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The Power Within
Saturday, July 30, 2005

Hans said that we needed the incident on Friday. It told Ben where to draw the line. I think we needed the incident, or else our friendships are for nothing. Our friendships can only be called one if it can withstand the stab of anger. When I saw Ryan holding Elton back, I felt so sad. I knew that I wouldn't be that ready to protect, and even if I was I would probably have been hit somewhere somehow. As it is Ryan could hardly control Elton. It just ruined my whole mood for the evening.

We talked, Hans and I, late into the night, on MSN. As an old bird, having been there done that, he did not want to involve himself. I knew why. He knew too much tricks. Tricks enough to kill a person. As if that is not enough we all know that instinct takes over in a fight, and his instinct, my instinct, isn't afraid to use our knowledge. We lose control. I don't know if it happens to everyone. Perhaps Elton is also one too. We lose control and just want to kill, to rip his throat out for whatever he did. I feel it when I am angry. Hatred running through my veins. Hatred in its purest form. My whole body tensing up as if giving out scorching heat waves. At that moment anything is possible. The bluntest pen turns into the sharpest dagger. The sharpest tweezers turn into a a knife hard enough to plunge its way through flesh, through wood, through plastic, through even the very material the dagger itself is made of. At that moment, it feels as if I could have put my hand out, and the invisible spirit of vengeance would have rushed out and knocked my opponent 30 feet backwards.

I thank God for His restraining hand on my shoulder, and for my character. I have held back so many times, so many times, from what I honestly think could have been a lethal blow. Quite literally only a supernatural being could quell my anger.

But that doesn't mean I will never fight. My instinct never forgets what it sees. What it hears. What it reads. It will never ever forget what it feels, and will never lose sight of its aim to draw blood.

Went to the gig at The Third Place. My recording was nullified because I... well I won't say predicted, that isn't the right word... I could hear that the volume was way too loud and the amplitudes were getting in the way of the frequencies so that the whole recording was little more than a rumbling mass (and mess, for that matter) of bass frequencies. The lead guitar barely cut through. Crossbred was really good. Skive was terrible. Caracal was hardcore, I kinda liked the way they played. Ben left first because he was really tired. Anthea his bassist and her friend Justin, which haha was no less than Justin from VSGEP! and me were left. As Caracal was doing I think their last number I had to leave. Tired and noisy sia... Ahaha.

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Skype Reloaded
Friday, July 29, 2005


I am so sorry my dear readers... I seriously was too exhausted to blog anymore over the past few days... As much as I am enjoying my life it is still wearing my energy out.

Tuesday - Hmmm well Monday night I cheong my essay till like 2.30am. Just as I was finishing up dad came in to threaten to shut off the com power switch. Lucky I was finishing... Or else my unsaved work might have gone down the drain. Ryan and I were encouraging each other along the way (somewhat)... Chong Yi talked to me too! I was like what the hell you have school tomorrow! And he said lol project work sianz. Ahaha... all the late night panickers. Ryan was right though. I predicted the late night part correctly, when I said panic he retorted that he wasn't panicking. And come to think of it I was also far too tired to think about panicking. So Tuesday went well...

Wednesday - Came early as usual. Tried to do Econs assignment but I was severely interrupted by the post-TWE test at 11am. Oh well I managed to finish up after that... And they have taken Fairly Odd Parents off or something. It's replaced by some stupid cheesy show in the same vein called FTPD (Fairy Tale Police Department... what the bloody fuck?!). Soon we will all be writing to Mediacorp with Howlers.

Today - English we had a lovely little quiz with the option of working alone or in pairs. So of course Ryan and I teamed up, and we ended up bickering until we barely scrapped the time limit. During the intermission we examined Daphne's phone, as it seemed to have a strange battery connection problem. Turns out it is a firmware problem and she has to pay $80 nett to get it repaired. She just made noise. I would have thrown the damn phone at the unfortunate customer service officer (not his fault, but he's the nearest person to the boss you can hit). Went back in for second half to discuss music's influences on us young kids and teens. Ryan of course was against metal and rock and I was obviously for. I felt so good that I came up with a central point that music does not cause violence but is a catalyst to it. It is only lethal when paired with violent or misunderstood or problem or retarded kids (well maybe not retarded but you never know... subconscious is powerful). Next thing you'll see a retarded kid with a slanted mouth holding a gun going 'Buh! Muuuhhhh... BUUUHH!' Then firing all over the place. Pity we were out of time. There was soooo much to say.

