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Monday, October 24, 2005

Just because we were talking, it does not mean we are really excited by the Museum trip. It just shows that if Peggy Su doesn't teach like she is expected to, we will not care to listen.

For example, Dr John Wood (Assc Vice Provost for International Education) sat in the first half of the lecture. For the first time, Peggy Su taught properly. And for the first time, I listened and learnt. Second half after the break she was back to her usual crappy first-grade Singlish and corny examples.

Expose time.

On the way we were discussing the rare phenomenon of Kaijie wearing pants, due to Kaiyan's promise of pool at the Singapore Recreation Club and its dumb dress codes, and him being a poor thing to have to pull it up to his nipples. And then we derived the consequential opposite, which was that short people actually wear shorts for long pants.

All eyes averted to unsuspecting Ben.

On the train, me and Hans with KJ listening passively were mumbling and sniggering about it. Then KJ stared for some time at Ben's lower half before going tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk.

Man, we must have just looked like hooligans, howling our ass off on the train. Then Ben having some inkling that we were laughing at him, proclaimed to a non-existent audience that he was sad and was getting off the train on Commonwealth. And Kaiyan almost immediately said, '再見!' in Cantonese, earning a fist from Ben, and our congratulatory howls of laughter.

Later in the tunnel, Hans suddenly went pensive and said,

'That guy was from my secondary school......'
'Neh that one having bukake one.'

There he was, on the opposite side of the train. Closing his eyes in deep thought/ecstasy, and doing a smearing action with his hand on his half puckered lips in a pensive trance/triple-X fantasy.

'So what did he teach?'
'CME I think. ... !!!'
'... !!!'

Got to SRC just to find out that Leong Kaiyan did not even check and that the Billiard Room opened up at 1PM!!! You still owe us free pool for that LKY. Toopid. Went to Esplanade for PopcornPOP but I forgot that they only opened at 12.30. Hee lucky it was Kaiyan who suggested it. All blame him wheeee. Since it was nearby we went over to Marina to eat. LKY suggested Carl's Jr., but me no money so we settled for the foodcourt, where Kaiyan relentlessly nagged at me like a true blue Cantonese to hurry up. Babi ngepet. After buying drinks at the supermarket downstairs we came across Verismo the gourmet ice cream shop. Hans noticed the Double Chocolate and as with gourmet ice cream shops they dig up a bit for you to try. Hans tasted it and said immediately 'I'll have one'.

You know, it's unusual that people other than me react so strongly to chocolate, so I requested for a taste. And I can't remember why I never tried Double Chocolate before but it just hit me in the face, and I doubled the order. Kaiyan opted for Bailey's, naturally, given his liquor-prone character. But there was nothing to be tasted at all. Sigh, anyway....

We went to Long John Silver where we had spotted Ben, Jill and Cat, who had come along with us, in deep conversation. They decided earlier to ditch the foodcourt due to lack of seats. We were also discussing on the way alternative meanings of LJS. LJ of course easily filled by lan jiao, but the S.... So we came up with Lan Jiao Shit, Lan Jiao Sai, and naturally Lan Jiao Short. We believe patrons reflect the nature of the eatery's name. Though it would have been much better if S had been a B so it would be very very aptly Lan Jiao Bin.

In the midst of all this merry revelry Kahyee called Kaiyan. So we trooped over to Raffles City's BK to meet up with her. While we were in toilet though, Ben came back in to report that she was with another guy, and that Kaiyan looked super sian diao.

Eager to meet the one she has surrendered her heart to, we all went in to meet her. I was the last, so of course I saw Kaiyan's sad sad face, but then the guys started giving Kahyee's partner friendly shoves and slaps on the back. And I thought, that is no way to treat.......


You could just see the glass on everyone's faces disintegrate into powder and fall off with a poof. Ben endured the next half an hour of 'OMG how could you...' and 'Wah Ben sneaky seh...'. Apparently Kaiyan's monster stomach wasn't filled (or was it Ben) and one of them wanted to buy a packet of fries (I had long since tackled the fries on the tray). The Ben said the new packet could be poured with the large existing pile. And Hans very very cryptically said, 'Yar and you eat from there also right?'

I think I was the only one to get it. That was super fast, bro. Super fast.

Earlier Alex had called asking for directions to the ACM, and I at first told him to just get to either Raffles Place or City Hall and ask the station masters, but later we told them to meet us. Apparently though they had already taken the initiative to ask as they were lounging on the benches with Zhi Freddy and gang when we got there.

All in all there was really very little time for museum viewing (and photo taking hahaha), because Josh was announcing to whoever he met that Gaylene managed to rope a musician and two whirlers for an interview, and we were to be there ASAP. I learnt alot, particularly when Gaylene asked the last question: The Dervishes are considered a sect of Islam. Do you feel that your sect is somehow more superior than the others? And the whirler answered beautifully, through a translator, 'Let us see Islam like a garden, and my sect as one of the many flowers in the garden. We are all God's children.'

Its hard to find these people nowadays.

Hans Sining Graham and Ryan, who all weren't going for the Dervishes, came downstairs to the performance venue just as the interview ended.

There was a queue for last-minute tickets, and I approached Dianne's friend and said 'Would you like a ticket?'

Reason, as you most probably would have heard by now, is that Hans and Sining were going karaoke-ing, and I was invited along.

Just when K-Box made me give up hope on K-lounges, this sleazy-looking and small lounge called Diamond Dust at I-dunno-where, come to think of it (somewhere near Paragon?), redeemed K-lounges' reputations. This was a Jap hangout, so Jap and English songs were stocked. And under English we had some interesting stuff, like Metallica, Silvertide, and a couple more that you don't usually find in K-lounges. Hans's opener was Metallica's The Unforgiven, power song. I stuck mostly to oldies... Sinatra and Nat King Cole. But I was introduced to The Scorpions and the classic Bon Jovi with Wind of Change and Livin' on a Prayer respectively, both of which are at the top of my playcharts now. As I was singing That's Amore, a lively waltz for those who dunno, I emitted a squeak during a lyric break for reasons which are still very obscure to myself. Hans was like 'That's gay.' and we both starting giggling our arses off halfway through the song. I have no idea how Sining managed to continue unaffected. And we were bent double when the next line said your heart would play tippy-tippy-tay like a gay tarantella. OMG it was sometime before I could get back on track.

