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Teachers' Day
Wednesday, August 31, 2005

For the Alumni, it's more Get-Back-Together-by-Rushing-Down-or-Even-Ponning-School Day.

I woke up at 6, but obviously it was too early to go to school unless I wanted to sing the National Anthem. The next time I woke up was 10. Nick called me to hurry me up. I thought I was one of the five people of 4H who weren't there and the rest were waiting restlessly. I took a freaking taxi. Didn't cost much though hehe. $5.50. And I know the route now, too.

On the way into the school I met Cher Li going out.

Eh hi!!! No rush man, they're having some lousy maat rock concert in there.
... Ok. Thanks man.

When I got there the first person I saw was Andrew Chua in the distance, on the phone. We waved to each other and turned away. I looked around and saw the 4D people... Yong Chuan, John, blah blah. And nearly severed my head nodding and smiling to all of them. Then I saw Farand in a hurry, with his ever-present laptop with him. I finally saw some of the class downstairs. Denys was like 'Oh my God'... Wilfred was like 'Oh my God'. I'm flattered. There was Mok too, and oh yes I'd met Tat Chung and Marcus before that, Tat Chung is almost as tall as Marcus... And then I saw Andrew Ong, Makoto, Nicholas Ong that #&^$*&!@^%, and Samuel... Ah the memories that flooded me... Nick brought me upstairs to the now air-conditioned gallery where I met the MJC people... Mason, Daniel, and well I dunno whether Darren is in MJC... And Bertrand! Ahaha... He took one look at me and said, 'Oh, you came.' and then apparently decided to be nice and turned away before he could say something to spoil my day. We were watching the concert when these two people began singing a capella... Well actually with someone tapping the hi-hat behind the curtains for rhythm. Daniel watched for awhile, and then said to Nick and me, 'It was even worse than your item last year.'

Nick choked on his nugget and I on my drink. Nick started attacking Daniel across like half the gallery. Haha but yeah last year was a fiasco. I still blanch whenever I hear The Longest Time on air or being played.

The next half an hour or 45min was spent alternating between the canteen to check for newcomers and the gallery to make faces at the lousy sub-marine standards of the items. The future of VS Drama will pass out next June along with the pending 'O' levels of next year's batch, Martin and co. Someone was lamenting that next year's ELDDS ExCo would probably have to be Sec 2s, what with talents being 'brain drained' to the VIP (Victoria IP). I shall have nothing to do with them after that.

Honestly though, I'm back because of Martin and Mao and the last of the old crowd. Once they leave, it will mark the leave of my generation of EL members, and what use will I be then?

Thinking is rather bad for health.

I purchased a ticket and by some miracle there was one seat in the right of the second row facing the stage. Still better than peering over the balcony glass. And if I don't hear the actors it will be have to be my fault.

Anyway we decided against Seoul Garden because Wenhao, bless him and his stupid teacher, was stuck in school having a chemistry test, NCK was nowhere in sight, and Isaac left for I dunno where. We went with the rest of the gang to Parkway where we settled on BK.

Wow isn't it? Yeah I know.

Sam had an SLR camera. It was another beauty but of course we couldn't be shutter-happy because it was film after all, not an SD card. Bertrand estimates a DSLR to be $1300. Alrighty boy...! After lunch (Wenhao joined us midway) Wenhao Nicholas Mason and me went to play pool. Wenhao and Nicholas changed their top before going in, Nick into a lovely Adidas collared, and Wenhao from his school uniform into the T-Shirt I had seen Graham wearing.

Once a Saint, always a Saint.

I decided it was rather useless to bitch about it even though the others wasted no time in it. However the lady behind the counter, bless her soul, had uber-sharp eyes and spotted Wenhao's and Nick's school pants. As well as my own pants.

Schools pants are not allowed in here guys.


I of course immediately said that mine weren't school pants. She spotted Nick's beige pants, which were glowing painfully obviously in the general darkness of the place. 'And yours too.' We turned to see where her finger was pointing, and we couldn't believe it. Wenhao in his navy blue pants, had been spotted and sniped.

Nick decided to try out his lying/acting skills.

That isn't school pants.
Then what about yours?
Yes? Those aren't school pants? o.0
o_o ... ... *shrug and make lame chirping noise*

We knew we had lost. Badly. We really dropped flowers and bled water this time. We shuffled out of the place. We didn't mention it, but we know now why Nick never joined ELDDS don't we?

Met Bertrand and Wilbur downstairs again (pool was on the fifth floor). When they suggested Daniel's house I was ready to leave, because I knew Daniel lived in Changi. I followed them when we learnt that he had shifted to the Cotê d' Azur, just next to Parkway Parade.

We waited downstairs while Daniel went up to check if his mother was there. She wasn't, so we all trooped up, Daniel, Mason, Wenhao, Nicholas, Wei Min, Samuel and me. It was a lovely apartment, with a breathtaking sea view. While Samuel and Wei Min watched some car thingy on Wei Min's sleek iBook G4, the rest of us took turns playing bridge. Chee Kian and Ian came up, and later Ian and Nick left for awhile.

Daniel provided clothing for Wenhao and Bertrand, and Samuel had brought his own clothing. After changing we proceeded back to the pool place earlier. As expected the damned woman tried to find fault with the most school-looking pants - mine. Daniel and Mason had to lift my shirt to prove it wasn't. It wasn't amusing.

My playing was terrible on the whole, save for a couple of spectacular shots. Siva had become a pro from nowhere, and wherever he pointed and I shot, it was almost guarantee to either score, or snook the opponents big time. With Mason, quite a good player himself, I started clearing table, but I 1) forgot, and 2) honestly didn't think my black ball would go in. But I fired, and the black ball spectacularly rebounded and threw itself right into the pocket I was standing next to. The next match was equally good, and we both struggled until Mason managed to get the black ball in first. Oh well.

Ah it was great with the old crowd again. I was certainly sorry to part with them. But then there is always EMD on Friday to look forward to.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

After a painful EMD rehearsal I had dinner with Mason at Long John Silver's. Well as long as I'm full... Bought Crispy Chicken from Shihlin (I think its spelt like this) Taiwan Street Snacks intending to bring it home for my family but I met them on the way. My bro was getting Teachers' Day presents at 8:30pm.

Some model student. Anyway we hung around while he quickly picked some reasonable and some totally irrelevant presents for his 8 or 9 teachers. Went to check with Singtel and my contract is expiring soon whippee on 20th September. There are a couple of budget Samsung clam phones right now... $98 is pretty much all I can take if I want a marginally better phone, unless my parents decide to chip in.

Anyway once we had finished we were making our way back home when outside Tampines Mall we slowed down to have a look at a couple of budget magic tricks. The PRC woman wasted no time in demonstrating to us. She hauled up a fine chain and a medium sized ring about 4cm in diameter.