XBox during break we played Dead or Alive 2 for awhile then Halo 2... Got thrashed as usual. Still prefer my mouse. Until of course the damn guard told us to stop.
Kaiyan had to leave halfway during maths because he had some NTUC Income e-Ambassador interview... Big title huh... Originally I would go with him and we would visit PopcornPOP again, but ah don't want lah... Another day. Maths test was as usual. Kaijie and Graham uploaded, then all the others leeched and downloaded. Other than occasionally listening to the revision it was joke session with Hans (A cat was walking along the road and a car drove by and splashed water on it. A chicken opposite saw it and laughed. Moral: Wet pussy = happy cock hurhur -.-") and story gaming with Ryan the cruel brutal storyteller. We now have three players: Kaijie Ben and me. Since I have already met Kaijie, we're probably gonna gang rape Ben later. And no I am not the most evil most sadistic among the four of us.

Back home... Home alone, because parents were at Hwa Chong watching the History Drama play that got into the semifinals of the Singapore History Museum something something... Watched Phantom of the Opera... The stupid Phantom is a total mistake. The Phantom is a genius. This is rightly conveyed my Michael Crawford's (the original Phantom) immensely smooth cultured high tenor voice with a hardened tone to it. This movie Phantom's voice is a rattly rogue bass baritone try to be tenor voice. Gross. But oh well the Christine and the Raoul were good so... (If you have no idea what I am talking about don't worry... You're normal.) Skyped after that. We found a cosy little community of Skypers. I pulled Ben and Ryan into it, then Kaiyan reinstalled yesterday... Daphne has it, Graham has it... That's enough man I won't ever stop talking. Muahaha. Also there is Yahoo Game's online pool, which me and Ryan enjoyed all night, ending off our last game with Ryan pocketing the black ball... and the cueball. WAHAHAHAHA... I am so going to fail my exams. Bleah touchwood~ That'll never ever happen. Ever.

PS - Quiet Time has been terrible. Yesterday night was literally 'Dear God, thank you for the ZzZzZzZzZz...' So damn tired. Sigh.

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Lazerquest II
Monday, July 25, 2005

'So how was your week?'



'I lost my earphones.'

'What happened?'


'Where did you get your earphones from?'

'Apple Centre.'

'Where is this Apple Centre?'

'Funan lor...'

'How much does your earphones cost?'

'Sigh. $68.'

'Mmmmm...... Ok. We shall go there later and get you another pair.'

I was like *stun* no no no no no no don't need...

'No don't worry we'll get it later...'

'No no no I'm already...'

'Never mind...'

'It's $68!!!'

'Never mind...'

'But... but... See I already got a plan to...'

'When someone presents you with a gift, accept it graciously, remember?'

'I... but... ok...'

Brand new earphones weehehe... Thank you God... And this time no one borrows it.

Today. First thing walk into student lounge played two games of pool with myself. This time there was only me to laugh at my own fouls. But I performed rather well today. One of my better days at any rate... Sat with Mano, joined by Guech and later Baoling... Did abit of running notes on Turandot (my music assignment recording) using the 1977 live recording with Caballé, Pavarotti, and Leona Mitchell. Another game of pool with myself then Ben came... then Ryan... we used our last coin on Elimination... Down to Ryan and me with one ball left each... as usual I missed my shot by a bit and Ryan did a spectacular angle shot to end the game.

Lazerquest... only got a miserable 10 points this time... I don't feel like playing anymore... Kaiyan and Kaijie versus Ryan Ben and me... Guess who won. But I did sneak a few times and we did a three-man versus one corner a couple of times. Upon Ryan's request I shall mention that he was the top shooter today. Kaiyan did poorer than usual, although he still managed to whip me with a gun-round-the-corner shot. I hate this game and yet I'm addicted. Sort of. We were actually doing alright until Ryan decided to zip off to ambush them from behind. Two of us got raped, expectedly.

Anyway, after school Kaiyan was going to the Esplanade to watch a concert... So I went with him to that movie memorabilia shop PopcornPOP (I'll link up on the info column soon) and he was fascinated by all the Potter stuff there. He bought an A4 (or slightly larger) teaser poster, seven calendar cards, and an in my opinion ugly black bowl with the Hogwarts crest printed in front. Looks like those little urns you burn joss in. No offence. But well it would make a reasonably good trophy in the room... I saw the squat little Star Wars figures it was sooo cute... But hand painted brought the price up to $60. Oh well.

Kaiyan didn't want to bring the stuff along, because his mom would make noise. As if my mom wouldn't if I came home with a bag full of Potter memorabilia. So anyway I got him to pay for my selections by NETS first and I would return him over two weeks, and I would bring the stuff back. When I was on the train I took a look at the cards. Out of the seven cards he picked, three were of Emma Watson. I snorted very audibly on the train.

