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New Phone!
Friday, September 30, 2005

Yes I got a new phone, finally. But first...

Today was a slack day. I slept late, and my parents left at 10.30, and I thought I would get some serious work done today. Got on my com, did my usual stuff... Gmail, checking my torrents, MSN, blah. I decided to collect raw info for my research paper on blogging, which really isn't much of a problem, because for me the process is really just doing a Yahoo search and then opening like every link on the page in a seperate window and creating a link to be accessed in my spare time. The only two articles I know and have read is Xiaxue's latest post Fucking Unfair(as of now anyway), and the e-version of the New Paper, Whack Whack Back. Yeah it is cheesy. Another email to Xiaxue after that pleading for an interview. Really, it would add so much weight to my paper, it'd be morbidly obese.

Heehee. Sorry.

Anyway after that I decided a game of Quidditch was in order. Damn I'm already rusty man. My Bulgaria vs Spain, those people nearly thrashed us with their Team Special Move, and our Seekers' boost level was like 40-60 in their favour. Maybe less for me.

Bulgaria won. Viktor Krum rules. 350-40. PwNeD. (^.^)v

After lunch I took to lying in bed and dreaming. I told myself. 1.30. Up and do Maths.

2 o'clock. Up and do Maths.

3 o'clock. Up and do Maths.

I got up at 4.

Forget it la... I played Lusternia until they came back, even then I actually played on until we left the house. Level 4 now. Still alot to go. But I found someone who could bring me to the mind-enhancing gateway necessary for Psionics (psychic powers). Once I level up once more and get 25 lessons, I shall go learn to fling people against the wall and Darth Vader them. WRAHHH!


Cool huh? Rather basic for today's standards (what else would you expect from my small budget) but a VGA cam with 640X480 is quite good for $68 liao. Plus I traded my old Nokia 3100 in, and that was $60, so effectively I paid $8. Weehehehe.

I'm determined to get used to Samsung, lifelong learning is my motto... But playing with my bro's Nokia 6101, I'm already beginning to miss Nokia's accessibility.

Nokia 6101

Lifelong learning comes at a price sometimes. Food for thought.

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Blogging about Blogging
Thursday, September 29, 2005

Yesterday's post to be continued tomorrow. I can't bear to word the whole session out just now. Tired leh.

English. Our quiz today. Mrs James said to use our two articles to...

1) Annotate
2) Paraphrase one paragraph
3) Summarise one paragraph
4) Highlight possible quotes and briefly explain why and how it would be useful in your paper

Hmmm that's fine. Except for the fact that one of my articles was 6 pages long.

A rather good and detailed article on English - The Universal Language of the Internet? . Author is Finnish, but his English is impeccable.

I used individual paragraphs. When I handed up my stuff, I spoke to Mrs James about using blogging as my subject. A short history of blogging, how it changed cyber-communication; as we knew it, and as we know it now, talking about the recent persecution of authors of blogs with 'offensive' comments, and the argument that a blog is your space on the Net. No one dictates what you are to write, and what you are not.

She okayed it. I'll have to start cracking soon. A great post from Xiaxue regarding the recent persecutions, save it was laden with the most colourful and glittering vulgarities I've seen. Well you aren't too imaginative when you're pissed. Anyway I'll want to be using that for my essay. Perhaps an interview with her too.

Maths - another intensive session with a PMSing Prof. There was this weird high pitched sound that just popped up from the silence and suddenly people in our row were staring at Jill. The class started giggling. From nowhere the Prof sprang his bitch attack.

'I don't find it funny... I think is immature. Is not funny.' he said, frowning disapprovingly.


After that a short discussion on our Comms question of the week and we were done.

Before Maths we had time so Ryan and I played one-on-one pool. He would have won if the cueball didn't go in along with the black ball. In terms of shots, I did all the nice ones. Can't wait to get my gloooovvvveee!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Screwed up start to my day (actually alot of people's day) because of the Comms test. I switched papers with Rocky so that he would have the same paper as.... I dunno William or Kaijie. Anyway it was screwed up all the same.

Name two advantages of ambiguous language.

[stare at paper sadly]
[bullshitting skills kick in]

It does not let the audience define your stand, therefore allowing you to remain 'neutral'.

It allows you to confuse your audience.

I'm getting bad at this.

Briefly describe and give an example of a non-verbal 'adaptor'.


Well that's enough. Let's just say it would be a miracle to get more than 2 marks. Out of 10.

Sigh must study liao.

Peggy Su was being a real bimbo when she insisted that Amanda and gang get one seat apart when there were very clearly no more seats available. She kept insisting Kevin said, Kevin said... So what if Saddam Hussein says so, stupid? No more seats means no more seats la what the hell. As if it wasn't bad enough Peggy Su was acting cute like some sad puppy. Giving the forlorn eyes and sad little pout. Maybe she has good practice every night... she does that when her husband says 'no'.

My my. Good stuff for a libel suit hmm?

Sigh before the test she was suggesting would we like to start our next lecture topic. After we had finished the test she said we could go. At 9.44am.

End-of-term lecturer's evaluation. You watch out.

On the other hand 45minutes gave the Biz Ad people a good amount of time before Macroecons to chill. I met Zhi Baoling Pam and Freddy at one of the benches and decided to seat with them. And then they asked about the story of Daphne/Stone, the whole deal. So I excused myself to go do my hair (secret: apparently wetting your hands and mixing that little bit of water with wax gives your hair a wet look... so the guys observed. They kept asking why I wet my hair.) and then came back took a deep breath... ...

I'm too tired. I'll finish the story tomorrow.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Three posts in one day... Originally I wanted to put it in my previous post, but when I remembered I had already published it, and on second thought I think this deserves a post of its own.

As Kaiyan so poignantly put it, this is Singapore. Nothing is free. No free food, no freeloading off the government, no free housing, no fre education, no freedom of speech. I suppose that is a small (or is it that small?) price to pay for economic, social and political stability. Personally I'd rather have the Singapore government than some government who has strikes and protests for lunch.

The article on the boy who got public caning for flaming a school teacher angered me and the others at first, but on closer inspection, it was plain stupid of him to hack into a teacher's account and then flame him. On the school's forum.

How dumb can top-school students get?

However, the three JC students, among many many others, who were sought out by the discipline department to be suspended and told to remove the offensive comments?

