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Graphics Card and Podcast (reprise)
Friday, July 01, 2005

Oh my grrraphics CAAAARRRDDDD!

That's the meaning of reprise. Orchestra blasting, the timpani player is like rolling the drum for his life, and the two leads one male one female end on a loud high note.

Or can be the other way round of course. Soft high note and the orchestra playing softly, gently, dying away as the heroine slumps on the floor or something.

There's a reason why they call soap operas soap operas. It's all a huge stress on melodrama.

Zhen Zhi has recommended that I get a good graphics card once and for all. Because if I get the 9200, sooner or later I would have to change it to fit the new games' compatibilities. If, however, I could somehow get something like an ATI Radeon 4, I won't have to worry about that problem for like about 6 or 7 years maybe? I hope so. He estimates the card to be $300+. I can seriously jump down man.
On the other hand I have so far had only two games namely Age of Empires II and Jedi Knight II, which of course I have bitched about to you my lovely Renatics. And so the backward games obviously don't require the latest graphics card, so I might get the 9200 as a temp option, then at least I can concentrate on my other priorities before having to think about a new card for a long enough period of time. I'll just have to check the game requirements very carefully if I want to get new ones. In this spirit I can just totally forget about Battlefield 2. But Kaiyan said he would lend me the Quidditch World Cup which I think I would enjoy alot, and of course Ryan will lend me Battlefield 1942. Eventually.

Reminds me... I tried the JK2 multiplayer on Mano's laptop (a sleek Vaio that would make anyone in a right state of mind salivate) and it worked! Confirms it. Arggrrr... And of course Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone totally kicks ass. I! Just! Love it I love it I love it I love it... But that one can also forget it, because it's a DVD-ROM game. Merdé. never mind, I can play on Mano's.

Pool in the Rec Room was hilarious today. Rocky was aiming the purple ball at the other table with an angle shot and I leaned beside him and said clearly, but not shouting, 'Ngian-tok!'. And when he fired the purple ball did a splendid pinball thing before bouncing out of the hole it had been literally floating above two seconds before. And Rocky snapped up and came after my manhood hahaha. On the other table Hans put his face where Ben wanted to land his target and did a retarded face to make Ben laugh. The things he resorted to was so funny I learnt the meaning of 'peng' today (laugh until stomach pain). As for me I just enunciated clearly 'Jillian Claire Lim' and Ben missed his shot by a mile. But not before he said 'Fuck you'. What's new, Ben, what's new?

Podcasting, oh man I love my morning hosts. But ficking crap I have to do another mp3 by importing the data to Audacity and then saving it as a seperate mp3 file. The originals can't play in my Zen for some reason. Sheesh. And you know what? I see a podcast coming our way.

Podcasting with a Singaporean touch.

Mmmm I love that but I can't think of a title. Also I want to host it with somebody, not just alone. That's only if I can't find a partner and I'm still really desperate to host a podcast. Anyone up for it?

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