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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Well there's that. My Apple earphones look like they're gone for good. Gonna get Enzer stereo headphones for the mo', then in time either another pair of Apple earphones, or another brand of in-ear earphones, or my old Philips model. Glad Challenger has decent earphones on sale now, and they have Apple earphones too, so that solves the problem of going out of the way. Of course for Philips I'll have to go to Courts in TM, which is just about the same distance anyway, not much trouble. Funny though. Ryan told me, 'Pray to God and either forget it, or believe you'll find it. Then let it go.' Same message from Pastor Prince and I neglect to apply it. Thanks Ryan. Ever reliable. So I was thinking about it... I had When you Believe on my lousy (I could curse for a whole paragraph but in the interest of brevity and not making the situation more depressing than it already is I shall dilute it into lousy). Then suddenly it just hit me in the face...

There can be miracles when you believe... Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill.

Right there I just thanked God and committed the earphones to Him, asking that it be there. Well it wasn't. But I feel that it has been released from my heart... True I still think and talk about it, but it is with a detached feeling. It doesn't belong to me anymore, not unless I find it back...

Thursday - Woke up to find that I haven't completed my slide show for the English essay outline presentation. I meant to wake up extra early to do it, but somehow Dad woke me up instead. Completed it in time to get to the class by 8:45 to find that there was no computer there.

So I called the Security Counter and explained the problem, and a technician came up and too one look and disappeared briefly to wheel another one in. Whew I thought it was all ok. So then I plugged up my thumbdrive.

You have insufficient rights to install drivers for your device. Please log out and log in again as an administrator or contact your administrator.

Bish~ So I called the security again and I kept walking in and out to talk to one technician, then another. Finally the technician suggested I gave him my thumbdrive so he would transfer the file to a ZIP disk and I will have no problemo. So I got the ZIP disk happy... Then it started lagging my com. Ryan stood by me while he was answering questions to his presentation, and he mumbled, 'What's up?' I said, 'Dunno' exasperatedly. Then suddenly a pop-up.

Drive E: is not formatted. Would you like to format it now?

I just buried my head in my hands. I wasn't sure whether the dull thud of my head hitting my hands which was resting against the computer table was audible, but Ryan patted me lightly on the back. You have no idea how much condolences can be conveyed in a barely-felt tap. Well anyway José beckoned me over and passed me his laptop. Whooo life-saver, I thought. I connected the VGA slot to the projector and pressed RGB 2.

Blue screen.

Video - Blue screen
S-video -Blue screen
RGB1 - Computer
RGB2 -

Blue screen.

I nearly yelled at the inanimate machines but that would have been utterly pointless anyway. So I decided to present off the screen, and they just won't get to see the actual slide, that's all. So there. At least Mrs James was happy with my thesis, but you have no idea how many people don't know the word 'shirk'.

Me: Companies should always take responsibility for accidents related to them in one way or another, and not shirk it just to avoid the consequences involved.


Me: Shirk, as in... shirk.


Me: No no! Shirk! As in avoid.

Ryan: Dodge...

Me: Yes dodge, thank you...

After that was a series of horrible word-twisting I'd rather not recount.

These two weeks I am feeling the mounting sense of dread I feel when exams are near and I haven't studied. I shall have to start soon.

11:30pm. I am still chatting. Good luck.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Suddenly I cannot experience the stream of memories flow as I attempt to write. I shall try my best.

Monday I came early because I found it unecessary that my parents should know we are not having Music for the next two weeks, and this is a little sufferable consequence. But that devil Leong Kaiyan never fails to be earlier than me. And this was what happened. I was supposed to meet Mano to discuss and write fanfiction (Draco and Hermy like each other... that should suffice for now). But I saw Kaiyan (I have this unnatural urge to type Leongky for some reason...) and thought I'd stop to say hi.

Me: *tap him on the head*
KY: *look up from newspaper* Hi... *look down* *look up* EH FUCK LAH! DUMBLEDORE DIE LEH WHAT THE FUCK!!!!
Me: *mouth drops; teo stun* I know, I read, but why...
Me: I... Don't talk so loud...

And he rambled on not much softer, really, and I set down and tried to dispel his doubts.

Writing the fanfic is harder than thought, because we both think in motion pictures. I usually have no problems translating that into words, but it's not just any-o-how a creation of mine, there are restrictions and parameters to keep within, writing with a pre-set background. Anyway I decided rather than waste time I will write out scenes already worded more or less in my head.

