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Late Night with Wong Renhao
Thursday, June 09, 2005

My essay was due today.

I still hadn't completed it at 11pm yesterday.

Relax. My English isn't failing. It's just that
1) it's an academic essay, which isn't really my cup of tea
2) I've been staring at it for the past week every blasted day, until I've numbed to it.

So desperate to get some rest I went to bed at 11+. I set my alarm clock at 2.30am, and my handphone alarm clock at 2.45am. I prove to myself that an alarm clock's beeping is more effective than a handphone's vibration, which makes the phone sound like it has constipation, when I shuff it under my pillow.

When I woke up, I found my brother watching TV. I contemplated the consequences of alerting him to my prescence, and then I unjammed the door and closed it. True enough he opened the door a few minutes later, giving me that stupid grin. After I daoed him for like 30 seconds he beat his ass out of the room, but as usual didnt close the damn door properly. I opened it a crack to shoot him an angry vampire look before closing the door with a soft bang. And locking it as an afterthought. And there, I shall spare the grisly details, I found my inspiration to push a 700+ word essay to a 1000+ word essay. I know, I could have written more, but like I said, I was so totally sian diao I simply couldn't think of anything more. I thought of staying all the way thru morning, because it was already 4.30+ anyway. But I could feel sleepiness lingering in my bones so I went to sleep. Then I discovered.

I couldn't sleep.

Lucky it was only for a while. I would have fallen asleep a little earlier, but just as I was happily drifting off into unconsciousness the alarm clock rang over the other side for 5. I was like, why the blue hell did Dad turn his alarm on when no one had to wake at 5? And then next thing my mom shook me up at 6.45... Renhao late already late already... Lucky I bathed at... what... four plus. So I just changed and out of the house. It's a miracle I managed to sit through English and even Maths without falling asleep. Was like unconscious on the train on the way back until I forced myself to get up from my seat. I was sandwiched and I didn't want to KO on either shoulder to my sides because they are both wrinkled. I'm so bad.

Anyway I crashed at home... Took a 3 hour nap. Dreamless. Just short out and then three hours later reconnect battery. Missed 绝对 Superstar cos my mom didn't wake me up. Shit sia... Oh well. As long as I don't miss Hans's interview I'm fine.

Actually this post was meant to come out much earlier. I was waiting for English consultation to start, and was writing about how Ryan was singing Phantom of the Opera at full volume and prancing about like Willy Wonka... but the friggin internet failed at the last moment.

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