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The Naive First Timer
Sunday, May 29, 2005

I spoke too quickly.

I feel now that my Father has disappeared from my side, abandoning me because of my utter stupidity. But I think again, and this time I hear Him calling from my heart, comforting my pained sighs. How true it was when it was sung in an opera...

D' amor sull' ali rosee
vanne, sospir dolente:
del prigioniero misero
conforta l' egra mente...

On the rosy wings of love,
go, pained sighs:
go to alleviate the sick mind
of the wretch that lies imprisoned!

I merely wished to get to know her better. Even though that doesn't count as liking her, it was still a disappointment when she made it clear that she was not interested, and neither were her friends (apparently some arsehole spreaded rumours of certain guys in our clique eyeing certain girls in hers). And in a three way conference with Ben (who, frankly, didn't help much by typing haha like half the time...) she and me sort of thrashed it out on behalf of our groups. Me insisting that rumours were just what they were, she making it clear that they are quite focused on studies. Even though I was not happy that she mentioned she fancied someone then refused to name him, because I practically laid our asses in front of her, clean and honest, I didn't push her on that. It was really tense for awhile, I thought if the computer screen didn't explode first, my arteries certainly would. Luckily we cooled off in time, with the usual 'it's not you', 'I'm sorry about all of this'. I knew it was exchanged out of true remorse, and not out of courtesy or necessity. At least, I hope she was doing the same.
Even though I find no reason to doubt her, at all, I have found myself to be foolishly naive. Naive about the true dirtiness of life, of girls, of politics... I don't want to be made a fool again. How can I ever step out like this, especially when I see relationships blossoming brilliantly around me? And I, standing alone, cold and solitary, like those amusing scenes where the poor reject finds himself in a snowy desert with flying snow and whistling wind, while the camera circles around him/her.
I feel so warm inside for them, feeling a touch of the warmth of the fatal attraction of love, puppy or not. I'm just glad I still have my Father to embrace me. I feel so strange now. So empty. Not because she rejected me, I mean I've hardly started on her... but because of the sense that I have somehow failed. Failed miserably and perhaps even shamefully to just get a closer friend.

If you're reading this, know again that you are not at fault. You simply made clear your stand, and disappointed as I am you have gained my respect. I know somehow that deep inside, reaching far beyond friendship and love, we now have something to identify, something in common, and that we both share, and that that would bring us closer, not platonically, but in a sense beyond 'Hello's and 'Thank you's, or holding doors when either of us are carrying two cups of coffee for whatever reason. It's something inexplicable, yet firmly anchored. For that, and for the experience, thank you.
I'm whining more and more nowadays. And mushy too. But as long as it's sincere, the hell with how I sound. And I'm sleepy too.

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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Synonyms are taking over our very lives. É fact tt u hv just rd this is a very bad sign.

But tonight I had proper fun for the first time in two eternities. We (Hans, Ben Chua, Elton, me) took a train to Paya Lebar and took 76 to VS (should have just gone to Bedok dammit). And on the bus I got a message.

u fag.ure on bus no 76.

I made quite a show of turning around, and lo and behold, there was Mok languishing in one corner. People don't really lose their poker faces.
So got off the bus at the same stop but he was as usual cryptic about his activities (then again Mokking really shouldn't be publicised too much) and we split ofter awhile. Turns out Mac's East Coast was further than I thought. The pits were C21. We were somewhere at E.


After a more-than-half-an-hour walk we finally got to the bicycle rentals and got the lousiest mountain bikes at $4 for two hours (one hour for one promo) and it was a less than 5min ride before we got there.


