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Monday, November 28, 2005


I don't even feel like blogging now. Everything that happened over the weekend has blanked out from my head. Me tired.

All weekend I struggled. I battled with my mind to throttle out my half-penny research paper for UGC.

That's all I remember. That's all I want to remember.

Today Peggy Su's flow was really heavy... She was in such a bad mood that from start to end she was yelling her butt off. Railing and ranting at people... haiyah why do people have grudges... Makes you old faster you know. As if life isn't short enough. But then plus point - we ended at 9.25 so we all went up (as usual) to the student lounge (as usual) to play pool (as usual) even though Ben wanted foozball (as usual). Played not bad today la. Many good shots that Hans claimed was chao tyco-ness. I mean I had my usual share of tyco shots but come on la... Some shots were good admit it. Kaijie fumbled at the last part when I was partnered with him, making the blue ball hit the top of the pocket guard and bounce back out again. Lucky it was Kaiyan's turn next hahaha. We won the game.

Originally we wanted to go Mambo one last time, but then G declined, and it finally got into Hans that exams were next week (Eh ya huh! FUCK!). So while G went to the library Hans and I contented ourselves by reading each others' research papers. His was really good lor. Not enough to make me want to become a Satanist, but then that wasn't really the point of the essay anyway. It was clearing (very stupid) misconceptions about Satanism. Me, I just need to add in my thoughts. And done. Lucky Gaylene said Thursday. Otherwise I hand up today my UGC marks will just go down the drain along with pee, shit, and *lalalala*.

I actually sort of told myself not to mention this again. But it is so retarded and deliciously disgusting that I have to. During Maths Hans suddenly whispered into my ear 'I only just noticed how hairy Stone is.'


'Fuck you Hans. Fuck you to the deepest levels of Hell.'

*Hans laughing his ass off*

I don't want to go into the details after that la ok. But among the things we discussed were jungle, rainforest, humidity killing ants (woe be unto them) and natural disasters... Earthquake, tornado, tsunami.

Oh please... Please just kill me. *vomit guts out and die*

Ryan: HOLY CRAP! You killed Renhao. WRAH. *start Chicken Little's Numanuma dance*

*gasp* AHAHA... I'm sorry you know I couldn't help it. AHAHAHA. *laugh so hard that I vomit guts out and die*

Ryan: HOLY CRAP! You killed Renhao. WRAH.

And so the cycle goes on.

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Battery Level: -4
Friday, November 25, 2005

It's 7.20 and I have finally completed my English RP.

[drop dead with a blissful smile]
[wake up]

Still got UGC RP. Can't even RIP... sad is my life.

Since I can't work through the night now, I had to resort to waking my ass up at 4.45 to do RP. Of course I was supposed to be off by 12, no questions asked. But I certainly had alot of questions about watching 大長今 non-stop up to 12.45am. I was tempted to fire back when they switched off for the night and then started KPing me. But ahh... if they slap you on the left cheek, they say, offer your right. And your butt too. And your balls as a bonus.

On Wednesday I was inspired to write a poem (about time, too), which I did on the train. But before that, I was on the train yesterday, coming home. When I woke up to find the doors open at Bugis. And I closed my eyes again. But I opened it again, and OMG there it was! The door to the piloting controls were wide open, and in the next second I was instantly wide awake. Apparently some lady was bleeding from the nose, and wounds on her cheek and forehead. Either she fell down real bad, or she got robbed and punched. I dunno, but anyway two SMRT officers accompanied her all the way to Tampines. I wanted to take a picture of the controls with my phone, but before I could dig it out the driver breezed past me and slammed the door.

Later I called my dad...

Dad: [sees Caller ID] Yar Renhao.
Me: [sleepy] I'm on my way back. I just woke up at Tanah Merah.
Dad: [silence]... And?
Me: Nothing la you told me to call you what
Dad: Oh I said to call my handphone so we would have come back together.
Me: Oh...
Dad: You just woke up at Tanah Merah.
Me: [sniff] Yeah.
Dad: Make sure your phone is still with you.
Me: ... ... What?
Dad: Make sure your phone - oh you're using it to call me... Make sure your wallet everything is with you.
Me: Yar yar it is.
Dad: Kk bye.

