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Ocean Park, Tsim Sha Tsui
Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Hooo man. Tiring day.

After a quick breakfast we wandered our way to Ocean Park Amusement. After awhile we found the right bus, but instead of using the Octopus Card (their EZ-Link) we had to buy cute little card tickets. And just our luck, it was one of three big holidays for China, so there were many PRCs around. Most were happy with a quiet good time, but some felt the atmosphere was too still and decided to stir the air with their conversation. Sitting like three seats away when the bus was like a third empty, we were treated to their shouting match for a full 10 minutes. And as I was waiting by the bus for my mom to get tickets, those already with it in hand roared past me and crashed me out of their way. Bloody hell... While we were queueing the same shouting family queued up behind us. The mom swaggered up in front, and, well, probably got a few narrowed eyes at her, so she swaggered back. Later we learnt that we had to get special tickets, and when my mom came back she told me that the same woman had tried to jump queue, but my mom gave her the Eye, and the Mouth. Touché.

We walked alot at Ocean Park. My mom didn't complain, but she was visibly tired and quite uninterested. And I think I made it worse because I became such a shutterbug today that I explored every corner around.

Eh, wait wait wait wait.
[disappear into one corner]
[mom catches up and sees me taking an empty Coke bottle]

But mom said I was too gentleman with snatching photo shots with the Chinese people. Like I advance and then another member of the family wants to take a picture. I look back at my mom and she shakes her head disappointed. I'm sorry, I'll try harder next time.

It was about three when we left and since going back to the apartment was useless and idiotic because we were meeting my aunt at five, we hung around the area for like an hour and a half before meeting her. Tonight was Tsim Sha Tsui, a neighbouring island accessible by both ferry and train. But since the Star Ferry is such a supercalifragilistic attraction in Hong Kong we took it to get there. No big deal, but perhaps we were travelling in the then slightly waning daylight. Supposed to be better at night. There, desperately hungry (I'll spare the details) we settled on a Chinese meal that was equal to approximately SGD80 per person! But oh my good Lord it was good! Roast pork (sew yoek) and deep fried batter coated tou fu for appetisers, shark's fin soup (theirs is a more herbal tasting one... as I put it, a new perspective to shark's fin), abalone with beautiful oyster sauce and duck's web (as in the duck's foot, with the skins), and others I forgot (abomination! I know, sorry), then it was shopping for the two girls. I entertained myself by taking pictures of myself. That's how sad I was tonight...

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