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Monday, September 26, 2005

I am seriously running out of good titles.

Slightly-better-than-average start to the week. My hair received mixed response. Daphne said it looked so cute like Mort (everything short and curly looks like Mort). The others generally agreed that it didn't quite suit me because it was too short and spiking it just isn't much of a hairstyle change. I'll try a sweep-back tomorrow.

I'm getting quite tired of going on about every Comms lesson. It is the same everytime - boring and of no use. Everyone talks. At least in Jaffar's class last term he was funny and we learnt stuff. After that Hans and I went to the student lounge. We had originally thought of Mambo, but we had that World Civ quiz later, so we decided to pass today. Played three games of good pool with Hans. I won the last one... Then it was Comms PW discussion. Bernard was having Econs so he couldn't come... No much of a problem really. We could just inform him of his task later. For today we had a good discussion and settled on a detailed case study on ASEAN and the ineffectiveness of its non-interventionist policy. If you don't understand what I just said, don't worry. You're just normal. On the other hand, I'd still expect my main audience to have at least a foggy idea of what it means. Here's a hint, although I don't see much point in giving it: break down the words. I volunteered for the task of digging up history files on the League of Nations (useful in our context as the first international forum) and ASEAN. Bernard is with me because according to Graham he likes researching history too. As for the other three they'll work on the problems and solutions.

UGC quiz. My worst so far. Alot of guesswork, some quite sure, some just stabbing in the dark. The lecture itself would have been good if Kaiyan didn't draw attention to the two of us by mumbling all the time. Oh well.

Maths consultation after that which isn't so much a consultation as a one-hour extra practice session. That biatch of a Chinaman is more cunning than we think. As Hans pointed out with so few people in a 100+ seat lecture theatre he could well put like four spaces between each of us during the tests so we have almost zero chance of copying and downloading as per normal. Quiz is next week.

After maths I waited to collect my precious differentiation notes from Ben because I didn't want to risk his leaving it at home. So important. Had a one-on-one at Mambo with Hans. Significantly increased number of good well aimed shots, but still kena thrashed and in need of a few months more intensive practice or a couple years more regular practice. It's now standard fare for me to ask for a premium cue and a glove.

Came home to home-made spaghetti, yum yum, and Dad just walked in with... well I dunno. Some uber heaty, uber yummy snack la. Lol.

The tables will soon be turned.

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