Firstly, what the hell are you doing reading your students' blogs? I have seen teachers spend every second of their available time frantically marking towering stacks of exercise books. And these teachers have time to look up students' blogs and be sad about the terrible comments made by their favourite student?

Secondly, the blog, while also used as a medium of entertainment towards a selected audience, it is primarily an online journal to, as I have said about four times now, create a worded snapshot of a particular point in your life, before it melts away to join forgotten memories. Punishing a student for something said on their blog is equivalent to discovering a student's private diary she left under the table, where she wrote that her maths teacher was a fugly biatch, and punishing her for that comment. It's her bloody diary, dammit, what business have you to read it without her permission?

The blog is freely accessible to anyone. But apart from your friends who know your blog address anyone else who stumbles upon your page is most likely a stranger from halfway across the world. Unless someone decides to be a bastard and sabotages the author (in which case you shouldn't be persecuting the author either), if the flamed person happens upon that blog, he or she should know that the nasty comment was not meant to be read by him or her. And of course as Kaiyan said the idiot should be reflecting on why the nasty comment was made. If it was made because the author is an immature asshole then why do you bother yourself with it? If it was made by a normal student then for goodness' sake reflect on what you did, whether your were unfair or unreasonable. It's bad enough that the teacher runs to the discipline department to handle this, and worse that the discipline department actually follows up on this case and punishes the student.

Please. If it's face you're worried about, go stick a mask on so it won't fall off.

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X Marks the Spot

English wasn't too bad although we were (as usual) surprised to know our midterms were a freaking two weeks away. Sigh I don't know shit man.

Anyhoo we started on concept essay today. Looks easier than profile, with quite abit to ramble about. Especially since I will be doing the topic of Existentialism -vs- Nihilism. Oh yes I will. I am armed with some notes, good Net research skills, and a whole lot of bullshitting skills I picked up from Literature. On the other hand, I still have yet to settle on my topic for the research paper. Time's running out!

Maths was interesting, although I have some practice to do to reinforce my concepts it should be fine. Poor Hans for some reason never learnt differentiation and is hyperventilating every Maths lesson. At least he has G. Well, we all do.

After that lunch where we were lucky enough to find seats before we started da-baoing. Over lunch we (Hans, Kaiyan, Kaijie, me) heard about how Daphne doesn't consider Kaiyan her friend anymore. So tell me again why I'm not surprised?

A great World Civ discussion class today. After ploughing through the usual dilly-dallying and TCS (if you want to know ask <----) we were informed that we had a groupwork lecture to do for the whole cohort. As in we formed groups of five and chose one of the given chapters from our textbook, prepare a presentation and present it to the whole class as a lecture. Hans immediately piped, 'Renhao?' and I nodded. I rapped Kaiyan's table softly and said 'Oi.' and he nodded. Then I waved at Ben and he nodded. Then I said 'G?' and G nodded. Half a minute. Our group was formed. We decided on Imperial China because Hans's mom who has a degree in Chinese Language or something has valuable materials for us. And I can find the (stunning) pictures. Later Hans was saying if only we had the same group for all PW, it would be so much easier, because we could do it all in one intensive session. Oh well. Too late. But today thanks to G's genius we found out Ben's weak spot. Hans was saying something about Ben's dick and Ben very carelessly said 'Hit it la.' and stood up. I finished reading the (sparse) comments on Hans's A4 sized World Civ journal, closed the book, and swung it straight into his crotch.

I think he was out of air for a few seconds, while Hans Graham and me we laughing our way to a stomachache. Graham was like 'Ouch... does that hurt?' LOL... Doctor ah... You want to try?

Ben managed to squeak out a feeble 'Fuck you...' at me. Took him quite some time to recover. After that having not learnt his lesson, as per normal, he started gaying and running his finger along Graham's arm. Until Graham's finally couldn't take it and did that nuclear bomb thing on Ben's knee, which sent him into a huge laughing fit and a case of paranoia temporia. Loser. Lol.

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Fantasie Impromptu

The Biatch Song
to the tune of I'm A Little Teapot

I'm a little bi-atch, with no dong;
My Chinese name is Tak Sum Bong.
People say my face looks like a gong;
ain't gonna stick 'round this place for long.

Sorry. Just couldn't bear to let it pass.

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Monday, September 26, 2005

I am seriously running out of good titles.

Slightly-better-than-average start to the week. My hair received mixed response. Daphne said it looked so cute like Mort (everything short and curly looks like Mort). The others generally agreed that it didn't quite suit me because it was too short and spiking it just isn't much of a hairstyle change. I'll try a sweep-back tomorrow.

I'm getting quite tired of going on about every Comms lesson. It is the same everytime - boring and of no use. Everyone talks. At least in Jaffar's class last term he was funny and we learnt stuff. After that Hans and I went to the student lounge. We had originally thought of Mambo, but we had that World Civ quiz later, so we decided to pass today. Played three games of good pool with Hans. I won the last one... Then it was Comms PW discussion. Bernard was having Econs so he couldn't come... No much of a problem really. We could just inform him of his task later. For today we had a good discussion and settled on a detailed case study on ASEAN and the ineffectiveness of its non-interventionist policy. If you don't understand what I just said, don't worry. You're just normal. On the other hand, I'd still expect my main audience to have at least a foggy idea of what it means. Here's a hint, although I don't see much point in giving it: break down the words. I volunteered for the task of digging up history files on the League of Nations (useful in our context as the first international forum) and ASEAN. Bernard is with me because according to Graham he likes researching history too. As for the other three they'll work on the problems and solutions.

UGC quiz. My worst so far. Alot of guesswork, some quite sure, some just stabbing in the dark. The lecture itself would have been good if Kaiyan didn't draw attention to the two of us by mumbling all the time. Oh well.

Maths consultation after that which isn't so much a consultation as a one-hour extra practice session. That biatch of a Chinaman is more cunning than we think. As Hans pointed out with so few people in a 100+ seat lecture theatre he could well put like four spaces between each of us during the tests so we have almost zero chance of copying and downloading as per normal. Quiz is next week.

After maths I waited to collect my precious differentiation notes from Ben because I didn't want to risk his leaving it at home. So important. Had a one-on-one at Mambo with Hans. Significantly increased number of good well aimed shots, but still kena thrashed and in need of a few months more intensive practice or a couple years more regular practice. It's now standard fare for me to ask for a premium cue and a glove.

