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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Please note that I have been parentally forced to cease all computer activities by 11pm. If there is something important you require me to send to you or you wish to send to me via MSN transfer, please get it started by 8pm so that there will be enough time for the download and for me to look through whatever is in the file. If there is anything important to say to me after 11 my handphone is always on. I can only plan as far as extending hours to 12 with MSN switched off at 11, using my hopefully good Math test results. Should I keep MSN on till 12 too? Feedback feedback. I can't decide whether MSN till 12 is too far a step to take. Must be careful and kaisee abit la now.

I found a workable password script for my blog. I just decided that it wasn't worth it to lock out my infrequent yet loyal readers and especially those I don't know or am hardly familiar with.

Ben came to my house yesterday. He was standing all the way on the train, and when we reached Bedok he jumped and turned to face me in my seat and hissed, 'This is only Bedok?!'

Ah Ben Ben... Love is transcendent Ben. You'd walk like a penguin to Timbakthu for her if you liked her.

To Tampines... I decided to blast and get a 50-piece CD-R pack from Challenger, because estimating the number of discs I would need to use, I calculated I would be left with little if I were to get my usual 25 pack. True enough my calculations showed me later that I would have been left with a mere 7 CD-Rs if I had gotten the 25 pack. Whew.

After the first 5 episodes Ben was onto Bleach, and I burnt all 30 episodes I have for him to stone at home and watch, because he's out of an Internet connection hahaha. In between he took my screwed up guitar and started playing some musically-intelligible stuff and I gave him my envious flaming eyes.

Later while my mom and my bro went for the faux-Teresa Teng concert, I walked into the kitchen. As always I made a quick scan of the kitchen before proceeding further, because the last thing I want is to intrude on two horny lizards making their Nth pair of babies in the house. I caught a movement in the groove beneath the sink and my worst fears were confirmed when I realised it was a cockroach. We don't often have roaches in our house, my dad makes sure of that, so I summoned the best of my courage, and......

'Dad, there's a cockroach in the kitchen.'
'A what?'
'Huh is it? Catch it lor.'
*stares pointedly*
*Dad sighs and gets up*

He took an unbelievably large stack of newspapers, rolled it up, and whacked it square on the poor bug. It flipped straightaway. We took one of those disposable tau huay containers and cupped it over, then used a paper to slide underneath to prepare to throw it away.

At the moment the paper touched our friend, it was scurrying around frantically.

'Wah this bugger is strong ah.'
*Renhao ponders dad's particular use of language*

History says: Oppression of any sort doesn't, wouldn't and cannot last for long. I'm just wondering... How long more?

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