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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Rough night with my parents last night. They told me to sleep and I refused. Well actually I'd slept at 8+ then woken up at 11.30+ and unable to sleep. And can't sleep = computer.

So I happened to be playing Quidditch when Dad came in. He told me no games.

'It's the holidays!'
'So? I don't want any computer games in my house.'

It was beyond all reason.

'Try me and I'll pull the [wireless] adapter off.'

So? Off lor. Hey I'd rather forfeit one match than my Internet connection. Fair enough. And when he saw that I still did not turn the com off after awhile, he flicked the router switch off. I was getting very impatient with this behaviour. Not that it was a problem. It was past midnight and there was an unsecured network from one of our neighbours with a fairly good signal strength (50%). In 10 minutes I was connected to the world again. But I stopped my chat with Kaiyan and finished up inputing the fanfic into MS Word.

As usual I woke up just in to see Mom off for work (10.30). After yesterday I didn't want to play games while Dad was around, so I watched Dracula 2000. Damn its a good show. But Esplanade library movies aren't censored, so we got fuck all over the place. Bleah. I wasn't amused when in one scene the vampiress said very huskily 'I can even see your cock through your pants.' It would have been quite funny if not for the fact that my dad was there wearing his shirt preparing to go out. Fortunately all he said was, 'Ahaha. This kind of show...' And there just had to be that scene when the guy shouts, 'Never! FUCK! With! An! Antiques! DEALER!!'

Dad kept quiet.

After he left I turned the volume up and finished the movie. I decided I would content myself with Quidditch. When I pressed the icon, the message popped up.

Windows is searching for QWC.exe... to find it yourself click Browse.

I couldn't believe it. Then I realised. It was true that my Recycle Bin hadn't been empty the day before. I checked my Add/Remove Programs list. Every single installed game was wiped clean out.

I could not control it. I had held my rage for too long. I flung the mouse away. And for the first time in a long while, I lost it.

I screamed. Screamed like a mad woman. Screamed at the computer. Screamed into my hands. Screamed and yell everywhere. I just could not release it all. I screamed and screamed and screamed and sobbed and cried and exhausted myself out. I hid under the blanket and drifted in and out of sleep.

Suddenly the phone rang. Someone was saying 'Hello? Hello hello?' before putting down. I immediately grabbed my handphone. There!

Missed call, message received.

The call was an unfamiliar number. The message was Ryan.

Hey wanna go out with us. I think we're watching a movie or something. Lol.

I immediately rang Ryan. The second time he picked up. 3 o'clock. Dhoby Ghaut.

I rushed to grab a towel to bathe. But before that I called my mom's office.

'Mom you busy?'
'Very. Why?'
'Did you know that daddy uninstalled all my games?'
'Daddy! He removed all my games?'
'Yes my... Computer games, mom...'
'Anyway my friends are meeting at three can I go?'
'Do what?'
'Dunno... Just... Meet lor.'
'Ah ok go go go.'

I rushed to bathe and change and zoomed out of the house. Sure enough as I had predicted, I left my water bottle behind. I made sure I got a jacket though. I don't care if I'm thicker than an Eskimo's coat I always get chilled in cinemas. In the end I met Ryan first and we went up to Zone-X. I had the card, but what the hell. The games were all so expensive. I passed Ryan his phone charger which he had left at the chalet, as well as The Great Dictator DVD. That is one DVD I don't regret buying. And it was cheap too. The catch? Chinese subtitles. Bleah.

We met Ben and Elton and we went up to Plaza Sing. I bought the Taiwan Crispy Chicken, and when Ryan smelt it he was so hypnotised that in the end he finished about a good third of the packet... When we got up to GV we noticed that The Maid was getting the biggest posters and most publicity. But that didn't prepare us for the bleach-white mannequin in a red dress and veil and shoes. I was like whoa! and Ben was like aiyoh... Elton was (what's new) FUCK! and Ryan got totally freaked by it hahaha. Like I told Ben, it was a pity I didn't have my camera with me. I could have used a few publicity photos with my dream bride.

We were deciding between Valiant and Bewitched and we settled on Bewitched because not surprisingly only Ryan and I thought it was worth watching. On the other hand only Ryan and I heard of bad reports about Bewitched. While waiting for 4.35 (it was 4) we went down to where else... Yamaha so that Ben could check out his coolshit-emo-dude guitars. Nothing special. Reasonable design, overpriced, overweight. Nah.

Picked a large Coke up before we went into the theatre. Earlier we'd gone down to Carrefour and Ben had gotten what else... Sushi to eat, stowed in my bag. Before the show had started I'd already finished half my cup of Coke. And that was counting the ice in as well. Bummer. Also before the show started I had my sweater on.

Bewitched was funny. But it was surface comedy. No prods at anyone, no satirical stuff... Easy to forget. Choc Factory got 4, so I'm gonna give this a 3. In case you'll ever be bothered, Madagascar gets 4.5.

So after the movie Elton decided to pang seh us for one of his friends. Three of us went to Han's for dinner and I got my Quidditch disc back from Ryan. It's already been reinstalled, thanks. Fish n Chips there suck. For $8.50. At Aranda it was solid stuff for $7+. But then this was a set so...

As Ryan was eating the watermelon he decided that it was the right time to make the comment that it was interesting to see watermelon seeds in your shit.

And then Ben decided to add on that since shit was so fertile there must be a watermelon plantation in the sewers, and that farmers were selling those very watermelons back to you.

Can't you always trust these two to make your dinner unforgettable?

After that we went to Paradiz Centre to play arcade. We put $5 each. We intended to spend three each on World Combat. But Ryan's gun was out of order, and either through sheer concentration or luck, I was promoted to corporal while Ben who was supposed to be a marksman after all was Private 1st Class. In your face!
However he still beat me in Time Crisis II. Was fun. Ben held on while we quickly took over when one of us died and slotted another 50 cents to continue the game. When we got to more than halfway through the third and final stage Ben decided to give up. Dick. We then played racing three times. First time my accelerator couldn't work. Second time my wheel wasn't working properly and was oversensitive. Third time we had a decent race at last. Ben's car was knocked left and right by Ryan in the second race, which sent him flipping and crashing to Losersville, and the third race I smashed him the first time and then Ryan finished him off. Both times I came in second. Loller. Our last three bucks we spent on a sniping game, which once again I proved ultimately to be the top (4th... Ben was 8th and Ryan 6th... Wheeeee). But seriously, Ben and Ryan's hands were I think too shaky. If I missed a shot it was because the bloody target suddenly shifted to the left. Biatch.

Thus one of the bad days of my life turned out fun. Thank you God. Love ya always. Hell if I blew my $30. Ha.

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