Came home to home-made spaghetti, yum yum, and Dad just walked in with... well I dunno. Some uber heaty, uber yummy snack la. Lol.

The tables will soon be turned.

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Saturday, September 24, 2005

My first visit. I was prepared by washing, where the assistant just squirted some cool viscous liquid on my head and rubs abit and suddenly I have a full head of foam.

Washing now.
Ok... [stays in seat]
... ...
[from behind the curtain] Please come to the back for washing.

By the time she was done I realised I had super silky hair. I was wondering what sort of miracle instant conditioner they used. By the time Katy-jie's hair was finished my hair was dry enough to cut. This woman doesn't look like she's snipping alot of hair, but when she combs it's as if God emptied a huge basin of cut hair over our heads. Weird. The woman next to me was getting rebonded, and had that big steamer over her head. Soon I was sent for rinsing in the back again, and then blowed dry (that really sounds wrong, but moving right along...). The hairdresser styled my hair with wax, but you don't really call it styling when its just spiking your hair all over do you? Sigh never mind I'll have to think of another style. Walked around Far East for sometime with the two jies then to Taka shopping for their bags. I should have gone home straight, there was nothing much out there. But oh well saw some interesting stuff too. Stupid bro called me to lie that we were phone shopping tonight and I better come home early. Just because you can't wait for your damn phone...

At Taka the jies were looking for stuff in the ladies section while I looked at the men's section and tried on a few coats that made me look...... Wow. Just wow.

I want money. Plenty of it.

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This Life Can Be Quite Happening
Thursday, September 22, 2005

Yes indeed.

Profuse apologies to my loyal fanbase. Due to the first wave of assignments and also lack of happening stuff I haven't found the time nor forced myself to blog as I would have a couple of weeks ago. But now the first wave is over and I'm in the mood for blogging. And I'm free.

The first waves of attacks have been launched and as Kaiyan said there are more to come. He's been seriously ouch-ly direct on his blog, haven't you Kaiyan? But how many more I wonder? Just how long more can this last? I think the story at the end of this post will best illustrate my thoughts, and give all you people some serious food for thought. Chasing Daphne out is one thing. Whooping her ass like that is abit off-tangent, no? I know I told you about it. I regret it now. I'm not a wuss (no, really). I just made a wrong move again. Ok but don't skip the rest and go to the story just yet. I have other stuff to say.

My eczema is not getting any better. Well it does fade with constant application of cream, but somehow I always neglect it somewhere near an 80% cure and allow it to return to its original condition. Biatch. I shall finish my cream and then no choice but to see doctor again. Sian la go Skin Centre again. If I don't get much better by then, I think I will have to resort to short-term steroids (say 6 weeks?). My Christian brothers and sisters, I don't often do prayer requests in this public-announcement manner, but do pray for me that I'll be better by the time my cream runs out, or that at least I don't have to suffer the effects of steriods if I have to take it (weight gain, increased appetite... as if I not unhealthy enough).

Next thing that comes to mind is that I am currently downloading Fatal Frame 2. I have also gotten a free xBox emulator off the Net. Took abit of searching, but there you have it. I mean, I have always been scared of piracy laws, but well, this is sort of a try out to 1) test the game so I can get the original if I want, and 2) see just how fast my com is. Because xBox games require a rather high processor speed not to mention graphic cards. I think it won't work. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Graham and I had one-on-one pool on Wednesday. And he taught me placing and siding. Hmmm I already can get the ball where I want it (roughly), but much more practice for accuracy of where the cue ends up. Thanks shifu. Lol.

Going to some really famous hairstylist at Far East tomorrow. So famous we couldn't have our appointment last Saturday because she was fully booked. Anyway I hope its a one-off thing. I don't enjoy having people pay like 60 bucks for my hair every month, much less paying myself.

Mano has an Egyptian Book of the Dead with hieroglyphics, its phoenitic translation, and English translation. Once Gaylene is done with it I'll see whether I can borrow from Mano for the semester. Hehe. Gonna be a big help in my research paper.

1st October - Going to Hans's Singapore Metal Fest 2005 gig at The Substation, my first metal gig! I will be bringing earplugs. My first gig at The Third Place with Ben his bassist Anthea and her friend as well as my friend Justin wasn't exactly auditorily fun for me. Much less a metal gig. Rudra organised it, but since I can't and won't stay till 10, I doubt I'll see them play, if they even do, cos Hans told me Kannan told him that Rudra won't be playing, so... Oh well it'll be an experience.

4th Oct - Ryan's coming over to Tampines Lighthouse for something. But never mind what matters is that he returns to Tampines and finally someone from SIM comes to my house! Yayzer.

Okie story time... presenting:

The Wemmicks

The Wemmicks were small wooden people.

Each of the wooden people was carved by a woodworker named Eli. His workshop sat on a hill overlooking their village.

Every Wemmick was different. Some had big noses, others had large eyes. Some were tall and others were short. Some wore hats, others wore coats. But all were made by the same carver and all lived in the village.

And all day, every day, the Wemmicks did the same thing: They gave each other stickers.

Each Wemmick had a box of golden star stickers and a box of gray dot stickers. Up and down the streets all over the city, people could be seen sticking stars or dots on one another. The pretty ones, those with smooth wood and fine paint, always got stars. But if the wood was rough or the paint chipped, the Wemmicks gave dots.

The talented ones got stars, too. Some could lift big sticks high above their heads or jump over tall boxes. Still others knew big words or could sing very pretty songs. Everyone gave them stars.
Some Wemmicks had stars all over them! Every time they got a star it made them feel so good that they did something else and got another star.

Others, though, could do little. They got dots.

Punchinello was one of these. He tried to jump high like the others, but he always fell. And when he fell, the others would gather around and give him dots.

Sometimes when he fell, it would scar his wood, so the people would give him more dots.

He would try to explain why he fell and say something silly, and the Wemmicks would give him more dots.

After a while he had so many dots that he didn't want to go outside. He was afriad he would do something dumb such as forget his hat or step in the water, and then people would give him another dot. In fact, he had so many gray dots that some people would come up and give him one without reason.

"He deserves lots of dots," the wooden people would agree with one another. "He's not a good wooden person."

After a while Punchinello believed them. "I'm not a good wemmick," he would say.

The few times he went outside, he hung around other Wemmicks who had a lot of dots. He felt better around them.