I was frankly surprised at how easily I gained my balance, considering I had not sat on a bicycle for about three years. It was great fun, riding to the end of ECP and back later, except for the fact that the bloody gears refused to shift properly at small increments. It's like I'll crank it to one side and my legs will be swinging uncontrollably, then I push to the other side and I'd be panting in 5min. Oh well I did the best I could. As we got back we cut through the trees and I immediately slammed my gears shift up to one (or low, whatever). The timing of the gears meshing was beautifully perfect, but I stopped about ten metres away from where I should have because it was dark, and I wasn't quite sure I could clear the large tree root right in front without landing on my back with sand in my head. And Ben was clutching his balls in pain because he had shifted too far up the seat, which I have found too small for my meaty backside from Day 1. Can't blame him though, his bike was totally screwed up. Back at the BBQ the President of the Student Council served us whiny asses food of all sorts... Satay, chicken wings, chicken chops, even steak, and stingray, hurhur (salivating). And after we finished it up they wanted more but there was none cooking or left on the grill so I have to do it myself, and since the VP of the Council said it takes about 20min I set my timer. For the rest of the evening the impatient and pertpetually hungry people crowded around the fire and alternated between jokes of precision timer, mommy, madame wong, and yan can cook wong can't cook. Insolent ingrates. I gave them bloody chicken wings (as in not-cooked-properly, not the expletive) as punishment.

So I called my dad and told him that Ben's dad is coming to pick him and give us a lift... at 11. Not that I wanted to stay longer, I mean of course I don't mind, we were in a lovely discussion of politics when we (Ben, Hans, me) had to leave. But then it was already about ten when I called, and I was cooking anyway, so it didn't seem like alot of time. My seniors made sparkler-rockets by the way. Failed miserably. They resorted to flinging sparklers into trees. It was burning so long up there I thought it would burn off the branch and bring it crashing down.

Anyway when I finally reached Bugis (that's the station they suggested, and how could we refuse) my dad said, 'Take a cab.'

Who the hell can get a taxi off the damn road at 11? Those mecenary arses only go for on calls and proper taxi queues, or else lim kopi and wait for the midnight charges to kick in. Finally I called a cab, and the auntie was one of those who wouldn't stop talking. But apparently someone tried to snatch my cab. He claimed he was the one who booked the cab. The auntied covered the screen and said, 'What's your HP number?' And when he couldn't answer she promptly booted him from the car and valiantly rushed to pick me up before the monstrous midnight increments kicked in. As she explained, just the total of my pick up fare, booking charge, and midnight increments would have been $10. 'That's why, ah, auntie very chin chai one, ah.' I was making my voice hoarser than it actually was to make her pick up the clue that I was tired out, but she just carried the conversation on all the way home. Oh well, it's the least I could do to repay her for preventing the midnight charges. The total fare came up to $19.55.

My father scolded me on the way up. He came down to pay the taxi fare because I had only $3 in my wallet. 'Next time if by ten o'clock no one is going home, you get your ass out of there you understand? I'm very disappointed in you.'

Wh- I... You... How can-

I just kept quiet. Hans put it correctly. I was to guai already. Too compliant with rules. It's just so, so sad when you think about it, and even sadder when I'm thinking about it. I guess I'll have to break away soon if they don't let off first. Still it won't mar the memory of this evening. Small thing lah, this.

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The Darth Side: Memoirs of a Monster
Thursday, May 26, 2005

Check out the link on the left. It's this guy writing as Darth Vader. Very moving, well researched, and page scrolling (page turning wouldn't really be apt here).

I got the link (address, it wasn't a click-and-go thing) from Samuel's blog. He's right. Interesting shit. George Lucas should ask him to put his blog posts into a book and sell it for plenty of money. All Star Wars fans, hardcore or softcore must read this! It's a revealing insight into the person/robot/monster that is Darth Vader.

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Love - the fickle f**ker

Love can be a many-splendoured thing, but most of the time it's just a pain in the ass, figuratively and literally. And for those who get it you know you've heard ruder jokes than that so you can stop frowning.

I'm just glad I don't have any girl troubles right now. It's so like stepping into a pit of snakes knotted together by their tails. So many friends so close to my heart have already been bitten by the love bug and were kind enough to share it with me, and I tell you, I'd rather tell them what to do than experience it myself. And honestly, frankly, really pulling no punches, I can't understand why they need advice. It's just common sense. I mean look, why am I dispensing advice they actually find useful and sensible when I'm supposed to know nuts about girls?