LT 3.10... Managed to play Crayon Shin Chan and we had a laugh (not as funny as the books). After that I decided to play my random videos from my Videos+SouthParkMovie self-burnt CD to rather favourable response. I noticed the small figure of Mrs Lee when the door opened to allow light to flood the dimmed LT. I signalled if she would like to commmence and she graciously allowed another five minutes of Seinfeld and the Soup Nazi.

Tuesday - Finally got the reaction essay assignment back. C. Not that I expect anything better than that seeing how it was completed (I wouldn't relive the traumatising details). I expect to do well for my argumentative now, since I have gained valuable and excellent points from my father and Mrs James.

After English I met Felicia and Jaslyn and we struck up a conversation about writing and fantasy authors. When Tjie Ang came along and bade Felicia hello I continued our conversation, not suspecting anything. I thought I detected a resentful glimmer in his eyes though, when mine briefly (very briefly) connected with his. Mmmmm... Up to the student lounge where what the heck, we ended up watching Fairly Odd Parents on Kids Central and laughing and snorting like a bunch of brats watching Spongebob (I still think Spongebob is good by the way). After that pool as usual... Lunch as usual... Apparently bolognaise is pronounced bor-log-niece and not boh-log-nayh as I expected. Graham was snickering all the way after I said 'Boh-log-nay please', and the woman behind the counter said 'Bor-log-niece is it?' at the top of her bedamned lungs. Maths was spent having a good discussion with Kaiyan about the intricacies of Harry Potter HBP. Shan't say now of course. Probably the next post. He recommended me an MSN Group Harry Potter (UK), as well as Mugglenet.com of course. I expected the folks at HP(UK) to at least have proper English spelling and grammar but my God Kaiyan's English seems so much more British than theirs. I mean if the spelling of horcruxes slipped your mind that's fine. But what the hell do you mean by Dumberdor and Hermonie?!

Today - Came early again... I made an appointment with Kaiyan to go sit at the computers and go through HP(UK) and he wants to read fan fiction... All the theories can set your heart on overdrive, pounding away. It's just so damn interesting! See if you can spot me, if you join. Ben came and joined us in the com room. I didn't mention that he and Kaijie got saved (well apparently Kaijie's is a rededication prayer, Ryan calls it...) and today he told me that he did QT yesterday and although he heard nothing from God he was sort of answered in his dreams. And just suddenly I filled with so much love for my brother in Christ (I am not being holy. Brother in Christ is the right term. Brother just sounds too suggestive anyway). I blurted without thinking, 'Don't expect him to talk to you.' And as I tried to elaborate, I found so many invisible barriers that after awhile I just faded off into silence. I felt quite a let-down that I have not been doing QT for eons, and realised I was in little position to speak of QT and expectations to others.

Up to the Rec Room, the games are back to $1 each and presumably the security guard wrote a pompous little note to say please take care of the tables or it'll be $2 again. Ass. Had a fun game today for once my sensory systems worked together to put up a decent fight to the opponents.


As we were walking up the stairs to cross the overhead bridge Elton suddenly started shouting 'Rocky!! Rocky!! ROCKY!!!' for all he was worth. We all trooped down abit to see Rocky who was wearing brilliant orange, and we all saw poor Monica descending the steps to the bus stop in bright orange... We were all howling with laughter, those people who passed us to get to the overhead bridge itself must have either been thinking hooligans or Woodbridge.

Came home to find my Apple earphones were missing. I was reading Harry Potter all the way, so I didn't bother digging my Zen out, hence I did not notice until Tampines. I relaxed to think it was with Ben because he borrowed it in Econs, but when I got home and asked him online he said he did not have it with him. And there is going to be an evening class in LT 3.10.

Oh well, I shall have faith that God will protect it from dishonest thieves and I shall find it sitting there tomorrow. Amen.

Reading Harry Potter HBP the second time. For the final book (for any major book for that matter) I will never ever let my book near my brother again. I only allowed it because he paid the $10 deposit. And that asshole took it and left it open face down all the time until the book is out of shape. I was bloody angry with him. He is never ever coming near anything of mine starting with the words Harry Potter again. Bitch.

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Post- Half Blood Prince
Sunday, July 17, 2005

9 hours, 22 minutes, 10.49 seconds.

Terrible timing, for such an anticipated book. But well, it was heavy stuff. I'm not giving excuses. You will pardon my airs, but I know myself as a reasonably accomplished reader, and I found myself rewinding more and just absorbing information markedly slower. Oh well. I shall post commentary another time. There are three kinds of people in this world. The Potter fans who feel utterly scandalised at the slightest hint of a spoiler, the Potter fan who will be disappointed I didn't give anything away, and the non-Potter reader who would get a little roused if I gave something away, but couldn't care less either if I didn't.