One day he met a Wemmick who was unlike any he'd ever met. She had no dots or stars. She was just wooden. Her name was Lulia.

It wasn't that people didn't try to give her stickers; it's just that the stickers didn't stick. Some admired Lulia for having no dots, so they would run up and give her a star. But it would fall off. Some would look down on her for having no stars, so they would give her a dot. But it wouldn't stay either.

"That's the way I want to be," thought Punchinello. "I don't want anyone's marks." So he asked the stickerless Wemmick how she did it. "It's easy," Lulia replied. "every day I go see Eli."


"Yes, Eli. The woodcarver. I sit in the workshop with him."


"Why don't you find out for yourself? Go up the hill. He's there."

And with that the Wemmick with no marks turned and skipped away.

"But he won't want to see me!" Punchinello cried out. Lulia didn't hear. So Punchinello went home. He sat near a window and watched the wooden people as they scurried around giving each other stars and dots. "It's not right," he muttered to himself. And he resolved to go see Eli.

He walked up the narrow path to the top of the hill and stepped into the big shop. His wooden eyes widened at the size of everything. The stool was as tall as he was. He had to stretch on his tiptoes to see the top of the workbench. A hammer was as long as his arm. Punchinello swallowed hard. "I'm not staying here!" and he turned to leave.

Then he heard his name.

"Punchinello?" The voice was deep and strong.

Punchinello stopped.

"Punchinello! How good to see you. Come and let me have a look at you."

Punchinello turned slowly and looked at the large bearded craftsman. "You know my name?" the little Wemmick asked.

"Of course I do. I made you."

Eli stooped down and picked him up and set him on the bench. "Hmm," the maker spoke thoughtfully as he inspected the gray circles. "Looks like you've been given some bad marks."

"I didn't mean to, Eli. I really tried hard."

"Oh, you don't have to defend yourself to me, child. I don't care what the other Wemmicks think."

"You don't?"

"No, and you shouldn't either. Who are they to give stars or dots? They're Wemmicks just like you. What they think doesn't matter, Punchinello. All that matters is what I think. And I think you are pretty special."

Punchinello laughed. "Me, special? Why? I can't walk fast. I can't jump. My paint is peeling. Why do I matter to you?"

Eli looked at Punchinello, put his hands on those small wooden shoulders, and spoke very slowly. "Because you're mine. That's why you matter to me."

Punchinello had never had anyone look at him like this...much less his maker. He didn't know what to say. "Every day I've been hoping you'd come," Eli explained.

"I came because I met someone who had no marks."

"I know. She told me about you."

"Why don't the stickers stay on her?"

"Because she has decided that what I think is more important than what they think. The stickers only stick if you let them."


"The stickers only stick if they matter to you. The more you trust my love, the less you care about the stickers."

"I'm not sure I understand."

"You will, but it will take time. You've got a lot of marks. For now, just come to see me every day and let me remind you how much I care."

Eli lifted Punchinello off the bench and set him on the ground.

"Remember," Eli said as the Wemmick walked out the door. "You are special because I made you. And I don't make mistakes."

Punchinello didn't stop, but in his heart he thought, "I think he really means it."

And when he did, a dot fell to the ground.

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Sunday, September 18, 2005

All's well.

Everything's fine now, everyone's happy. I hope.

However I will not remove the blog posts. Nor the tags.

Even though my usual posts are often crafted to entertain my loyal fanbase, they serve first and foremost as a worded picture, a snapshot of each day of my life, penned to be preserved forever while it was still fresh. Unless it is potentially incriminating, and unless it doesn't contain anything of much importance to me, I will not delete the post.

Because this is my blog. My Internet diary. And I write whatever comes to my mind that I find funny or at least interesting. That includes jokes at the expense of my friends. If you really are that narrow to find it unforgivably insulting, then perhaps you should look for another blog. Honestly.

Trust me when I say I know very well what I am doing.

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Well, that's that.

It would have come, sooner or later.

But that fact did not stop it from ending rather blotchily did it?(",)

There are certain things I feel I must come clean on, if not for the victim, then for my own selfish need of trying to lessen my guilt. Oh yes I am guilty. And I will explain why.

I have been too nice to you, Daphne. I could have treated you coldly, made snide remarks hoping you'd get a clue that you weren't welcome in our group, but I didn't. I kept the act up that you were a real friend to me, and laughed and talked with you. For that I am sorry.

Perhaps this will send you into another crying bout, but I must say it. I am not sorry to see you leave, Daphne. Your character doesn't suit our group at all. Not in the least, I'm afraid. However, I am sorry that it had to end the particular way it ended. But since you did not, or did not want to notice our growing animosity towards you, it would then only be a matter of time before the tide would come against you and sweep you away.

For that, I am sorry.

I suppose a part of me wanted more and more for you to realise the truth, and ended up blatantly mentioning Stone when you didn't seem to get it. At all. So now I seem to be the one behind all this. I am not.

I suppose I am a coward, trying to shrug off responsibility for what I did. I don't know.

All the best in your future endeavours.

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Saturday, September 17, 2005

I'm sick and tired of all this bullshit.

An oft-used line. And I know why. Even before I knew what I was saying, even before I knew how many actors had hissed those lines, I was thinking it. It's just so natural.

But I am. I am sick and tired of all this bullshit.

I will never know what was exchanged between my father and Sandra-jie yesterday, when she called to speak to him about the guitar. Not at least till Sunday.

But I'm sick and tired of being chained to my parents' ideals about my life. What I should and should not do. What I can and can not do. I don't care what they think. I am only thankful that they had given me an opportunity by enrolling me in such an expensive course. But they have no right to dictating how the hell I should do my work and when I should do it. Especially since they have admitted to obviously not knowing the system as well as I do. It's no use insisting that you know what is best for me. As you have said so yourself, you don't. You fucking well don't, so don't try to act like you do. Because in any case you make bad actors.

First the guitar, then I get the flu, then all this old quarrels start surfacing and weighing me down. I am just sick and tired. Physically sick and mentally tired. It took me the whole day to recount the previous post. And I forgot to mention that I had unknowingly stringed my guitar in a left-hand order until it was far too late. That is totally fucked up. If anything I shall have to spend more money on new strings. Again. And new pegs too.

I'm so very sick and tired of all this bullshit. Can't a month run perfectly past my life without screwing it up for me?