Fantasia on a Rainy Day

Step out, wind embraces my body.
Warning of the perils

Down, down celestial levels,
Descending, resenting. (sounds like LP)

Door opens, I step out.
Cloak of warmth safely on.
Wind tries to freeze me,
Snarling, 'You cannot make it!'

Slippery path, watery journey
Carefully tread.
My boots leave a watery impression
Of power

Cloak billows, wind ruffles my really cool hair.

HAHA kidding ok ok serious now...

Cloak billows, wind assaults me again.
Hinderance tries to stop my in my tracks,
But it slips harmlessly through my hair
And collides instead with the trees.

Power coursing through puddles of water
Elleptical ribs stretch out as far as their strength bids.
I continue, unhurt.

Ryan read my poem, but apparently my handwriting is so neat that he interpreted it as such:

Stop at, and embraces my body.
Waning me of the perils.

Doum, doum celestial levels.

Door opens, I step out.
Cloak of warmth safely on.
Writs tries to freeze me,

Slippery path, watery journey
Carefully tread.
My butts leave a watery depression
Of power unparalleled.

He got no further, because I snatched the paper from his hands and told him to read it from my blog.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Either I'm losing my touch on blogging, or my life has become that mundane.

But a great writer, poet, and philosopher once said, 'Unto the grey road doth a great storyteller painteth lilies of reed, whit, blee and grin.'

Ok la. I said it. It's just chimified common sense. Commong sense ah, commong sense.

I have too many things to do, but I don't want to do anything. I just want to play until the day I die.

Valerie, valera.

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Monday, November 21, 2005

A lovely dinner with Chong Yi and family denied me the opportunity of studying Maths. But we talked about alot, like we always do. When I told him about the Lich/Pugna incident, he laughed until he collapsed against the wall.

As we were lolling outside the hotel, waiting for a taxi, a MaxiCab pulled up. I nudged Chong Yi and said 'Your car ah hurhur...' and we didn't notice the door open...

Suddenly one more MaxiCab glided in, then another, then all at once four MaxiCabs were pulling into the entrance of the Marina Mandarin mind you. Doors were flung open, and young girls no more than 13 flew out and dashed straight for the hotel doors. screaming unrestrainedly.

[Pan camera to show 9 tio stun faces]

What just happened?
Oh you can recognise? You like them?
No -.- I saw the poster.

Later on the way back, my dad and mom started lecturing us. What's new...

You all ahhh don't behave until like that ahhh... Obsessed ahh...
Yar yar... craaaazy I tell you...
All rushing for the doors... Someone could have died...
You behave like that ahhh I kiiiick you until blood come out I tell you.

At this point I burst out, 'Oh please we have some dignity you know!' and I thought it settled the affair.

Yar actually what he say is right... Must have dignity... Chase after a total stranger who doesn't know you at all... You behave like that ah I kiiiiick you until blood come out ah.


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Asses of Fire
Saturday, November 19, 2005

The following is a conversation you get when two people refuse to talk about RP.

Ryan: I send next set
tommorrow we pass each other

Renhao: but this is yesterday's already commented one

Ryan: I did some stuff on my essay already
so tomorrow you can comment
nvm la

Renhao: you only have one copy?!

Ryan: yep

Renhao: i hate you
and in time to come
you will hate your own ass

Ryan: I like my ass

Renhao: you will wish you never had one

Ryan: it may be rough in some places
and maybe imperfect
but it has served me well for 17 years

Renhao: and hairy?

Ryan: that's your ass
not mine

Renhao: my ass
is furry excuse me

Ryan: soka

Renhao: please do not insult my ass

Ryan: your ass
was transplanted from chewbacca

Renhao: your ass
was transplanted from jabba the hutt

Ryan: your ass
resembles that of the surface of Tatooine

Renhao: at least
my ass will have two suns
your ass

Ryan: umm

Renhao: coruscant
full of pointy buildings
and cloudy



Ryan: fine
I lose

Renhao: LOL

I told you.