Oh but I better not talk so fast. Still have three years to go. We'll see. Hard to predict, the future is.

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Star Wars Episode III
Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Watching Star Wars with a fellow fan who is knowledgeable of all Star Wars facts as well as all the lines from the teasers is a blast. Because apart from not having to explain every scene, we can quote lines too.

Yoda: Destroy the Sith...
Joshua, Renhao [sotto voce]: ...we must.

But we whined for fifteen minutes when all the same old stupid ads rolled on screen. On the other hand, there are quite a few good shows coming up... Narnia, Mr. and Mrs. Smith... Forget about Batman. That is the definition of 'gay'. These shows I can get free VCDs wheee. If I haven't already mentioned how then I won't. Not too good to publicise these things too much nowadays...

Speaking of which I already have a secured copy of the Episode III DVD. As to the exact quality I have yet to find out. But from my source it should be good, Dolby and all.

I just love Yoda. The bored look on his face with he knocks the two guards against the wall is priceless. Hayden Christiansen excels in his role, and Ewan McGregor gets to take a more noble quality to his character now. Christopher Lee is ever reliable, we've yet to see a lousy performance from him. and Ian McDarmid potrayed Palpatine/Sidious with power and authority in his character. But oh my word Natalie Portman has to stick to saying Queen Amidala monotone lines like from Episode I, and crying. She's great at crying, but her 'confused pregger' scenes are so amateur. 'Oh my, what are we going to do?' Ewww.

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Murderous Nail
Sunday, May 22, 2005

I was cutting my toe nails. My mom was right they were awfully long.

So when I got to the big toe nail, I was having some trouble. You know how atrociously thick that thing can get. So I was getting it off bit by bit and as I was tackling the centre part the clipper just suddenly bit through the thing and before I could react I heard distinctly the hair-raising hum of a flying spinning nail shard just millimetres away from my left ear. Now I know how it sounds like to have a bullet miss your head by an inch. I also know the aftershock now. All I could say after that was 'Thank God'. I didn't know what else to say.

Second week at SIM not too good because there was the first round of tests the second half of the week. I hope I fare well in music (should be full marks, maybe minus one cos of open-ended question. You know that silly rule about cannot give full marks in music), English should do quite well, maths I already lost one mark out of five because of a stupid misconception. I won't elaborate. And Econs, OH MY GOD!!! MCQ questions are never going to be the same again. I got four upon freaking twelve!!! :'( It wasn't very helpful when my equally lousy marked friend informed me, 'You need an 8/12 to pass.'

Welcome to American education.

Ah better have a good week next week. Should be though. I am watching Episode III, finally, with Joshua Chow (VS 4J 2004, straight A mugger) on Wednesday, and having a BBQ with my seniors and coursemates on Friday at East Coast. Don't you dare gatecrash.

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First Week at SIM
Saturday, May 14, 2005

WHOOOOO! Well it's been a very satisfying week at SIM, and very exhausting. It's not at all funny when getting to school takes an hour and a half. But I've made great friends there, we already have a clique! No bimbotic names though. What Flowers 4 (6 in our case), Chichity Cute Boyz. I will slap their face if they do that.

Theory of Music for Nonmajors - Taaaaahahahaha! Easy, since we haven't even gotten past semitones yet. And guess what - even before the lecturer explained octaves and scales to us, she gave us a Chopin score.

Prelude No. 20 in C minor. Op. 28

Stupidity 1
Common Sense 0

And how did our friend explain octave?

Well, it's from one doh to the other DOH. when you get from one doh to the higher DOH it is considered one octave.

[stare at her for awhile]
[fill in my own definition]

This from a concert pianist.

Then there's the poor Survey of Algebra and Trigonometry lecturer who can't roll his R's... And that idiot for some reason emphasizes every word with an R in it.

