson. But now we had to wait for Ms. Neo first. I hope I don't have to explain why.

It was very sweet, in a way quite unlike himself, to make an effort to meet up with me and catch up as we made our way home. He was perpetually at home and had no time for MSN chats. Don't be sorry, Chuan En, you have your priorities, as I mine. But I am very touched all the same. And I am getting more vulnerable with every word I type. As Ms. Neo wisely commented of art, the ultimate aim was to find and show yourself to the world, and doing so gave free kicks below the stomach to anyone who cared to take it.

So we hung around the taxi stand, until 6, when Chuan En finally gave in and called his piano teacher to say he couldn't make it. He looked ready to yank the phone away if the teacher yelled down the other line. And so the three of us ate chicken rice. And we talked.

Oh, mio Dio, how we talked! I gave them an insight of how it was to be outside the busy JC life most of my other friends had, and they were fascinated to see the irony of it all - that I could view the system from above, but I was missing so much, so much, by not participating in it myself. Ms. Neo spoke of VS and us, the students from the teachers' point of view. And Chuan En! Chuan En told of how we - himself, myself, Makoto, Bryan Tan, the GEPs, how our different level of thinking, our altered thinking methods, the very manner in which we carry ourselves, has made us, me to a lesser extent, all but ostracised from the others, where we could only feel truly at home, and at peace, with each other.

Do not get me wrong friends. I do not mean to say that we are misunderstood intellectuals and geniuses, and that the rest of you were lowly mortals, commonplace and boring. Misunderstood, perhaps, and even then only in some ways, but no, not the rest. I had tremendous fun with you all. 4H, and my schoolmates from different classes, even different levels. With even Jeremy, who would pick on every single living cell on my body to tease. Yes, even he could make me laugh, looking at myself. The fat vampire. Who sings opera.

Vampire, yes. That's what we were, as far as sociality was concerned. A slightly different breed, slightly tweaked species, shying away from things normal people like, and yet essentially human. With my friends I had great fun. But with Makoto, Chuan En, Bryan, others of our kind, if I may be permitted to say so, I am immediately giddy from that instant, turbo-charged hyper-jump into a whole new level of communication. I always come away from these conversations tipsy, with a certain innner peace that stilled my very soul, yet blazed with the satisfying warmth of fulfillment. Ah, how even these profoundly flowery words fail miserably to convey my thoughts. O, me Lorde, I ame beginning to sounde so Olde Englische.

As we sat, and where we sat, it so happened that quite a number of Victorians, VS or VJ who passed. And I, as usual, called them, waving sometimes.

Most of them politely taoed me in favour of the lass next to him. I wondered why Denys wasn't with the rest of 4H, I knew we would inevitably be drawn together at such events. But hey, I'm really really sorry guys I didn't bother to call you. I actually tried Nicholas but his HP was off.

Fear the stares Nick.

Anyway I remembered that he was a girl charmer (or so he says) and that he has little time for such insignificant events as a 4H dinner. Not that I can bitch about it, because I didn't know and didn't go in the first place. And I shan't mention but anti-social it is to ditch your former classmates, because I dunno anything about the idiosyncrasies of JC life.

Only Makoto responded. And Cher Li too. It doesn't matter if Cher Li's giving his girl a heart-pumping kiss. He never fails to greet a fellow Victorian cheerfully. Ever. Makoto of course was a vampire too, so...

Moving on, Ms. Neo was sweet enough to offer a ride to Eunos MRT station. We discussed philosophy, the science of feeling. The art of living life. The subject which allows you to spout nonsense to critical acclaim. And even as we alighted at Eunos and continued our journey back home by train, we talked intimately, heart-to-heart. My problems and his solutions, his difficulties and my suggestions. After we had parted, I felt, as always, nothing in this dull world mattered to me anymore, except my friends, all my wonderful friends! But Utopia was never meant to be. Utopia is an imagination of Heaven on Earth.

But it is with memories such as these that I cling on to, holding tightly, defending fiercely. Lightning may strike and mountains may crumble, but I will remember my friends. Always.

