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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Whooo busy weekend... I was like some executive man... Running around and taking phone calls all over...

Saturday - Ms Jennifer Koh kindly consented to allow me to go to the Evening of Music and Drama (EMD) practice... OK weird... This is real-time reporting. I wanted to type practice but my fingers worked their way round the keyboard and spelt out proactive.


So yeah to put it bluntly I was going there to see the show for free... But frankly and downright honestly I was thinking they could very well use some help. It's just that my divination didn't quite appreciate the depth of the situation.

Actors too conscious of themselves... Droning their lines out... Calling 'John I forgot my line' every three freaking seconds. Some free show.

I got to play with an SLR camera. That's an UBER professional camera, complete with a spanking 10cm long lens. Not exactly telephoto, but hey it did its job. It was simply a work of art, combining photophysics with the science of the Digital Age.

Anyway I'm going back to the rehearsal on Tuesday to give some serious ass-whooping. Wanna know why?

Oh I'll tell you why.

Wanna know don't you?

Don't you?



Don't you wanna know a skunk?

OK ok! I'll tell.



Bah... Lousy actors... J. Koh was getting into a panic... I shall have to see to that on Tuesday. But Martin's solo was a master at work. At least something would blow them away. They'll be laughing the shit out of their pants.

I'm graphic. So sue me.

Went to the Esplanade... Disney's Aristocats, Mike Myer's So I Married an Axe Murderer, Aliyah's swan song Queen of the Damned, and the famous prelude, Tom Cruise's Interview with a Vampire. I'll clear the first two tomorrow. Leave action thrillers for another couch-potato afternoon.

After that I sat in Starbucks waiting for Kaiyan and Hans. Hans came without spiking his hair, and Kaiyan's was gelled just to keep the MacDonald's sign in place and for the shine I suppose. Both complained that they didn't bother with a haircut and they couldn't stand. Watch what you say my boys.

We sat nursing our drinks (well I'd finished mine shortly after Hans arrived) until it was time to meet Lena Ching for The Spook Show 2005, by Faith Community Baptist Church. Weird right? You'll know later. I had to call my bro to get the Lena Ching's handphone number and was consequently forced to endure a conversation with the biggest fucktard in the world.

Where are you now?
Starbucks. What's the number?
Where are you going to?
What's the number?
Where are you going to first?
F- I'm going to watch a show, now WHAT IS THE NUMBER...
I can't find it... Hmmm...

Oh God murder boils inside me just to recall that bit.

Waited quite long for the show to start, even then it was these ghost characters scaring people. At least that was what we thought until there was this guy who came along and said urgently, 'Guys guys guys! I need your help on the count of three I need you to scream at loudly as possible can you do that ok one two three.'

Well we complied, but we weren't as loud as another group of girls. Naturally. We thought a ghostly apparation had raped them all in three seconds.

I'm graphic. So sue me.

I won't go into details, but the show was great. Except Pastor Lawrence Kong evangelised after that, and people were walking out. Kaiyan and Hans sat longer than most of them, for which I am thankful. They gave me money to pay Lena Ching after that, but she refused.

I am bad at counter-refusing, so five minutes after the show ended I returned the money to them. They were shocked and went back to find her, but she had gone. Terrific woman, she is.

After that we had supper at JustNoodles down at the Fountain Terrace. But we all took rice sets. Kaiyan opted for beef, Hans spicy chicken, and I fried chicken. If not for the fact that the rice was soft and damp I would certainly have choked. It was that dry.

When I got back it was 11+. Through the peep-hole I saw the lights were on. I rang the doorbell, and even heard it tinkle inside. After half a minute I pull my key out and let myself in. Apart from the hall light the rest of the lights were off. When I got to the master bedroom my mom was half-awake (or half-asleep). She peered at me.

So late?
Hi mom.
Better bathe and sleep early. You have to wake up early tomorrow.
Yes mom. Did you hear the door bell?
... ... No.
Oh. Never mind then.

I closed the door, and stayed up to do some stuff on the com before retiring to bed with Harry Potter and the HBP. It's been so thoroughly taken apart on the forums I doubt I'd have any revelations of my own. I went to sleep at one. But not before Hans wished me Happy Birthday on MSN. Even before my parents. Well that's for sleeping early. (^.^)

Well obviously I regretted turning in late, I was lolling about throughout the church service. Lucky Sandra-jie was taking notes and in one of her toilet breaks I went through them. She would have gotten 16/15 in her 'O' level English summary section. She and Katy-jie presented me with two Left Behind books, adding to my collection. Muahaha. Thanks! After that we went to meet my parents to go to Melt-The World Cafe at the Oriental hotel. It took me an hour to realise that it wasn't presumptous of them to serve their food in such small plates and pots for people to take, because in a super-buffet as this, you're gonna have to stick with the minutest portions of each dish if you're going to cover everything in the restaurant you wish to try. I tell you, the Desserts had a section entirely to themselves, as well as approximately 6-7 waiters and waitresses staffing the section. The space it took up was about the size used for a decent buffet in not-much-smaller restaurants. Highlight was, of course, the chocolate fountains. They had waffle, honeydew, red and green grapes, and marshmallows to dunk, all sitting ready on satay sticks. The milk chocolate got a four-tier fountain, the dark chocolate a six-tier fountain.

Well I'm not complaining.

At the end of it I was just dead. I found myself stoning every two minutes. But I'll be wanting to go back soon.

After that we went back to Suntec Convention Centre because Chan Brothers were allotted some tickets to a particular flight to Taiwan that my mom and her sisters were interested in. After a long wait where we (Sandra and Katy-jie, bro and me) sat at lovely rattan armchairs one floor down, they came down announcing that Chan Brothers have run out of tickets.

Don't even know how to tell waiting customers. Dicks.

The two Jies stayed behind as they were waiting for Sandy-jie's mom, my Aunt Margaret, and we went on to Paragon to go to SIA's head office direct to purchase the said tickets. When we got there they said they were closed. I was in a bad mood as I had exhausted most of my energy following them around. My mom was saying

What time do you close?! We came all the way...
5pm, ma'am.
[time check - 5:05]

Man I tell you... Anyway the lady said that the flight was most probably sold out, but gave my mom a call centre number to try, as well as quite alot of useful information.

Finally got home, and for once I wasn't interrupted in my activities for something as miserably unimportant as dinner. At night Ben and Ryan and Jill and Daphne and Joshua and Hui Jie and Yuan Hui and even Ching Hui all wished me Happy Birthday, for which I am all deeply grateful thanks guys. Oh and Bernard too. Lovely bulletin on Friendster.

Oh yeah.

Daphne called me on Friday because apparently I was hardly online anymore. Well I am busy, believe it or not. I got sooo many things on my mind that sigh I hardly sign in for a decent amount of time. She told me, to my surprise, that there was someone who posted something nasty about her in my tagboard.

I won't go into it today, it's late and I am far too tired. But you're gonna get it tomorrow.

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