An $8 well spent, I suppose. Now to test my saving skills. $9+ for three days. I can't believe I blew $20 in a freaking day.

If only life were made of such days. No?

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Stay Home Saturday Event
Sunday, October 23, 2005

Ryan dropped by my house because he was here for another meeting at Lighthouse Tampines which was a convenient 10 min away from my lovely house. The meeting ended later than expected, so in a once-in-a-lifetime decision Ryan decides to skip Miracle Service! That idiot came to my house for the express purpose of beating me in Quidditch again. Which he did. Gee playing World Cup later was like fending off a 2 year old's attacks. I rushed him off so that he could get home to DotA after that.

I suppose I really should apologise for making Ben and Ryan worry their asses out for their resident noob, although I was getting irritated that they concentrated more on me than themselves. By the end of two games I was severely depressed.

I opted for no church today in favour of a rest at home. I was supposed to do the Comms intro, which I will at least make a decent effort to do after I'm done with this, but in the end my whole day was wasted. I could feel my body rotting... Fats accumulating... Weight increasing... OMG I want to cry.

On a lighter note I managed to squeeze a DotA game with Ben this evening when my parents went out for their usual walk to Bedok Reservoir. I could well have played a second game, given how everyone just left the first. That seriously annoyed me Ben... Leaving a game and going into another almost the next minute. Ryan and I tried Hamachi, but I guess routers still cannot host game. :'(((

I hope I am improving... If not I have wasted all my time. And also that little effort that I put into sourcing suitable heroes. Little effort, but hey it still is effort right?

Sigh I'm getting tired... there's nothing to write about. I'm sinking into rambling myself... Booooring.

Bernard - last straw.

Oh yeah got my first touch at (re)programming when Kaiyan sent me a Hex Editor to undo the anti-Nudging-spam. Haiyoh hexadecimal codes all over the place. It is gonna take a miracle to get me into playing around with it. Installing a random ghostly pop-up during an MSN converstion window. Muahahaha. Featuring soundtrack from The Maid.


Bernard - last straw.

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Get a good teacher
Friday, October 21, 2005

The sad thing is, I can't get marks la. Face it I didn't study. Hard enough. I mean I did make a (futile) attempt.

But we still don't like her all the same. ^^

We were talking among ourselves and she said, 'Pleeeeease can you don't talk... You can go if you want you know its not compulsory.'

José was like 'Good point.' then pick his bag up and zao.


Me and Hans left shortly after.

Short one-sentence paragraphs have greater impact.

Or effect.


After that the others (after playing pool, of course) insisted that TWO HOURS was not enough time to get to Holland V and back. Me and Hans left them to their dilly-dallying and went off. One hour chop-chop and we were done.

Costumes are seriously expensive. A cloak of material thinner than your skin can cost like 30 bucks. And a Grim Reaper set costs like 45 bucks. But I didn't like the mask, and in any case I would just hate breathing in the carbon dioxide I had exhaled half an hour ago all day. So I shall pass the set and get the cloak and sickle (which is plain wicked sick even in all its plasticness). Next week la I no money now.

UGC was bloody boring la we had to endure the draggiest documentary ever about Mohammed. But the concept was good, the stories coming from Arab's mouths in the original language... They had ladies and gentlemen and young boys and girls reciting stories and Qu'ranic suras or verses... But 250 min? I will slap your face. Even Gaylene was exasperated and apologising for such a draggy video... I dunno her source(s) but she said there was a good 50 min documentary and it cost like 300 bucks?! No way sia.

After UGC I went to Ngee Ann to pick up the four other tickets to 蔡琴... Whee hehehe. Cashier auntie there so good to me... See me only want to treat me to Vitasoy... Gimme crackers... Biscuits... lol I feel loved. Came back to student lounge also can't find Zhi, so oh well just sit in front of the TV eat crackers and attempt pretend) to read about the League of Nations for my Comms project... And I better get seriously started on that... Sigh work is piling up.

Pround of myself because once again I managed to play around until the sound system in the LT where we were to have our course preview for prospective students. Playing with the mixer was fun until I realised I only knew how to shift the volume controls and don't know shit about the dials and mini-buttons. Then Rachael and Izzati asked me whether I wanted to play pool.

Freaking whooped. Not that bad lar not like three of my balls left on the table or anything, but still lost. Sigh.

Preview was fun. Other than the fact that Joe Hindrawan's English is honestly a HINDRAnce to communicating his point.

I know la. I'm bad.

There was this mother who intended to take the same course with her son. But she was so dumb she just had to tell the whole world that she did better for O levels than for Poly, and whether she could not reveal her Poly results so that she has a higher chance of getting in?

You could almost hear everyone screaming 'NO DUHHHH.' But all the poor woman got was a deafening silence.

Before it started there was simply fabulous chicken drumlets. I took one and the rest of the Council was like *gasp*. I was like, 'Eh I'm staying until 8 hor, I deserve it.'

Later we all whooped up the remaining drumlets, after it was all over. Wheee.

We took the opportunity to bitch (or feedback is a kinder word) to Admin about Piggy Su. Joe Hindrawan just insisted that we should have no problem with her, probably because she is UB-approved and he doesn't want to be maluated. But the Admin all nodded and said 'We'll try our best.' and all, and well we really couldn't ask for more than their listening ears I suppose, although our results are largely at stake.

When we were bidding them goodnight, Joe turned round and said, ' Get good grades!' Immediately, I dunno where all this wit runs to normally, Zhi shot back, 'Get a good teacher!' then grinned and gave a thumbs up to them. All of us were like 'OMG UBER OUCH!' Hahaha then we bitched about her again allllll the way until the bus stops where we parted ways.

Life should be so wonderful.

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I love gay heroes
Thursday, October 20, 2005

Yes I do. But that later.

Today after English, where Ryan and I pissed each other off again (I refused to budge until I had annotated my article while he vehemently insisted that there is nothing to be annotated), we were outside the morgue (Rm 4.23) when Sheryl rather bimbotically snapped at José, 'Stop smoking la!' To which José casually launched himself off the wall he was leaning on and puffed smoke straight into Sheryl's face... Haiyoh I really dunno what to say sia... Asking for it nia. More pool... pool... pool... Then an intense and fruitful discussion for our Comms project. Followed by lunch. I had promised Ben Ryan and Elton we would DotA at 1+. I finished my discussion at 1+. Sigh.

