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Sian Diao
Thursday, August 11, 2005

I am hereby convinced that the air-con filters in SIM require some cleaning and maintainence.

Sigh sorry people it's been awhile but I simply hadn't have time to blog. Aside from the fact that I have been playing Quidditch and Liero I also have had to study for my finals.

OK National Day was great. I spent the whole day stoning over music. But of course this year (and I hope for the rest of Singapore history) NDP's become nationwide, and so we had a mini-Padang right outside our house. Ok well it wasn't really outside but it was very close. Just about 50m away in displacement (physics term: The closest possible distance between two points). At least I think it was displacement. So I was right here in front of the computer talking to Ben and pretending to study music, then I heard from the TV something like HAPPY BIRTHDAY SINGAPOOOORRREEE! I think, and the next thing I knew fireworks were banging left right centre just outside my doorstep. We all rushed out... Pretty small scale but they compensated with inventiveness... A few clever patterns here and there. So the fireworks stopped and we all went back to our lives. So there I was talking to Ben again. We had barely exchanged four sentences in all when the second round of fireworks were let off. And in three seconds we were all crowded at the door again, with me trying to undo all the blasted security measures as quickly as possible. As for the live telecast, I didn't even sit through the Parade. Year after year it's the same freaking thing in the same freaking order with the same freaking music. Sigh.

Music exam... I am a failure I have lost two marks! Lucky I got my steady scores to back me up all the way... English seems I wrote ultimately the least, 700++, but I hear 800+ to 900 all over, except for one or two freaks like Hans and Thara who wrote four pages without leaving lines. That is 1400 the least least least... Sigh. Maths today was quite alright for all the worrying I have put myself through. At least all my answers seemed sensible. All the best for Econs tomorrow and then I am never gonna leave my computer alone for the weekend.

SIM air is dirty. The minute I walked into Room 2.01 I started sniffing, and by the time I walked out I had a full blown flu. Makes me feel very lucky that I wasted no time in revising Econs, even before Music. With the morning time tomorrow I should have enough revision to go well.

And really now, it can't be that I am pool master all of a freaking sudden. Why am I winning almost every game when I walk into the Games Room?! You guys aren't putting up a fight. Honestly. It's not very normal of me, I'm quite possessive of my winnings. But please make me feel like I'm a noob once again in the very near future ok? Please?

Final note: chalet. At present it is only Kaiyan, Elton, Ben, Graham and me, which if freaking pathetic lah please lah. Hans doesn't feel like going... Sining will be overseas... Kaijie just wants to stay at home and drink plenty of water... And Ryan... Well Ryan has a chalet, so I can't quite argue. But aww come on lah. Can't you just spend a couple of days away from home?! It really won't be any fun without you guys... :'(

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