你看你看... [Here watch this...]
这个,和这个... [This... and this...]

She held the ring and let the chain down through the ring. She dropped the ring.

With a painfully loud cling the ring slid straight through and onto the floor. Apparently the chain would have by some insane law of physics snaked up and wound up tight to catch the ring. I think. My bro and I turned away and doubled up giggling while walking to the traffic light to catch up with our waiting parents.

Teachers' Day tomorrow... We'll see how it goes, either I will be enjoying with Nicholas and Isaac and Wenhao and maybe NCK at Seoul Garden like always, or maybe I will be helping the cast of After the Dazzle. Very promising play, with potentially good actors. I wish it to excel in EMD. Instead of slapstick dominating the whole damn performance. My brother just realised that he also has a performance on Friday evening, so we can't have a family dinner in honour of my mom's birthday. Therefore I shall waste no time in ordering a ticket for myself for Friday night's EMD performance while the two will have candlelight dinner in Thimbakthu.

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Monday, August 29, 2005

I said I would go into the tag about Daphne today.

Well I did.

Unfortunately I cannot track who exactly tagged that offensive post, whether it is in fact someone we know ('we' being my SIM clique), because there are only IP addresses which I do not understand.

I will have you know, whoever you are, that this is classified as vandalism and if ever I find out who you are, I don't give a crap if you know all sorts of martial arts and the 6338 vital points on my body you will still get a round lecture from me. If you are too cowardly stick your name on my board instead of a whole mass of meaningless numbers then don't post and just tell her straight in the face why don't you.

Daphne was rather hurt by that tag, and if not for the fact that I cannot find the website for my tagboard I would have removed the post by now. Rest assured that will be done once I locate my website.

And the tag right above it? Think it's funny don't you?

This is very childish and immature and I want it to stop. Immediately.

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Whooo busy weekend... I was like some executive man... Running around and taking phone calls all over...

Saturday - Ms Jennifer Koh kindly consented to allow me to go to the Evening of Music and Drama (EMD) practice... OK weird... This is real-time reporting. I wanted to type practice but my fingers worked their way round the keyboard and spelt out proactive.


So yeah to put it bluntly I was going there to see the show for free... But frankly and downright honestly I was thinking they could very well use some help. It's just that my divination didn't quite appreciate the depth of the situation.

Actors too conscious of themselves... Droning their lines out... Calling 'John I forgot my line' every three freaking seconds. Some free show.

I got to play with an SLR camera. That's an UBER professional camera, complete with a spanking 10cm long lens. Not exactly telephoto, but hey it did its job. It was simply a work of art, combining photophysics with the science of the Digital Age.

Anyway I'm going back to the rehearsal on Tuesday to give some serious ass-whooping. Wanna know why?

Oh I'll tell you why.

Wanna know don't you?

Don't you?



Don't you wanna know a skunk?

OK ok! I'll tell.



Bah... Lousy actors... J. Koh was getting into a panic... I shall have to see to that on Tuesday. But Martin's solo was a master at work. At least something would blow them away. They'll be laughing the shit out of their pants.

I'm graphic. So sue me.

Went to the Esplanade... Disney's Aristocats, Mike Myer's So I Married an Axe Murderer, Aliyah's swan song Queen of the Damned, and the famous prelude, Tom Cruise's Interview with a Vampire. I'll clear the first two tomorrow. Leave action thrillers for another couch-potato afternoon.

After that I sat in Starbucks waiting for Kaiyan and Hans. Hans came without spiking his hair, and Kaiyan's was gelled just to keep the MacDonald's sign in place and for the shine I suppose. Both complained that they didn't bother with a haircut and they couldn't stand. Watch what you say my boys.

We sat nursing our drinks (well I'd finished mine shortly after Hans arrived) until it was time to meet Lena Ching for The Spook Show 2005, by Faith Community Baptist Church. Weird right? You'll know later. I had to call my bro to get the Lena Ching's handphone number and was consequently forced to endure a conversation with the biggest fucktard in the world.

Where are you now?
Starbucks. What's the number?
Where are you going to?
What's the number?
Where are you going to first?
F- I'm going to watch a show, now WHAT IS THE NUMBER...
I can't find it... Hmmm...

Oh God murder boils inside me just to recall that bit.

Waited quite long for the show to start, even then it was these ghost characters scaring people. At least that was what we thought until there was this guy who came along and said urgently, 'Guys guys guys! I need your help on the count of three I need you to scream at loudly as possible can you do that ok one two three.'

Well we complied, but we weren't as loud as another group of girls. Naturally. We thought a ghostly apparation had raped them all in three seconds.

I'm graphic. So sue me.

I won't go into details, but the show was great. Except Pastor Lawrence Kong evangelised after that, and people were walking out. Kaiyan and Hans sat longer than most of them, for which I am thankful. They gave me money to pay Lena Ching after that, but she refused.

I am bad at counter-refusing, so five minutes after the show ended I returned the money to them. They were shocked and went back to find her, but she had gone. Terrific woman, she is.

After that we had supper at JustNoodles down at the Fountain Terrace. But we all took rice sets. Kaiyan opted for beef, Hans spicy chicken, and I fried chicken. If not for the fact that the rice was soft and damp I would certainly have choked. It was that dry.

When I got back it was 11+. Through the peep-hole I saw the lights were on. I rang the doorbell, and even heard it tinkle inside. After half a minute I pull my key out and let myself in. Apart from the hall light the rest of the lights were off. When I got to the master bedroom my mom was half-awake (or half-asleep). She peered at me.

So late?
Hi mom.
Better bathe and sleep early. You have to wake up early tomorrow.
Yes mom. Did you hear the door bell?
... ... No.
Oh. Never mind then.

I closed the door, and stayed up to do some stuff on the com before retiring to bed with Harry Potter and the HBP. It's been so thoroughly taken apart on the forums I doubt I'd have any revelations of my own. I went to sleep at one. But not before Hans wished me Happy Birthday on MSN. Even before my parents. Well that's for sleeping early. (^.^)

Well obviously I regretted turning in late, I was lolling about throughout the church service. Lucky Sandra-jie was taking notes and in one of her toilet breaks I went through them. She would have gotten 16/15 in her 'O' level English summary section. She and Katy-jie presented me with two Left Behind books, adding to my collection. Muahaha. Thanks! After that we went to meet my parents to go to Melt-The World Cafe at the Oriental hotel. It took me an hour to realise that it wasn't presumptous of them to serve their food in such small plates and pots for people to take, because in a super-buffet as this, you're gonna have to stick with the minutest portions of each dish if you're going to cover everything in the restaurant you wish to try. I tell you, the Desserts had a section entirely to themselves, as well as approximately 6-7 waiters and waitresses staffing the section. The space it took up was about the size used for a decent buffet in not-much-smaller restaurants. Highlight was, of course, the chocolate fountains. They had waffle, honeydew, red and green grapes, and marshmallows to dunk, all sitting ready on satay sticks. The milk chocolate got a four-tier fountain, the dark chocolate a six-tier fountain.