After lunch Bernard and I were waiting for Daphne and José to pay and get out of Megabites when he said, 'Uh Renhao ah... Do you run?'


'I haven't run in a long long while.'

'Mmm yea well.. maybe you should you know... What is your weight?'


'I don't want to know man (which is true)... neither do you.'

'Oh... Mmm uh maybe you should do something about it... you know... Concerned for you...'


'Uh... No offense.'



Rushed back to DotA. Lemme tell you. Briskwalking is harder than running flat out. Anyway the moment my PC had set up I was in.

Overall I suppose I should be pleased with myself, because I didn't get pwned every 5 minutes. I won't go into DotA jargon, cos it would be boring and the DotAers know what happen liao. Good game la. But I aim to improve and not be so hum ji... lol.

The same aunt who gave the Beyond tickets called to say that there were four more tickets to the 蔡琴 concert (I think those are the two correct characters). So that ensures a home alone Saturday evening, till about 10.


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Bengawan Solo
Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My latest song obsession.

I'm tired of describing Comms lessons man its always the same thing. I ended up blogging with Kaiyan's lappo can you believe it... blogging leh!

Seems I will have to chiong all the way for Comms though, if I wish to progress to next semester's COM modules. 17.5/30. Not good. I need... 21/30.

After Comms we went up to the Lounge to play you-know-what. I was on form today, and had a one-on-one as well as a team up with Yaoliang against Hans and Graham. He's not bad, but when he broke the balls exploded leaving the centre 6 balls still intact in a three-level pyramid. And the cueball jumped right into Hans's own two balls. But I think it lost its energy just enough to tap and drop. And me and Yaoliang we screwed after that because of that mistake... Ah anyway. Hans called pocket for the black ball, and instead of his side pocket it went into the center pocket. Yaoliang just raised his hands into the air in victory and we just collapsed laughing. Hans was needless to say swearing away. And Ryan was being super irritating by scoring the most cheeky tyco shots you can ever see in your life.

English. B. Quite a surprise... Ryan got D José got C... and this uber tyco kia here got B. Sigh and the best part is that I thought I was rambling senselessly. Maybe that is the thing to do lor. Ramble. And I thought to myself what a wonderful world.

After English more pool. Elimination with Kaiyan and Ryan. Sigh.

Never mind.

I'm just unable to log any time on DotA practice. I have to wait for a home alone days. And that is hard to get when you are looking actively for such an opportunity. Oh well.

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Rush Rush
Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I put up a belated post. See Saturday's one.

Today no English again... In fact if not for the fact that there was UGC later I would have been DOTAing at home. So I got to school usual time... And as I had anticipated Freddy was there early too. As usual I lost to him in 9-ball, because he is like an expert biatch at snooking. After the others finished English we went to King Albert Park to discuss the UGC, because next week was Week 8... Can't believe it sia. Later of course we learnt that due to the Asian Civilizations Museum visit our lecture was pushed back one week.... Heng ah. At least can breathe abit... Oh but then there's always my English research... UGC research... Comms project... Library books I have to photostat before returning this Friday... WAH SIAN AH.

In the end Ben pontang our discussion to go do dunno what with dunno who... When we came back I still hadn't progressed one bit with my journal. I'll hand in next week la. Watched the Life of Buddha... interesting but it was so dark I dozed off abit.

Mano informed us (Ryan, Rocky, me) in a Guild Wars Gamers Conference that her father only paid $79 for the game... She predicted that it would be below 50 if prices continued to drop. So yay... Plus graphics card I decided to save up for prob the same one as Ben... as long as it can support Battlefield 2 it should settle my graphic troubles for some time. So yeah. Total will come up to about $180. Still alot lar. Hopefully my Zen can fetch that price with $100 to spare... Wait and see.

Update: Jillian just asked me what the em tags stand for.


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Monday, October 17, 2005

Didn't get to see my paper in Comms today, since Peggy Su's excuse was that she had submitted all the stuff in to Admin for recording. Legit enough excuse, except for the fact that she is only giving back on Friday, so there was resentment. Anyway I'm not so worried to see my paper because I already know my marks. And Chinaman LZQ's on his nth honeymoon with his nth wife, so no Maths and no papers.

Didn't play well in pool today also, me and Hans went to Mambo... Followed by Graham for about four games. I was back to my usual mistakes of pocket-bouncing and spectacular fouls and stuff... And then towards the end we weren't concentrating because we were talking and all of us screwed up miserably, but of course the reduction of skill was relative and I was pwned as usual.

Ryan linked me to an excellent Crystal Maiden guide, and the same author wrote a first-class work for Zeus, in which he stressed NO KS UNLESS YOUR ALLIES ALLOW. Lol. But this is even funnier. My dad was leaning over my shoulder and the following was clear as day on the screen.

Also, Arc Lightning can help you farm for better items in early game by casting it on creeps with red life. It is worth it for early game pushes because it weakens the creep wave by a lot and hits the hero at the same time.

So why don't we learn the last level of Arc Lightning? As mid game is approaching, Arc lightning will begin to lose its uses and 15 times of Arc with only 130 damage is not very significant as a creep wave is only around 5-6, excluding heros.

What did he do? He whacked me on the shoulder and snapped, 'Song song song... forever songs.'

-Renhao's most comical tio stun face-

CMI sia. Seriously.

Looks like Frostbiatch will be a better option. Though I suppose I will train both up. Here's hoping I find more time to do so (AKA whenever my parents are out).

Meanwhile we were just informed that our World Civ presentation on Ancient China is due in a fortnight! Man! And we still have Comms project. And English and World Civ research papers! OMGOMGOMG I'm so screwed......

Just checked my tagboard. This person by the very very lovely name of Sonel DeCrewe tagged:

Oh so you're a Christian? What are your views on masturbation? Just a gay feller out here, looking for partners.

You know ah Wong Renjie, tagboards usually record IP addresses. If you don't even know this don't even think of pulling such a brilliant trick on me. Stupid Hwa Chong CCB.

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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Well well. Talk about luck.

For the record, I doubt it would surprise you that we Christians don't believe in luck. Nor fate. Nor karma. But I shall continue to use worldly terms in the interest of my hardcore fans (yes, popularity does keep my screen on the Blogger compose page).