Ah, mon Dieu, look at le time. We muzt be going to bed now, ma cherié. Au revoir.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

My mother once said to me, 'Wah, your English so good ah, "I never do it one."' In reply I shot back, 'I do not parade the exuberance of my verbosity to all and sundry.'

Left work early today at about 2+ cos i couldnt concentrate so i brought my work back instead went to skin centre for uv treatment then strolled around novena square for awhile then came back to tampines to cut hair at speed reached home 5.30

That's like the time I knock off.

Here's some good news though. My first story is finished!!! MUAHAHAHA DOGS RULE!! I mean I rule... What was I thinking.... On my story-blog Mezzo-Sforzato. Check it out. <<<

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El Tango de Passíone
Sunday, April 10, 2005

Ah, the Tango.

The dance of passion. The intimate dance of love, the sultry display of deepest affection, the couqettish dance of prostitutes. I cannot recall now when I first fell in love with this dance and its music, the sharp rhythms flirting with the elaborate melodies, the dancers sweeping and sliding, never parting for long.

As a result I burnt 20 bucks on a Midnight Tango CD. Don't ever, if you want to get a tango CD, go for ballroom tangos. The music much more often than not is flat, compensating the melodies and the sensuousness and the steaming passion that is tango for cold hard tick-tock rhythms. Now I'm not a show-off ok, you know I'm not. Nevertheless I pride myself on things that I am good at (don't worry I don't count singing). So if you specify what sort of tango you want - soft, new age, argentinean(this is the 'hot' one, most of it anyway), etc. etc. etc., and if you're at the music store preferably give me the names of the CDs you see there, I should be able to tell you what CD is suited for you. I had a hunch about this Midnight Tango CD, and I was almost never more right.

And to think I stepped into the store to find a Latin favourites CD for my mom.

Moving right along, about time I told you I've already received my timetable and confirmation letter for my SIM program. Four subjects for 13 weeks, and another for exams.

Introduction to Microeconomics (fair enough)
Advanced Written English and Reading (hopefully a breeze)
Survey of Algebra and Trigonometry (should be ok lah)
Theory of Music for Nonmajors (wahahaha)

The timetable is rather relaxed, actually. Maximum two lectures in one day, 9-10.30am and 2-4pm. But I'll probably have to spend the rest of the day researching and having tea with the Profs.

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Triple 3

Got my wallet back. Had to go to MP NPC though. The sergeant took a phone call while filling some unnecessary records regarding my picking up the lost item.

'Yes? What is it regarding? Lost her wallet... Oh someone took it? ... Yes well you can get your daughter to file a police report. But as for making a new one, you should wait, you know, like one or two days to see whether someone calls to return it...'

Here he suddenly burst into utterly nervous laughter, that kind of half-giggle when you're trying to convince yourself that everything will turn out fine.

'Well I... Ahaha. I can't really... speculate what the... criminal would do with the IC... Ahahahahaha. But if there is any misuse of NRICs, an investigation will be conducted immediately. Meanwhile you can get your daughter to file a lost report... I... Hahaha... I really don't know. Really.'

Poor thing was almost pleading with the anxious mother to give it up.

So then after dilly-dallying he turned a big log book around and said, 'Well your name, IC number, um... contact number. And signature.'

Then I saw under an inventory he made of my items a most glaring spelling mistake. He wrote the X-Zone Tapz card as Tarz.

I simply couldn't help it. It's an utterly terrible habit, I know, correcting people so condescendingly. But the poison was injected into my blood long long ago.

'There's an error,' I said rather sternly.
'Here... May I correct it?'
And he did some totally incoherent action. That's just about the essence of the Singapore Police Force. Much ado about nothing should be their motto.
And so I gave him the Eye like a proper teacher.
'This,' I said, articulating every word, 'is spelt Tapz.' I proceeded to correct it.

Again he made some gestures to the effect of 'Yes, well... whatever. I don't give a slimy shit.' And I proceeded to write down my particulars, convinced that the SPF was doomed.

