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His Eminence the Reaper
Tuesday, November 01, 2005

It's been quite awhile my dearest die-hard fans, and I have given up recalling last week's events. I would have liked to post last week but somehow my energy was constantly dried by I-dunno-what, and I was constantly drifting between Earth and somewhere over the rainbow...

Got my Reaper costume on Thursday... There are two shops selling costumes in Holland V. One is like a mama shop, old and half dilapidated, and the other is a sort of party shop Party with Us... All sorts of stuff from birthdays to Halloween to tricks to Christmas... Depending on the occasion. The mama shop man wasn't helpful, since I asked for a cloak and he only mumbled and gestured to some totally unrelated stuff like masks or a Cleopatra suit. So I gave up on him and went to get the Grim Reaper set from Party with Us which cost a freaking $42.95. The sickles/scythes there weren't too good, apart from a wicked sick one in the which was made to look like the sickle (let's call it sickle ok) was made out of bone and attached behind was a skull. That was beautiful but it cost $12.95, over my budget. So I went back to the mama shop where the sickle was huge, as those who were there at the party could tell. $6.90. Which brought my total cost for Halloween to a whoop-ass $50. Not funny man. But oh well, for fun laughter peace and joy.

Over the weekend I was informed that we wouldn't be dressing up in school as planned, and I was devastated, because after all I had spent so much... But after much discussion with Hans (who had a problem or so he thought because of his apparently sharp spikes.

Essentially they can cause you considerable pain, as well as a few embarrassingly prominent red welts, but you'll need an angry attack to break skin. But he was afraid Marché or Zouk wouldn't let him in on that account. Ah well, not to worry. But after a long discussion we decided to go ahead with it.

I don't regret that decision.

Must thank G for helping me in Maths. This guy is pro I tell you. Hand up his paper liao, pick his bag up, as he walked past me...

pXq differentiate find critical point sub back in.

I finished the sum in half a minute, when I was stoning on it for 20 min. Power sia, Doctor.

Went with Hans to his house while he picked his stuff up. He tried to put contact lenses on, but being a noob he couldn't, and I wasn't about to stick my finger in someone's eye, so we abandoned it and he just dumped his paints on and off we went. While I was trying my best to embarrass Hans by twirling around with my sickle pole like Willy Wonka or something (no there was no one at the bus stop), Zhi called to say she had finished tutoring her student who happened to be at Hans's condo. Running late we took a cab.

When we got there however it turned out that we were among the first (what's new...). Baoling Pam and Raihana was already there, so I just pulled on my costume and we started snapping photos like crazy. But haiz my camera is soo hard to use, the pictures keep coming out blur when taken by others. Sheesh. I dunno how whoever did it, but we actually secured 40 seats. Different tables of course, but we were all together. We settled into endless picture taking before going for our food, and learning when we come back with it that taking two mouthfuls of food at once is missing yourself out on like 10 more pictures. It was particularly hard for Sining and me, who had masks on. But hey we made it. There was constant laughter through the night, many crappy things we did, poses we struck.

Sigh. I leave you with pictures.

Just nice for me = too big for Ben

Lookin' good

Vader gets a perm

Reaper's revenge

Black brutal murder

Vader and Reaper endorse Bundenburg Australian Root Beer.

Reaper finds his better side with the Fairy God Motherfather

Yes, well... It happens, unfortunately...


Grand finale to a stupendous night.

Next year.

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