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My Screwed Up Life
Friday, October 07, 2005

I dunno if the front row noticed me shaking. Anyway I was. Badly. But I suppose whatever I wanted to say came out fine. All the others had better prepared speeches than me. If I don't get in the Council, all the better with more time to study. If I do, I'll only get busy once in awhile anyway.

Yesterday in a mass convo Hans told me rather rudely about my making so much noise at the pool table, and I wasn't exactly pleased to hear that. But today, right the very next day, I appreciated his feelings when Bernard came in. I was on my way back from taking a chair across the back of the LT, because Yao Liang had taken my chair, that biatch. Just as I reached my original seat, Bernard lumbered in, and I motioned for him to get an empty seat in front. And he said, 'Wah thanks ah Renhao,' very pleased, 'get chair for me ah, hurhur.' I was like 'Get what chair... my chair la.' and plopped the chair down and sat on it. Bernard just carried on, saying 'Ah Renhao... Like that I don't vote for you leh... You get a chair for me and I'll vote for you...'

Well he never did finish his sentence did he? Because like three-quarters of those in attendance chose to turn around at that moment to say 'SHHHH'. And I wasn't quite lagging with my own SHHH and a pained face that begged him to quieten down. Until John came from behind and said 'Bernard take a seat... Over there.'


Comms consultation afterward. Everyone I spoke to said they put me as 'Indoor Activities Deputy', with the head as Zhi, whom I was perfectly fine with. Speaking of which, Juliana Ong who was running for vice-presidency went around and gave out beauty and gym vouchers. She actually leant over my seat just as I was coming back with my ever-needed coffee and distributed three sets while I stood behind in petrified shock. There was giggling during her speech, and I saw quite a few people shaking and covering their mouths.


Anyway back to Comms consultation. Peggy Su gave the test papers back, and in return we gave her hell by trying to kope our test papers ourselves, while she insisted that to prevent another case of lost papers, she would see to it that all the papers were handed by her to the student. The thing is, friends could collect friends' papers, but once no one responded and she put the paper aside, we weren't allowed to touch them. What sort of screwed logic is that? Josh who wasn't very fond of her wanted to collect for his girlfriend, and she flatly refused it. Then Zhi purposely came along and collected her's and her friend's paper. Immediately Josh made noise and Peggy Su raised her voice and snapped that 'You are free to collect your friends' test papers but don't blame me if it's lost!' Next moment she was beating people's hands off the stacks of paper again. Quite a surprise that Hans who studied and made a tremendous effort to draw out a spider-map detailing every single thing about verbal and non-verbal communication got 2/10, while I who simply couldn't be bothered studying, even though I knew I would fair badly if I didn't, got 10/10 by the purest form of bullshitting I had ever conjured in my 17 and 2 months stay on this miserable planet. Ben got a 6, and since he sort of memorised the example in the textbook, and more or less vomited it out, I consulted KJ's copy of the book, and after some clarifical arguments came to the conclusion that he had rightly identified the example, resulting in the 3/6 he got, but failed to elaborate enough. Turns out I was right. As for Hans, I didn't care to see him speak to her, since I had gotten full marks and after seeing to it that my paper was back in her hands, went out and stayed out to play pool with Kaiyan. But he got another 3 marks anyway. 5/10.

Pool. I kept quiet today, or at least mumbled to myself, but against Kaiyan I did a ball-shrinkingly perfect wall shot to send my red ball to the far end, and then sliced the black ball into the centre pocket. Which just proves that I have my good days. And with my trusty glove. Hans of course thrashed me with a three-ball lead. He was intent for owning the table as long as anyone of us would like to play with him or whoever whatever, because he noticed a couple who came into the room and was eyeing our table, and he knew them for hogging the table for hours. Probably one of those idiots with a big bag of $1 coins. Anyway they left when they saw no chance of having a game anytime in the next hour.

On to Ben's house for tennis and xBox. I only won the first race against Ryan, and got whoop arsed in the rest of them. Tennis needed to warm up abit, but I hope I'm getting the hang of it... Should make this a regular thing. Fridays are tennis days. But I owe... Ryan two bucks for the taxi, and Ben 50 cents for chicken rice, cos I used my last $2 to pay him.

Life should all be made up of these sort of days. With bonuses on festive occasions.


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