Well I'm not complaining.

At the end of it I was just dead. I found myself stoning every two minutes. But I'll be wanting to go back soon.

After that we went back to Suntec Convention Centre because Chan Brothers were allotted some tickets to a particular flight to Taiwan that my mom and her sisters were interested in. After a long wait where we (Sandra and Katy-jie, bro and me) sat at lovely rattan armchairs one floor down, they came down announcing that Chan Brothers have run out of tickets.

Don't even know how to tell waiting customers. Dicks.

The two Jies stayed behind as they were waiting for Sandy-jie's mom, my Aunt Margaret, and we went on to Paragon to go to SIA's head office direct to purchase the said tickets. When we got there they said they were closed. I was in a bad mood as I had exhausted most of my energy following them around. My mom was saying

What time do you close?! We came all the way...
5pm, ma'am.
[time check - 5:05]

Man I tell you... Anyway the lady said that the flight was most probably sold out, but gave my mom a call centre number to try, as well as quite alot of useful information.

Finally got home, and for once I wasn't interrupted in my activities for something as miserably unimportant as dinner. At night Ben and Ryan and Jill and Daphne and Joshua and Hui Jie and Yuan Hui and even Ching Hui all wished me Happy Birthday, for which I am all deeply grateful thanks guys. Oh and Bernard too. Lovely bulletin on Friendster.

Oh yeah.

Daphne called me on Friday because apparently I was hardly online anymore. Well I am busy, believe it or not. I got sooo many things on my mind that sigh I hardly sign in for a decent amount of time. She told me, to my surprise, that there was someone who posted something nasty about her in my tagboard.

I won't go into it today, it's late and I am far too tired. But you're gonna get it tomorrow.

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

I felt like a dick yesterday.

My results weren't that great after all.

Normally my reaction would have been so what?

Yesterday I was fretting and palpitating.

Is it true? Tend to His work and He will tend to your needs?

It feels so foolish and selfish and cheap to serve just to get better grades.

But that is the way. The way.

I have to read up more. Totally.

Went to get my books today there were all there. As a result I had to lug six overweight books around. Not too amusing without a car at your disposal. Went to the Esplanade after that... My catch today:

Apt Pupil - print-to-screen from a novella by Stephen King starring Ian McKellen (Magneto, Gandalf) and Brad Renfro, whom little among the audience of this blog might know, and he's quite cute really. I mean when you put him next to say Daniel Radcliffe, Dan's cute in his own way, but I'm afraid the New Englanders brought the capture-audience-immediately good looks over with them.

Chicken Run - Just for the fun of it. I missed the first part when it aired on Channel 5.

Showtime - with Eddie Murphy and Robert DeNiro. Looks real fun.

And Then There Were None - another print-to-screen adaptation of Agatha Christie's book of the same name, also known as Ten Little Indians, referring to the little nursery rhyme about ten little Red Indians disappearing one by one. Not everyone in the world dreams up the picture of niggers going down like bowling pins just because they did not happen to have the ideal facial features and people from the yang side had a major problem with that. Assholes. This black-and-white film was made in 1945 and has been restored to crystal clarity.

Both Chaplin's City Lights and the Disney Aladdin were returned at other library branches, so next week, hopefully. I'll go for one more round and that is it, holidays are over. Meanwhile I am sooo starting on my World Civilizations textbooks. Wheee so interesting.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Music (3 credits)..................... A 4.00
Maths (4 credits)..................... A- 3.66
English (3 credits)................... B 3.00
MicroEcons (4 credits)................ C 2.00

Well it's nothing to shout about. Overall I got a B for my GPA.

Following the formula

corresponding grade point X number of credits subject is worth
+ corresponding grade point X number of credits subject is worth
+ corresponding grade point X number of credits subject is worth
+ corresponding grade point X number of credits subject is worth
total points
÷ total number of credits

In the order of subjects as listed above

4.00 X 3
+ 3.66 X 4
+ 3.00 X 3
+ 2.66 X 4
÷ 14
3.305714286 (to 9 dec. pl.)

0.03 points short of a B+. Bloody hell.

Sigh well, what's done is done. While it is nothing to shout about no one can deny that I have done well. At least reasonably well, if not better than that.

Kaiyan did a thank-you speech on his blog, so I guess I'll be a shameless copycat and do one too. English and Music there is no one to thank. I'm quite happy that Ryan always accompanied me on my late night panics, but then that was only because he was having one too. And there is no point thanking lecturers unless they read this which is near impossible. Econs must thank Hans and Ben although Hans did most of the work... And some of you helped here and there. Thanks. Maths must thank Graham, Kaijie, and Ryan and Ben helped too. Ryan's primary function in lectures other than English class was to argue with me over the correct answer, and although that didn't help in any spectacular way it still reinforced many concepts of mine. And those who helped in any way at all, thanks too.

Going to pick my books up tomorrow. Hope they're all still there.

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Down. Up.
Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Rough night with my parents last night. They told me to sleep and I refused. Well actually I'd slept at 8+ then woken up at 11.30+ and unable to sleep. And can't sleep = computer.

So I happened to be playing Quidditch when Dad came in. He told me no games.

'It's the holidays!'
'So? I don't want any computer games in my house.'

It was beyond all reason.

'Try me and I'll pull the [wireless] adapter off.'

So? Off lor. Hey I'd rather forfeit one match than my Internet connection. Fair enough. And when he saw that I still did not turn the com off after awhile, he flicked the router switch off. I was getting very impatient with this behaviour. Not that it was a problem. It was past midnight and there was an unsecured network from one of our neighbours with a fairly good signal strength (50%). In 10 minutes I was connected to the world again. But I stopped my chat with Kaiyan and finished up inputing the fanfic into MS Word.

As usual I woke up just in to see Mom off for work (10.30). After yesterday I didn't want to play games while Dad was around, so I watched Dracula 2000. Damn its a good show. But Esplanade library movies aren't censored, so we got fuck all over the place. Bleah. I wasn't amused when in one scene the vampiress said very huskily 'I can even see your cock through your pants.' It would have been quite funny if not for the fact that my dad was there wearing his shirt preparing to go out. Fortunately all he said was, 'Ahaha. This kind of show...' And there just had to be that scene when the guy shouts, 'Never! FUCK! With! An! Antiques! DEALER!!'

Dad kept quiet.

After he left I turned the volume up and finished the movie. I decided I would content myself with Quidditch. When I pressed the icon, the message popped up.

Windows is searching for QWC.exe... to find it yourself click Browse.