Thanks once again for being there... I felt really better after that.

My guitar is showing signs of stabilising. Yay I will be able to shred soon.

10 phrases that RP could possibly stand for:
Research Paper
Rest in Peace
Rat Pack
Raunchy Pimp
Really Pissed
Really Pooped
Raunchy Penis
Rex Pontifex
Rolly Polly
Rump Pump


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[this space represents what my brain is thinking]
Thursday, November 17, 2005

I'm dead tired.

With the RPs catching up on me I had once again lost the energy to blog.

Harry Potter is not bad la. The front was crap... unforgivably disjointed... soooo many things removed: no Ludo Bagman (what the heck?), no SPEW (can la can la... waste time nia), no explanation about who the hell is Riddle, Frank Bryce was never mentioned by his name, NO QUIDDITCH WORLD CUP (DIE NEWELL I'LL DIG A WELL FOR YOU TO DIIIIEEE NEWELL!!!!)... But the three tasks and Voldemort's return were spectacular sequences. The horny Myrtle part was also funny... but the foreign schools' march-in was simply retarded. I thought the Beauxbatons only did the huuuuh thing once with the butterflies... but they did it three times and then still had to flip their arses all over the place. And the Drumstrang was even more retarded, banging staffs on the ground and some guy fire-breathing a dragon (that would have been more impressive if it was done with a more frontal angle). And Newell just made Dumbledore a violent man, smashing Harry against the trophies and roaring if he did put his name in in the Goblet. LIKE... WTH?! Since when was Dumbledore such an ah beng? AND. THE PENSIEVE'S MEMORIES ARE SUPPOSED TO BE IN BLACK AND WHITE. EVEN I CAN DO THAT YOU MOONING TWIT.

Sigh. Oh well.

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Monday, November 14, 2005

Honest to goodness has it been that long?! Sorry man... Was feeling drugged all weekend and just couldn't muster my energy to blog.

Anyway today Hans and I had a Mambo session which was quite good. Hans did this super crazy shot in which the poor red ball was hit sooo hard, it went into the pocket, spun round the narrow curve, and gaining energy for a dead perpendicular upward flip before crashing down and being swallowed by the pocket. Desperately trying to survive sia. Like a fish into the frying vault or something... Flip up and HeEeLlPpPPP! then splash back in and kena turned into tempura. Awww.

Made it back in time for UGC where our last quiz was a crossword puzzle whee. I could figure everything about Mr Alexander the Great the Gay except where he was born and where he died. But then Kaijie was sitting beside me so... After that Maths aiiiyoh sian diao. Never even bring my Integration notes... What to do I quickly chope seat beside Kaijie and get help from him while copying answers down lor.

Now, I'm getting Christiany now...

All through the day today, I had on my mind something... thoroughly un-Christian. And no matter how hard and how consistently I rejected it, it lay there, invisible yet prominent. Desperate I called for divine intervention with a prayer in tongues. And it just faded from my mind. Just like that. I guess what I'm trying to show here is the sheer, oft-untapped power of prayer, that we Christians should not be ashamed of using. It is just about the greatest gift our Father can give us, after his Son.

The two of you. I was harsh because this wasn't the first time this sort of thing happened. Time and again we get into petty quarrels, but the two of you never seem to let go, nor break out of it. Grow up won't you?

Very chop chop post right? I have to get off by 12am. It's 12.01 liao. Byee.

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Fatal Frame 2
Thursday, November 10, 2005

English started out very well today... Appreciate the effort everyone spent on helping with my outline... Thanks guys, girls.

I gave up on Maths halfway and went to eat, bringing Kaiyan's laptop to play theHOUSE, a um... sort of thing where you click things and see clues and things pop out from nowhere to scare your ass off. After seeing it yesterday I still couldn't stop yelling when an astonished decapitated head fell right down the screen, so that the whole Megabytes could hear. Sigh. It wasn't so scary after that.

Walking up to the lounge, I had just exited the stairs with Kahyee in front when we heard a scream echoing from the stairs. Jillian kena scolded by me. Got haunted house game don't want to scream now then scream for nothing.

