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Lazerquest II
Monday, July 25, 2005

'So how was your week?'



'I lost my earphones.'

'What happened?'


'Where did you get your earphones from?'

'Apple Centre.'

'Where is this Apple Centre?'

'Funan lor...'

'How much does your earphones cost?'

'Sigh. $68.'

'Mmmmm...... Ok. We shall go there later and get you another pair.'

I was like *stun* no no no no no no don't need...

'No don't worry we'll get it later...'

'No no no I'm already...'

'Never mind...'

'It's $68!!!'

'Never mind...'

'But... but... See I already got a plan to...'

'When someone presents you with a gift, accept it graciously, remember?'

'I... but... ok...'

Brand new earphones weehehe... Thank you God... And this time no one borrows it.

Today. First thing walk into student lounge played two games of pool with myself. This time there was only me to laugh at my own fouls. But I performed rather well today. One of my better days at any rate... Sat with Mano, joined by Guech and later Baoling... Did abit of running notes on Turandot (my music assignment recording) using the 1977 live recording with Caballé, Pavarotti, and Leona Mitchell. Another game of pool with myself then Ben came... then Ryan... we used our last coin on Elimination... Down to Ryan and me with one ball left each... as usual I missed my shot by a bit and Ryan did a spectacular angle shot to end the game.

Lazerquest... only got a miserable 10 points this time... I don't feel like playing anymore... Kaiyan and Kaijie versus Ryan Ben and me... Guess who won. But I did sneak a few times and we did a three-man versus one corner a couple of times. Upon Ryan's request I shall mention that he was the top shooter today. Kaiyan did poorer than usual, although he still managed to whip me with a gun-round-the-corner shot. I hate this game and yet I'm addicted. Sort of. We were actually doing alright until Ryan decided to zip off to ambush them from behind. Two of us got raped, expectedly.

Anyway, after school Kaiyan was going to the Esplanade to watch a concert... So I went with him to that movie memorabilia shop PopcornPOP (I'll link up on the info column soon) and he was fascinated by all the Potter stuff there. He bought an A4 (or slightly larger) teaser poster, seven calendar cards, and an in my opinion ugly black bowl with the Hogwarts crest printed in front. Looks like those little urns you burn joss in. No offence. But well it would make a reasonably good trophy in the room... I saw the squat little Star Wars figures it was sooo cute... But hand painted brought the price up to $60. Oh well.

Kaiyan didn't want to bring the stuff along, because his mom would make noise. As if my mom wouldn't if I came home with a bag full of Potter memorabilia. So anyway I got him to pay for my selections by NETS first and I would return him over two weeks, and I would bring the stuff back. When I was on the train I took a look at the cards. Out of the seven cards he picked, three were of Emma Watson. I snorted very audibly on the train.

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