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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Just had Carl's Jr. for dinner; the super huge burgers... Dad bought back.

It's good, but I'd put it as a quarterly or even biannual treat sort of thing... Each meal costs close to $10, which is so not worth it considering you get an oversized burger, a few lumps of waffle-fries and a drink. But yeah it was huge. I opened my mouth disgustingly big to engage my double beef burger and I still managed to smear salad dressing on the sides of my mouth. It's that huge.

Now, on to today. Today was a whirl man.

First was Comm. Silly woman was useless as usual in getting us to settle down. She did put in extra effort today because Kevin was there to hawk-eye her. But it still didn't really work. Loser. By the time we settled down it was over 9.15, and she immediately set about distributing the term paper instructions, and after that the test booklets. She may not be very good with her mouth, but she was shrewd enough to jumble the questions as well as the order of options into three different test papers. And Rocky was like cursing away, 'Alurr-mak...,' (because he saw Kevin behind), 'liddat how to kopy sial... cheee-ken.'
She gave us half an hour to do 10 MCQs for goodness' sake. And all around me people were groaning and moaning because we all didn't quite study and weren't too sure with the answers. We soon found out however that by using logic we could derive the correct answers. So, hope for the best. After that the lecturer spent a harrowing 15 minutes (for her la) briefing us on the term paper. And then with less than 20 minutes left to go, she announced, 'And now on with today's lesson.' Immediately murmurs struck up, and she retorted, 'Yes there is.' One minute later...

Well, seeing that we are actually ahead of our schedule... I think... Yes... I'll let you off now for today... See you next week.

And with Kevin at the back, absorbing her every word.

I dunno what he'll do to her. I don't care if she's old and married, we are all going to screw her when it comes to the lecturer evaluation at the end of the term if she carries on like this.

Hans had invited me over to his house during the break when we were lolling around waiting for the retards (who takes half an hour? HONESTLY?!) to finish the test. I asked Graham too, because I knew that the three of us would have fun with guitars (in the ratio of 5:5:1). Graham originally declined saying he wanted to do research in the library, but he called me and said he would come. So we waited for him and I waved to him when I saw him cross the bridge. For some reason Daphne felt it was safe to lock herself in a room with three guys, and came along too. Much to Hans's amusement.

A blue Yamaha electric stood prominently in Hans's study room. The strings were rather severely rusted, in fact so was the whole pickup and bridge system, but it worked fine when I plugged it in.

Hans, is this your experimenting guitar?
Sort of, why?
Can I retune it?
Come Graham. Give me a C please.

So I redid it to my beloved CGCGC tuning. The two were more or less speechless, or maybe they saw a budding guitarist somewhere in the depths of my heart and didn't want to say anything to turn me off guitar forever. You never know.

While I was playing around with the whammy bar the first string snapped. 'As well,' I told the other two, 'I don't use first string anyway.' Sian diao.

Because it was a right-handed (aka normal) guitar, the cable clashed with my strumming hand, and I had to get in an awkward position to avoid resting on the cable and disconnecting my guitar from the amp. Graham was very surprised, even impressed that with such a ****ed tuning I could actually play More Than Words. But something kept going out of tune somewhere, so I clashed horribly with him and Hans. After awhile I just gave up and played bass on the last string.

Dude, you give up guitar and play bass la...
Wah laaauuuu....

Hans struck up a bossanova tune, and Graham joined in playing classical lead. Get this brother. Classical lead. Later they switched and Hans gave an improvised but nevertheless impressive solo (which lasted about 8 minutes hahaha). I played bass accurately (for once) and when we ended the song we were all whooping like Red Indians.

Suddenly Daphne piped up, 'Do you know how to play Like a Stone by Audioslave?'

Hans was howling and I nearly slid off my chair. Hans managed to gasp, 'I never thought I would hear that request.' before collapsing again. Soon he recovered and played the song.
In your house I long to be
Room by room patiently
I'll wait for you there
Like a stone I'll wait for you there

After that he was squealing again so hard that we stopped the song.

Later she asked if it was because of yesterday's incident when Benny stuck a piece of paper saying, 'I like to stone. I am a stoner.' on Bernard's back and snapped a picture.

Perceptiveness cannot be learnt. It is a gift. A talent.

Like a Stone. HAHAHAHA~

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