I had given the DVD Graham had burnt very kindly for me to Ben, Fatal Frame 2, to try on his modded xBox. Ben asked me over, since Kaiyan was going over to reformat his computer. And we stoned in Ben's room playing guitar and Worms World Party, which I wasn't concentrating on and kept losing like shit. When we tried Fatal Frame 2 later, the xBox showed the options menu, so Ben said that it did not work, and I was very disappointed. But then suddenly the menu screen disappeared and the game started loading! Thanks Graham you rawkorz... Haha. -poseur- Ben and I started going 'Ooohh wahhh wheeee' when we saw the word Director's Cut, because the Director's Cut was the scarier version. So I'm going over tomorrow to play it. Yay. Kaiyan kept nagging about what a boring game it was, and we wasted no time in reminding him about that time during chalet when we weren't frightened by the sudden appearance of a ghost in the game, but by the loud yell from the whiner beside me. Come on la you... Even Kahyee isn't like that lor, you loso king.

On the way to the MRT we kept joking that Kaiyan's bankai was CKY. So it would be amusing to see this monster warrior in battle, when he suddenly throws his sword in the air and says, 'Banka-i, Chan Kahyee.' The opponent would be laughing his ass off, and would never have known what hit him.

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Be kiareful ah
Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Maths per se was no joke. Graham got restless, and I was in a daze half the time. But before lesson Hans hijacked the microphone and started imitating LZQ that made us all laugh our asses off.

When you draww the grawph be kiareful ah, be kiareful... use the second drivitive to cunt the money in your bang accunt, ok... bang accunt... And some of you say teachier, may I not use X ah, not use X... yes you can but be kiareful ah be kiareful...

Lucky LZQ didn't hear it or Hans's marks would be lower than José's.

Later, about 10min into the second half, the door blasted open to reveal Bernard breezing in looking alarmingly angry. So angry he actually forgot which side he was to enter his seat from, and made alot of noise. Banging down he started snorting and gesturing to the Gods above (God knows what They must be thinking, literally). He looked ready to kill, honestly. And Eko still can smile and say 'Kiareful ah Bernard be kiareful...'

LZQ was standing still in front, astonished, with his mouth open and chin resting on his thumb and forefinger as usual. There was a moment of silence before he finally cleared his throat and said, 'Kongtinue ah, we kongtinue.' to the whole class's laughter.

My part for the UGC China lecture was the worst presentation I ever did in my entire life. Apparently, though, the rest of the group were more concerned with the issue of time and kept telling me to hurry, so I dunno I must have done ok, what I said. It seemed to me that, no offence, I could have taken any other dynasty belonging to either G, Ben, or KY and explained it better than them, than my own freaking slides. Jeesh man. And no one could operate Kaiyan's Bluetooth handphone slide forwarder except himself, so I gave up and used the arrow keys. Sigh.

Jamming at Hans's house tomorrow, G will bring his uber expensive guitar. I'll be looking for a chance to wreck it buhahaha.

Time to get down to work on the research papers.

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Cartel Again
Monday, November 07, 2005

It looks like Hans and I had the honour of opening the pool tables with newly installed fabric over the holidays. Of course its slippery, which made it hard for Hans, and allowed plenty of I-want-to-punch-your-tyco-face shots. Nothing much today... Tried as usual to study during the long break but failed miserably as usual. Anyway the UGC test was okay... Probably got a couple wrong though. The rest I could recall vaguely from the lecture.

With 20/25, I'm abit disappointed with my Maths test, but it wouldn't have been 20 without ol' G so thanks again... I was still hoping for like 22 or something. But I will try to stretch the computer limit from 11 to 12. Life starts at 10 dammit. You're giving me an hour to live? Cannot la.

Cartel again today. I brought my Student Privilege Card, so we used it to order two plates of wedgies I mean wedges and a super ex Meat Lover main course with soup and coffee for my bro. Turns out that the SPC cannot be used with main courses (that is with the soup and drink). Which gave us a 10% discount on wedges from $32+ to $31. SPC is such a saver isn't it. My father, being a father, decided that soaking three layers of serviettes with a vomit-inducing mixture of red vinegar and olive oil and covering it with a deceptively dry fourth serviette should serve as ample revenge. For the sake of revenge, he dumped his 3/4 full plate of wedges on me and took more bread. For revenge.