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Mashed into the Ground
Friday, September 16, 2005

Tennis with Ben, KJ and LKY. It was much easier to pick up than badminton, because the speed of the game was relatively slower and allowed for more reaction time. Also I used a smaller lighter racquet that allowed a harder swing. Of course I often use too much power and the ball just flies and slams into the opposite wall. But practice makes perfect I suppose. As usual Kaiyan comes up with a totally fucked up idea of miss the shot = 1 push up. I earned 13. Next time round I may have no choice but to be a bitch and refuse to play. Before and after tennis we briefly played Burnout Takedown 3 on the xBox. It was really good. No wonder Ryan refused to go home that night of the BBQ.

As a result of tennis I missed the UGC video on the Life of Egyptians. I think I will borrow the disc from the lecturer... if she allows. Kaiyan asked me to accompany him to the new library to check out the science of Fibonacci Numbers for his profile essay. Yeah, it's weird isn't it? Thought so. But I insisted on dropping by SIM to deliver something for my father to his colleague in the Business and Financial Trading (BFS) course, so Kaiyan agreed to drop by there, for fear of being majorly pang seh-ed. At the UB booth we saw that many people had signed up for student council: Derek, Daphne, Weiyang, Amanda, José, Zhi, Bernard... Lol Stone and Stoner. And together they'll drool the world.


So after that we flagged another cab to the library. Kaiyan was rather impressed by the sheer height of the building and architecture, that he pretty much didn't hear me relay what I had heard from my father. One floor for lending, a three-storey drama centre, and 8 floors of reference. Every bookworm's dream isn't it? Kaiyan finally cleared his fine (well actually his maid's fine) of more than three years of $45.40. Sigh the sheer ease. I don't care whether that was my money or my father's. If I had been the one paying I would have been sobbing as noisily as I could with my finger trembling hesitantly over the Enter button for my PIN code. I wanted to explore the Rare Materials Collection, but it stated Authorised Personnel Only, and we weren't quite sure what defined authorised personnel, so we went back down to the Arts and Sciences Reference on the 8th floor. Kaiyan selected a book on photography while I piled up on Ancient Egyptian art, and there we spent the rest of our time.

Back at Bras Basah Complex, Art-Friend does have round-tipped pliers essential for the wire-art I have taken an interest in. However they only had wires of one thin size (0.5mm) where as I wanted thicker, more voluminously significant wires of 2mm thickness. I shall visit IMM one of these days, when I get enough money (soon, I hope) to go to that shop where Kaiyan got his wires from. Also judging from Art-Friend the round-tip pliers don't come too cheap at a price of $12.80. We shall see. After that for the first time I entered Swee Lee's to take a look at the bass guitars. One of the first I saw had seemingly thinner strings, and this was confirmed when I saw the ridiculously thick last string that was more common in bass guitars. If ever I had to make a decision without Hans's advice, I would have taken the thinner-stringed guitar. The thick string seriously looked like it could transcend the bottom of the human hearing range.

Finding nothing of my interest, quite obviously, I went up to GuitarWorks and asked about my problem. I was overjoyed when I was supplied with the part in question, and paid ten bucks for a piece of ivory, or something much cheaper of that texture and look. After consulting an Internet page I started restringing.

I'll spare you the details.

It didn't quite work out.

Time and again I am brought back to Earth, back to square one, that my guitar was beyond repair. The (replaceable) saddle had fallen off. The pegs were old and heavily spotted, two of which had broken off. The neck string bridge was chipped, and I had cut a crude groove to accomodate the 6th string (bass). A part of the neck was actually cracked. Time and again I was reminded that some part of me could well be destroyed if ever any part of the guitar gave way and snapped. Once again I found myself asking Sandra-jie for advice, and invariably concluding with her promise to talk to my father again. I've gotten last term's results. What more does he want? My life? My soul? And as if I don't have enough to think and mull about, there is now the guilt that I had put Sandra-jie in a teetering position, and she has even then so willingly promised to try to cajole my father.

I am falling, once again, into an infinite darkness, and there is nothing, nothing to stop me.


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Buay hiao bai
Thursday, September 15, 2005

Excerpt from the KPKB Concise Hokkien-English Dictionary:

Buay (adv.): not
>Buay gām (adj.): not appropriate
>Buay giā (adj.): not afraid
>Buay giá (adj.): not moving
>Buay hiáo bpaì (adj.): having no shame [Abbr: BHB]
>Buay hiào (adj.): do not know
... ...

We were discussing about ice today and concluded (as with just about every other session) that it's only a matter of time before it melts. It didn't make a very good impression yesterday while we were jamming, so... Hans was saying it was more BHB than Bernard.

At lunch with G, KJ, Eko and Hans, Hans kept talking about how I liked ice until I gave him my fish eyes, and he started laughing his ass off. Biatch. Then he started off on his friend's friend who hooked up a whore and had it with her, then peed into her. At first we were all laughing our asses off, but then they started talking about what would have happened if the whore had taken him in the mouth... Until finally Eko said, 'Hans! Please! We're eating!'

We wanted to play pool, but when we went up, one table was out of order, and the other was taken by total pros. In the end it just turned into championships, and my God I would have been even more BHB to play while they were still there.

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Condemned to be Bassist
Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Just had Carl's Jr. for dinner; the super huge burgers... Dad bought back.

It's good, but I'd put it as a quarterly or even biannual treat sort of thing... Each meal costs close to $10, which is so not worth it considering you get an oversized burger, a few lumps of waffle-fries and a drink. But yeah it was huge. I opened my mouth disgustingly big to engage my double beef burger and I still managed to smear salad dressing on the sides of my mouth. It's that huge.

Now, on to today. Today was a whirl man.

First was Comm. Silly woman was useless as usual in getting us to settle down. She did put in extra effort today because Kevin was there to hawk-eye her. But it still didn't really work. Loser. By the time we settled down it was over 9.15, and she immediately set about distributing the term paper instructions, and after that the test booklets. She may not be very good with her mouth, but she was shrewd enough to jumble the questions as well as the order of options into three different test papers. And Rocky was like cursing away, 'Alurr-mak...,' (because he saw Kevin behind), 'liddat how to kopy sial... cheee-ken.'
She gave us half an hour to do 10 MCQs for goodness' sake. And all around me people were groaning and moaning because we all didn't quite study and weren't too sure with the answers. We soon found out however that by using logic we could derive the correct answers. So, hope for the best. After that the lecturer spent a harrowing 15 minutes (for her la) briefing us on the term paper. And then with less than 20 minutes left to go, she announced, 'And now on with today's lesson.' Immediately murmurs struck up, and she retorted, 'Yes there is.' One minute later...