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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Friday, July 15, 2005

Eight and a half hours more.

I was tempted to ask my parents if I could go to Borders for the midnight party, but I realised that the worst thing that could happen was that I fell asleep while reading my precious book.

Ahh forget it.

Parents took it quite well, except obviously Dad announced that he wouldn't wake me up. Like duh. I wouldn't wake him up to go to the temple either.

So I am waking up at 6 sharp tomorrow and I am going to dash out of the damned house once I am ready.

Ok 'nuff about Harry let's go on to me.

Lazerquest today, it was motherf**king expensive. Ryan paid for me first, $10.50 for 30 minutes! Lucky the guy gave an extra ten minutes free. I already got my money ready to return him. Thanks Ryan. Always there to cover for me.

Big mistake.

Forty minutes was waaaaaay too long for one continous game. I did well in the first fifteen or so minutes, darting around as though I was properly fit, and whooping the other three's asses. But I realised that my breath was seizing up, and went down to the basement to chill. And the second or third time I went down to the basement I think I braked too hard and I pulled my middle calf muscle. AGAIN! I got Ryan to cover me for awhile while I recovered. For five minutes I actually sat down there shooting at the slightest sign of movement. So as we got to the 25th or 30th minute onwards, we (Ryan Hans Elton me) got raped by the other team (Kaiyan Kaijie Ben). One marksman (ok lah he more or less lives up to his name), one lao jiao, one Jedi Master... What the hell do you expect? Next time we will play 20 minutes and take 10, and another 20 minutes. Maybe we won't end up with a quarter the score of the other three idiots then.

On the way back... geuh! There was this little kid kicking a bottle across the pedestrian crossing... I mean hey... He probably dropped it or something right... And our smart friend Elton was muttering, 'Kan ni na ch** ba*...' Then suddenly, 'PICK IT UP LAH!'

There was less than half a second of shocked silence before Hans exploded and the rest of us were just howling. I felt bad because to the mother, we looked like no more than stupid hooligans who skipped school. Unfortunately Elton never noticed the mom until Hans told him while choking on his laughter. Dickhead.

Late for Econs... but today was interesting because it was Oligopoly!!! Ok but I seriously have to start revising Econs. My other market structures totally suck.

8 more hours.

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Why Am I Here?
Thursday, July 14, 2005

I know why people ask that now. Why am I here?

People ask that when the people whom they treat as friends use them like a rag doll.

People ask that when the people whom they treat as friends take them for granted, and do anything they want to them. Take their stuff, use them as a punching bag, call them names.

People ask that when the very person they treat as their good friend vends their anger, anger born out of plain spoilt-brat self-centredness, on them conveniently.

It's all very fun isn't it? Telling people to fuck off when they can't even be bothered to look in your direction?

When I left Victoria School and entered SIM I hoped to start a new life. Where I am neither marred by my past actions, nor judged by what you hear from others. I hoped people would see beyond my exterior and not take shameless advantage of my character just because I wouldn't slap someone if he called me a useless overweight loser. Apparently that is quite amusing.

Thank God I have one who can see beyond my clown's smile, one who sees and accepts me for who I am, and two whom I know will stand by me. You know yourself. And thank you. Thank you very much.

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My First Proper Testimonial
Monday, July 11, 2005

Before we go into that just brief highlights of what we did yesterday.

Went to church... was a good service. How I know? You know that when you don't fall asleep. Morning crowd is an excuse.
Lunch at food court then went to Millenia Shopping Mall. My God the first thing I saw was Candy Empire.

It was Willy Wonka coming to reality! Rows and columns of sweets and chocolates taller than me (2m +). Sandra-jie bought 200 grams of Pick 'n' Mix and that cost a whooping $5-$6. Somemore Renjie wanted the ultra long beef jerky, and you know jerky is another ass-whooper (at least for those who eat and know). $5+. Got my own dark chocolate bar at $1.80 I must say it's not bad very rich albeit a little sour aftertaste to it. 55% cocoa mass, not bad for $1.80 lah. Real kicking dark chocolate has ±70% cocoa mass. And up there there is no such thing as sugar sweet anymore. Acquired taste lah, to be frank. Walked around Millenia... unless you have money it's a splendid place! For window shopping. Mechanical watches operating with the intricate gears swinging right before your very eyes! Try this site to have a look. There was this mini-race track with RC cars, those that operate on electricity on its tracks with a contact brushing it below. There was this button in front of me that showed 'pit stop'. I pressed it, and although nothing happened the guy-in-charge immediately said, 'Eh please don't touch anything hor please hor please hor!'