I thought pettiness ended with vaginas. Apparently not.

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Nake, Suzumchi
Saturday, November 05, 2005

I'm really stuck onto Bleach now. Catching up with G and Ryan and Hans soon. Lol.

Condolences to Ben on the passing of your video card. I remember very well that didn't come cheap. But chicken shit to you right? Aaaaaiyah don't pretend la. Lol.

I won't comment about the DotA match. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. But I could feel my hairs standing when I heard about how the enemy came after the two of you.

This week has been an excellent opportunity to catch up on my work. Even though I wasted alot of it, even though I'm still doing my UGC journal when I should already be working on the term papers, and even though I didn't technically finish my solution essay before mailing it to my English teacher begging for help, I suppose I still did more than I would have done in an average week. Or did I? I keep tangentating (or tangenting... whichever). Go play piano, watch Bleach, talk to Ryan (not your fault ^.^), watch Bleach, talk some more... And soon, all too soon it's 11. And I have done nothing. I have to pull myself out of this.

With my blank CDs I managed to burn all my songs and movies and finally create space on my hard drive. For once I could do a proper defrag. Still alot of files couldn't be shifted. And alot of tiny petty problems, but oh well as long as my computer does the job in the end.

Somehow our conversation turned to family togetherness, me and my parents. They didn't seem receptive at all to my point that pushing and shoving us will only make us go wayward faster. They kep saying 'Yes but...' and going off to some weird point. At least I know I understood their analogy of a kite, which cannot be let go of all at once. It must be released, and pulled back, released, and pulled back, just to keep it flying in the air. And I will certainly feel uncomfortable when they pull back, but it's for my own good after all.

I pray they got my point in the same fashion.

I'm making myself quite a few enemies aren't I? Two MSN blocks in 2 or 3 days. Now that's a record.

This is such a random post...

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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Please note that I have been parentally forced to cease all computer activities by 11pm. If there is something important you require me to send to you or you wish to send to me via MSN transfer, please get it started by 8pm so that there will be enough time for the download and for me to look through whatever is in the file. If there is anything important to say to me after 11 my handphone is always on. I can only plan as far as extending hours to 12 with MSN switched off at 11, using my hopefully good Math test results. Should I keep MSN on till 12 too? Feedback feedback. I can't decide whether MSN till 12 is too far a step to take. Must be careful and kaisee abit la now.

I found a workable password script for my blog. I just decided that it wasn't worth it to lock out my infrequent yet loyal readers and especially those I don't know or am hardly familiar with.

Ben came to my house yesterday. He was standing all the way on the train, and when we reached Bedok he jumped and turned to face me in my seat and hissed, 'This is only Bedok?!'

Ah Ben Ben... Love is transcendent Ben. You'd walk like a penguin to Timbakthu for her if you liked her.

To Tampines... I decided to blast and get a 50-piece CD-R pack from Challenger, because estimating the number of discs I would need to use, I calculated I would be left with little if I were to get my usual 25 pack. True enough my calculations showed me later that I would have been left with a mere 7 CD-Rs if I had gotten the 25 pack. Whew.

After the first 5 episodes Ben was onto Bleach, and I burnt all 30 episodes I have for him to stone at home and watch, because he's out of an Internet connection hahaha. In between he took my screwed up guitar and started playing some musically-intelligible stuff and I gave him my envious flaming eyes.

Later while my mom and my bro went for the faux-Teresa Teng concert, I walked into the kitchen. As always I made a quick scan of the kitchen before proceeding further, because the last thing I want is to intrude on two horny lizards making their Nth pair of babies in the house. I caught a movement in the groove beneath the sink and my worst fears were confirmed when I realised it was a cockroach. We don't often have roaches in our house, my dad makes sure of that, so I summoned the best of my courage, and......

