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Triple 3
Sunday, April 10, 2005

Got my wallet back. Had to go to MP NPC though. The sergeant took a phone call while filling some unnecessary records regarding my picking up the lost item.

'Yes? What is it regarding? Lost her wallet... Oh someone took it? ... Yes well you can get your daughter to file a police report. But as for making a new one, you should wait, you know, like one or two days to see whether someone calls to return it...'

Here he suddenly burst into utterly nervous laughter, that kind of half-giggle when you're trying to convince yourself that everything will turn out fine.

'Well I... Ahaha. I can't really... speculate what the... criminal would do with the IC... Ahahahahaha. But if there is any misuse of NRICs, an investigation will be conducted immediately. Meanwhile you can get your daughter to file a lost report... I... Hahaha... I really don't know. Really.'

Poor thing was almost pleading with the anxious mother to give it up.

So then after dilly-dallying he turned a big log book around and said, 'Well your name, IC number, um... contact number. And signature.'

Then I saw under an inventory he made of my items a most glaring spelling mistake. He wrote the X-Zone Tapz card as Tarz.

I simply couldn't help it. It's an utterly terrible habit, I know, correcting people so condescendingly. But the poison was injected into my blood long long ago.

'There's an error,' I said rather sternly.
'Here... May I correct it?'
And he did some totally incoherent action. That's just about the essence of the Singapore Police Force. Much ado about nothing should be their motto.
And so I gave him the Eye like a proper teacher.
'This,' I said, articulating every word, 'is spelt Tapz.' I proceeded to correct it.

Again he made some gestures to the effect of 'Yes, well... whatever. I don't give a slimy shit.' And I proceeded to write down my particulars, convinced that the SPF was doomed.

Dropped by VS to pay a surprise visit to the SYF actors. Those brave people are giving it all they are worth now. Good work, and good luck guys. I'll be there. At least now John (Cheo) is acting like a proper slut now. And Martin was perfect with his 'Croissant! Baguette! Big! Erect! Eiffel Towér!' sequence. Ah, we discussed that what seemed like so long ago. I have to attend more practices, whether I'm useful or not. if I ever want to prove my skills, I start here. But at least they got a proper guy to show them each and every step and action. That's what I suggested, and I warned them they might get pissed at my breaking their line of thought so often, but they took whatever suggestions I made enthusiastically, and more so this guy who seems to be a proper professional, not some pretentious bitch who milks VS and ELDDS of our/their already insufficient funds, Ang merely gave a couple of thousand bucks. This woman bitchs about warm-ups for 4 hours and charges a (pardon me here) a fucking two HUNDRED and fifty dollars per HOUR. That is called milking, a term aptly coined and used by the disgruntled actors. They went on about it forever.

'Stupid cow (milking us)... and her stupid warm ups... Ghooooo... Gheeee. Ghaaaahhhhh!!!!!'

Who can blame them? Ah, poor things. They never called her back. Ever.

Ah well. So much for bitching about everything. First story on MS should be up by Tuesday. If everything goes well.

Went to Triple 3 to celebrate my brother's birthday. Gave him his present. And iPod wired remote and earphones. His original pair broke in an accident involving a feminine classmate of his bitching and somehow tearing his earphones into two pieces. And then he actually had it planned by researching and reporting to me, 'iPod wired remote plus earphones costs $68. I want that for my birthday. Triple 3, just about the fanciest buffet restaurant in Singapore, at the Mauritius Mandarin and at $55+++ per head, was also his request, oh no I mean demand. Easy for him. His voice hasn't broken, and he's growing, so his lungs have expanded. So he can whine (and dhine) for hours until my parents (and me) finally crumble to the ground sobbing and complying just to shut him up. Oh well, I'm not complaining. And I get Adobe Photoshop 7.0 full version in exchange. That's rather worth it don't you think?

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