I couldn't believe it. Then I realised. It was true that my Recycle Bin hadn't been empty the day before. I checked my Add/Remove Programs list. Every single installed game was wiped clean out.

I could not control it. I had held my rage for too long. I flung the mouse away. And for the first time in a long while, I lost it.

I screamed. Screamed like a mad woman. Screamed at the computer. Screamed into my hands. Screamed and yell everywhere. I just could not release it all. I screamed and screamed and screamed and sobbed and cried and exhausted myself out. I hid under the blanket and drifted in and out of sleep.

Suddenly the phone rang. Someone was saying 'Hello? Hello hello?' before putting down. I immediately grabbed my handphone. There!

Missed call, message received.

The call was an unfamiliar number. The message was Ryan.

Hey wanna go out with us. I think we're watching a movie or something. Lol.

I immediately rang Ryan. The second time he picked up. 3 o'clock. Dhoby Ghaut.

I rushed to grab a towel to bathe. But before that I called my mom's office.

'Mom you busy?'
'Very. Why?'
'Did you know that daddy uninstalled all my games?'
'Daddy! He removed all my games?'
'Yes my... Computer games, mom...'
'Anyway my friends are meeting at three can I go?'
'Do what?'
'Dunno... Just... Meet lor.'
'Ah ok go go go.'

I rushed to bathe and change and zoomed out of the house. Sure enough as I had predicted, I left my water bottle behind. I made sure I got a jacket though. I don't care if I'm thicker than an Eskimo's coat I always get chilled in cinemas. In the end I met Ryan first and we went up to Zone-X. I had the card, but what the hell. The games were all so expensive. I passed Ryan his phone charger which he had left at the chalet, as well as The Great Dictator DVD. That is one DVD I don't regret buying. And it was cheap too. The catch? Chinese subtitles. Bleah.

We met Ben and Elton and we went up to Plaza Sing. I bought the Taiwan Crispy Chicken, and when Ryan smelt it he was so hypnotised that in the end he finished about a good third of the packet... When we got up to GV we noticed that The Maid was getting the biggest posters and most publicity. But that didn't prepare us for the bleach-white mannequin in a red dress and veil and shoes. I was like whoa! and Ben was like aiyoh... Elton was (what's new) FUCK! and Ryan got totally freaked by it hahaha. Like I told Ben, it was a pity I didn't have my camera with me. I could have used a few publicity photos with my dream bride.

We were deciding between Valiant and Bewitched and we settled on Bewitched because not surprisingly only Ryan and I thought it was worth watching. On the other hand only Ryan and I heard of bad reports about Bewitched. While waiting for 4.35 (it was 4) we went down to where else... Yamaha so that Ben could check out his coolshit-emo-dude guitars. Nothing special. Reasonable design, overpriced, overweight. Nah.

Picked a large Coke up before we went into the theatre. Earlier we'd gone down to Carrefour and Ben had gotten what else... Sushi to eat, stowed in my bag. Before the show had started I'd already finished half my cup of Coke. And that was counting the ice in as well. Bummer. Also before the show started I had my sweater on.

Bewitched was funny. But it was surface comedy. No prods at anyone, no satirical stuff... Easy to forget. Choc Factory got 4, so I'm gonna give this a 3. In case you'll ever be bothered, Madagascar gets 4.5.

So after the movie Elton decided to pang seh us for one of his friends. Three of us went to Han's for dinner and I got my Quidditch disc back from Ryan. It's already been reinstalled, thanks. Fish n Chips there suck. For $8.50. At Aranda it was solid stuff for $7+. But then this was a set so...

As Ryan was eating the watermelon he decided that it was the right time to make the comment that it was interesting to see watermelon seeds in your shit.

And then Ben decided to add on that since shit was so fertile there must be a watermelon plantation in the sewers, and that farmers were selling those very watermelons back to you.

Can't you always trust these two to make your dinner unforgettable?

After that we went to Paradiz Centre to play arcade. We put $5 each. We intended to spend three each on World Combat. But Ryan's gun was out of order, and either through sheer concentration or luck, I was promoted to corporal while Ben who was supposed to be a marksman after all was Private 1st Class. In your face!
However he still beat me in Time Crisis II. Was fun. Ben held on while we quickly took over when one of us died and slotted another 50 cents to continue the game. When we got to more than halfway through the third and final stage Ben decided to give up. Dick. We then played racing three times. First time my accelerator couldn't work. Second time my wheel wasn't working properly and was oversensitive. Third time we had a decent race at last. Ben's car was knocked left and right by Ryan in the second race, which sent him flipping and crashing to Losersville, and the third race I smashed him the first time and then Ryan finished him off. Both times I came in second. Loller. Our last three bucks we spent on a sniping game, which once again I proved ultimately to be the top (4th... Ben was 8th and Ryan 6th... Wheeeee). But seriously, Ben and Ryan's hands were I think too shaky. If I missed a shot it was because the bloody target suddenly shifted to the left. Biatch.

Thus one of the bad days of my life turned out fun. Thank you God. Love ya always. Hell if I blew my $30. Ha.

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What Am I Doing?
Monday, August 22, 2005

I'm taking a long overdue break.

At 1am last night (fine this morning) I got the sudden inspiration and fire I haven't had in a long time. It's like food in RPG games, you know. Fine eat it and use the energy for whatever the hell you want... Running chatting fighting humping owning WHATEVER. But once it's gone, it's gone. And if you don't have more food in your backpack you better hope to hell you find some real soon.

I knew immediately what I could use my inspiration on.

Ok it isn't really inspiration. That is specific for that murder story or that medieval tale. More like a moment when a window of clarity so fine-tuned and sharp it could behead you if you weren't careful was opened, and you could use it in anyway you wanted until you have physically exhausted yourself, and then it will be closed once you let it go, and God knows when it'll open up again.

Anyhoo, I used my inspiration on the Draco-Hermione flick I spoke of soooo long ago. It's been sitting dormant under quite a heavy stack of books for too long, and in that moment, I knew I would finish the final battle scene in glorious triumph. Not that I would have completed the fanfic at last but I wanted to do that scene, and the last time I tried I was hopelessly stuck. And now true enough... 4 pages and one-third more, that should be about three pages of size 12 type. Bit short perhaps, but we'll see how my co-writer can expand it if ever it requires that.

Righto, on to other news.

I just feel that I am not doing enough for VS right now. Oh sure I'm maintaining the Wikipedia article, and I've volunteered for that mentoring thing. But I want a more active role in this.

Non-VS people you don't have to read this. You'll just think I need Woodbridge. Scroll down.

It's not just for the novelty of people noticing me in the frontline, hey I don't need that. But look. Bertrand has his promos coming up, so do Xiwei and Samuel and just about anyone else in JC. J. Sam I'm sure has the other facets of Jonaize.com to maintain, if not his poly stuff as with Isa and Farand. But they all seem to be doing some sort of work for the petition and all. It is jus about the worst time possible for them for something this big to crop up. And here I am, on holiday, and sitting on my round arse doing nothing.

