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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Well there's that. My Apple earphones look like they're gone for good. Gonna get Enzer stereo headphones for the mo', then in time either another pair of Apple earphones, or another brand of in-ear earphones, or my old Philips model. Glad Challenger has decent earphones on sale now, and they have Apple earphones too, so that solves the problem of going out of the way. Of course for Philips I'll have to go to Courts in TM, which is just about the same distance anyway, not much trouble. Funny though. Ryan told me, 'Pray to God and either forget it, or believe you'll find it. Then let it go.' Same message from Pastor Prince and I neglect to apply it. Thanks Ryan. Ever reliable. So I was thinking about it... I had When you Believe on my lousy (I could curse for a whole paragraph but in the interest of brevity and not making the situation more depressing than it already is I shall dilute it into lousy). Then suddenly it just hit me in the face...

There can be miracles when you believe... Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill.

Right there I just thanked God and committed the earphones to Him, asking that it be there. Well it wasn't. But I feel that it has been released from my heart... True I still think and talk about it, but it is with a detached feeling. It doesn't belong to me anymore, not unless I find it back...

Thursday - Woke up to find that I haven't completed my slide show for the English essay outline presentation. I meant to wake up extra early to do it, but somehow Dad woke me up instead. Completed it in time to get to the class by 8:45 to find that there was no computer there.

So I called the Security Counter and explained the problem, and a technician came up and too one look and disappeared briefly to wheel another one in. Whew I thought it was all ok. So then I plugged up my thumbdrive.

You have insufficient rights to install drivers for your device. Please log out and log in again as an administrator or contact your administrator.

Bish~ So I called the security again and I kept walking in and out to talk to one technician, then another. Finally the technician suggested I gave him my thumbdrive so he would transfer the file to a ZIP disk and I will have no problemo. So I got the ZIP disk happy... Then it started lagging my com. Ryan stood by me while he was answering questions to his presentation, and he mumbled, 'What's up?' I said, 'Dunno' exasperatedly. Then suddenly a pop-up.

Drive E: is not formatted. Would you like to format it now?

I just buried my head in my hands. I wasn't sure whether the dull thud of my head hitting my hands which was resting against the computer table was audible, but Ryan patted me lightly on the back. You have no idea how much condolences can be conveyed in a barely-felt tap. Well anyway José beckoned me over and passed me his laptop. Whooo life-saver, I thought. I connected the VGA slot to the projector and pressed RGB 2.

Blue screen.

Video - Blue screen
S-video -Blue screen
RGB1 - Computer
RGB2 -

Blue screen.

I nearly yelled at the inanimate machines but that would have been utterly pointless anyway. So I decided to present off the screen, and they just won't get to see the actual slide, that's all. So there. At least Mrs James was happy with my thesis, but you have no idea how many people don't know the word 'shirk'.

Me: Companies should always take responsibility for accidents related to them in one way or another, and not shirk it just to avoid the consequences involved.


Me: Shirk, as in... shirk.


Me: No no! Shirk! As in avoid.

Ryan: Dodge...

Me: Yes dodge, thank you...

After that was a series of horrible word-twisting I'd rather not recount.

These two weeks I am feeling the mounting sense of dread I feel when exams are near and I haven't studied. I shall have to start soon.

11:30pm. I am still chatting. Good luck.

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