Dropped by VS to pay a surprise visit to the SYF actors. Those brave people are giving it all they are worth now. Good work, and good luck guys. I'll be there. At least now John (Cheo) is acting like a proper slut now. And Martin was perfect with his 'Croissant! Baguette! Big! Erect! Eiffel Towér!' sequence. Ah, we discussed that what seemed like so long ago. I have to attend more practices, whether I'm useful or not. if I ever want to prove my skills, I start here. But at least they got a proper guy to show them each and every step and action. That's what I suggested, and I warned them they might get pissed at my breaking their line of thought so often, but they took whatever suggestions I made enthusiastically, and more so this guy who seems to be a proper professional, not some pretentious bitch who milks VS and ELDDS of our/their already insufficient funds, Ang merely gave a couple of thousand bucks. This woman bitchs about warm-ups for 4 hours and charges a (pardon me here) a fucking two HUNDRED and fifty dollars per HOUR. That is called milking, a term aptly coined and used by the disgruntled actors. They went on about it forever.

'Stupid cow (milking us)... and her stupid warm ups... Ghooooo... Gheeee. Ghaaaahhhhh!!!!!'

Who can blame them? Ah, poor things. They never called her back. Ever.

Ah well. So much for bitching about everything. First story on MS should be up by Tuesday. If everything goes well.

Went to Triple 3 to celebrate my brother's birthday. Gave him his present. And iPod wired remote and earphones. His original pair broke in an accident involving a feminine classmate of his bitching and somehow tearing his earphones into two pieces. And then he actually had it planned by researching and reporting to me, 'iPod wired remote plus earphones costs $68. I want that for my birthday. Triple 3, just about the fanciest buffet restaurant in Singapore, at the Mauritius Mandarin and at $55+++ per head, was also his request, oh no I mean demand. Easy for him. His voice hasn't broken, and he's growing, so his lungs have expanded. So he can whine (and dhine) for hours until my parents (and me) finally crumble to the ground sobbing and complying just to shut him up. Oh well, I'm not complaining. And I get Adobe Photoshop 7.0 full version in exchange. That's rather worth it don't you think?

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Ah, Wallét, mio Wallét!
Friday, April 08, 2005

Ok so I was on the way home after my Skin Centre appointment. I totally forgot that I was supposed to get home ASAP because my cute little helpless SEC TWO brother was home alone, splatting aftershave on his face and screaming while clapping his hands to his cheeks. My parents were at his school attending a talk on screening- I mean streaming.

So (hushush) I strolled around Novena Square, had KFC, browsed Sembawang Music and Poh Kim (next to each other, as usual) like I had no school to think about tomorrow.

OK OK I'm sorry I just couldn't resist.

There were quite a few DVDs going for $19.90. Hero-英雄, Independence Day (Extended version), Analyze That, blah. Then there was another 'DVD' section. So having all the time in the world I had a glance at the titles. Agent Cody Banks 2, Scary Movie 3, Independence Day?!

Going for $39.90. Then I saw why.

Digitally remastered for |THX| optimum sound.


Well at least for Hero there was only one version going $19.90. I'll get that soon enough. Harry Potter... Get the whole thing after Movie Seven lah. Star Wars... Hmmm. Running out of time to save money. But then three months.. Plus another couple for the DVD to come out, or three if they'll come out with one of those special collector's edition or extended edition or 3-disc set! showing the whole damn make up process for every character. I Do I Do, that's going quite cheap, and since my parents went on a date to watch it without the two of us I'll want to buy that too.

Ok so I rushed to get a cab back, and at about 5 minutes before I alighted he accepted a request nearby (we actually passed by the place in the trip) and he remarked in a wise man tone. 'Got a job over there,' pointing to the building. '7 minutes. So if I don't rush, and another taxi comes by, take and go!' So when we were 30m from the alighting point he said,'Get ready your cash.' I took out my wallet, took out my money. Paid up. When I got off my seat, the wallet was gone.

'Where's my wallet?'
'My wallet, I just had it...'
'Oh man.'
'Sorry to keep you...'
[search search sea-]
'Come on! I got a job to do!'


'Well I'm sorry to keep you waiting but I need my wallet!'
'Where's my wallet?'
'How would I know?!'