Well, seeing that we are actually ahead of our schedule... I think... Yes... I'll let you off now for today... See you next week.

And with Kevin at the back, absorbing her every word.

I dunno what he'll do to her. I don't care if she's old and married, we are all going to screw her when it comes to the lecturer evaluation at the end of the term if she carries on like this.

Hans had invited me over to his house during the break when we were lolling around waiting for the retards (who takes half an hour? HONESTLY?!) to finish the test. I asked Graham too, because I knew that the three of us would have fun with guitars (in the ratio of 5:5:1). Graham originally declined saying he wanted to do research in the library, but he called me and said he would come. So we waited for him and I waved to him when I saw him cross the bridge. For some reason Daphne felt it was safe to lock herself in a room with three guys, and came along too. Much to Hans's amusement.

A blue Yamaha electric stood prominently in Hans's study room. The strings were rather severely rusted, in fact so was the whole pickup and bridge system, but it worked fine when I plugged it in.

Hans, is this your experimenting guitar?
Sort of, why?
Can I retune it?
Come Graham. Give me a C please.

So I redid it to my beloved CGCGC tuning. The two were more or less speechless, or maybe they saw a budding guitarist somewhere in the depths of my heart and didn't want to say anything to turn me off guitar forever. You never know.

While I was playing around with the whammy bar the first string snapped. 'As well,' I told the other two, 'I don't use first string anyway.' Sian diao.

Because it was a right-handed (aka normal) guitar, the cable clashed with my strumming hand, and I had to get in an awkward position to avoid resting on the cable and disconnecting my guitar from the amp. Graham was very surprised, even impressed that with such a ****ed tuning I could actually play More Than Words. But something kept going out of tune somewhere, so I clashed horribly with him and Hans. After awhile I just gave up and played bass on the last string.

Dude, you give up guitar and play bass la...
Wah laaauuuu....

Hans struck up a bossanova tune, and Graham joined in playing classical lead. Get this brother. Classical lead. Later they switched and Hans gave an improvised but nevertheless impressive solo (which lasted about 8 minutes hahaha). I played bass accurately (for once) and when we ended the song we were all whooping like Red Indians.

Suddenly Daphne piped up, 'Do you know how to play Like a Stone by Audioslave?'

Hans was howling and I nearly slid off my chair. Hans managed to gasp, 'I never thought I would hear that request.' before collapsing again. Soon he recovered and played the song.
In your house I long to be
Room by room patiently
I'll wait for you there
Like a stone I'll wait for you there

After that he was squealing again so hard that we stopped the song.

Later she asked if it was because of yesterday's incident when Benny stuck a piece of paper saying, 'I like to stone. I am a stoner.' on Bernard's back and snapped a picture.

Perceptiveness cannot be learnt. It is a gift. A talent.

Like a Stone. HAHAHAHA~

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Monday, September 12, 2005

More fun at Mambo today.

I was trying to slice the orange ball into the pocket. I took aim using the 2-part method Hans taught me last Wednesday in our one-on-one session. I took aim and fired. The cueball missed the orange ball by an inch and a half, rebounded, and darted straight into the opposite pocket. After that my morale dipped and I fired a few more amusing shots.

Everybody used the premium cue I rented for 50 cents. Not much, but it made a diff to my playing. I was getting rather tired of misfiring, so I borrowed a cue glove from the counter guy who was nice enough to let me use it for free, and used the locked-hole bridge. It was wonderful I tell you. Any fault was only because of aiming, not misfiring. Of course there are certain disadvantages of gloved playing: Your bridge does not have the firm frictional grip for awkward positions, and although I did not encounter it I should imagine it would be a nightmare to do a downward aim with that dreadful thing on. Normal bridging becomes too unstable with the glove... Not that it matters. With the glove there is one and only one method you need, and that is the most directionally accurate bridge you can ever have.

Gaylene went super fast for World Civ today. We could catch her of course, you would have to be a retard not to. But before we could even jot the notes down in our worst shorthand she jumped to the next slide. I should get full marks for the MCQ test though. Least least least least least 8/10.

COM 101 was even worse. That woman has apparently no sense at all of the principle of communications. She has a double degree and she can't even keep the class quiet for 10 minutes. And questions fired at her are almost invariably agreed with, and then disagreed with in the most obscure way possible. And it was impossible to catch definitions because she was rambling so damn fast, that before we could finish writing the definition for this aspect down she is on to the next.

After school ended I felt weird, nauseous and apparently very hungry. So I decided to have a nice dinner at Café Cartel at Raffles City, all alone. After a slow dinner while ploughing through a measly 5 pages of hieroglyphics transliterating pharaohs' names, I went for a walk round Raffles City, browsing in MPH. I noticed this shop for card games. These shops always interest me because they would almost always sell figurines, and I figured that there just might be a figurine I would like. There weren't any figurines I liked, but there were curious dices of more than six sides. There was even one triangular shaped one with four numbers only. Mmmm I'll get that one next time round. I didn't find it that appealing compared to the others I got, an 8-sided one, 10-sided one, 12-sided one, and a beautiful 20-sided one. Oooogh lourvlie... Mom called to snap abit at me for not wanting to come home, as well as to warn me of fierce lightning. On the train I observed a constant dark pattern of ominous grey clouds (no breaks of light in between), and fierce lightning all over, so I concluded that an enormous thunder cloud had passed over a good half of Singapore.

I find myself liking more and more to go on lone walks and lone dinners. I'm not a loner, I know very well I'm not. I enjoy being with people and laughing my ass off with them. But in these loner periods I enjoy thinking about my life, my future, setting my mind on what I think (know) I am here on this Earth for, and stuff like that. Am I discovering a new side of me, or has something that has been there, lying dormant all along, finally awakened?

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Reading Party
Sunday, September 11, 2005

After church today Sandy and Katy-jie and bro and me went to Pacific Coffee at One Raffles Link (that big water wheel place) for a reading 'party'. Sandy-jie had brought some notes on stocktrading, Katy-jie had some attitude thingy, Renjie had the Left Behind books that he should have finished reading for the second time long long ago.