The first WULE of algeBWA is that it is legal to multiply when you have two of these in a BWACKET with the limit in the FWONT. Hilarious. We always have a hard time masking our stupid grins and taking notes with jelly hands. God knows how he's like in bed.

Let me pull down your bwastwap, mi'love. Tonight we shall make cwazy love and I will wock your socks off.

Ah, my crooked humour and me.

Microeconomics. Interesting subject. We have a wrinkled Miss for our lecturer, if you'll pardon the blunt description. But she's good. So good she can actually drone and hold your attention. Really! I'm not like sarcastic or anything. It's so obvious that she drones. But she knows just when to insert a joke or two for a perk, and then drone again.

Nothing much about English, except they sort of streamed us. Based on observations, it seems I'm in the best class. I made the fatal mistake of giving the Clique (great, now I'm capitalizing) that impression that I was. And one guy got posted to afternoon class, and he wailed, 'That means I'm in the worst class?!?!'

And I had to sing song for a whole minute just to cover my stupid assumptions.

On the whole, let's just say I'm enjoying alot. We go out between lessons, play ball (you know which) and have Mac's. Or we'll lock ourselves in the library's discussion room and alternate between cruel jokes about the fat girl outside, swinging up the volume on our friend's U2 iPod while pretending to examine it with awe, and long periods of silence just flipping our textbooks and highlighting like a good conscientious student.

Bad thing though. My EZ-Link has switched to adult pricings (MOE/SMRT aren't that dumb after all) and I have had to top up three times this week ($10 each time). It's really milking me (my parents).

And in other news, two funny incidents happened back to back on Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday, I was walking home and was unplugging my earphones when I heard singing behind me. I turned and saw this chubby Indian with humungous eyes, both brilliantly white. He caught my glance and called, 'How are you?' happily. And I was like, 'Um, great...' and he gave an equally humungous grin and walked off. I immediately slowed down to put some distance between him and myself. My guess was either he stuck 4.5 million Toto on his first attempt, or he struck 4.5 million Toto on his 3 546 466th attempt, or he lost money again so his mind snapped.

On Thursday, yesterday, I was in the lift with my father and a dark-skinned boy half my size (height and width). And then my dad suddenly squinted and bent low and read aloud, 'Said Khalik...?' The boy from St. Hilda's, my alma mater, had an iron-on name tag that was peeling, but I could see the full name, and corrected my father tonelessly.


The boy gave his best I-have-no-front-teeth smile to me, and bade us goodbye on his floor. Later I realised the big smile was the most innocent possible gesture of 'Thanks for correcting that dumbass.'

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SIM Orientation and Madama Butterfly
Saturday, May 07, 2005

Orientation in the morning... Same as yours, we were distrubuted into groups (albeit randomly) and played Wacko as our icebreaker. I faired quite well. But around 2/3 of the time was talks, endless talks about plagiarism (very very serious offence in America). Let's put it this way. Here in Asia, while we treat plagiarism as an offence, we look upon sex in broad daylight as downright crude and absolutely disgusting. Over there they don't seem to mind open sex as much as plagiarism.
Also about the importance of our GPA (grade point average - their MSG) and CGPA (cumilative GPA) and some study tips for this new form of education. Quite like Mr. Wong's take on Chemistry - you see the big picture, the big jigsaw fitting together instead of studying each piece and wondering where the hell to fit it to, or which part of the picture it might be in. Then the usual series of games, points and prizes. We got Toblerone for being fourth last. Still better than first prize ($40 Swensens voucher - each OG has approx. 10 people).

After that met Chuan En at Bugis to eat teppanyaki. That idiotic scholar told the chef, 'He wants a little chili, gimme alot.' And I think that guy was in a bloody bad mood, he gave me reasonably little, and dumped like four heap teaspoons of cut chili padi on Chuan En's portion, which made Chuan En pour. Later Chuan En whispered, 'I think he doesn't like my face.' I looked at him and whispered, 'I know, absolutely.'