I want to do something.

Non-VS people. You read it after all.

Last note, visited the Esplanade library again at last. Borrowed 4 DVDs (I think I will concentrate on films this holiday). The Lion King 1.5, The Lion King 2, Dracula 2000, and Charlie Chaplin's Limelight. Some nice songs from LK2 which I immediately dug up from my bountiful sources. And as for Chaplin, this guy just gets better every-freaking-time dammit. I thought The Great Dictator was his best film. Limelight takes the more serious side of him. His swan song I believe. There was very little comedy, but rather thought-provoking. And he finally tries his hand at dying. It wasn't the best death I have seen, but it was a rather good one still. Now I shall have to find City Lights. Incidentally I also dug up the Limelight theme. Beautiful piece.

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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Kids should learn to have abit more common sense.

I was just going up the lift back from buying lunch when these two kids entered the lift with me. I pressed 14, the younger of the two pressed 9, then 8. This did not escape the older's eye, who immediately exclaimed, 'Why d'you press that for?!'

'I want to climb stairs.'
'You do that for what? Haiyah you waste uncle's time.'

My years in ELDDS have paid off. I was rather affronted but my face betrayed almost no sign of it, apart from having raised my brows earlier when the younger pressed 8.

And to make things worse than it already was, the older repeated lamentingly, 'You waste uncle's time.' And he turned to me and said, 'Sorry ah.'

When the doors had closed on the 8th floor the boy repeated his apology. At least he had the brains to do that. Both times I gave the most cheesy smile on Earth in acknowledgement.

Uncle... uncle! Can't you even tell between an adolescent and a full-grown man? Or do you go by height? Anyone over the second metal strip will be called uncle... Anyone below the first will be called oi.

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Speaking of wuss, something really funny happened on Tuesday night of the chalet, when there were only four of us. We were back from dinner, lazing around, when suddenly Ben yelled, 'DID YOU SEE THAT LIZARD?' I turned around. He was already standing. 'It was... like that! So big!' I said, lazily, 'Where?' 'Behind one of those paintings...' There were two paintings. One of a Chinese opera actress dressed as a general, the other of two Malays exchanging money and goods. I poked each one to make the lizard come out, then hopped a step back. I was musing whether the paintings would suddenly glare and snarl, 'What?!' when the malay man in the picture turned and said, 'Sia lah...'

Kidding. That was Ben's anti-maat idea. Kaiyan lifted the Malay painting rather high just as I was adjusting the aircon around the apartment, and out ran the lizard, well-fed and greyish black. Elton darted away. Ben yelled and came running over to the front door where I was making my last adjustments on the aircon and grabbed me, presumably to push me in the frontline if ever the lizard ran our way. In fact, the lizard scuttered around the wall before flying right off the wall onto the floor underneath the sofa. When Kaiyan remarked so, Ben grabbed me harder and hid behind me.

Now who's the one with no cock?

Also I got them rather tense when I lit the seven firestarters outside the balcony. You know... Seven candles for seventh month. I wanted to say that as long as I was there no harm would befall us, but that was equivalent to saying Christianity was better than Buddhism, and I wasn't about to say that there and then. But its true. Seven things burning bright at night... Gives almost anyone the gnoolie-bajoolies.

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Can We Ever Forget?
Friday, August 19, 2005

My friends and enemies in Victoria School know me as a sort of wuss. While they go into one of their cheering frenzies, I will be standing aside, shaking my head. While they proved their macho-ness by sitting in the pouring rain awaiting the Cross Country results, I was sitting happily in the shelter, chatting with my Literature teacher. I was the only one who glided along the corridors singing opera, the only one constantly selected for woman roles.

Yet the news of VS's proposal for co-ed hit me hard. Harder than I myself would have ever imagined possible. I don't know whether I was one of the first to know. Bertrand was yelling over MSN for me to get the New Paper. I thought it was something to do with ELDDS. And Bertrand snapped, 'Trust me. You WANT to read this.'

Fine. My parents weren't at home, and although I had just returned from buying snacks chocolates and a large Slurpee from 7-11 I returned to Econ Minimart to pick up a copy. And there it was.

And older picture from the 1996 school magazine, with boys painting the words. And a huge crude cross over 'sons'.

It was blasphemy to our heritage. It was vicious of the New Paper. It was heartbreaking.

If VS ever goes co-ed there will be another petition. To change the words thy sons are we. A co-ed Victoria is not worthy at all of those words. It is not worthy of the Victorian Anthem.

Many think we are idiots to hang on to tradition like this, like a toddler refusing to let go of his toy truck. Some may well think we are sexist to keep the school boys-only. But how can I begin to explain to you?

When I first stepped in, the only thing I was impressed with was the fact that the band played the National Anthem. It was more rousing, and certainly better than that terrible orchestral version blaring from the lousiest loudspeakers in existence. And oh when the same band played the Victorian Anthem, it was just like those scenes in the movies where the hero swings his sword and the wind causes the leaves to rustle and move. It was like an eagle taking flight, to the tune of what would become my inspiration for the next four years, and beyond. How I yearn right now to hear the Anthem played just once more. How I yearn to hear the voices rising with gusto.

Yes that had impressed me, which consequently led to my short three month stay in the band as a trumpeter. The trainer had marked that I had the lips of a trumpeter, and since percussion had enough people, I was relegated to trumpet. I never regretted my short stay there, apart from the military discipline and the the long practice hours. But I digress.

What did not impress me at first was the cheering, the camaraderie which was to bind me to protecting the school's heritage today. I could not understand why boys should waste their lives yelling and screaming and mashing and moshing like there is no tomorrow.


And yet I was in one of those last year. Lovely isn't it? It's nice to lose yourself sometimes. Time flies so fast, and in that time I have been unconsciously moulded into far more a Victorian than I would ever have thought I would be. I must say Bertrand takes the most priceless photos. Or at least he gets them somehow. The quintessential Victorian Spirit. Go check that up, blank-face.

On Wednesday afternoon the brilliant flame of the VS Spirit was reignited all over Singapore. Know this people. After this has been settled, we will all return to our lives. The flame may die down to a small glow. But it will never and can never be extinguished. So don't you try and play with us with ridiculous proposals.

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Chalet @ Aranda
Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Well I'm back from the Aranda Country Club at Pasir Ris after a lovely 3 day 2 night chalet stay. It was alot of fun, and we did many other things. But I did not take alot of photos, in fact far less than I had expected, but out of what I took this should summarise what we did with the majority of our time.

Sigh every player's dream. Except we decided to be idiots and plop all the 'flowers' on top, which is possible with too much luck in your hands. Memorise the combo people. Might very well come in handy in a matter of weeks.