As for me, as part of my, might I say, extensive research on Ancient Egypt (for my level anyway), I have borrowed, among 8 books in all, one on How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs. The one-consonant glyphs are easy to pick up, but I spent 2 hours ploughing through like just 6-7 pages today, being introduced to 2 and 3-consonant glyphs. I think it will be worth it though. Might even get the whole damn thing zapped for reference sake. (^.^)V

I wanted to go to toilet sometime after we had all settled down. But it was a one-toilet-first-come-first-serve thing, and the toilet was occupied. This lady came in though the first door, and was like 'Oh...' and after holding the door and thinking for abit, she turned and walked away, leaving me alone. In the silence however I heard a most curious sound. It was like if you were wearing a metal-strap watch and you oscillated your hand back and forth real fast... Chik chik chik chik... I listened carefully. And there it was again... and again... and again. Could it be...

When I heard the distant unlocking of the door I got up from my seat once more, after I had grown tired of guessing what sort of toilet business would produce that sound, and resuming my seat. This boy of about 14, I'd say, came out. Oh well, I surmised, boys will be boys. The lady was strolling towards the toilet and since I wasn't in any particular danger of bladder rupture I motioned if she would like to go first. 'Oh no,' she said, 'you have been waiting much longer...' I smiled and made towards the first door. I was just about to pull the handle, when the door suddenly burst open, and out breezed a 17-18 year old boy.

My stunned head turned to follow his passage towards the exit, and my mouth was open, eyes blank. The girl recovered first, and deadpanned, 'Oooh... That explains it.' I was laughing as I went into the toilet.

Boys will be boys. Buhrrrrrr. *shudder*

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Slack Day
Friday, September 09, 2005

Consultation day today, for Communications and World Civ, but what is there to consult about?

And so the first week of school passes. We used to run around together in our huge group of 9 or 10. Now I hardly see the Biz people outside of lunch and lectures.

Going library later to read up some actually printed material for my research paper, instead of doing armchair research (every reference in my bibliography starts with http://... that's armchair research). Also for the nature of my topic, info in the Net is rather limited.

Year-end holidays confirmed for Hong Kong/Shen Zhen/Macau. Parents are going to NATAS at Suntec (I'm not wahaha) to book the tix. Been to Hong Kong already, and I don't quite like it, but perhaps Shenzhen will provide some good imitations for me and Macau would allow me to relive a fraction of the glory that I remembered was Las Vegas.

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iTunes 5.0
Thursday, September 08, 2005

Well well well.

I was first notified by the Delta Park Project's Jason Ruby, who sent me a personalised email saying that installing iTunes 5.0 wiped all his podcast subscriptions out. Immediately I went about retrieving my podcast subscribing feeds before downloading the iTunes setup (an ass-whoopin' 32+MB). After installation I opened the application to check out what was new.

Man. At first the aesthetic section of my brain was screaming bloody murder because the new layout totally crashed with the previous. From softened edges and a silvery grey to sharp right-angle corners and a darker, more grounded grey. In fact something about me is still not too happy with Apple's bright ideas. But I think I will get used to it. Notice (for iTunes users) the change in the side bar, from white to a watermarked sky blue. Not nice.

Oh yeah. (Electric) Guitar. Best combination to bring treble and lead instruments' sounds out... Voice and lead guitar mainly. Not exactly hard work, but it took alot of experimenting and a long time to figure this out. Feel free to copy the mixer values, but minor adjustments may be needed to customise the EQ to your particular speakers or headphones. Also note that for my particular setting I have turned the preamp up almost halfway to set an easier volume control system from the iTunes control as seen in the top bar, as well as my Creative speakers' analog volume control. Just keep in mind that you should expect to make changes to the controls and not just kope my settings wholesale. But then that just might work.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My one-lecture day for the week was majorly spoilt.

Is there such a word as majorly?

Who cares.

Anyway COM101 had a term paper, and the lecturer wanted us to get into groups of more than five people. The BScBA dudes had ganged up and told us Commies to go our own way. That was already a problem with Graham Hans Daphne and me because we obviously wanted to maximise our limit of five people. Smart as we already are, we could always use another brain.

But then our friend Rocky decided to buy Hans over. It really shouldn't have come as a surprise that Hans readily went over. Not your fault la bro... This kind of people...

So we are now down to 3 people. So Bernard came to join us.

Later while we were playing pool in the student lounge Hans said that he worked with Bernard before, and that he was an asset to the group.

Feeling much better now.

Let's put it very bluntly. In our group we have The Speaker, The Brain, The Scribe (who doubles as a Devil's Advocate) and The Worker.

Sorry. I couldn't help it.

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Chocolate Fountain
Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Oh boy.

Today was and will be our KO day.

English first... Again it was great to be back with the old crowd and with Shirley James again. Nothing much today of course, but we more or less got the ball rolling for our research paper.

We had only 15min to transit down to the first floor for Maths, where like COM 101 we received our notes for the whole damned semester. Now my file is full. Crap. But it was mentally taxing to give full attention to the lecturer, who was a strange fellow. PRC, with a doctorate to his name. Impressive vocabulary, but you have no idea how much strain he adds to our brainpower with his awful accent and the simplest of grammar mistakes. One who can write a credible thesis can actually say 'Make sure you don't fell asleep.' Sigh this is gonna be tough. And Graham was beside me nodding his head and completing questions ahead of the prof... All these is old shit to him... sigh. A quick lunch, then Hans Graham Daphne Kaiyan Ben me and also Rocky and William dashed to our discussion class for World Civ. Don't really wanna be late now do we... Turn out the prof was late this time. Didn't do much... we had Hans Simon Dianne and if I may say so yours truly... But all of us weren't familiar with the group of 25 so we all kept quiet and it took some time for me to open my mouth. Prof said, and I agree, 25 is too much for a discussion group, so she will probably be having smaller groups concurrently in the future. See how, see how. Also she was upset that she gave us the wrong stuff to read because of the difference in editions of our textbook (she had 4th ed., we had 5th), and that we were made to plough through a 14 freaking page account of The Epic of Gilgamesh. Major pleh...! I finished it in no time of course, but Ben (as usual I think) was asking around for a copy to read just before the lecturer arrived.