Anyway after church, which my cousin's friends whom I were familiar with also attended, one of her friends named Phoebe said we were going to 'one restaurant which we couldn't get into last week... fusion Japanese... very nice...' It took me the distance of half a Suntec level's worth of walking to exclaim 'KUISHINBO?!' rather loudly...

Anyhoo. The food there is good. But I don't regret not joining Sining and Hans and the rest on Friday. I would have felt that my money was wasted. I would have opted for a hotel buffet anytime. Hardcore Jap really isnt't me... I go for like Tori Karaage and all that commercialised box set stuff... But it was a good experience. Plus we all talked about stuff and laughed so hard until at one point in nearly died from lack of air.

I'm in a DotA frenzy!!!

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

The article on page 8 of today's Insight has put me in the mood for an essay. You have been warned.

But first official DotA news.

1) Ryan, me and most recently Ben are on Eurobattle.net till Ryan and I can find CD keys.
2) Had my first two DotA matches today. And I SUCKORZ AT IT.

Elton suggested training against bots, but Ryan said that was nowhere as crazy as fighting against human players. So I'm just going to get my navigational, multi-tasking, and reaction skills right, then I'll push the bot level up to Insane, probably specialise in a couple of heros, and then I'll have to get my ass torn a few times online before I really get the hang of it. But there is so little opportunity because my parents are rarely out of the house. Just have to make the best of it. All my DotA friends I'm sure you'll understand. It'll be a long time before I'll be fighting along with you and pwning people.

I'm beginning to sound like Bernard... I mean, it's not anything... you know... But it's still...... you know...

Oh and also, I'm on a shortage of disk space. And my wireless connection is just bloody useless. I hate this...

Anyway. Today's paper came out a front pager about proselytising, or preaching.

Now this is a delayed post... the above post was completed before this. But before church I was thinking. These people also... Witness also must zi dong abit mah. Don't just go out and 'Ah mah ah... Yah Sor hor le si leh.... Kee gong amen amen la... ho leh... chiu Yah Sor eh hok kien gua...'

Like that you ramble on of course people scared of you la. And those who sneak into witness pleeeeeease la you. Is the God you think you're glorifying so gu niang that you have to sneak in to share the Gospel? Come on la you. You just want to make yourself feel that you have done the high and honourable work of Jesus Christ. Excuse me sir. You are shaming the name of Christians ok. You are the ones who make our religion sound cheap, and make us all look like obsessive freaks.

We are the only religion who makes noise about everything... Pokemon are Pocket Monsters... Digimon are Digital Monsters... Dan Brown is baaaaad... Dungeons and Dragons are evil... JK Rowling is part of a coven...

The sermon topic was The Wisdom of God. And when my pastor mentioned this incident he said, 'If you had simply prayed to God first, none of this would happen. The wisdom of God would have guided you.'

Sneaking into hospitals. My God. That's all I can say. Just... My God.

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Friday, October 14, 2005

After an endless search spanning one full day, and effectively taking 12 hours, we're so close, yet so far, to owning a full, no-problems version ofWarcraft III.

Starting from after dinner yesterday, I searched until 2am for cracks and other tools to beat the system. I had to risk adwares, but luckily Firefox prevented it, and my Microsoft Antispyware as well as Symantec Antivirus caught it while I was running IE. There were fixes as well as serial numbers. I had to wait like 30min for a game patch in a public server queue. But finally it could work.

Then Ryan informed me, that while Ben was online, our ROC CD key would clash with his, and we would not be able enter Battle.Net. So I embarked on another 6-hour search, ploughing through viruses and graphic pictures of penetration to look for CD keys. I was lucky to get hold of an ROC key changer. And the CD keys were totally useless. In the end, Ryan and I decided that we would have to get hold of the CD keys of other players who did not need it anymore, either because they are on Eurobattle.net, which does not require CD Keys, or they don't or very seldom play Warcraft anymore. Or else we would have to resort to Eurobattle.net ourselves, which apparently causes problems in the other servers of the original Battle.net when you try to go back in.

And so the search ends. But hope continues...


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Thursday, October 13, 2005

School was so freaking bullshit today that I shan't bother describing it.

After a short discussion for yet another brainless Comms weekly question (E-learning VS Traditional learning) I went to Ben's house with Ryan to learn DotA. Well Ryan was training up again. It was great. And I got to do things that I normally wouldn't have been able to do on a guitar. I saw the biggest kill-steal jack anyone could ever do, and also learnt the art of being a hum ji. Ben's mom was sweet to offer us vegetarian beehoon, which I had one deceptively small plate of... Bloody hell dunno what kind of first-grade beehoon they use... I was so surprised that I was full after that. And Ryan and Ben went for seconds. What the hell!! Copied the Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne discs, we're using Ben's CD key until we find the apt cracks.

Wish me luck.

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Mambo! Hoi!
Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Have you missed me? Has my one day absence bewitched you? Bothered you? Bewildered you? Besotted you? Bitchslapped you?

Doubt it'd make a diff, but I'll say sorry anyway, yesterday I was seriously panicking for Comms. And before that I was TAOing with Ryan, and then playing Carom3D with Kaiyan.

Great day today. In the light of today's events I shall not bother about yesterday. The memory of today's events has long overwritten yesterday's, and I won't bother recalling it from Recycle Bin.

Comms midterm first. I dunno what to say la... Open the paper... 5 MCQs, finish and flip see ***End of Paper*** at the bottom of the page. Dunno how many people heard my 'huh!', although I heard G clearly from the back saying 'So short ah...' To Peggy Su's credit the last question stumped me. I had to think for a long while before coming up with half-past-six answers. Mambo after that. Originally Daphne wanted to go to her aunt's condo because there was free pool there, but Hans flatly refused, because it would have been shredded to shit by ah bengs or something.

When we got there Mambo still hadn't opened yet, so we went to KFC for lunch. At 10. (^.^)v

Table 19 is more or less our favourite table now, or at least my favourite table. Good fresh fabric, quite new balls, and a nice big area. Not bad today la, except Hans did a jumpball that nearly neutered me... Somemore I was drinking Coke... Toopid idiot make me choke only. And then it didn't help that everytime I scored he would say 'Waaahh Felice...', and everytime I didn't he would say 'Ahh Felice sucks...' Kaiyan, who joined us for a couple of games, because his teacher decided to be an asshole and give him half-attendance, so he attended half the class. Smart seh some people. Hans was telling him about KFC's Hot Devils...

