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Midterm Part Twee
Friday, June 17, 2005

I rule.

Yesterday I made up my mind to do some serious study for Econs so that I would kick the paper's ass tomorrow (yesterday's tomorrow = today). I ended up surfing around on the Net and sleeping at about 1am, after doing some major adding on Friendster.

Today I made it a point to do some quick revision in hope of kicking ass later (this morning's later = this afternoon). I ended up reading my email.

So finally I left the house got onto the train and read the summary she gave us. I just love copying the right stuff down.

Got to the Rec Room, and sure enough they were there - Ben, William, Eko, Kaiyan.
Took out supplementary notes.
Settled down.
Ben said, 'Ok lah, eh let's go.'

I didn't have much to argue though, because it was already 1.30pm. Paper was at 2.

Lee Chin Choo warned us if we wanted to go to the gents or ladies we had better do so now. So I went with Ben. Elton was originally with us, but for some abstract reason he chickened out when we had to go to another toilet because the nearest one was being flooded out by the cleaners. Ben went out first then I heard 'Hello!' then 'Hello!!!'. Walked out and said, '一听就知道...'. And Jill turned around and squealed 'Hello darling!!!'

The storm clouds that formed over Ben's head contained enough power to annihilate anyone into powder within a 10-metre radius.

I patted him on the way out of the door.

In the room, I kept crossing paths with Jill while worming my way to the table. I swear it wasn't intentional. I thought she was trying to be funny... Either way she pouted and said, 'Why you keep blocking me so irritating...' I gave her a why-me look and she floated off. Funny girl...
And for the most part of it, Econs was ok, except the last question about total revenue and the use of price elasticity of demand. I won't waste our time repeating the questions.

After that we went to the Rec Room... And we found out why.

On the board was a message, along with an all-too-familiarly shaped packet.

Someone threw this cigarette pack down one of the holes causing the balls to jam. Please do not do this in consideration for others thanks.

And sitting on the marker ledge was an empty Viceroy cigarette packet.

Later the same security guard as yesterday came in with that... ... fucked up sheriff look again. And this time he asked which programme we were from.

If the guys are ok with it, I am so going to ask him straight in the face what the hell is wrong next time. For today I just complained about the prices. They increased it to $2 per game, the greedy bastards.

After that Kaiyan suggested Laserquest, but we all had stuff to do, so another day, much to Kaiyan's disappointment I think. Anyway I also had not enough money.

Went with Alex, Eko and William to Clementi to eat. Alex said he could see lovely foodcourts from the MRT station, but all he brought us to was a dying hawker centre. Poor things there were so desperate they had to shamelessly advertise. But I have to admit the chicken rice I ate was splendid.

After that and after much argument pool at Snookerium. I was desperate today lah. That place is the worst shit I've ever been to. Learnt bridging again from William, and earlier Hans taught me about different vertical positions of impact from the cue to cueball affecting its movement and subsequent transfer of energy. Medium-high to centre shots are power shots. Medium-low shots are follow up shots. Ultra low shots are of course jumps. Why the hell am I revealing power tips like this?

Decided to slack for the weekend in celebration of the completion of my midterms. Sandra-jie said she would talk to Dad about the guitar tomorrow. Love you man... Cross your fingers.

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