Later when we got to the Esplanade I dropped my bag at the cloak room, and the went to the movie memorabilia shop and while I was browsing my magnets (got Harry Potter 2 & 3 poster magnets and a series of the four house crests and the Hogwarts crest - this set would be valuable in time to come, more than the rest anyway), Chuan En was freaking out at all the cute stuff there. I gave the guy a look which sort of said, 'Another regular...'. Poor thing just shrugged. After that we stopped at this tea shop, and the woman invited us to tea. It was only a standard sample cup size, but it was super strong and calmed us for the performance later. But not before Chuan En gave a little show of a gay freak. 'Ooh!' he squealed, flinging his arms up, 'this tea is soooo exquisite.' I was in one corner covering my eyes and shaking my head in utter embarrassment. And I have to drag that idiot off twenty minutes to showtime dammit! I broke into a run when I heard the bell, a sort of last call before gates close, and yelling at him and his gay freak show. And then he repeated it at third circle at the theatre.

'Where?! Oh where shall we go? Where do we enter? We shall be late!!!'
'Okay, relax, my colleague will show you there.'

We went in in time, plenty to spare, but not before I got the programme book at $4. Cheap people.

Inside I started hissing again about his freak show. 'Oh sorry, I just had to let off some steam. Stress, you know.' Whatever.

So fifteen minutes into the show, a stream of people suddenly flooded in in the dark. The two blondes above us, apparently pedantic opera-goers, hissed 'Stupid!' as a woman squeezed past them a second time. But they helped shush this idiot by our side. Stupid old man. In the first act, he was apparently unwrapping a sweet and attempting to stuff the thing into his mouth quietly a la Mr. Bean, which of course made it even noisier. And in the second act, during the big aria (the famous song from the opera) that egghead was actually explaining it to wife in Cantonese. 'Listen to that, beautiful, isn't it?' and he started humming along and waving his hands. I was tempted to inform him that there was only space for one conductor as far as the evening was concerned, but an usher flicked on her flashlight in his face and whispered something which obviously meant shut up, and he did that, but started humming more softly after awhile. Meanwhile I was more experienced and bent right next to Chuan En's ear to whisper softly, 'Cio-Cio-San, centre', 'love duet', 'big aria'. He was not too good though, insisting on not listening to anything and 'having a fresh experience that night'. In the end he was asking questions for the first twenty minutes, until I said I'd explain at intermission.

I guess I'll spare the singers' analysis. It was money well spent, that's all I'll say.

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Shopping, Shopping, Shopping, Shopping, Shopping, Shopp--ZzZzZ--
Thursday, May 05, 2005

Yup, all day. Got the low por bpeng (wife's biscuit) for family and relatives, and a few dried goods. Took Airport Express back and drooled at the cool speakers and iPod minis at the electronics shop in the airport. Flight back was great... Read my book (Anne Rice rocks ass) all through the safety instructions and take-off. They screened Ocean's Twelve. Fantastic show, but the tape was worse than a pirated VCD. That'd be on my DVD list now. Food was OK... Mom materialised by my side halfway during the flight and asked me to transfer our stuff over (it was an empty flight and I went to the front to get close to the screen) because she was scared of the passenger behind who kept sneezing. My brother and dad was there to meet us at the airport, and after bathing I plonked on the bed and fell dead for the next few hours.

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Ocean Park, Tsim Sha Tsui
Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Hooo man. Tiring day.

After a quick breakfast we wandered our way to Ocean Park Amusement. After awhile we found the right bus, but instead of using the Octopus Card (their EZ-Link) we had to buy cute little card tickets. And just our luck, it was one of three big holidays for China, so there were many PRCs around. Most were happy with a quiet good time, but some felt the atmosphere was too still and decided to stir the air with their conversation. Sitting like three seats away when the bus was like a third empty, we were treated to their shouting match for a full 10 minutes. And as I was waiting by the bus for my mom to get tickets, those already with it in hand roared past me and crashed me out of their way. Bloody hell... While we were queueing the same shouting family queued up behind us. The mom swaggered up in front, and, well, probably got a few narrowed eyes at her, so she swaggered back. Later we learnt that we had to get special tickets, and when my mom came back she told me that the same woman had tried to jump queue, but my mom gave her the Eye, and the Mouth. Touché.

