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Friday, July 29, 2005


I am so sorry my dear readers... I seriously was too exhausted to blog anymore over the past few days... As much as I am enjoying my life it is still wearing my energy out.

Tuesday - Hmmm well Monday night I cheong my essay till like 2.30am. Just as I was finishing up dad came in to threaten to shut off the com power switch. Lucky I was finishing... Or else my unsaved work might have gone down the drain. Ryan and I were encouraging each other along the way (somewhat)... Chong Yi talked to me too! I was like what the hell you have school tomorrow! And he said lol project work sianz. Ahaha... all the late night panickers. Ryan was right though. I predicted the late night part correctly, when I said panic he retorted that he wasn't panicking. And come to think of it I was also far too tired to think about panicking. So Tuesday went well...

Wednesday - Came early as usual. Tried to do Econs assignment but I was severely interrupted by the post-TWE test at 11am. Oh well I managed to finish up after that... And they have taken Fairly Odd Parents off or something. It's replaced by some stupid cheesy show in the same vein called FTPD (Fairy Tale Police Department... what the bloody fuck?!). Soon we will all be writing to Mediacorp with Howlers.

Today - English we had a lovely little quiz with the option of working alone or in pairs. So of course Ryan and I teamed up, and we ended up bickering until we barely scrapped the time limit. During the intermission we examined Daphne's phone, as it seemed to have a strange battery connection problem. Turns out it is a firmware problem and she has to pay $80 nett to get it repaired. She just made noise. I would have thrown the damn phone at the unfortunate customer service officer (not his fault, but he's the nearest person to the boss you can hit). Went back in for second half to discuss music's influences on us young kids and teens. Ryan of course was against metal and rock and I was obviously for. I felt so good that I came up with a central point that music does not cause violence but is a catalyst to it. It is only lethal when paired with violent or misunderstood or problem or retarded kids (well maybe not retarded but you never know... subconscious is powerful). Next thing you'll see a retarded kid with a slanted mouth holding a gun going 'Buh! Muuuhhhh... BUUUHH!' Then firing all over the place. Pity we were out of time. There was soooo much to say.

XBox during break we played Dead or Alive 2 for awhile then Halo 2... Got thrashed as usual. Still prefer my mouse. Until of course the damn guard told us to stop.
Kaiyan had to leave halfway during maths because he had some NTUC Income e-Ambassador interview... Big title huh... Originally I would go with him and we would visit PopcornPOP again, but ah don't want lah... Another day. Maths test was as usual. Kaijie and Graham uploaded, then all the others leeched and downloaded. Other than occasionally listening to the revision it was joke session with Hans (A cat was walking along the road and a car drove by and splashed water on it. A chicken opposite saw it and laughed. Moral: Wet pussy = happy cock hurhur -.-") and story gaming with Ryan the cruel brutal storyteller. We now have three players: Kaijie Ben and me. Since I have already met Kaijie, we're probably gonna gang rape Ben later. And no I am not the most evil most sadistic among the four of us.

Back home... Home alone, because parents were at Hwa Chong watching the History Drama play that got into the semifinals of the Singapore History Museum something something... Watched Phantom of the Opera... The stupid Phantom is a total mistake. The Phantom is a genius. This is rightly conveyed my Michael Crawford's (the original Phantom) immensely smooth cultured high tenor voice with a hardened tone to it. This movie Phantom's voice is a rattly rogue bass baritone try to be tenor voice. Gross. But oh well the Christine and the Raoul were good so... (If you have no idea what I am talking about don't worry... You're normal.) Skyped after that. We found a cosy little community of Skypers. I pulled Ben and Ryan into it, then Kaiyan reinstalled yesterday... Daphne has it, Graham has it... That's enough man I won't ever stop talking. Muahaha. Also there is Yahoo Game's online pool, which me and Ryan enjoyed all night, ending off our last game with Ryan pocketing the black ball... and the cueball. WAHAHAHAHA... I am so going to fail my exams. Bleah touchwood~ That'll never ever happen. Ever.

PS - Quiet Time has been terrible. Yesterday night was literally 'Dear God, thank you for the ZzZzZzZzZz...' So damn tired. Sigh.

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