Why you balding little motherfucker don't touch then you put the thing there for what!!!!! Whoooo... whooo... ok ok. No swearing. Nice guy. Hao Ren. Guai kia... Ok ok ok ok ok ok....... Whoooooo... Gee.

Went up to Kawai Piano (I think that was the name) but they were selling all sorts of brands there. Didn't even bother with the upright pianos with all the mini-grands sitting around. Already you can hear the difference. It was almost unearthly and moving... Especially in the particularly depressing way I played it. The guy was rather nice too. I would have been able to try an actual Steinway concert grand, but it was sold so it was unethical for anyone else to touch it after the money had changed hands. $250 000 ok? Get that in your head. Quarter of a million. Some people have the money and the space for a full concert grand. If I ever get to his house...... Was eyeing the $99 classical guitar (coupled with 20% from Great Singapore Sale!!!) but then Sandra-jie said she'll give me her pluggable classical if I was a good boy and did well, so what can I say? Might go back to get the bust of a composer though, there was Chopin, Mozart, Beethovan, Tchaikovsky... more.

On the way back Renjie and me pondered over lovely little crosses of various designs and sizes in Perlini's Silver in Tampines Mall. Range from $8-$12 so it's really quite affordable, and it's 925 Silver (92.5% pure silver and copper the rest of the way to strengthen it). I got a lovely gothic-looking one, and a black-stringed handphone accessory link to match it from somewhere else. The previous white one was too long and getting grey.

Brief summary my ass.

Hans asked me to write a testimonial for him. Not that he is lacking them, he's full of it! (in the other sense too hahaha!) So ok I wrote one which I knew sounded gay, and he confirmed it with me today and in the return-testimonial haha. His testimonial was great, suaning as usual but well, better a mocking endorsement than none hahaha. Thanks Hans.

And in other news I actually won Hans two times in pool today! And on Table 24 you know (his lucky table, for outsiders). Now the second one I was lucky and really not much to boast because either out of carelessness or unluckiness he pocketed the black ball before its time. The first one I still think I won it fair and square. I nearly beat Ben, if not for a foul that opened his opportunity to clear table (if I remember correctly). Dammit man his balls fell into a pentagram shape! And Hans was like, 'Renhao you mess with a pentagram you die.' Sure enough. I broke one of the points of the pentagram and then I just stoned on my chair while Ben pocketed the rest of the balls beautifully. Not to be sour, but in all fairness they were all lined at the sides, so it was pretty easy to fire them straight in. Oh well.

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Russell Peters
Sunday, July 10, 2005

It's only 9 minutes into stand up comedy by Russell Peters and already I am laughing my ass off. This guy is good I tell you. But as far as I know it is only illegally obtainable as a TV-Rip on P2P networks. If you want to check it out make sure it is a complete recording, lasting about 45 minutes. Cheers.

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Soup Restaurant
Saturday, July 09, 2005

Went to the Soup Restaurant yesterday for a lovely dinner with family. It's really good, the soup is solid, and the famed Samsui Ginger Chicken is fantastic. Go try it sometime.

After that as we walked past OSIM I casually suggested that my mom clarify stuff about the iEcologi that she isn't clear about. And there was this pen on sale, the iPen, that was a sleek stylish ballpen and a face massager combined. $29.90. Abit ex, of course, but I'll get it. Soon. At least before the offer ends and it goes back to $68, and I wouldn't even go near it. There was the Warm Air Turbo which was good really, and also gives out anions to clear pollution and blah, which normally gives our cations. I shamelessly used it on my tummy haha. I seriously think it can help me lose some fats. After that the rest ended up trying the iSqueez, and I trying the massage chairs. The iSymphonic was simply brilliant, but my fats were wobbling like terrified Jell-o, so I stopped it after awhile. Bah it took me like forever to find out there was a custom massage inside the remote, I had to open up the front cover. Stupid stupid... When I set that to my liking it was much more comfortable, because you didn't have gigantic rollers running down your spine, which is not funny when you're someone my weight. Yes, I concentrated on the upper shoulders, and after that I felt much better. The iDesire would have been fantastic, I think, if I had found the custom controls earlier. Even the programmed massage was good. Then mom and dad also tried the iTango, which is the same old electromagnetic pulse thing, only this is compact enough to squeeze in a radio. Ahhh so, got back and sat in front of the computer and chatted until mom scolded me hahaha. Splendid life isn't it?

