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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Whoa... today. Today was barrage after barrage of incidents that sent us into total laughing fits. Two times I laughed tears into my eyes. Two a day... unusual.

Day started out not too good with English. Daphne and me got a B- in our essay... I hope to work it up to at least at least A-. Catherine got an A... José produced a stunning A+... And Ryan got D because he didn't do enough contrasting. Can't blame him, his dad and him are rather similar, according to him. At least Mrs. James is giving him another chance.

Then we got to the Rec Room after lunch... And on my excellent suggestion played 9-ball with the other unused balls, because the stupid cue ball was missing. Like Elton said, 'Anyone wants to call management?' Abit dry lah his humour, no one laughed. Ryan did some spectacular fouls, me only a couple of stupid ones. Ben was like, 'Ryan, you're with the Marksman.' Then when he sent the 'cue ball' rolling weakly he panicked and yelled,' Bring the ball baaack!!!' Haha smart ass... In fact, he practically screwed up the whole game haha. Moving right along...
While we were playing John and Freddy and Bernard and Melvin were playing darts. Melvin was like showing his butt to distract Bernard's concentration... Which basically never really... Ah never mind never mind. Anyway Bernard lost and had to do 50 sit-ups.

Then after that we were playing soccer with Melvin when he got Bernard to join him to operate the goalkeeper... But when it came to defending his hole (that didn't quite sound right... anyway) he turned his pole (WTBF am I saying) very lightly, so that more than anything his keeper was floating upwards instead of kicking the ball. Melvin shouted exasperatedly, 'Eh what you doing, tai chi ah? OOI you're supposed to pass it over HERE HERE HERE not play with the ball.' Lucky I was sitting out, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to play for the next five minutes. Sponsored quite a few games... Did a few power shots too. The ball was just an orange blur then I start cheering liao.

Laugh number 2 was during Maths. We were trying to catch Syed's (Jaffar's) funny phrases. Elton was like bloody irritating, everytime tap me say, 'You follow?' KNN... Graham managed to capture something on his voice recorder function on his HP, I forgot... I asked him if he had caught 'massage' part yet. He shook his head, and said, 'Someday...' LOL. Then ooohh, the fun part.
Ben pang seh again to sit with Jill. They went out of the LT four times during our lesson. What's more when he came back he look ultra spent... We at the otherside were all coming up with the funniest jokes on the planet... Ben was posing with an army uniform, and then Hans said, 'Eh Ben... Make love ah, not war.' I was out of breath for like 20 seconds. I came up with quite a few myself... I imitated the Duracell bunny, always going never stopping... then later I rememebered I still had one battery left from yesterday's torch, so I showed it to him. In his words, 'I was like pengz~'. Lol. Then right after 'make love not war' I shot him with, 'Fire at will.' That one we were out of breath for 30 seconds. There were plenty other jokes... I just can't remember, they weren't as outstanding as the mentioned ones.
And then Jill and I were hand-signing to each other all over the place. I created a rectangle which was supposed to mean room... flatted my hands and move them forwards palm down (bed) and did this thing from Meet the Fockers, gripping my thumb with my other hand and pulling my thumb out. I'll leave that to your imagination. Jill interpreted as, 'A box... open up... take you (Ben) out?'

She is such a funny girl.
And you know what she replied?
Wave hand - no
point to Ben
'Cannot play with me or Ben will break your dick?!?!?!'

Turns out Ben lamented, 'Renhao bully me', so she replied with 'Cannot bully my darling or I break your neck.'


Kaiyan printed some picture of an ultra fat guy who looks like me... Three copies, and sent it all over the place. I took the last blank one from him and scribbled, love and kisses, then a phony signature, then at Hans' suggestion, because Jill wanted to see it, XOXO in red ink. She sent it back with this message penciled on the back.

To: My lover boy. Haha. You look so cuteee... in this pic. Love ya! Muackhszxs...

She gives the noisiest kisses, that's all I can say. I won't bother to mention the words on the other two. Mine was the wittiest. The rest were like misguided attempts to be funny.

11 o'clock. I still haven't studied 5ths and key signatures for Music midterm tomorrow, as well as haven't revised English. better go. Love ya all. Muackhszxswshpft... [eww...]

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