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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Oh boy.

Today was and will be our KO day.

English first... Again it was great to be back with the old crowd and with Shirley James again. Nothing much today of course, but we more or less got the ball rolling for our research paper.

We had only 15min to transit down to the first floor for Maths, where like COM 101 we received our notes for the whole damned semester. Now my file is full. Crap. But it was mentally taxing to give full attention to the lecturer, who was a strange fellow. PRC, with a doctorate to his name. Impressive vocabulary, but you have no idea how much strain he adds to our brainpower with his awful accent and the simplest of grammar mistakes. One who can write a credible thesis can actually say 'Make sure you don't fell asleep.' Sigh this is gonna be tough. And Graham was beside me nodding his head and completing questions ahead of the prof... All these is old shit to him... sigh. A quick lunch, then Hans Graham Daphne Kaiyan Ben me and also Rocky and William dashed to our discussion class for World Civ. Don't really wanna be late now do we... Turn out the prof was late this time. Didn't do much... we had Hans Simon Dianne and if I may say so yours truly... But all of us weren't familiar with the group of 25 so we all kept quiet and it took some time for me to open my mouth. Prof said, and I agree, 25 is too much for a discussion group, so she will probably be having smaller groups concurrently in the future. See how, see how. Also she was upset that she gave us the wrong stuff to read because of the difference in editions of our textbook (she had 4th ed., we had 5th), and that we were made to plough through a 14 freaking page account of The Epic of Gilgamesh. Major pleh...! I finished it in no time of course, but Ben (as usual I think) was asking around for a copy to read just before the lecturer arrived.

After the class Hans wanted to have something zapped and binded, but the lady in charge was slacking one corner, so we decided to have an hour at Mambo. G passed because of his flu. I rented a 2-piece maple cue for 50 cents, and I'm going to do so from now on. The hell if its all in my head, it makes me feel better, ergo play better. Although of course Hans thrashed me except for one well-played game. But I picked a couple of things up from him. Cool. Took a bus to town to meet Mom, our family was having dinner with Chong Yi's family. We do that once in awhile, and invariably that would involve Chong Yi and I getting up for food together, going to toilet together, disappearing for a walk after we had eaten too much... And of course pouring all our silly problems out and laughing our asses off. We were at the Plaza Parkroyal hotel today, and there it was in sight! Cirque du Soleil's Grande Chapiteau. We walked quite a distance this time, into the night, besides the busy road, and certainly the rest were having too good a time to be caring about where we went. And we talked. I'm amazed at the ease with which we open up, even though we don't meet for long periods of time. Sigh... memories memories.

I want to watch Quidam!!! BUT I HAVE NO MONEY!!!

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