Hans: Eh you should try the Sze Chuan Chicken man... damn good sia!
LKY: O.O Chicken?
Hans: o.0
Hans: ...
Hans: !

Chicken... hahaha. Ah but don't spoil the fun la... You don't get it ask me on MSN... don't have then too bad for you... Ask your mom. ^.^

After that we started interpreting like everything in the coupon brochure the other way...

Me: Hey listen to this... Standard set includes:
1 breast
2 thighs
2 drumsticks
2 wings
1 rib
Hans: Walau... Why only one breast...

Me: Hmmm... orders above $200 should be made 2 hours in advance...
[Hans misses his shot]

Aiyah many more la... Can't remember... But then there was that one where we were discussing something.... I think it was still the chicken joke. Then I said something like 'ask her to dQ your didi...' and then Hans laughed and missed his shot...

Later Kaiyan was taking his shot...

Hans: Yar... So try to lick the other breast... Then she say [falsetto] No no... this one cannot touch...
Hans: Then eye got the one-eye-jack thing... She use the same thing to cover the other one.
Me: One-breast-jack...

Got back to SIM and went to slack in Hans's English classroom... We searched for yo mama is so fat jokes and what happened was the dictionary definition of peng.

Taken directly off jokesites...

Yo mama's so fat, she was floating in the ocean and Spain claimed her for the New World.
Yo mama's so fat, she lay on the beach and people ran around yelling 'Free Willy!'
Yo mama's so fat, her legs are like spoiled milk - white & chunky!
Yo mama's so fat, she's got more Chins than a Hong Kong phone book!
Yo mama's so fat, she went to the movies and sat next to everyone.

And then there were the real laughers...

Yo mama's so fat, when she tripped over on 4th Ave, she landed on 12th.
Yo mama's so fat, she fell in love and broke it.
Yo mama's so fat, when she fell over she rocked herself asleep trying to get up again.
Yo mama's so fat, when she wears one of those X jackets, helicopters try to land on her back!
Yo mama's so fat, when she wears a yellow raincoat people run after her and shout "Taxi!"

And how about yo mama is so stupid?

Yo mama's so stupid, she thinks Fleetwood Mac is a new hamburger at McDonald's!
Yo mama's so stupid, that she thought Boyz II Men was a day care center.
Yo mama's so stupid, when she went to take the 44 bus, she took the 22 twice instead.
Yo mama's so stupid, she took a umbrella to see Purple Rain.
Yo mama's so stupid, she bought a videocamera to record cable tv shows at home.

And the laughers...

Yo mama's so stupid, when she saw the NC-17 (under 17 not admitted) sign, she went home and got 16 friends.
Yo mama's so stupid, that she puts lipstick on her head just to make-up her mind.
Yo mama's so stupid, she thinks a quarterback is a refund!
Yo mama's so stupid, when she read on her job application to not write below the dotted line she put "O.K."
Yo mama's so stupid, she took a spoon to the Superbowl.

Naturally we didn't study English. It looked abit short, my essay, but I was writing rather small, so... Don't care la. I have my essay and research for research paper due tomorrow and I still haven't done anything except print a whole load of material. Sigh late night panic again...... I hate this. I woke myself up at 4am today and didn't even sleep on the train. All for a 15 minutes chop-chop paper (assuming I had known the answer to the last one...). More pool in the Rec Room, played with Ryan Sining and Rocky... Usual mistakes. But I suppose compared to my usual I was better today. Sigh. Oh I finally took a picture of my gay glove. Soon... When I get the cable link... Can't wait sia.

Yo mama's mouth is so big, she speaks in surround sound.

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Council? Cousel...
Monday, October 10, 2005

New SIM/UB Student Council 2006
Dear Students,
The elected members of the new SIM/UB Student Council are:

President: Jose Kasijo

Vice-President: Nurul Izzatii bte Zainalabidin

Treasurer: Ho Viet Hai

Head of Events (Indoor): Lee Ying-Zhi

Deputy Head of Events (Indoor): Wong Renhao

Head of Events (Outdoor): Loh Tsuk-Lynn Rachael

Deputy Head of Events (Outdoor): Mariani

The effective date of office is January 1, 2006.

Thanks Kaiyan for putting my speech up on the blog. I sounded really idiotic as far as my mistakes were concerned, but I suppose it was really one of my best speeches. Great balance between impromptu and rehearsed speech I think. Tip: Go through the speech in your head but don't read from a piece of paper. Not even in the beginning. It should never be stamped on black and white.

Alright alright enough acting smart now... Good day today. Yesterday night Hans and I were discussing when to get out of Comms, because we weren't quite sure whether she would give any tips. By half-time we were so fed up and we were chatting anyway that we left for the lounge. Today's pool was not bad. Shan't bother recalling the details, but half my miscues were because the chalk fell off the tip and it just slid off the cueball. I made damn sure that the cuetip was super chalked before breaking.

John borrowed my glove playing against Big Ben today... They're both really good. Big Ben almost managed to clear table, but he got a hard shot and the ball was passed into John's possession, and Ben never got to touch the cueball again. Foozball with Freddy and Ben VS John and me. Today I was on form... managed to somehow block the ball with my midfielders. We all shot so hard that the ball was invisible half the time... When I let Hans take over, he could hardly keep up. Practice I suppose...

In short, I did not study at all for UGC. It would have been alright, the paper, if I had studied it, but as it is I think I have remembered enough to get reasonably good marks.

Maths was such a wallbanger. I got 49/50, and all because I freaking forgot to substitute and equation back to its representative letter. Kaaaanasai. One more game of elimination with Kaiyan and Hans, Kaiyan died first, then because of a mistake (as usual) I submitted my last lifeline to Hans on a fucking silver platter. Had something to eat after that... Must be the test and the Maths ah... Make us all hungry. I waited like 15 minutes for the biggest plate of fries with less than 30 strips of fries on it. And the stupid woman even denied me Tartar sauce, saying it doesn't come with fries. I say to stick each and every boiling hot fry up your nostrils and see whether you still exclude Tartar or not. Basket.

