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What Am I Doing?
Monday, August 22, 2005

I'm taking a long overdue break.

At 1am last night (fine this morning) I got the sudden inspiration and fire I haven't had in a long time. It's like food in RPG games, you know. Fine eat it and use the energy for whatever the hell you want... Running chatting fighting humping owning WHATEVER. But once it's gone, it's gone. And if you don't have more food in your backpack you better hope to hell you find some real soon.

I knew immediately what I could use my inspiration on.

Ok it isn't really inspiration. That is specific for that murder story or that medieval tale. More like a moment when a window of clarity so fine-tuned and sharp it could behead you if you weren't careful was opened, and you could use it in anyway you wanted until you have physically exhausted yourself, and then it will be closed once you let it go, and God knows when it'll open up again.

Anyhoo, I used my inspiration on the Draco-Hermione flick I spoke of soooo long ago. It's been sitting dormant under quite a heavy stack of books for too long, and in that moment, I knew I would finish the final battle scene in glorious triumph. Not that I would have completed the fanfic at last but I wanted to do that scene, and the last time I tried I was hopelessly stuck. And now true enough... 4 pages and one-third more, that should be about three pages of size 12 type. Bit short perhaps, but we'll see how my co-writer can expand it if ever it requires that.

Righto, on to other news.

I just feel that I am not doing enough for VS right now. Oh sure I'm maintaining the Wikipedia article, and I've volunteered for that mentoring thing. But I want a more active role in this.

Non-VS people you don't have to read this. You'll just think I need Woodbridge. Scroll down.

It's not just for the novelty of people noticing me in the frontline, hey I don't need that. But look. Bertrand has his promos coming up, so do Xiwei and Samuel and just about anyone else in JC. J. Sam I'm sure has the other facets of Jonaize.com to maintain, if not his poly stuff as with Isa and Farand. But they all seem to be doing some sort of work for the petition and all. It is jus about the worst time possible for them for something this big to crop up. And here I am, on holiday, and sitting on my round arse doing nothing.

I want to do something.

Non-VS people. You read it after all.

Last note, visited the Esplanade library again at last. Borrowed 4 DVDs (I think I will concentrate on films this holiday). The Lion King 1.5, The Lion King 2, Dracula 2000, and Charlie Chaplin's Limelight. Some nice songs from LK2 which I immediately dug up from my bountiful sources. And as for Chaplin, this guy just gets better every-freaking-time dammit. I thought The Great Dictator was his best film. Limelight takes the more serious side of him. His swan song I believe. There was very little comedy, but rather thought-provoking. And he finally tries his hand at dying. It wasn't the best death I have seen, but it was a rather good one still. Now I shall have to find City Lights. Incidentally I also dug up the Limelight theme. Beautiful piece.

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