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Soup Restaurant
Saturday, July 09, 2005

Went to the Soup Restaurant yesterday for a lovely dinner with family. It's really good, the soup is solid, and the famed Samsui Ginger Chicken is fantastic. Go try it sometime.

After that as we walked past OSIM I casually suggested that my mom clarify stuff about the iEcologi that she isn't clear about. And there was this pen on sale, the iPen, that was a sleek stylish ballpen and a face massager combined. $29.90. Abit ex, of course, but I'll get it. Soon. At least before the offer ends and it goes back to $68, and I wouldn't even go near it. There was the Warm Air Turbo which was good really, and also gives out anions to clear pollution and blah, which normally gives our cations. I shamelessly used it on my tummy haha. I seriously think it can help me lose some fats. After that the rest ended up trying the iSqueez, and I trying the massage chairs. The iSymphonic was simply brilliant, but my fats were wobbling like terrified Jell-o, so I stopped it after awhile. Bah it took me like forever to find out there was a custom massage inside the remote, I had to open up the front cover. Stupid stupid... When I set that to my liking it was much more comfortable, because you didn't have gigantic rollers running down your spine, which is not funny when you're someone my weight. Yes, I concentrated on the upper shoulders, and after that I felt much better. The iDesire would have been fantastic, I think, if I had found the custom controls earlier. Even the programmed massage was good. Then mom and dad also tried the iTango, which is the same old electromagnetic pulse thing, only this is compact enough to squeeze in a radio. Ahhh so, got back and sat in front of the computer and chatted until mom scolded me hahaha. Splendid life isn't it?

Today shall be some furtive Quidditch before lunch, and study after. I have to take it upon myself to catch up on Maths and Econs, which I did reasonably well for the first test of the week, and and atrociously terrible for the second. I mean, come on, I was falling asleep! Of all things I fall asleep during tests?! But then everyone left the room stunned after that, so... Even Kaijie said 'I'll fail, I'll fail this test.' and sounded genuinely miserable. You know... these bullseye scorers... Always say cannot make it I will die it was freaking hard blah blah then come out 19/20, 21/20... Basket. (",) Oh well, the most we use our first test lor, our group I think did quite well this time for first test.

Mmm this time next week will be super exciting, because Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is coming out, and I've got my reservation and my money ready! 16th July, 7:01am. By this time I will be 1/3 through the book muahaha.


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