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Midterm Results Part Two
Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Mrs James decided to save our test papers and results for tomorrow's consultation. So we have that delayed... If my questions and her answers were anything to go by...

Me: How did we do for the test?
She: Good.
Me: How did I do for the test?
She: [fiddle with her stuff for awhile] Good.

Couldn't tell whether she was sarcastic or not.

She told us early birds to give others a chance to go early, so Ryan and I decided on the 12.30 slot. We are so going to be ultra sianed in between. But I borrowed another three books from the library... Hamlet, Hamlet discussion, and American satirical essays. That should keep me busy for that time.

Maths. Jaffar gave us our results one by one. First person.

Wong Renhao? Who is Wong Renhao?


68/80, hmmm, alright. Nothing special. Ben got 66 so as he adequately puts it you beat me in two subjects leh. Friends forever Ben. I lost half a mark in my first quiz and he lost to me in midterm by 2 marks. That puts us exactly on par, at 88.33333333333...%. So I consulted the course outline.

Hey, we're both A-'s!
Really? [look at paper] Alright man!

Then Ben said, 'If I get another two marks... [calculate], i will get A!'

Luckily Jaffar refused, haha. In fact apart from calculational errors (which would have been very embarrassing considering his job) I think he flatly refused anyone any extra marks. And I won't be surprised if some honest guy came up to him and pointed out extra marks and he said, 'Never mind just keep the marks. For being honest.' That would be soooo him.

After lesson went to eat with Ben and His Excellency Yeo Kaijie, who by no coincidence thrashed all our asses in Econs and Maths. The two four-credit subjects. Jeez... Why does Music have to be a three-credit subject?!!!

In other news, Li Rong, who is also in New Creation Church (that's where she got her lovely 恩 T-shirt, too) told me about the SIM care-group. She saw me first when I was waiting to watch Star Wars again with Sandra-jie and the rest. She stood at the entrance of the cinema and yelled, 'Renhao!'. I very nearly put my hands up.
Speaking of which George who is also in this SIM care-group and who first contacted me hasn't spoken to me for a long time. When I am feeling happy and bo liao I shall SMS him.

My mom bought the revolutionary Osim iEcologi. The salesman was rather efficient in his demo, and so was the machine in doing its job. Mom is vacuuming now, but last time I saw she had water all over when it was supposed to leave a clean dry tile, with perhaps a bit of fast-evaporating condensation. As for myself, I will want to do a clean up of my study room chair, and my bed if mom's not having it on her mind yet. The two dirtiest places on earth. Eugh. And perhaps more nooks and crannies if I can find them.

Off to the piano now...

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