Why you little !@$*!%@$!%%!^*&#^$!&^!*@$^!&@$^!&^^$%!*!*&@!!&$^&*@

'Well if you find it...'
'I'll return it to you.'

And off he went to earn more money.

After that of course I called Comfort Lost and Found. Thank God I remembered the licence (well 90% anyway). I remembered because it was 1) a new cab, and 2) had a easily memorizable number. SHC1212*. I couldn't remember the last letter. 'C' I think. Or 'M'.

My parents were indignant about it, and rightly so. My mother was so hot by the time I finished she snapped,'WRITE A COMPLAINT!! Oh no wait...' she thought, 'you get your wallet, then WRITE A COMPLAINT!!!' And she even proceeded to give me the opening lines so I don't have to think so hard. 'Thank you I found my wallet, BUT-' and she swept the invisible pen in her hand up with a flourish, just like pulling the gallows trapdoor. I'm beginning to feel sorry for the driver already. And that's not including my father. I'll have to say 5 Ave Maria's, 3 Pie Jesu's and 2 Exsultate Deo's to appease his utterly shattered soul.


but anyway they found it and since Comfort Centre isn't open during weekends (so much for employee welfare) he promised to return it to the police station and Comfort will call me again.

So there.

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I can't seem to concentrate on my work.

It is after the physical stockchecking now, where everything was counted physically by hand. No joke I tell you. After counting 240 Pilot G-2's, you discover one more among the Staedtler bunch. Sheesh. And those students didn't help at all. I specifically entered two seperate descriptions: Pilot G-2 05 and Pilot G-2 07. Those fugtards put the } bracket and counted them together.

And now as I am (supposed to be) entering the quantity values I seem to keep drifting off into space, thinking everything about nothing, daydreaming, strolling aimlessly around the PC shop outside, absent-mindedly arranging the CD pouches neatly. If this goes on I'll be having fits soon.

Listened to Guns 'n' Roses today. Not bad, if there was any fault it was my state of mind and the not-so-good inbuilt PC speaker(s). Mariah Carey was a new addition to my Zen Micro, with which I did a big cleanup yesterday. It doesn't make sense to carry songs you listen to at home. But ah, the Creative media software is causing loads of problems. I might want to upgrade my firmware.

Which reminds: Creative's new line of Gen-2 Zen Micros are coming out. I feel like a fugtard too. Yah yah I know I'm already one just save it. But if they offer an exchange program, I'll be camping there overnight. You're most welcome to join me if you can find something to pass off as a Zen Micro.

I've had absolutely no time to write my story, so it's most likely an earlier story for you people. Keep an eye out for it.

In an email discussion list I've subscribed to called Opera-L I've been reading about Pavarotti planning a flim about his life. Apparently the listers (the producers and Il Divo aren't so stupid) have suggested Brad Pitt or Leonardo di Caprio! But even though Leo may not have the looks and the voice, he definitely has the intensity necessary for the role. If they dub Pavo's voice, he might be a serious contender for his early years.

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Bloggie Woggie
Thursday, April 07, 2005

I realised, like a couple of my fellow bloggers, that I haven't blogged for eons. And that makes me feel shitty. Not to the millions who wait anxiously for my next witty and charming post, but...

Ok fine. I know I don't have so many fans as Wilfred or Andrew or John/Denys (Denys/John if Denys is reading), or if I have they don't seem to be noticing the cBoard I have to the side. But hey, as much as I enjoy and appreciate people dropping by to take a look and savour my latest posts, I don't think we blog for our friends to read. Sure we refer to inside jokes and write as if it was meant for that one friend only, but then you don't write diaries and journals for people to view. That whole thing about weekly journal in secondary school was a cheap but rather smart ploy to get to know us better. Only an idiot like me would confide in my teacher. Especially when she's going to turn against me during Meet the Parents Day. And then when parents sit us down for that emotional torture called heart-to-heart, you blame your teacher. Children nowadays.

Anyway I will have to make myself blog more. If you people in VJ and-in fact whatever J still keeps your hands quite full-can blog regularly, it's an utter shame for me not to.

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