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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I give up on Creative.

I accidentally dropped my Zen Micro from my desk, a height of approximately 70cm. Now it can't even start up.

My record of Peggy Su's lecture is lost. My records of all the band slots in the Singapore Metal Fest are gone. More than 4GB of preciously collected and customised songs are lost.

I'm going back, after the midterms(next week... argh!) to make noise one last time. Once I get the new unit, and hopefully my recordings back, I shall bring the whole box to Cash Converters and sell it off. With that money, and hopefully a top-up from the hundred dollars that I have remaining from my birthday cash gift from my aunt, I will buy an iPod Nano, or prefably the 6GB iPod Mini, if it's still available. I'd like that.

Anyway that was on Monday. I wanted to blog and I did save a draft but for some reason I can't open the draft now... Stupid. Anyhoo I'm back on CDs and my Discman now, enjoying quality I haven't heard in awhile, but irritated by its relative cumbersomeness. Doesn't help that my earphones are darn short.

Today, I finally got my pool glove. Yay! I shall call it Terry.

Ok no I'm sorry I shan't give it a name, that is gay. Most people say it looks gay on me (ah but then, everything does o.O). But a few were impressed with it (the glove, not the fact that I bought it or that I have one). For some reason John tried it by taking my turn's shots (that's two balls in hehe) and the first time he aimed right at the bottom of a centre-pocket, pullback shot. I was like 'Um what are you doing?' and I had barely finished when he fired and true enough the cueball just went flying into... Alex I think. But he retook the shot, and then two balls cleared. Elton tried it because he had always wanted to do the hooked-ring bridge.

Played with Graham first in Mambo, where I got the glove, lost everything (or did I win one game) but as usual good lesson playing with him. Went to eat with him and Kaiyan who joined us, at the Bukit Timah Food Centre. I have no idea why the place is so empty. The salted fish fried rice (咸鱼炒饭) was bloody good. And for 3 bucks! I am so not eating anywhere else next time. Went back for English Consultation but before that more pool in the Rec Room. With the glove and a highly conscious effort to check and chalk the cue tip there was virtually no chance of miscueing or the cueball spinning somewhere else. It was all about aiming now, and I so totally suck at it. I lost all games to Ryan except the one where we two-on-two-ed with Sining and Ryan VS Graham and me. Guess who cleared the tables.

Speaking of games and Ryan when he came to my house yesterday while waiting for 6pm to bring him to Lighthouse church where he had an event there, he freaking thrashed me in Quidditch, that bloody first-timer. 2-1 in his favour. We had a problem of space, because two JC-aged guys on one keyboard really stinks, as well as keys cancelling each other out for some reason. My keyboard sucks I suppose. I told him I would train up during the hols and then I will invite him over to whoop his ass. For once Viktor Krum failed me, because I couldn't get into the Snitch's flight trail and gain more boost.

By the way, before we went to Mambo Graham and I sat to do some study. I did Comms, he did Maths. I was really disturbed when he says 'I can't understand...' because who else would then? Sheesh. Comms isn't that bad when you get Peggy Su's face out of your head. It's all really interesting, how people make everything out of nothing. Nothing at all.

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