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Get a good teacher
Friday, October 21, 2005

The sad thing is, I can't get marks la. Face it I didn't study. Hard enough. I mean I did make a (futile) attempt.

But we still don't like her all the same. ^^

We were talking among ourselves and she said, 'Pleeeeease can you don't talk... You can go if you want you know its not compulsory.'

José was like 'Good point.' then pick his bag up and zao.


Me and Hans left shortly after.

Short one-sentence paragraphs have greater impact.

Or effect.


After that the others (after playing pool, of course) insisted that TWO HOURS was not enough time to get to Holland V and back. Me and Hans left them to their dilly-dallying and went off. One hour chop-chop and we were done.

Costumes are seriously expensive. A cloak of material thinner than your skin can cost like 30 bucks. And a Grim Reaper set costs like 45 bucks. But I didn't like the mask, and in any case I would just hate breathing in the carbon dioxide I had exhaled half an hour ago all day. So I shall pass the set and get the cloak and sickle (which is plain wicked sick even in all its plasticness). Next week la I no money now.

UGC was bloody boring la we had to endure the draggiest documentary ever about Mohammed. But the concept was good, the stories coming from Arab's mouths in the original language... They had ladies and gentlemen and young boys and girls reciting stories and Qu'ranic suras or verses... But 250 min? I will slap your face. Even Gaylene was exasperated and apologising for such a draggy video... I dunno her source(s) but she said there was a good 50 min documentary and it cost like 300 bucks?! No way sia.

After UGC I went to Ngee Ann to pick up the four other tickets to 蔡琴... Whee hehehe. Cashier auntie there so good to me... See me only want to treat me to Vitasoy... Gimme crackers... Biscuits... lol I feel loved. Came back to student lounge also can't find Zhi, so oh well just sit in front of the TV eat crackers and attempt pretend) to read about the League of Nations for my Comms project... And I better get seriously started on that... Sigh work is piling up.

Pround of myself because once again I managed to play around until the sound system in the LT where we were to have our course preview for prospective students. Playing with the mixer was fun until I realised I only knew how to shift the volume controls and don't know shit about the dials and mini-buttons. Then Rachael and Izzati asked me whether I wanted to play pool.

Freaking whooped. Not that bad lar not like three of my balls left on the table or anything, but still lost. Sigh.

Preview was fun. Other than the fact that Joe Hindrawan's English is honestly a HINDRAnce to communicating his point.

I know la. I'm bad.

There was this mother who intended to take the same course with her son. But she was so dumb she just had to tell the whole world that she did better for O levels than for Poly, and whether she could not reveal her Poly results so that she has a higher chance of getting in?

You could almost hear everyone screaming 'NO DUHHHH.' But all the poor woman got was a deafening silence.

Before it started there was simply fabulous chicken drumlets. I took one and the rest of the Council was like *gasp*. I was like, 'Eh I'm staying until 8 hor, I deserve it.'

Later we all whooped up the remaining drumlets, after it was all over. Wheee.

We took the opportunity to bitch (or feedback is a kinder word) to Admin about Piggy Su. Joe Hindrawan just insisted that we should have no problem with her, probably because she is UB-approved and he doesn't want to be maluated. But the Admin all nodded and said 'We'll try our best.' and all, and well we really couldn't ask for more than their listening ears I suppose, although our results are largely at stake.

When we were bidding them goodnight, Joe turned round and said, ' Get good grades!' Immediately, I dunno where all this wit runs to normally, Zhi shot back, 'Get a good teacher!' then grinned and gave a thumbs up to them. All of us were like 'OMG UBER OUCH!' Hahaha then we bitched about her again allllll the way until the bus stops where we parted ways.

Life should be so wonderful.

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