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Monday, October 24, 2005

Just because we were talking, it does not mean we are really excited by the Museum trip. It just shows that if Peggy Su doesn't teach like she is expected to, we will not care to listen.

For example, Dr John Wood (Assc Vice Provost for International Education) sat in the first half of the lecture. For the first time, Peggy Su taught properly. And for the first time, I listened and learnt. Second half after the break she was back to her usual crappy first-grade Singlish and corny examples.

Expose time.

On the way we were discussing the rare phenomenon of Kaijie wearing pants, due to Kaiyan's promise of pool at the Singapore Recreation Club and its dumb dress codes, and him being a poor thing to have to pull it up to his nipples. And then we derived the consequential opposite, which was that short people actually wear shorts for long pants.

All eyes averted to unsuspecting Ben.

On the train, me and Hans with KJ listening passively were mumbling and sniggering about it. Then KJ stared for some time at Ben's lower half before going tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk.

Man, we must have just looked like hooligans, howling our ass off on the train. Then Ben having some inkling that we were laughing at him, proclaimed to a non-existent audience that he was sad and was getting off the train on Commonwealth. And Kaiyan almost immediately said, '再見!' in Cantonese, earning a fist from Ben, and our congratulatory howls of laughter.

Later in the tunnel, Hans suddenly went pensive and said,

'That guy was from my secondary school......'
'Neh that one having bukake one.'

There he was, on the opposite side of the train. Closing his eyes in deep thought/ecstasy, and doing a smearing action with his hand on his half puckered lips in a pensive trance/triple-X fantasy.

'So what did he teach?'
'CME I think. ... !!!'
'... !!!'

Got to SRC just to find out that Leong Kaiyan did not even check and that the Billiard Room opened up at 1PM!!! You still owe us free pool for that LKY. Toopid. Went to Esplanade for PopcornPOP but I forgot that they only opened at 12.30. Hee lucky it was Kaiyan who suggested it. All blame him wheeee. Since it was nearby we went over to Marina to eat. LKY suggested Carl's Jr., but me no money so we settled for the foodcourt, where Kaiyan relentlessly nagged at me like a true blue Cantonese to hurry up. Babi ngepet. After buying drinks at the supermarket downstairs we came across Verismo the gourmet ice cream shop. Hans noticed the Double Chocolate and as with gourmet ice cream shops they dig up a bit for you to try. Hans tasted it and said immediately 'I'll have one'.

You know, it's unusual that people other than me react so strongly to chocolate, so I requested for a taste. And I can't remember why I never tried Double Chocolate before but it just hit me in the face, and I doubled the order. Kaiyan opted for Bailey's, naturally, given his liquor-prone character. But there was nothing to be tasted at all. Sigh, anyway....

We went to Long John Silver where we had spotted Ben, Jill and Cat, who had come along with us, in deep conversation. They decided earlier to ditch the foodcourt due to lack of seats. We were also discussing on the way alternative meanings of LJS. LJ of course easily filled by lan jiao, but the S.... So we came up with Lan Jiao Shit, Lan Jiao Sai, and naturally Lan Jiao Short. We believe patrons reflect the nature of the eatery's name. Though it would have been much better if S had been a B so it would be very very aptly Lan Jiao Bin.

In the midst of all this merry revelry Kahyee called Kaiyan. So we trooped over to Raffles City's BK to meet up with her. While we were in toilet though, Ben came back in to report that she was with another guy, and that Kaiyan looked super sian diao.

Eager to meet the one she has surrendered her heart to, we all went in to meet her. I was the last, so of course I saw Kaiyan's sad sad face, but then the guys started giving Kahyee's partner friendly shoves and slaps on the back. And I thought, that is no way to treat.......


You could just see the glass on everyone's faces disintegrate into powder and fall off with a poof. Ben endured the next half an hour of 'OMG how could you...' and 'Wah Ben sneaky seh...'. Apparently Kaiyan's monster stomach wasn't filled (or was it Ben) and one of them wanted to buy a packet of fries (I had long since tackled the fries on the tray). The Ben said the new packet could be poured with the large existing pile. And Hans very very cryptically said, 'Yar and you eat from there also right?'

I think I was the only one to get it. That was super fast, bro. Super fast.

Earlier Alex had called asking for directions to the ACM, and I at first told him to just get to either Raffles Place or City Hall and ask the station masters, but later we told them to meet us. Apparently though they had already taken the initiative to ask as they were lounging on the benches with Zhi Freddy and gang when we got there.

All in all there was really very little time for museum viewing (and photo taking hahaha), because Josh was announcing to whoever he met that Gaylene managed to rope a musician and two whirlers for an interview, and we were to be there ASAP. I learnt alot, particularly when Gaylene asked the last question: The Dervishes are considered a sect of Islam. Do you feel that your sect is somehow more superior than the others? And the whirler answered beautifully, through a translator, 'Let us see Islam like a garden, and my sect as one of the many flowers in the garden. We are all God's children.'

Its hard to find these people nowadays.

Hans Sining Graham and Ryan, who all weren't going for the Dervishes, came downstairs to the performance venue just as the interview ended.

There was a queue for last-minute tickets, and I approached Dianne's friend and said 'Would you like a ticket?'

Reason, as you most probably would have heard by now, is that Hans and Sining were going karaoke-ing, and I was invited along.

Just when K-Box made me give up hope on K-lounges, this sleazy-looking and small lounge called Diamond Dust at I-dunno-where, come to think of it (somewhere near Paragon?), redeemed K-lounges' reputations. This was a Jap hangout, so Jap and English songs were stocked. And under English we had some interesting stuff, like Metallica, Silvertide, and a couple more that you don't usually find in K-lounges. Hans's opener was Metallica's The Unforgiven, power song. I stuck mostly to oldies... Sinatra and Nat King Cole. But I was introduced to The Scorpions and the classic Bon Jovi with Wind of Change and Livin' on a Prayer respectively, both of which are at the top of my playcharts now. As I was singing That's Amore, a lively waltz for those who dunno, I emitted a squeak during a lyric break for reasons which are still very obscure to myself. Hans was like 'That's gay.' and we both starting giggling our arses off halfway through the song. I have no idea how Sining managed to continue unaffected. And we were bent double when the next line said your heart would play tippy-tippy-tay like a gay tarantella. OMG it was sometime before I could get back on track.

An $8 well spent, I suppose. Now to test my saving skills. $9+ for three days. I can't believe I blew $20 in a freaking day.

If only life were made of such days. No?

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