Today shall be some furtive Quidditch before lunch, and study after. I have to take it upon myself to catch up on Maths and Econs, which I did reasonably well for the first test of the week, and and atrociously terrible for the second. I mean, come on, I was falling asleep! Of all things I fall asleep during tests?! But then everyone left the room stunned after that, so... Even Kaijie said 'I'll fail, I'll fail this test.' and sounded genuinely miserable. You know... these bullseye scorers... Always say cannot make it I will die it was freaking hard blah blah then come out 19/20, 21/20... Basket. (",) Oh well, the most we use our first test lor, our group I think did quite well this time for first test.

Mmm this time next week will be super exciting, because Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is coming out, and I've got my reservation and my money ready! 16th July, 7:01am. By this time I will be 1/3 through the book muahaha.


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The Modern Christian
Thursday, July 07, 2005

It's not easy. I'll tell you. Almost anyone will tell you. If anyone says it's a total bed of roses he is probably a faux-Christian.

Sure we get our rewards for following the Path of life. We are greatly blessed. Highly favoured. Deeply loved. But no one ever, ever said it would be easy.

Then again, when has it ever been?

Paul, the very murderer of Christians, formerly known as Saul, was persecuted several times because of his faith in the Lord.

We are blessed that most of us now, at least in Singapore, do not face criminal persecution for our faith. Our persecution, so to speak, comes in much smaller trials. And even that I cannot take.

But the Lord is my ally, and a powerful ally He is. He sent the one obvious person to make me see, in broad daylight, my faults. He hardened my heart that I returned the attacks of my persecutors twofold (I think), that I may judge myself unworthy of His grace, and yearn for His shalom peace.

I love you, Daddy. Only this time, it can't be more than you'll ever know. :-)

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London 2012
Wednesday, July 06, 2005

First off heartiest congratulations to our Londoner friends for having won the bid. Remember to email your Parisian friends and tell them 'Good game mon ami!'

I am sooo mean.

Singapore did a rather good job for this meet, but we were immediately disgraced when the three singers sang the Olympic anthem. Can you just imagine what the French must be thinking?!

C'est orribil... Evien moi can zing bietter zan dat!

Or, oh God, Placido Domingo, watching the live telecast from wherever the hell he is (Vienna I think, recording Parsifal).

Ninguna esperanza, usted perdedores inútiles, ninguna esperanza.
No hope, you useless losers, no hope.

Either the soprano (as usual) was too loud, or the other two's (baritone and mezzo-soprano) support cannot make it. All I could hear was the soprano's voice and a tinge of mezzo and almost no baritone at all! ARE YOU A FREAKING MAN OR NOT?!?!?! And the diction, OH MY GOD! You can just picture me with tears running down my face as I stare at the telly screen helplessly. All I could hear was dueh ya wah ha la a a ya... throughout the entire song! And you thought Joan Sutherland was horrid. Geuh! *shudder*

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Foule Spectaculare
Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Before we start I'll just put in a confirmation that Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup owns... everything else on my computer. Just completed necessary training today for my first match against Raveclaw and I totally owned their blue asses with 230-10. And that was because I could not catch up in time to snatch the ball away from whatever the hell his name was. Greatest thrill of course was catching the Snitch. Harry could have an extra boost, so I lined him up and blasted him all the way and just picked the Snitch off the air. Neat.

OK, so we were in the Rec Room (again), me and Kaiyan versus Hans and Elton. Not me, they wanted O-ya-peh-ya-som and well, it always turn out to be the best versus the utter worst. And what's more I started off with a very good chance with a solid, but I knocked the other ball sitting right behind my bridging hand accidentally. Sheesh.

So then after that I was on fire, with some shots that surprised myself, and then I ended up having to do an angle shot. Now I was confident because it was a straightforward angle, and there weren't any balls I could see that would foul me, even though my last ball was surrounded by three of their stupid stripes. So angle, ready, fire! And wow! The cueball bounced off the wall cleanly, and ran straight into the centre pocket behind it!


I just collapsed on the floor laughing, and man you should have seen Hans. Hans was like totally hysterical and shrieking with laughter. And the game paused for like 40 seconds before resuming with me still giggling. So we came to the black ball (although it was substituted with another cueball because Kaiyan pulled the stop too fast, causing the black ball of all things to get stuck in the holding rack). It was probably a slicing shot, so I whacked and the 'black' just ricocheted off to what I thought was nowhere. But then it bounced back from the cushion and rolled a full diagonal length to drop neatly into the side hole.

Score, baby. Score.

