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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Suddenly I cannot experience the stream of memories flow as I attempt to write. I shall try my best.

Monday I came early because I found it unecessary that my parents should know we are not having Music for the next two weeks, and this is a little sufferable consequence. But that devil Leong Kaiyan never fails to be earlier than me. And this was what happened. I was supposed to meet Mano to discuss and write fanfiction (Draco and Hermy like each other... that should suffice for now). But I saw Kaiyan (I have this unnatural urge to type Leongky for some reason...) and thought I'd stop to say hi.

Me: *tap him on the head*
KY: *look up from newspaper* Hi... *look down* *look up* EH FUCK LAH! DUMBLEDORE DIE LEH WHAT THE FUCK!!!!
Me: *mouth drops; teo stun* I know, I read, but why...
Me: I... Don't talk so loud...

And he rambled on not much softer, really, and I set down and tried to dispel his doubts.

Writing the fanfic is harder than thought, because we both think in motion pictures. I usually have no problems translating that into words, but it's not just any-o-how a creation of mine, there are restrictions and parameters to keep within, writing with a pre-set background. Anyway I decided rather than waste time I will write out scenes already worded more or less in my head.

LT 3.10... Managed to play Crayon Shin Chan and we had a laugh (not as funny as the books). After that I decided to play my random videos from my Videos+SouthParkMovie self-burnt CD to rather favourable response. I noticed the small figure of Mrs Lee when the door opened to allow light to flood the dimmed LT. I signalled if she would like to commmence and she graciously allowed another five minutes of Seinfeld and the Soup Nazi.

Tuesday - Finally got the reaction essay assignment back. C. Not that I expect anything better than that seeing how it was completed (I wouldn't relive the traumatising details). I expect to do well for my argumentative now, since I have gained valuable and excellent points from my father and Mrs James.

After English I met Felicia and Jaslyn and we struck up a conversation about writing and fantasy authors. When Tjie Ang came along and bade Felicia hello I continued our conversation, not suspecting anything. I thought I detected a resentful glimmer in his eyes though, when mine briefly (very briefly) connected with his. Mmmmm... Up to the student lounge where what the heck, we ended up watching Fairly Odd Parents on Kids Central and laughing and snorting like a bunch of brats watching Spongebob (I still think Spongebob is good by the way). After that pool as usual... Lunch as usual... Apparently bolognaise is pronounced bor-log-niece and not boh-log-nayh as I expected. Graham was snickering all the way after I said 'Boh-log-nay please', and the woman behind the counter said 'Bor-log-niece is it?' at the top of her bedamned lungs. Maths was spent having a good discussion with Kaiyan about the intricacies of Harry Potter HBP. Shan't say now of course. Probably the next post. He recommended me an MSN Group Harry Potter (UK), as well as Mugglenet.com of course. I expected the folks at HP(UK) to at least have proper English spelling and grammar but my God Kaiyan's English seems so much more British than theirs. I mean if the spelling of horcruxes slipped your mind that's fine. But what the hell do you mean by Dumberdor and Hermonie?!

Today - Came early again... I made an appointment with Kaiyan to go sit at the computers and go through HP(UK) and he wants to read fan fiction... All the theories can set your heart on overdrive, pounding away. It's just so damn interesting! See if you can spot me, if you join. Ben came and joined us in the com room. I didn't mention that he and Kaijie got saved (well apparently Kaijie's is a rededication prayer, Ryan calls it...) and today he told me that he did QT yesterday and although he heard nothing from God he was sort of answered in his dreams. And just suddenly I filled with so much love for my brother in Christ (I am not being holy. Brother in Christ is the right term. Brother just sounds too suggestive anyway). I blurted without thinking, 'Don't expect him to talk to you.' And as I tried to elaborate, I found so many invisible barriers that after awhile I just faded off into silence. I felt quite a let-down that I have not been doing QT for eons, and realised I was in little position to speak of QT and expectations to others.

Up to the Rec Room, the games are back to $1 each and presumably the security guard wrote a pompous little note to say please take care of the tables or it'll be $2 again. Ass. Had a fun game today for once my sensory systems worked together to put up a decent fight to the opponents.


As we were walking up the stairs to cross the overhead bridge Elton suddenly started shouting 'Rocky!! Rocky!! ROCKY!!!' for all he was worth. We all trooped down abit to see Rocky who was wearing brilliant orange, and we all saw poor Monica descending the steps to the bus stop in bright orange... We were all howling with laughter, those people who passed us to get to the overhead bridge itself must have either been thinking hooligans or Woodbridge.

Came home to find my Apple earphones were missing. I was reading Harry Potter all the way, so I didn't bother digging my Zen out, hence I did not notice until Tampines. I relaxed to think it was with Ben because he borrowed it in Econs, but when I got home and asked him online he said he did not have it with him. And there is going to be an evening class in LT 3.10.

Oh well, I shall have faith that God will protect it from dishonest thieves and I shall find it sitting there tomorrow. Amen.

Reading Harry Potter HBP the second time. For the final book (for any major book for that matter) I will never ever let my book near my brother again. I only allowed it because he paid the $10 deposit. And that asshole took it and left it open face down all the time until the book is out of shape. I was bloody angry with him. He is never ever coming near anything of mine starting with the words Harry Potter again. Bitch.

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