'Dad, there's a cockroach in the kitchen.'
'A what?'
'Huh is it? Catch it lor.'
*stares pointedly*
*Dad sighs and gets up*

He took an unbelievably large stack of newspapers, rolled it up, and whacked it square on the poor bug. It flipped straightaway. We took one of those disposable tau huay containers and cupped it over, then used a paper to slide underneath to prepare to throw it away.

At the moment the paper touched our friend, it was scurrying around frantically.

'Wah this bugger is strong ah.'
*Renhao ponders dad's particular use of language*

History says: Oppression of any sort doesn't, wouldn't and cannot last for long. I'm just wondering... How long more?

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His Eminence the Reaper
Tuesday, November 01, 2005

It's been quite awhile my dearest die-hard fans, and I have given up recalling last week's events. I would have liked to post last week but somehow my energy was constantly dried by I-dunno-what, and I was constantly drifting between Earth and somewhere over the rainbow...

Got my Reaper costume on Thursday... There are two shops selling costumes in Holland V. One is like a mama shop, old and half dilapidated, and the other is a sort of party shop Party with Us... All sorts of stuff from birthdays to Halloween to tricks to Christmas... Depending on the occasion. The mama shop man wasn't helpful, since I asked for a cloak and he only mumbled and gestured to some totally unrelated stuff like masks or a Cleopatra suit. So I gave up on him and went to get the Grim Reaper set from Party with Us which cost a freaking $42.95. The sickles/scythes there weren't too good, apart from a wicked sick one in the which was made to look like the sickle (let's call it sickle ok) was made out of bone and attached behind was a skull. That was beautiful but it cost $12.95, over my budget. So I went back to the mama shop where the sickle was huge, as those who were there at the party could tell. $6.90. Which brought my total cost for Halloween to a whoop-ass $50. Not funny man. But oh well, for fun laughter peace and joy.

Over the weekend I was informed that we wouldn't be dressing up in school as planned, and I was devastated, because after all I had spent so much... But after much discussion with Hans (who had a problem or so he thought because of his apparently sharp spikes.

Essentially they can cause you considerable pain, as well as a few embarrassingly prominent red welts, but you'll need an angry attack to break skin. But he was afraid Marché or Zouk wouldn't let him in on that account. Ah well, not to worry. But after a long discussion we decided to go ahead with it.

I don't regret that decision.

Must thank G for helping me in Maths. This guy is pro I tell you. Hand up his paper liao, pick his bag up, as he walked past me...

pXq differentiate find critical point sub back in.

I finished the sum in half a minute, when I was stoning on it for 20 min. Power sia, Doctor.

Went with Hans to his house while he picked his stuff up. He tried to put contact lenses on, but being a noob he couldn't, and I wasn't about to stick my finger in someone's eye, so we abandoned it and he just dumped his paints on and off we went. While I was trying my best to embarrass Hans by twirling around with my sickle pole like Willy Wonka or something (no there was no one at the bus stop), Zhi called to say she had finished tutoring her student who happened to be at Hans's condo. Running late we took a cab.

When we got there however it turned out that we were among the first (what's new...). Baoling Pam and Raihana was already there, so I just pulled on my costume and we started snapping photos like crazy. But haiz my camera is soo hard to use, the pictures keep coming out blur when taken by others. Sheesh. I dunno how whoever did it, but we actually secured 40 seats. Different tables of course, but we were all together. We settled into endless picture taking before going for our food, and learning when we come back with it that taking two mouthfuls of food at once is missing yourself out on like 10 more pictures. It was particularly hard for Sining and me, who had masks on. But hey we made it. There was constant laughter through the night, many crappy things we did, poses we struck.

Sigh. I leave you with pictures.

Just nice for me = too big for Ben

Lookin' good

Vader gets a perm

Reaper's revenge

Black brutal murder

Vader and Reaper endorse Bundenburg Australian Root Beer.

Reaper finds his better side with the Fairy God Motherfather

Yes, well... It happens, unfortunately...


Grand finale to a stupendous night.

Next year.

orchestrated by Renhao at 12:30:00 pm
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