Met Ryan at Tampines Mall. On the train it so happened that we met Elton. I noticed that I was the only one carrying two bags, one of which was bulging awkwardly and the other weighing a ton and big enough to be a bolster. We hung around White Sands for awhile waiting for Graham, and then we set off for Aranda together. We took bus number 3.

'So where is this Aranda?'
'I dunno.'
'We'll probably pass it along the way.'
'Huh, like that ah?'
'Hang on I'll get the fare stage info.'
'Uh guys, Aranda doesn't show up anywhere here.'
'I'll ask the driver, 'scuse me...'
'Down down! Get down now!'

And so we were stranded opposite Pasir Ris Primary School. I called Kaiyan.

'Eh Kaiyan, where exactly is this Aranda?'
'I dunno exactly where leh.'
'!!! What!'
'Where are you now?'
'Opposite Pasir Ris Primary School.'
'Pasir Ris Primary School...'

Next thing I knew I heard his mom yelling at him asking him why he did not tell us it was at Downtown. Thanks Mrs Leong. And since it was on the same side of the road, we decided to walk back. Ryan and Elton and me took turns carrying that dreadfully heavy bag. Ryan lasted the longest. The first person to insist carrying heavy stuff. We were so out of breath when we got to the clubhouse that I could barely curse Kaiyan. Finally got to the chalet... Being the smart boy I normally am I immediately boiled water while the others were busy chilling out. Kaiyan had brought his friend's bike and one of his own for me to use because I had complained about the crazy rental rates there. $20 for a day, $15 for a night.

Poor Graham brought his xBox for nuts, because the tivo with THIRTY FIVE channels didn't have one single AV channel. Graham was super sian diao. We were waiting for Kaiyan to get his friend's bike fixed. The gears were running out of order, and he had paid $40 to get it fixed. So I decided to do a little moving in. I picked the master bedroom and set up my speakers on the table, with my CD player and Zen Micro and their respective chargers at the ready, as well as a couple of test songs to adjust the damned bass. When Kaiyan came back he collected his due money and then he and Ben cycled out to get food for our BBQ.

It's nice to know when your friends have prepared everything to go before hand isn't it?

Later Ben called to get us to go to Cheers to check out the charcoal and wire mesh. We got the mesh, the charcoal, plates and cups, utensils, and drinks. But just after we checked out, we found out that the other two idiots did not have enough sense to get a lighter, when they had already gotten firestarters. I conveniently picked up a Doritos Salsa, as well as some moderately nice mini currant cookies because I was hungry. Look I somehow eat less than you guys ok, so don't give that stare. I only had two packets of Myojo noodles. Fattening but not filling. First thing back in our apartment I dumped the chips in the freezer like I always do. Graham was like, 'Is that normal?' I'm never quite normal, so... Soon we were down starting the fire... C4 was the pit we chose...

And we started out with this.

The pink shirt's Sining, Graham's standing in front waiting to get his face fried, that slipper is Elton, and that little triangular white bit of fabric in the lower left corner is Ryan. It took quite alot of hard work, a very frustrated Sining, and quite some time to get the pit glowing orange. But it paid off, because unlike a normal BBQ fire, we happened to have a slow cooker, so our sausages and chicken were BBQed to unseen perfection. Ben Chen and Kahyee, who came later, went to Cheers to get us a six-pack Carlsberg and a six-pack Tiger as some sort of payment for having some of our food. And shortly after Kaiyan came down with his Merlot I think it was... I frantically yelled at him when he tried to pour the wine into the styrofoam cups. When will you ever learn that alcohol does not go with foam? Its worse than Vaseline and rubber dammit. Sigh anyway we used the cups provided by the chalet. Graham poured less than a quarter of the cup for me, but I didn't really like it undiluted, and I wasn't particularly in the mood to get drunk either, so I used Pink 7-Up to fill the rest of the cup. It was quite good after that. But I think I perfer port.

Ben and I went up early. I bathed and got into more comfortable clothes, and waited for the rest to come up (I am such a slacker). Meanwhile Kahyee was complaining to Ben that her hands were itching. To play mahjong. Sigh... True blue Hongkonger. But only Ben knew how to play, Sining wasn't up yet, Elton only played two times in his whole life, I only played on my handphone. Graham and Ryan have no idea. So, she said she would come back the next day around 12 to play. After that she and Ben Chen left together.

When we finally settled down to play it was Ben (with Jill) Sining and Ryan. Sining and Ben was teaching us. So the first round went smoothly. We were building our walls 18-19-18-19. When we finally washed and rebuilt, there was 18-18-18-18.

What the hell?

We counted our tiles properly. No extra tiles. We searched all around the floor. No tiles. Sining went into the room. Ben said, 'Eh if you find it in there, I will run out of this place sia.' Haha, hum ji. We grouped the tiles to see what was missing. North winds - all here, south winds - all here... Not one tile was missing.

Jill unleashed such a scream that we were stunned into silence. Then Ben said, 'Don't ever do that again.' Finally Ben solved the mystery by remembering that his set did not have the four bonus tiles. Cat mouse centipede (don't ask why, don't ask) and rooster. Someone had counted wrongly, and we were too engrossed to notice. We could have killed him for scaring us, but we were too interested to learn mahjong. Later Elton and Graham picked it up too, and that's that. Sining and Jill had gone home, so it was Kaiyan Ben Elton Ryan Graham and me. We ordered Macdonald's home delivery, and had quite a feast while playing. Kaiyan dashed to bed at 1am, so it was the five of us until 4am, playing without betting chips (but with my Salsa chips) and loser out. Ryan had choped the single bed, Kaiyan was in the other, Ben and Elton slept together in the Queen bed (saucy hmmm?), so Graham and I slept on the sofas. It wasn't long before I noticed that Graham had shifted to the floor. The two-seater was simply too small for him. And he said he didn't need a blanket yet. I was not surprised when in the morning Kaiyan greeted me and informed me that Graham shifted into his single bed. I went to the loo to wash up and change.

When I got out Kaiyan was gone. Then Ben came out and with Kaiyan's blessing we took the two complimentary breakfast coupons to the poolside deli and had a lovely breakfast of egg mayo on some sort of grilled dough, and the strongest coffee I have ever had since dining in Triple 3 (madly expensive buffet restaurant in Marina Mandarin with musicians and a $50+++ bill per person. Their coffee is heaven). Kaiyan had gone to Elias Mall to get breakfast for us.

