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Monday, September 12, 2005

More fun at Mambo today.

I was trying to slice the orange ball into the pocket. I took aim using the 2-part method Hans taught me last Wednesday in our one-on-one session. I took aim and fired. The cueball missed the orange ball by an inch and a half, rebounded, and darted straight into the opposite pocket. After that my morale dipped and I fired a few more amusing shots.

Everybody used the premium cue I rented for 50 cents. Not much, but it made a diff to my playing. I was getting rather tired of misfiring, so I borrowed a cue glove from the counter guy who was nice enough to let me use it for free, and used the locked-hole bridge. It was wonderful I tell you. Any fault was only because of aiming, not misfiring. Of course there are certain disadvantages of gloved playing: Your bridge does not have the firm frictional grip for awkward positions, and although I did not encounter it I should imagine it would be a nightmare to do a downward aim with that dreadful thing on. Normal bridging becomes too unstable with the glove... Not that it matters. With the glove there is one and only one method you need, and that is the most directionally accurate bridge you can ever have.

Gaylene went super fast for World Civ today. We could catch her of course, you would have to be a retard not to. But before we could even jot the notes down in our worst shorthand she jumped to the next slide. I should get full marks for the MCQ test though. Least least least least least 8/10.

COM 101 was even worse. That woman has apparently no sense at all of the principle of communications. She has a double degree and she can't even keep the class quiet for 10 minutes. And questions fired at her are almost invariably agreed with, and then disagreed with in the most obscure way possible. And it was impossible to catch definitions because she was rambling so damn fast, that before we could finish writing the definition for this aspect down she is on to the next.

After school ended I felt weird, nauseous and apparently very hungry. So I decided to have a nice dinner at Café Cartel at Raffles City, all alone. After a slow dinner while ploughing through a measly 5 pages of hieroglyphics transliterating pharaohs' names, I went for a walk round Raffles City, browsing in MPH. I noticed this shop for card games. These shops always interest me because they would almost always sell figurines, and I figured that there just might be a figurine I would like. There weren't any figurines I liked, but there were curious dices of more than six sides. There was even one triangular shaped one with four numbers only. Mmmm I'll get that one next time round. I didn't find it that appealing compared to the others I got, an 8-sided one, 10-sided one, 12-sided one, and a beautiful 20-sided one. Oooogh lourvlie... Mom called to snap abit at me for not wanting to come home, as well as to warn me of fierce lightning. On the train I observed a constant dark pattern of ominous grey clouds (no breaks of light in between), and fierce lightning all over, so I concluded that an enormous thunder cloud had passed over a good half of Singapore.

I find myself liking more and more to go on lone walks and lone dinners. I'm not a loner, I know very well I'm not. I enjoy being with people and laughing my ass off with them. But in these loner periods I enjoy thinking about my life, my future, setting my mind on what I think (know) I am here on this Earth for, and stuff like that. Am I discovering a new side of me, or has something that has been there, lying dormant all along, finally awakened?

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