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Mozilla Firefox - Nicht güht
Wednesday, April 27, 2005

After using Firefox for a few days, I have decided I'm not quite comfortable and will use it as a secondary browser. But I do like the remote media player control FoxyTunes, and StumbleUpon, which is like a random hit thing based on your interests. IE is somehow cleaner and neater to use, and definitely faster to respond to an 'open' command.

The memorabilia shop. Here's their website, the name's PopcornPop. COrny, I know, but you like it there. Note: Just learnt this at my own expense today. CALENDAR CARDS are only printed for A WEEK, and no more. Magnets usually have several reprints. The best time to get calendar cards (since they're the cheaper alternative) is when trailers start playing regularly on TV (which probably means that it's well under way into screening in the US) and during the duration of the film screening. Big films like Matix trilogy, Spongebob get their calendars cleaned out within a month, if not a couple of the ugliest designs of the lot left to rot there. Almost nothing is left of the Matrix series, except a few of the potraits (I got Trinity, Morpheus, and Agent Smith - no more Neo, no more bleached Twins, no more Monica Belucci(spelling?), and Nairobi(spell) wasn't worth getting, and those Revolutions raining-code-at-30° shots. By luck the supplier found a COMPLETE set of all posters and potraits of the series in magnet form, but it was already reserved. Oooh I would have snapped it all up I tell you. Not cheap okay - 15 magnets X $3 = $45 (whee I can still multiply fear me whahahahaha). I was drooling as the shopkeeper laid it out for me to see. I left my name and contact, in case they got lucky again. And as a result of my depression from looking at the back of the album (where the Matrix stuff were) I blew $20 on 9 calendars and 4 magnets. Calendars I set for potraits and teaset/special print pictures. Magnets I set or official movie posters. Now get this the four magnets I picked today, interestingly, were Robots, Incredibles, Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc.

Sheesh, all cartoons. I won't bore you with details of the calendars. All I know is that as far as I'm concerned, I have cleared the calendars of whatever I have thought worthy, and I'll just wait for the next shipment, due in the next day or two.

I'm doing volunteer work at the library@esplanade now. They are expanding with a big reference section, so they buying more CDs. My job is to select records with two star (out of three) ratings and confirming the availability at amazon.com and inputing the necessary information into a spreadsheet. And after that from early Sunday (I'm leaving at 4am... *yawn*) to late late Wednesday, I'll be in Hong Kong buying and eating and buying and eating. Thursday rest day, Friday morning and afternoon I'll be at SIM orientation, and evening a final visit to the Esplanade for a few months for Madama Butterfly,a good coffee and to bid my movie shop adieu, mi love!

Ok, enough. To bed.

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