They were playing mahjong when we got back so we joined in. Shortly after Kaiyan and I went to play pool, but it was two freaking dollars per game, so after one game at my expense we went up to play a dual car racing game which invariably left me 4th and Kaiyan 3rd. But he was right about one thing. Manual transmission is better, and I am never choosing automatic again. We rented an xBox station after an hour. We were allowed to choose 2 games, and we picked Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball (more for Kaiyan's fantasies than anything else) and Fatal Frame 2, which I insisted we try. Fatal Frame is a horror game. It tells of these two sisters who find a haunted house and a special camera, the Camera Obscura, which captures supernatural things that the human eye won't normally catch. Kaiyan was bitching about how it was the stupidest game he's ever seen. Then he watched the mini-movie about the power of the Camera Obscura (this guy was taking a picture in front of some sort of deserted altar when translucent hands flew out and closed in on the camera/him) and clawed his face with his hands. Later he was making noise about where was my 'sis', who was supposed to be behind me, and I finally turned round just to shut him up and found that she was not there. I went back the way we came, and found her staring at the wall opposite. I went near and pressed a button, and my character asked her what was wrong. She pointed over to the wall and whispered, 'Someone was standing there...' My character went over and slid the door and inch open, and found this face staring at us. At this Kaiyan yelled fearfully and I was so startled by the combination of the face and his yell that I yelled too. Lucky the others were too busy with their game to take notice. After that Kaiyan covered his eyes everytime I walked through a door or rounded a corner.

After our hour was up we went to have lunch at the Aranda Restaurant, I had Fish and Wedges as usual. Not that I've been to Aranda Restaurant alot of times, but as a habit I order Fish and Chips everytime I step into a new restaurant. Kaiyan settled for Bolognaise. Kahyee went havoc the previous night, so she wasn't playing after all. We went up to change and get Kaiyan's friend's bike repaired. The previous day Ryan was riding it when the gears and chain jammed suddenly and the back gear just fell off. Kaiyan was devastated. It cost 400 bucks. Another of his bike pro friends suggested he removed the gear that had fallen out. That'd make it normal again. He had it done for $5. And just then Ben rang up and got us to get lunch for the three of them. Basket. What was worse, our friend Kaiyan insisted on taking me to a coffee shop to get it, saying foodcourt (at White Sands) was too expensive. And never again am I cycling with him. He does all the crazy nonsense on the road as if it was his father's. Like cutting across four freaking lanes to get to the opposite side of the road. No wonder, of course, I was left far behind. And when we finally got to a coffee shop there was no chicken rice! I was very tired, and rather pissed at Kaiyan. So he got duck rice for them in the end. And when I asked for an easier route, he suggested the park connector. Within five minutes he had to stop for me. But we got back really fast, and going downhill into the club was cool. When we got back they were at mahjong again. Graham had already left. And we played till Ryan had to go, and then it was the four of us. We played till dinner, where we went to Downtown East foodcourt. After that we played at FunkyballPool which freaking cost $7 per hour. Shortly before that Elton's slipper strap had broken, so they went to buy glue for it. While it was Kaiyan's turn, I opened the glue and put the strap back in place. It was strong glue, no one could deny. And it must have been a reaction that caused a little smoke to puff up from the contact point. Either way his slipper got fixed, albeit a little loose. We toyed with the idea of KTV, but the lounge required smart casual, so we went back for MORE MAHJONG. That mad Kaiyan turned drunk and so hyped up after the three of them agreed that loser (the one who gives out the tile needed for the person to game) would have two sips of beer. After 2 or 3 cans were finished on this basis (I think we all know who drank the most), we retired to the room to what would be an intermission of Tai Di. But after one game Elton and I plopped down on the bed and refused to get up. So they had no choice but to go to sleep.

The next morning when I woke Elton was still sleeping. I was lying on my side thinking about Kaiyan yelling at Fatal Frame, and Elton chose that moment to turn around and open his eyes to find me grinning voyeurishly at him. I shall have to be more careful where I face next time. In time we started packing up and eventually (after the housekeeper came to check around the house) we left the chalet. Kaiyan's mom drove Ben and Elton to the MRT station, and since bus 3 went to Tampines, and since there wasn't anymore space anyway, I decided to walk out.

So there's it. Our chalet. I just realised that I had left my jeans hanging in the cupboard, where I had put it up the first day, as well as my facial foam in the bathroom. I've contacted Aranda, and the receptionist has taken my particulars and promised to call me back tomorrow. Ryan had left his charger there, and I took it with me. It was supposed to be Ben, but he was so sian diao when I reminded him to take it that I put it in my bag instead.

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Exams are Over
Saturday, August 13, 2005

And that's that. Hell if I don't do well and hell yeah if I do.

So I finished the Quidditch World Cup using England and the Comet 260 broom (easiest level). I am now onto round 2 as Japan and the Nimbus 2000 broom, and I am having a bloody heart attack everytime I play (2 times so far). The first time was against the USA. And they are a whole muthafutootoot bunch of cheats... Kept kicking my players away to prevent their tackling... And to finish it off they had their team special move and I hadn't completed my last requirement for it (win a match without conceding a goal... cb). So naturally I had less motivation and therefore less boost for my Seeker and the US seeker had caught it even before I could say gan-ba-te. Spain well at least I learnt a couple of moves and got more boost so I got the Snitch but barely... When the game was over I thought my heart would just cease moving and I would die a happy teen having won my last computer game before passing away. Bit like Bill Clinton having one last fling with Monica baby before being condemned to hell... haha ok no. Mr Clinton I sincerely believe you were a great man who did what we all do best - making mistakes. God blessed you with a lovely and forgiving wife didn't he?

The one thing about module-style courses is that you don't have to worry about holiday homework. For just three weeks I will party my ass off and then just go back to studying again. Ain't that smashing?

Chalet is confirmed... Man are we going to have fun... I'm gonna bring alot of stuff man... My Creative SBS370 2.1 speakers (grey), my portable CD player (the middle picture) and charger, my digital cam, rechargeable batteries and charger, my Zen Micro and charger, my Bible (subject to confirmation from Wyvrn), some VCDs I suppose, and my creams and Flixonase. Man this is gonna be one heavy trip. Oh yeah.

I hope my dad will get a bike for me. Apart from not having to rent during chalet I also don't have to walk everyday to the blasted MRT. Its not painfully far, but I still dread it everyday. My birthday is coming soon anyway. Hee... Fingers crossed!

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Sian Diao
Thursday, August 11, 2005

I am hereby convinced that the air-con filters in SIM require some cleaning and maintainence.

Sigh sorry people it's been awhile but I simply hadn't have time to blog. Aside from the fact that I have been playing Quidditch and Liero I also have had to study for my finals.