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Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup
Sunday, July 03, 2005

Looks set to be a good game that will keep me occupied for sometime. If Battlefield 1942 works, I don't have to bother about my graphics card, and I can save up for a decent one. And this also teaches us all a lesson. Don't talk big before actually trying it out. Right Ben? ;D

Dad and I went to Plaza Singapura while my aunt, mom, first aunt and pesky brother went to see the tenants. Dad insisted on Carrefour while I was adamant on Yamaha.

Dad: You're also not going to buy anything there. Don't waste your time lah.
Me: What, are you going to get something from Carrefour?
Dad: Yes!... Don't talk to me like that, make me fed up......

Look who's talking. So we went our separate ways in the end, which naturally prove to be a better time for me. Went to all the quirky shops and even the Bose Sound Systems showroom. I was tempted to buy a Detective Conan bookmark, it was only fifty cents. But I resisted. Ommmmmm...

Got to Yamaha... Was going on a whim that there might be conductor batons there since it was such a big showroom. And turns out there was! So I got myself a lovely.......

Ya right.

Conductor batons
Fresh from Germany

Next please.

All the pianos I tried, even the softer-touch ones, were not sensitive enough for me to tap my scales. But I played full force on the silent piano, and hey, if you have $8000 to spare, my birthday is on the 28th of August.

No really, it's good. Beautiful reproduction of the piano timbre. Pity the grand piano room was closed. And the present batch of Clavinovas totally kick ass. It's simply elegant. 28th August people. And don't get me the Japanese version...

After that went over to the guitar side and saw some brilliant colours (including a royal bright blue 5-string bass) and some sleek electrics too. Of course just hanging on the other side are the worst designs I have ever seen. If you can't copy Warlocks and Ironbirds properly please please don't bother trying.

After the others were done we went to Paradiz Centre, to Juju's Hokkaido Hot Pot, just next to the famous Tao's Fusion. Good.

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Graphics Card and Podcast (reprise)
Friday, July 01, 2005

Oh my grrraphics CAAAARRRDDDD!

That's the meaning of reprise. Orchestra blasting, the timpani player is like rolling the drum for his life, and the two leads one male one female end on a loud high note.

Or can be the other way round of course. Soft high note and the orchestra playing softly, gently, dying away as the heroine slumps on the floor or something.

There's a reason why they call soap operas soap operas. It's all a huge stress on melodrama.

Zhen Zhi has recommended that I get a good graphics card once and for all. Because if I get the 9200, sooner or later I would have to change it to fit the new games' compatibilities. If, however, I could somehow get something like an ATI Radeon 4, I won't have to worry about that problem for like about 6 or 7 years maybe? I hope so. He estimates the card to be $300+. I can seriously jump down man.
On the other hand I have so far had only two games namely Age of Empires II and Jedi Knight II, which of course I have bitched about to you my lovely Renatics. And so the backward games obviously don't require the latest graphics card, so I might get the 9200 as a temp option, then at least I can concentrate on my other priorities before having to think about a new card for a long enough period of time. I'll just have to check the game requirements very carefully if I want to get new ones. In this spirit I can just totally forget about Battlefield 2. But Kaiyan said he would lend me the Quidditch World Cup which I think I would enjoy alot, and of course Ryan will lend me Battlefield 1942. Eventually.

Reminds me... I tried the JK2 multiplayer on Mano's laptop (a sleek Vaio that would make anyone in a right state of mind salivate) and it worked! Confirms it. Arggrrr... And of course Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone totally kicks ass. I! Just! Love it I love it I love it I love it... But that one can also forget it, because it's a DVD-ROM game. Merdé. never mind, I can play on Mano's.

Pool in the Rec Room was hilarious today. Rocky was aiming the purple ball at the other table with an angle shot and I leaned beside him and said clearly, but not shouting, 'Ngian-tok!'. And when he fired the purple ball did a splendid pinball thing before bouncing out of the hole it had been literally floating above two seconds before. And Rocky snapped up and came after my manhood hahaha. On the other table Hans put his face where Ben wanted to land his target and did a retarded face to make Ben laugh. The things he resorted to was so funny I learnt the meaning of 'peng' today (laugh until stomach pain). As for me I just enunciated clearly 'Jillian Claire Lim' and Ben missed his shot by a mile. But not before he said 'Fuck you'. What's new, Ben, what's new?

Podcasting, oh man I love my morning hosts. But ficking crap I have to do another mp3 by importing the data to Audacity and then saving it as a seperate mp3 file. The originals can't play in my Zen for some reason. Sheesh. And you know what? I see a podcast coming our way.

Podcasting with a Singaporean touch.

Mmmm I love that but I can't think of a title. Also I want to host it with somebody, not just alone. That's only if I can't find a partner and I'm still really desperate to host a podcast. Anyone up for it?

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