We walked alot at Ocean Park. My mom didn't complain, but she was visibly tired and quite uninterested. And I think I made it worse because I became such a shutterbug today that I explored every corner around.

Eh, wait wait wait wait.
[disappear into one corner]
[mom catches up and sees me taking an empty Coke bottle]

But mom said I was too gentleman with snatching photo shots with the Chinese people. Like I advance and then another member of the family wants to take a picture. I look back at my mom and she shakes her head disappointed. I'm sorry, I'll try harder next time.

It was about three when we left and since going back to the apartment was useless and idiotic because we were meeting my aunt at five, we hung around the area for like an hour and a half before meeting her. Tonight was Tsim Sha Tsui, a neighbouring island accessible by both ferry and train. But since the Star Ferry is such a supercalifragilistic attraction in Hong Kong we took it to get there. No big deal, but perhaps we were travelling in the then slightly waning daylight. Supposed to be better at night. There, desperately hungry (I'll spare the details) we settled on a Chinese meal that was equal to approximately SGD80 per person! But oh my good Lord it was good! Roast pork (sew yoek) and deep fried batter coated tou fu for appetisers, shark's fin soup (theirs is a more herbal tasting one... as I put it, a new perspective to shark's fin), abalone with beautiful oyster sauce and duck's web (as in the duck's foot, with the skins), and others I forgot (abomination! I know, sorry), then it was shopping for the two girls. I entertained myself by taking pictures of myself. That's how sad I was tonight...

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Victoria Peak, Lamma Island

After a breakfast at the mall (fish fillets fish-n-chips style and bread) we went to Victoria Peak.
Took a tram up of course. The tram was speeding up the damn slope at a 40-degree angle, so we were pretty much literally glued to our seats. Hong Kong scenery is hard to catch because of all the haze. When we got up there we found ourselves among clouds (actually it was a particularly dense passing cloud). And up there was a total MALL like about six or seven storeys high. Well we forgot a map of the mountain trails, so we just wandered aimlessly for twenty minutes before spending the next ten minutes retracing our steps.
We planned to go to Madame Tussad's, until my aunt found out that they didn't hear 'Sing dollars' when I said 'twenty-four' (SGD1=HKD5).
Took a bus ride down to Central, and again we were glued to our seats as the driver took turns at full speed, with like only a metre on each side between safety and a four-freaking-hundred metre drop. I got up once to shift to the other side of the bus, because the turning here and there made the scenery change sides. I was flung forward into my prospective seat when the driver took a turn. Miracle the glass window didn't break.
Got to the interchange,and when we went into the next mall, I was totally arrested by the sight of these beautiful chess sets. Either English or Chinese chess, copper and either pewter or pewter plated pieces, each as a human figurine (except for castle of course) à la Harry Potter. Not that grand though. Just normal knights and kings and queens in proper cloaks and crowns. And the English set which I actually play was of all things made of some cheap beige-brown wood while the Chinese chess set... Wow. Sparkling rosewood. My aunt said if I don't find any souvenir by the end of this trip she'd get a set for me in June, when my mom's coming again with my little brother. On the way I saw in other shops, among others, a Chinese chess set with figurines in Dowager-Forbidden City style, in stone, and a metal set, English chess with Chinese figurines. Interesting. I might want to get that.

Met my aunt's friend from Taiwan also working in HK. We went to yum cha. Now yum cha is a slang for eating in a cheaper dim sum restaurant, where you could sit for hours or bring every of your relatives up to thrice-removed and no one would complain. But their service was a straight A. Dashing in with plates and cups and chopsticks, the woman with a perfectly passive, if slightly bored face, flung the plates to us, clanged the cups into position, and threw the chopsticks in front of our plates. The chopsticks were askewed, but she frisbeed the plates rather well. That didn't stop me from looking at her like she was Jotham Wong in a G-string. My mother intoned wisely, 'Times is money.' The teapots, one half filled with tea leaves and the other with hot water, were also set down with a spectacular bang. And since I was the only one with a deep voice there I was put in charge of the tea. Damned teapots, so heavy and such a small handle. If I had actually bothered to endure the heat I might not have rattled it so much.