OK National Day was great. I spent the whole day stoning over music. But of course this year (and I hope for the rest of Singapore history) NDP's become nationwide, and so we had a mini-Padang right outside our house. Ok well it wasn't really outside but it was very close. Just about 50m away in displacement (physics term: The closest possible distance between two points). At least I think it was displacement. So I was right here in front of the computer talking to Ben and pretending to study music, then I heard from the TV something like HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPOOOORRREEE! I think, and the next thing I knew fireworks were banging left right centre just outside my doorstep. We all rushed out... Pretty small scale but they compensated with inventiveness... A few clever patterns here and there. So the fireworks stopped and we all went back to our lives. So there I was talking to Ben again. We had barely exchanged four sentences in all when the second round of fireworks were let off. And in three seconds we were all crowded at the door again, with me trying to undo all the blasted security measures as quickly as possible. As for the live telecast, I didn't even sit through the Parade. Year after year it's the same freaking thing in the same freaking order with the same freaking music. Sigh.

Music exam... I am a failure I have lost two marks! Lucky I got my steady scores to back me up all the way... English seems I wrote ultimately the least, 700++, but I hear 800+ to 900 all over, except for one or two freaks like Hans and Thara who wrote four pages without leaving lines. That is 1400 the least least least... Sigh. Maths today was quite alright for all the worrying I have put myself through. At least all my answers seemed sensible. All the best for Econs tomorrow and then I am never gonna leave my computer alone for the weekend.

SIM air is dirty. The minute I walked into Room 2.01 I started sniffing, and by the time I walked out I had a full blown flu. Makes me feel very lucky that I wasted no time in revising Econs, even before Music. With the morning time tomorrow I should have enough revision to go well.

And really now, it can't be that I am pool master all of a freaking sudden. Why am I winning almost every game when I walk into the Games Room?! You guys aren't putting up a fight. Honestly. It's not very normal of me, I'm quite possessive of my winnings. But please make me feel like I'm a noob once again in the very near future ok? Please?

Final note: chalet. At present it is only Kaiyan, Elton, Ben, Graham and me, which if freaking pathetic lah please lah. Hans doesn't feel like going... Sining will be overseas... Kaijie just wants to stay at home and drink plenty of water... And Ryan... Well Ryan has a chalet, so I can't quite argue. But aww come on lah. Can't you just spend a couple of days away from home?! It really won't be any fun without you guys... :'(

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Third Time
Monday, August 08, 2005

Third time.

This is the third time a brand new Zen Micro has been passed into my hands.

It is only less than three months since I got my previous replacement unit because of an audio sizzling fault. 2 months 20 days. And here I have a earphone jack problem.

It's ridiculous. And I had to wait for one and a freaking half hours to be served! My number was 768. When I walked in it was 737 that was being served. It didn't help that I could not concentrate on Econs all day long. Time is running short. I will be staying late tonight.

At least when I got back to school I managed to ask Lee Chin Choo a few questions from the Market Structures before we let her off. Consider my Labour Market and Public Goods gone cases. Elton was nice enough to offer me a lift to Dover. he mom was even nicer to drive me all the way to Queenstown. Hee.

On the way out they were bickering about which way to go to do a loop back. As I watched from the backseat I mused, 'If it had been my mom or dad driving, would we have bickered? Dammit man they would have just shushed me up as if I was a primary 2 kid who knew nothing. It was quite sad, really, to see all my friends have a friend-friend or even brother-sister relationship with their parents, and mine a distant, silently bitter one. I love my parents. But can I ever have that intimate a relationship? It's getting more on the rocks with them now. Insisting that I should study, and I insisting on my right to have fun. Dangerous clash, those are. Dangerous indeed.

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The Fullerton Hotel
Saturday, August 06, 2005

~Transcripted from a barely legible piece of letter paper from the Fullerton Hotel. Written at 1am, Saturday morning in Room 716.~

They say it is always fun to try something new. I am writing now in total darkness (well almost) in Room 716 of the Fullerton Hotel. My aunt is back on a business trip and we were invited to share her room. Why not?

It is just after 1am. My aunt and brother slept at 11pm. I tried to study Econs under a spotlight, but it was terrible. So I decided to go down to the lobby lounge to study. But hmmm... There was only one room key in sight, and it was slotted into the slot which closed the circuit to the electricity in the room. I was really lost for awhile, but then I remembered that hey! I have a wallet, and I have cards in the wallet. I selected my Popular card, as it had no magnetic strip, and changed it with the room card.

The electricity was cut off so fast that when I put the Popular card in, all the bloody lights flipped back on. I managed to turn them off without waking my aunt. So armed with both Econs and Music notes, my Zen Micro and my Ritter Sport Dark Chocolate I exited the room quietly with my card key and went down to the lobby. It was about 11.30, the musicians were still playing. For a 6-star hotel, they sucked big time. I plugged up to Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto in B-flat Minor until 12, when they stopped. I managed to cover consumer behaviour and perfect competition and monopoly before returning to the room once more. Not bad hmm?


~End of transcript~

It really wasn't special, the Fullerton. Sure they had a few more nooks and crannies to discover, but it really wasn't anything much. The breakfast restaurant wasn't too posh looking either, although they had a brilliant Continental spread that was larger than most other hotels' breakfast restaurants I believe. But oh well at least I studied. Managed quite abit at Ryan's house too. Monopoly was a big laugh I tell you (no, the game, not the subject). I sort of kept myself on the top of the game for most of it. Then Ryan landed on my property Park lane (the second most expensive one). I had two houses on it and he had to mortgage all over the place to pay me. When I moved, I landed on Whitechapel, the second cheapest property with a teeny difference.

He built a freaking hotel there!!!

£450. I was simply no match. I conceded. Bah. I had to leave for the stupid dinner anyway.

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Last Day of Semester 1
Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Yes time flies, doesn't it? It seemed like yesterday when we first met, just now when we had our midterms, and there. It's over.

Snapped pics yesterday and today. Apparently I am such a silent killer that I can become a paparazzo photographer next time. All of them were like 'When the hell did you take this?!' Hark ye, mye callinge beckones!

Yesterday we play tai di, so fun! I won the last game... But today leh... Someone lost our precious pack of cards so we had to settle for elimination. I also won the last game ahaha! What a lovely day. But earlier was terrible. We were playing 2v2 pool, Elton and me versus Hans and Kaiyan. It was down to our last ball, and the black ball for the other team. And it was my turn. The cueball was right in front of the last ball, which was right in front of a pocket. Elton was like, 'Alright man Renhao put on a good fight!' I took proper aim and fired.

The bloody cue ball just slid out of my aim and bumped around. I was howling, Hans was shrieking, Elton was screaming all the swear words in the world, Graham was like 'That was the worst shot I have ever seen.' Sining was just lost for words. Earlier there was a straight long shot which I took. The ball rolled in a line straighter than a ruler into the hole. The damn cueball just jumped right out of the damn table. These are the little things that just make you wonder whether your enemy had planted springs at the worst places possible. But I was using the new Indo stick, and suddenly it struck my mind to change, and I picked the black one. That was a better shot.

Ah memories, memories.

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