At Tampines I decided to make a quick visit to Yamaha to get the alternate guitar pick (for guitar noobs this particular pick is designed for you to play super uber duper fast on the guitar). Found a Speedpick and a Anglepick, so I called Hans for consultation and he explained that Anglepick, as the name suggests, allows you to pick from a different angle to produce a different sound. Anyway I asked if he would like one set, and he said yes so I got two sets. When I got home I picked my guitar up and fretted the 2nd (2nd highest-pitched) string on the 8th fret, and I produced, in short bursts, about 8 picks per second. Miracle man this pick... Think of what Michael Angelo or Petrucci or Vai or Satriani could do with it man. Madness...

Mug maths! dQ dt dx dy dU df delete......

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Bloody Coward
Sunday, October 09, 2005

My parents just called us into their room.

Someone has taken one-third of coins in my father's piggy bank. One-third. From a piggy bank stuffed to the brim.

I didn't do it. I know it was my brother. He's had a colourful history of this sort of thing. I know what I have done and what I have not. I know I overspend to the point of a single 5-cent coin sometimes, but I know I am above taking money without returning it.

My brother denied it. Flatly. I don't understand how he can do it. Let's just face it - I have lied enough times to keep a straight face and a good act, but he does it without the slightest hint of remorse. It's frightening. I don't know what to do. Either my parents haven't found out about the burnt curtain or they are keeping quiet about it. And do you think for a moment that they are that dumb to not notice? My father draws the curtains every morning, sometimes with my mother's help. Surely they would notice a dark sewn-up patch.

Sure, prayer will change him eventually. I have enough faith to at least believe in that. But what can it do now? I feel like the most disgraceful Christian saying this, but I'm so lost now. Should I just tell them straight that it was him?

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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Without Ryan Cheong controlling the other team, Bulgaria PwNeD Japan 420-60.


And while we are at it, yesterday was slated to be a day forever marked in the history of DotA with Ben, Ryan's friend Sigg, Graham and two of Ben's friends, shamans from clan SAS (16th in WCG SG ranking... don't play play) versus the seniors... Jerry, Ben Chen, two more WCG players, and our dear friend Jay. Looks like a DotA classic huh... Ben promised to send me the replay so I could watch on Chong Yi's com, or any other DotA player's com. Post-match MSN...

Ben: game over
Ben: sigh
RH: lost ah
Ben: duh
Ben: why so simple
Ben: tear them apart like dogs...
Ben the Coolshit Emo Dude sends "hehe.w3g"
Accept Decline Cancel
File accepted... Transfer of "hehe.w3g" is complete.

Apparently they were sooo bad, Ben who was supposed to stay back and be defense with Graham, just strolled into their tower and destroyed it. And then there was the time all of Ben's team was murdered, and the seniors advanced, and Ben's team thought they were done for, but they we're so lousy that before they could do anything proper, Ben's team respawned and raped them.

This sigh that you read of now is coming from a non-DotA player.

Ben has granted Jerry a re-match. Ben and Sigg VS Jerry and Ben Chen I suppose... We'll see. I told Ben if he won the match again, my analysis would be enough for a doctorate thesis. Such is the power of my act-smart-look-smart skill.

Nothing much today... Went to my cousin's house for their new baby's traditional one-month-old celebration, for reasons which have somehow managed to elude the horizons of my knowledge up till today, and are still doing so. Came home to plonk on the bed at 3+ and waking up at like 9... Luckily there was the glutinous rice from the afternoon's buffet, so I didn't have to go down to buy. I hate that when it's 9 o'clock, there's only zi-cha left.

Decided to skip church tomorrow in favour of studying. As it is I will be staying up tonight to make up for my longer-than-expected nap. Wish me luck and perseverance.

By the way, there seems to be an unusual number of visitors on my blog. Is someone blog-stalking me or am I that popular?

Do you know? I think I'll just be more careful. Yup.

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My Screwed Up Life
Friday, October 07, 2005

I dunno if the front row noticed me shaking. Anyway I was. Badly. But I suppose whatever I wanted to say came out fine. All the others had better prepared speeches than me. If I don't get in the Council, all the better with more time to study. If I do, I'll only get busy once in awhile anyway.

Yesterday in a mass convo Hans told me rather rudely about my making so much noise at the pool table, and I wasn't exactly pleased to hear that. But today, right the very next day, I appreciated his feelings when Bernard came in. I was on my way back from taking a chair across the back of the LT, because Yao Liang had taken my chair, that biatch. Just as I reached my original seat, Bernard lumbered in, and I motioned for him to get an empty seat in front. And he said, 'Wah thanks ah Renhao,' very pleased, 'get chair for me ah, hurhur.' I was like 'Get what chair... my chair la.' and plopped the chair down and sat on it. Bernard just carried on, saying 'Ah Renhao... Like that I don't vote for you leh... You get a chair for me and I'll vote for you...'

Well he never did finish his sentence did he? Because like three-quarters of those in attendance chose to turn around at that moment to say 'SHHHH'. And I wasn't quite lagging with my own SHHH and a pained face that begged him to quieten down. Until John came from behind and said 'Bernard take a seat... Over there.'


Comms consultation afterward. Everyone I spoke to said they put me as 'Indoor Activities Deputy', with the head as Zhi, whom I was perfectly fine with. Speaking of which, Juliana Ong who was running for vice-presidency went around and gave out beauty and gym vouchers. She actually leant over my seat just as I was coming back with my ever-needed coffee and distributed three sets while I stood behind in petrified shock. There was giggling during her speech, and I saw quite a few people shaking and covering their mouths.


Anyway back to Comms consultation. Peggy Su gave the test papers back, and in return we gave her hell by trying to kope our test papers ourselves, while she insisted that to prevent another case of lost papers, she would see to it that all the papers were handed by her to the student. The thing is, friends could collect friends' papers, but once no one responded and she put the paper aside, we weren't allowed to touch them. What sort of screwed logic is that? Josh who wasn't very fond of her wanted to collect for his girlfriend, and she flatly refused it. Then Zhi purposely came along and collected her's and her friend's paper. Immediately Josh made noise and Peggy Su raised her voice and snapped that 'You are free to collect your friends' test papers but don't blame me if it's lost!' Next moment she was beating people's hands off the stacks of paper again. Quite a surprise that Hans who studied and made a tremendous effort to draw out a spider-map detailing every single thing about verbal and non-verbal communication got 2/10, while I who simply couldn't be bothered studying, even though I knew I would fair badly if I didn't, got 10/10 by the purest form of bullshitting I had ever conjured in my 17 and 2 months stay on this miserable planet. Ben got a 6, and since he sort of memorised the example in the textbook, and more or less vomited it out, I consulted KJ's copy of the book, and after some clarifical arguments came to the conclusion that he had rightly identified the example, resulting in the 3/6 he got, but failed to elaborate enough. Turns out I was right. As for Hans, I didn't care to see him speak to her, since I had gotten full marks and after seeing to it that my paper was back in her hands, went out and stayed out to play pool with Kaiyan. But he got another 3 marks anyway. 5/10.

