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Council? Cousel...
Monday, October 10, 2005

New SIM/UB Student Council 2006
Dear Students,
The elected members of the new SIM/UB Student Council are:

President: Jose Kasijo

Vice-President: Nurul Izzatii bte Zainalabidin

Treasurer: Ho Viet Hai

Head of Events (Indoor): Lee Ying-Zhi

Deputy Head of Events (Indoor): Wong Renhao

Head of Events (Outdoor): Loh Tsuk-Lynn Rachael

Deputy Head of Events (Outdoor): Mariani

The effective date of office is January 1, 2006.

Thanks Kaiyan for putting my speech up on the blog. I sounded really idiotic as far as my mistakes were concerned, but I suppose it was really one of my best speeches. Great balance between impromptu and rehearsed speech I think. Tip: Go through the speech in your head but don't read from a piece of paper. Not even in the beginning. It should never be stamped on black and white.

Alright alright enough acting smart now... Good day today. Yesterday night Hans and I were discussing when to get out of Comms, because we weren't quite sure whether she would give any tips. By half-time we were so fed up and we were chatting anyway that we left for the lounge. Today's pool was not bad. Shan't bother recalling the details, but half my miscues were because the chalk fell off the tip and it just slid off the cueball. I made damn sure that the cuetip was super chalked before breaking.

John borrowed my glove playing against Big Ben today... They're both really good. Big Ben almost managed to clear table, but he got a hard shot and the ball was passed into John's possession, and Ben never got to touch the cueball again. Foozball with Freddy and Ben VS John and me. Today I was on form... managed to somehow block the ball with my midfielders. We all shot so hard that the ball was invisible half the time... When I let Hans take over, he could hardly keep up. Practice I suppose...

In short, I did not study at all for UGC. It would have been alright, the paper, if I had studied it, but as it is I think I have remembered enough to get reasonably good marks.

Maths was such a wallbanger. I got 49/50, and all because I freaking forgot to substitute and equation back to its representative letter. Kaaaanasai. One more game of elimination with Kaiyan and Hans, Kaiyan died first, then because of a mistake (as usual) I submitted my last lifeline to Hans on a fucking silver platter. Had something to eat after that... Must be the test and the Maths ah... Make us all hungry. I waited like 15 minutes for the biggest plate of fries with less than 30 strips of fries on it. And the stupid woman even denied me Tartar sauce, saying it doesn't come with fries. I say to stick each and every boiling hot fry up your nostrils and see whether you still exclude Tartar or not. Basket.

At Tampines I decided to make a quick visit to Yamaha to get the alternate guitar pick (for guitar noobs this particular pick is designed for you to play super uber duper fast on the guitar). Found a Speedpick and a Anglepick, so I called Hans for consultation and he explained that Anglepick, as the name suggests, allows you to pick from a different angle to produce a different sound. Anyway I asked if he would like one set, and he said yes so I got two sets. When I got home I picked my guitar up and fretted the 2nd (2nd highest-pitched) string on the 8th fret, and I produced, in short bursts, about 8 picks per second. Miracle man this pick... Think of what Michael Angelo or Petrucci or Vai or Satriani could do with it man. Madness...

Mug maths! dQ dt dx dy dU df delete......

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