After the class Hans wanted to have something zapped and binded, but the lady in charge was slacking one corner, so we decided to have an hour at Mambo. G passed because of his flu. I rented a 2-piece maple cue for 50 cents, and I'm going to do so from now on. The hell if its all in my head, it makes me feel better, ergo play better. Although of course Hans thrashed me except for one well-played game. But I picked a couple of things up from him. Cool. Took a bus to town to meet Mom, our family was having dinner with Chong Yi's family. We do that once in awhile, and invariably that would involve Chong Yi and I getting up for food together, going to toilet together, disappearing for a walk after we had eaten too much... And of course pouring all our silly problems out and laughing our asses off. We were at the Plaza Parkroyal hotel today, and there it was in sight! Cirque du Soleil's Grande Chapiteau. We walked quite a distance this time, into the night, besides the busy road, and certainly the rest were having too good a time to be caring about where we went. And we talked. I'm amazed at the ease with which we open up, even though we don't meet for long periods of time. Sigh... memories memories.

I want to watch Quidam!!! BUT I HAVE NO MONEY!!!

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1st day of 2nd Semester
Monday, September 05, 2005

Was very cool.

Happy to meet the old crowd in full attendance at last... COM 101 was ok... Still indeterminate as to whether it will be boring or interesting. Attended the meeting with Joe Hindrawan with the BAC people... Graham Hans Daphne... 2 hours was scheduled. In the end it was just to clarify stuff like what course will be added and subtracted from our list, and also to collect out official result slips. Then the four of us went to Mambo for pool (confido habitum), circulating teammates. Needless to say, Daphne and I got thrashed with the other two pros together. Ate at a lovely Western restaurant we have never been to before at Bukit TImah Plaza... The others should go there sometime. But by the time we got back, we were 15 minutes late for World Civilizations. The professor didn't take it well. Oh well at least it was a first-and-last-time thing. We know now.

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Friday, September 02, 2005

Watched Interview with a Vampire and Queen of the Damned in one sitting today. They were both good movies. Interview is more classy and more musing, Queen appeals to the bad and evil person in each of us, although admittedly I have really little of it. And I don't want it to come out if I can help it too.

Reason being I wanted to return my four borrowed DVDs before proceeding to Victoria School for the Evening of Music and Drama concert.

But then Ian and I arranged to meet for dinner before going, so I packed and met him at the library. Soon as he was within hearing range he started bitching about Shakespeare sonnets and how it apparently escapes his comprehension.

Yes well, it escapes most of our comprehension. Not your fault.

Had dinner at Yoshinoya... Ian ordered a beef bowl, but apparently he did not ask for a value meal, and there was no miso soup to go.

Well can I have one then?
Um... ok...

Poor girl serving us was a trainee. He waved a $2 note at her, but she whispered something about 50 cents, so Ian dug into his coins and pulled out 1, 2, 3, 4 10-cent coins.

Err... err... [turn to me] 10 cents 10 cents...
[digging in my coin pocket] If I weren't your friend I would be staring very hard at you right now.

She turned to take a soup bowl and put it below what looked like a coffee machine. A button, and soup came flushing out.

'Ian', I said horrified. 'That is your miso soup...'

He nodded like it was normal for miso soup to come pouring out of a machine pipe.

My Tori Kaage (fried chicken) bowl was still being prepared, and I tasted my miso soup. It was good, but never in my life had I tasted MSG in such great quantity. I could feel my mouth drying the moment I swallowed the soup.

Terriyaki sauce made my meal horrendous. Sweet doesn't often agree with my mealtime palate.

We made it to VS in good time on 31. On the bus we were laughing about 4H... Jeremy Leck putting Farand's watch in his underwear and jumping about (very traumatising, I know), suaning Bryan Tan (Hmmm we need someone stupid...... Eh Bryan! C'mere!). Ah those were the days. Met Daniel Tat Chung Mason and Wenhao shortly after arrival... Then Farand and Jon Sam came... Both as if they had just come out of a top brass meeting. Met Ivan and Daryl Gan too, Jonathan Loh came down to say hi to me, sweet of him. Then Mrs Poon came. We all called to her, and she was all '*gasp* Oh hi!!!' But then a girl we couldn't see walked past and Mrs Poon got into conversation with her. After she had finished she turned around and said, 'Oh I haven't forgotten you boys now...' Haha spoke to her for awhile, and then we went up to find Bertrand and Zixiang there. We bade our gleeful goodbyes to the rest of the gang, for whom Mason only managed to secure balcony seats, and for which he was promptly blamed for. I was alone, it wasn't amusing man I felt Lonely.... I'm so lonely.....


First half of the performance went well, Nicholas and Martin's solos were most well received, naturally. Second half, CO screwed up, the Dazzle cast's performance level had not changed one bit since Tuesday. Mason had kindly offered me his seat, which were one of the five empty seats Mason Ian Daniel Wenhao and Jon Ma koped. Mason went up and took his place in the sound room in preparation for the King Arthur play, for which he was doing the sound. I specially glided back to my seat at the other end, going by the back, to watch the performance from a clearer point of view. The couple beside my seat wasn't amused when I promptly bounced up after the play ended. I knew because the guy didn't pull his legs in to make way for me. We enjoyed the piano performance after that, it was more well-received than expected actually, and King Arthur was ok, saved by the funny moments.

After the thank-you's and good-bye's Mr Siow's Jam Band, $34.50, played out the We Will Rock You cheer, some of the spontaniety was lost, but it worked for me. Except for some of us old-timers the music and drums had Victorians hooked by the lips. Man, it was just amazing to see the audience rise, one by one, when the Victorian Anthem was started. And the cheers after that... well let's just say it became senseless yelling after awhile. And after that the band played All the Small Things and we were all hooked and jumping like fishes being fried alive on a pan.

This, my friend, is the Victorian Spirit. Across generations, across cultures, across oceans and continents.

Across time. Nil Sine Labore. And there is no greater irony than a Victorian himself.

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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Supposed to meet the cast of Dazzle today, along with John but ah forget it lah. It isn't my business anymore, I had graduated, retired from the ELDDS committee and that is that. Today was a total slack day...

Had dinner in honour of Mom's birthday at some Taiwan foodplace next to the Soup Restaurant in Century Square. Nothing cool, really. And rather overpriced too. Didn't really enjoy myself, I was somehow sweating badly, and I had a runny, sneezy nose too, so I was not quite in a good mood. Still...

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