Pool. I kept quiet today, or at least mumbled to myself, but against Kaiyan I did a ball-shrinkingly perfect wall shot to send my red ball to the far end, and then sliced the black ball into the centre pocket. Which just proves that I have my good days. And with my trusty glove. Hans of course thrashed me with a three-ball lead. He was intent for owning the table as long as anyone of us would like to play with him or whoever whatever, because he noticed a couple who came into the room and was eyeing our table, and he knew them for hogging the table for hours. Probably one of those idiots with a big bag of $1 coins. Anyway they left when they saw no chance of having a game anytime in the next hour.

On to Ben's house for tennis and xBox. I only won the first race against Ryan, and got whoop arsed in the rest of them. Tennis needed to warm up abit, but I hope I'm getting the hang of it... Should make this a regular thing. Fridays are tennis days. But I owe... Ryan two bucks for the taxi, and Ben 50 cents for chicken rice, cos I used my last $2 to pay him.

Life should all be made up of these sort of days. With bonuses on festive occasions.


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In the Mood
Thursday, October 06, 2005

I'm in one of those meaning-of-life moods today. You have been warned.

The stupid Blogger compose page is back to normal, for the select few affected, ie. Bertrand and me and perhaps a hundred thousand other unhappy people out there. Credit is hereby given to whoever the hell repaired it. Good to have my convenient window back.

Went to see Dr Steven Ang at Redhill on Zhi's recommendation. I set an appointment for 3.30, but he got caught up with some emergency surgery at the hospital, and could only come back at 5. I chose to wait by getting the freaking biggest Gulp and sitting outside the clinic and trying to read the Concise Guide to Writing. I'll spare the details of our meeting.

Did an on-the-spot concept essay with Daphne and Ryan for English. It got all of us into quite a bad mood because we couldn't agree on the topic, and also Ryan didn't get me right, so he thought I said his idea was off-topic when I complained about the limited points. Maths... Another gruelling session. Today I wasn't quite paying attention, just copying all the sums down to be digested like 3000 years later. Just as we finished my aunt called to say she had two tickets to Beyond's concert here next Saturday. Since Hans couldn't go because he was playing for his friend Sugi on Channel U's hosting talent show, Kahyee and Kaiyan are going. Jill gave what I thought was a rather good jack in the balls when she piped, 'Nice work Renhao.' Came back to play pool in the Rec Room, not my day today, especially since the others were suaning me about my glove. Hee I still couldn't resist it and took it out. Really la Hans. I could aim better after that! Really! The hell whether the ball got pocketed or not, I just could aim better.

Which brings me to my meaning-of-life section.

Today Kaiyan told me to use my glove, and I said that as yet I wasn't in the mood for it (probably knew at the back of my head it wasn't my day or something... I dunno these things). And then he told me no glove cannot play. Until I found a dollar coin and had a one-on-one with Hans.

On most other days, I would not have hesitated to call him a childish motherfucker who banks on cheap thrills such as this. Today would be classified as a most other day.

I mean it's true.

But it is mean. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. Why curse and swear at other people?

Hans doesn't like my phone. But he told me himself, and I'm grateful for it, that he said that it was my money, my choice, and that I shouldn't care whether he liked it or not. Although of course it doesn't quite matter does it because he still jacks me every other hour with a quip about my gay phone and gay glove.

Daphne did not like my post. But this is my blog, and I don't quite care what other people like or don't like. I hate to be confined under rules even for blogging, so much for a free society, but I know that as long as I am responsible and don't write (stupid) racist comments, then I am still free to say whatever I like. Oh and, no anti-PAP. Definitely no-no. :P

Remember the Wemmicks story? Read it here if you haven't. Or refresh your memory. So many people in this world are like little Punchinello. And sad to say, I think I am more like him than most people around me. Perhaps I don't actively seek others' approval and even attention, but what people say do get into me.

Why should it?

That was why I reacted so strongly when Kaiyan called my phone gay. It's my phone and I decide whether it's gay or not. It's my glove, and I decide whether it is nice or not, whether it is gay or not.

And for the record, Felice really really sounds gay. I admit. I'll probably black it out real soon.

But why do I have to react so strongly? Why should I defend my actions? What authority do people have to make me defend my actions? Say what you want, I don't care. I live for myself, and for the God I serve (whomever it may be for you). Gay? Then you don't buy lor. What's the problem?

In this respect, perhaps it's time to change this particular habit of ours. I say ours because I am guilty of it myself, though in lesser proportions, I must say. It is time for me to stop telling people what I like about them, and what I don't. I just want to respect them as a friend and fellow human being. And I don't want to feel anymore compelled to follow what my friends say. Gay? I'm sorry, I'll change it right away... Still gay? Never mind then I'll trash and burn the glove. Never. I made a calculated decision to save for and use the pool glove, and that is that. I hope you will respect this decision of mine, and perhaps it's time to think whether you have this problem as well, whatever degree it may be in.

Of course, I know the difference between this, and genuine constructive criticism. Kaiyan's comment that Felice sounded gay was right, and I have accepted that. Refusing to acknowledge others' opinions of you doesn't mean blindly firewalling everything said about you. If I think it is constructive criticism, you will see a change. Or if you don't, tell me again. And try to put it nicely. But if I see that it is an attempt to thumb me down... Well.

You can be a better friend. It's possible.

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Nevar Again
Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I give up on Creative.

I accidentally dropped my Zen Micro from my desk, a height of approximately 70cm. Now it can't even start up.

My record of Peggy Su's lecture is lost. My records of all the band slots in the Singapore Metal Fest are gone. More than 4GB of preciously collected and customised songs are lost.

