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First Week at SIM
Saturday, May 14, 2005

WHOOOOO! Well it's been a very satisfying week at SIM, and very exhausting. It's not at all funny when getting to school takes an hour and a half. But I've made great friends there, we already have a clique! No bimbotic names though. What Flowers 4 (6 in our case), Chichity Cute Boyz. I will slap their face if they do that.

Theory of Music for Nonmajors - Taaaaahahahaha! Easy, since we haven't even gotten past semitones yet. And guess what - even before the lecturer explained octaves and scales to us, she gave us a Chopin score.

Prelude No. 20 in C minor. Op. 28

Stupidity 1
Common Sense 0

And how did our friend explain octave?

Well, it's from one doh to the other DOH. when you get from one doh to the higher DOH it is considered one octave.

[stare at her for awhile]
[fill in my own definition]

This from a concert pianist.

Then there's the poor Survey of Algebra and Trigonometry lecturer who can't roll his R's... And that idiot for some reason emphasizes every word with an R in it.

The first WULE of algeBWA is that it is legal to multiply when you have two of these in a BWACKET with the limit in the FWONT. Hilarious. We always have a hard time masking our stupid grins and taking notes with jelly hands. God knows how he's like in bed.

Let me pull down your bwastwap, mi'love. Tonight we shall make cwazy love and I will wock your socks off.

Ah, my crooked humour and me.

Microeconomics. Interesting subject. We have a wrinkled Miss for our lecturer, if you'll pardon the blunt description. But she's good. So good she can actually drone and hold your attention. Really! I'm not like sarcastic or anything. It's so obvious that she drones. But she knows just when to insert a joke or two for a perk, and then drone again.

Nothing much about English, except they sort of streamed us. Based on observations, it seems I'm in the best class. I made the fatal mistake of giving the Clique (great, now I'm capitalizing) that impression that I was. And one guy got posted to afternoon class, and he wailed, 'That means I'm in the worst class?!?!'

And I had to sing song for a whole minute just to cover my stupid assumptions.

On the whole, let's just say I'm enjoying alot. We go out between lessons, play ball (you know which) and have Mac's. Or we'll lock ourselves in the library's discussion room and alternate between cruel jokes about the fat girl outside, swinging up the volume on our friend's U2 iPod while pretending to examine it with awe, and long periods of silence just flipping our textbooks and highlighting like a good conscientious student.

Bad thing though. My EZ-Link has switched to adult pricings (MOE/SMRT aren't that dumb after all) and I have had to top up three times this week ($10 each time). It's really milking me (my parents).

And in other news, two funny incidents happened back to back on Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday, I was walking home and was unplugging my earphones when I heard singing behind me. I turned and saw this chubby Indian with humungous eyes, both brilliantly white. He caught my glance and called, 'How are you?' happily. And I was like, 'Um, great...' and he gave an equally humungous grin and walked off. I immediately slowed down to put some distance between him and myself. My guess was either he stuck 4.5 million Toto on his first attempt, or he struck 4.5 million Toto on his 3 546 466th attempt, or he lost money again so his mind snapped.

On Thursday, yesterday, I was in the lift with my father and a dark-skinned boy half my size (height and width). And then my dad suddenly squinted and bent low and read aloud, 'Said Khalik...?' The boy from St. Hilda's, my alma mater, had an iron-on name tag that was peeling, but I could see the full name, and corrected my father tonelessly.


The boy gave his best I-have-no-front-teeth smile to me, and bade us goodbye on his floor. Later I realised the big smile was the most innocent possible gesture of 'Thanks for correcting that dumbass.'

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