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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

English wasn't too bad although we were (as usual) surprised to know our midterms were a freaking two weeks away. Sigh I don't know shit man.

Anyhoo we started on concept essay today. Looks easier than profile, with quite abit to ramble about. Especially since I will be doing the topic of Existentialism -vs- Nihilism. Oh yes I will. I am armed with some notes, good Net research skills, and a whole lot of bullshitting skills I picked up from Literature. On the other hand, I still have yet to settle on my topic for the research paper. Time's running out!

Maths was interesting, although I have some practice to do to reinforce my concepts it should be fine. Poor Hans for some reason never learnt differentiation and is hyperventilating every Maths lesson. At least he has G. Well, we all do.

After that lunch where we were lucky enough to find seats before we started da-baoing. Over lunch we (Hans, Kaiyan, Kaijie, me) heard about how Daphne doesn't consider Kaiyan her friend anymore. So tell me again why I'm not surprised?

A great World Civ discussion class today. After ploughing through the usual dilly-dallying and TCS (if you want to know ask <----) we were informed that we had a groupwork lecture to do for the whole cohort. As in we formed groups of five and chose one of the given chapters from our textbook, prepare a presentation and present it to the whole class as a lecture. Hans immediately piped, 'Renhao?' and I nodded. I rapped Kaiyan's table softly and said 'Oi.' and he nodded. Then I waved at Ben and he nodded. Then I said 'G?' and G nodded. Half a minute. Our group was formed. We decided on Imperial China because Hans's mom who has a degree in Chinese Language or something has valuable materials for us. And I can find the (stunning) pictures. Later Hans was saying if only we had the same group for all PW, it would be so much easier, because we could do it all in one intensive session. Oh well. Too late. But today thanks to G's genius we found out Ben's weak spot. Hans was saying something about Ben's dick and Ben very carelessly said 'Hit it la.' and stood up. I finished reading the (sparse) comments on Hans's A4 sized World Civ journal, closed the book, and swung it straight into his crotch.

I think he was out of air for a few seconds, while Hans Graham and me we laughing our way to a stomachache. Graham was like 'Ouch... does that hurt?' LOL... Doctor ah... You want to try?

Ben managed to squeak out a feeble 'Fuck you...' at me. Took him quite some time to recover. After that having not learnt his lesson, as per normal, he started gaying and running his finger along Graham's arm. Until Graham's finally couldn't take it and did that nuclear bomb thing on Ben's knee, which sent him into a huge laughing fit and a case of paranoia temporia. Loser. Lol.

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