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My First Proper Testimonial
Monday, July 11, 2005

Before we go into that just brief highlights of what we did yesterday.

Went to church... was a good service. How I know? You know that when you don't fall asleep. Morning crowd is an excuse.
Lunch at food court then went to Millenia Shopping Mall. My God the first thing I saw was Candy Empire.

It was Willy Wonka coming to reality! Rows and columns of sweets and chocolates taller than me (2m +). Sandra-jie bought 200 grams of Pick 'n' Mix and that cost a whooping $5-$6. Somemore Renjie wanted the ultra long beef jerky, and you know jerky is another ass-whooper (at least for those who eat and know). $5+. Got my own dark chocolate bar at $1.80 I must say it's not bad very rich albeit a little sour aftertaste to it. 55% cocoa mass, not bad for $1.80 lah. Real kicking dark chocolate has ±70% cocoa mass. And up there there is no such thing as sugar sweet anymore. Acquired taste lah, to be frank. Walked around Millenia... unless you have money it's a splendid place! For window shopping. Mechanical watches operating with the intricate gears swinging right before your very eyes! Try this site to have a look. There was this mini-race track with RC cars, those that operate on electricity on its tracks with a contact brushing it below. There was this button in front of me that showed 'pit stop'. I pressed it, and although nothing happened the guy-in-charge immediately said, 'Eh please don't touch anything hor please hor please hor!'

Why you balding little motherfucker don't touch then you put the thing there for what!!!!! Whoooo... whooo... ok ok. No swearing. Nice guy. Hao Ren. Guai kia... Ok ok ok ok ok ok....... Whoooooo... Gee.

Went up to Kawai Piano (I think that was the name) but they were selling all sorts of brands there. Didn't even bother with the upright pianos with all the mini-grands sitting around. Already you can hear the difference. It was almost unearthly and moving... Especially in the particularly depressing way I played it. The guy was rather nice too. I would have been able to try an actual Steinway concert grand, but it was sold so it was unethical for anyone else to touch it after the money had changed hands. $250 000 ok? Get that in your head. Quarter of a million. Some people have the money and the space for a full concert grand. If I ever get to his house...... Was eyeing the $99 classical guitar (coupled with 20% from Great Singapore Sale!!!) but then Sandra-jie said she'll give me her pluggable classical if I was a good boy and did well, so what can I say? Might go back to get the bust of a composer though, there was Chopin, Mozart, Beethovan, Tchaikovsky... more.

On the way back Renjie and me pondered over lovely little crosses of various designs and sizes in Perlini's Silver in Tampines Mall. Range from $8-$12 so it's really quite affordable, and it's 925 Silver (92.5% pure silver and copper the rest of the way to strengthen it). I got a lovely gothic-looking one, and a black-stringed handphone accessory link to match it from somewhere else. The previous white one was too long and getting grey.

Brief summary my ass.

Hans asked me to write a testimonial for him. Not that he is lacking them, he's full of it! (in the other sense too hahaha!) So ok I wrote one which I knew sounded gay, and he confirmed it with me today and in the return-testimonial haha. His testimonial was great, suaning as usual but well, better a mocking endorsement than none hahaha. Thanks Hans.

And in other news I actually won Hans two times in pool today! And on Table 24 you know (his lucky table, for outsiders). Now the second one I was lucky and really not much to boast because either out of carelessness or unluckiness he pocketed the black ball before its time. The first one I still think I won it fair and square. I nearly beat Ben, if not for a foul that opened his opportunity to clear table (if I remember correctly). Dammit man his balls fell into a pentagram shape! And Hans was like, 'Renhao you mess with a pentagram you die.' Sure enough. I broke one of the points of the pentagram and then I just stoned on my chair while Ben pocketed the rest of the balls beautifully. Not to be sour, but in all fairness they were all lined at the sides, so it was pretty easy to fire them straight in. Oh well.

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