I'm going back, after the midterms(next week... argh!) to make noise one last time. Once I get the new unit, and hopefully my recordings back, I shall bring the whole box to Cash Converters and sell it off. With that money, and hopefully a top-up from the hundred dollars that I have remaining from my birthday cash gift from my aunt, I will buy an iPod Nano, or prefably the 6GB iPod Mini, if it's still available. I'd like that.

Anyway that was on Monday. I wanted to blog and I did save a draft but for some reason I can't open the draft now... Stupid. Anyhoo I'm back on CDs and my Discman now, enjoying quality I haven't heard in awhile, but irritated by its relative cumbersomeness. Doesn't help that my earphones are darn short.

Today, I finally got my pool glove. Yay! I shall call it Terry.

Ok no I'm sorry I shan't give it a name, that is gay. Most people say it looks gay on me (ah but then, everything does o.O). But a few were impressed with it (the glove, not the fact that I bought it or that I have one). For some reason John tried it by taking my turn's shots (that's two balls in hehe) and the first time he aimed right at the bottom of a centre-pocket, pullback shot. I was like 'Um what are you doing?' and I had barely finished when he fired and true enough the cueball just went flying into... Alex I think. But he retook the shot, and then two balls cleared. Elton tried it because he had always wanted to do the hooked-ring bridge.

Played with Graham first in Mambo, where I got the glove, lost everything (or did I win one game) but as usual good lesson playing with him. Went to eat with him and Kaiyan who joined us, at the Bukit Timah Food Centre. I have no idea why the place is so empty. The salted fish fried rice (咸鱼炒饭) was bloody good. And for 3 bucks! I am so not eating anywhere else next time. Went back for English Consultation but before that more pool in the Rec Room. With the glove and a highly conscious effort to check and chalk the cue tip there was virtually no chance of miscueing or the cueball spinning somewhere else. It was all about aiming now, and I so totally suck at it. I lost all games to Ryan except the one where we two-on-two-ed with Sining and Ryan VS Graham and me. Guess who cleared the tables.

Speaking of games and Ryan when he came to my house yesterday while waiting for 6pm to bring him to Lighthouse church where he had an event there, he freaking thrashed me in Quidditch, that bloody first-timer. 2-1 in his favour. We had a problem of space, because two JC-aged guys on one keyboard really stinks, as well as keys cancelling each other out for some reason. My keyboard sucks I suppose. I told him I would train up during the hols and then I will invite him over to whoop his ass. For once Viktor Krum failed me, because I couldn't get into the Snitch's flight trail and gain more boost.

By the way, before we went to Mambo Graham and I sat to do some study. I did Comms, he did Maths. I was really disturbed when he says 'I can't understand...' because who else would then? Sheesh. Comms isn't that bad when you get Peggy Su's face out of your head. It's all really interesting, how people make everything out of nothing. Nothing at all.

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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Blogging in the English class right now. There isn't any class, but Samantha and I just came up to 4.23 anyway for the food. Hehehehe.

Interesting incident on the train... I woke up at like Tanjong Pagar to find this pair of shades lying on the floor. An ITE student was standing right in front of it. I couldn't believe he didn't take the least notice of it. There it sat until this middle-aged man came in. And he also ignored the shades. but then the train jerked, and he lost his balance, and of all things stepped on the shades. You could almost hear my silent wince. Because even from that distance I had some idea that it was good stuff. Suddenly he gestured at the ITE guy's back, and then at me with a fling of his hand. I just raised an eyebrow coldly, and refused to meet his eye. I could see him staring at me though... for some reason. Thing is, this guy's sense of balance and reflex is so fucked up that he lost balance and stepped on the shades again, snapping one side off. My mouth just fell open, and he was staring at me again. At Commonwealth, two people from the other side of the two-seater (right at the end of the train) and the one on my left got up all at once. This same dickhead went over to the opposite seat, flung his file on the other seat and crossed his legs and lounged back to read his papers. I stole a quick look at him, and befor he could catch my eye, I looked towards the file and fixed my gaze there. Dunno whether he was disturbed or not. At Dover, I deliberately knelt down on my way out to pick the shades up. I dunno what brand it was, Suguku or something like that, but it was indeed good shit. Sleekest degreed shades I've ever seen. The least I could do was pick it up and throw it into a proper dustbin.

People nowadays. Utterly shameful. Just about 10 train stops. Not one person picked it up.

In other news, I think I lost my key at Hans's gig. Must have fallen out when I sat there for so long. Dad's not too amused... he's going to deduct $5 from my allowance each week. Not that it matters.

Don't get me wrong. I could use the $5. Sure could. But since that part of the pie is almost always used for leisure, it's no big loss is it?

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Singapore Metal Fest 2005
Saturday, October 01, 2005

Organised by Rudra. My first metal gig. And as Hans loves to say, \m/ it fucking kicked ass \m/.

Took abit of warming up, especially since the first band, a newbie to gigging with a female vox singing in clean vocals. No one stood up until like the third band, then it just went mad from there. Half the songs were a drum thunderoll then the vocalist would do a hair-raising growl like 'YRWRAHHHHHH!!!' and then what I assumed were the moshers started pushing and shoving and twirling around on their feet like they were under Ecstasy and Morphine or something. Damn it was really good. But I promised my mother I would get out by 8, and as Hans had predicted that was when the real stuff started. And because I had to leave, I didn't have a chance to see Hans and gang in action. Sheesh man. Lucky the other bands were at least something... Tara skipped her Veena class to come, only to find that I was leaving. I tried to persuade her to just wait for Hans and they could headbang together, but she insisted on leaving with me, making me feel real bad because she spent a grand total of 20 minutes. $10. Not worth it. I told her I would treat her if I met her, if I had money, and if I was in a good mood. Calculate the chances of that yourself ok? :D

Tara met her Indian friend and another Chinese friend on the way. We walked to Tekka Mall where they would go their way and I could take 23. Bloody hell the bus take so long, the driver was fucking crawling at 30kmph I tell you. I was damn tempted to knock on the periscope thing (I was on the upper deck) and swear at him.

Before the gig, I had reached the place at 2. The gig was at 3. So I trooped next door to the Asian Civilizations Museum. They were having The Peranakan Legacy on, and my God the displays were marvellous. With my *new* camera phone I snuck some pictures. I will load up soon. Hopefully.

A silent camera phone has its uses. Especially with a VGA 640X480 camera.

Ok ok I won't show off anymore... Sorry.

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