Went to Lamma Island. And spent three hours going up and down slope, and still it was nothing compared to that damn Gunung Lambak. By the time I got to that halfway point I everything but collapsed on the ground. Still it didn't stop me from panting like a dog today. Not to mention my mom hanging on to the back of my shirt for me to haul her up.
Had a snack at a crummy seafood restaurant where half the things we wanted were out of stock, then back to the main island by forty minutes ferry, and we got slightly choppy seas to go with it. As usual we Asians never fail to be amazed by splashing water, and as the ship made a big blast of water erupt from crashing back down onto the sea, I could hear 'waaaaaah' from the other side of the boat.
Went straight for dessert. My aunt had paid for the yum cha lunch, so the other two typically wanted to repay her. One paid for the seafood snack, and the other was quite thrifty, so my aunt didn't want to make her pay for a full dinner, so we headed straight for dessert. I picked mango sago with pomelo on my aunt's reccommendation. Beautiful. We took the tram ride around, just for the knack of it I reckon. Don't ever do that, it makes sucha noise even a deaf man would cover his ears.
And when we were rid of the other two as we were taking the train back my aunt asked me where I wanted to eat, and couldn't believe I was actually truthfully agreeable when I agreed to a dessert and that's it. So back we went to the mall for a mixed meat hotplate platter, and home.

Sorry if you found it abit boring. It's 1.20AM and I'm gonna spend a whole day at Ocean Park Amusement... Park tomorrow, and besides I didn't feel like thinking properly to make an enjoyable post. Just the facts and selective commentary.

Watch our for my next post of tomorrow's events.

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Morning Flight
Sunday, May 01, 2005

Waking up at three AM is not quite a joke, but I've managed very well. We were all out of the house by 3:45. All four of us. At the airport there was as usual tight security waiting for us, all because we chose a service from the United States. And the questions were so very painfully dumb.

'Did anyone put sharp objects in your bag without your knowledge?'

Well perhaps that was a clever trick question. Luckily my mom answered, 'Not that I know of...'. The ride was quite agreeable, they screened the remade 'Taxi'. I might want the DVD, the car chase was great. I had my Apple hi-fi headphones plugged into the jack. After the show I took a quick snore, and woke up in time to see an excerpt of the Conan O'Brien Show. That guy's hilarious! The only thing that spoiled the trip was the announcements that had a bad habit of cutting in at every orchestral climax available to them. The English guy couldn't pronounce, the Chinese woman sounded like she was educated in Alaska, and the Cantonese lady was the best of all. Cool voice, just like a DJ. Not like the English guy's poor attempts.

And wif dat perrfekt laanding by der Kaptan, on behalf ovf all United Airlines staff on booard I welcome you to Hung Kung.

Took the Airport Express, rather like Changi to Tanah Merah and Expo on the way, but this (super fast) train only runs for four stations - Airport, Tsing Yi, Kowloon, and Hong Kong, which means more like Central. Met our aunt, had lunch at a fanciful Shanghainese restaurant (bill came up to $130), and then came back to my aunt's apartment where I am now, and after we dropped our bags my aunt went for dinner. Two of us went to 买东西吃东西 买东西吃东西... Got a pair of shoes for my mom and me, and chewing gum. Bathing is an experience. The heater is a gas heater, and there's a cute round window where you can see a small flame glowing. Turning up the hot water tap will make more gas enter the chanber, and they make the most alarming flroom when they combust. And when you turn the hot water tap too low the flames just disappear! Irritating...

Sightseeing tomorrow. Be sure to check back for my update.

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