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Saturday, December 17, 2005

It's been a long time since I blogged. This first week of holidays has been one crazy rollercoaster. I'll put the earlier entries in... You know. As if I did it right after that event... But anyway. Later.

I do think it is lack of activity that creates lapses of low self-esteem. I've been so happy in this course. And now I feel like... A retard? Ok no I already... Anyway. The last time I felt it was at the beginning of the year. With no job... Crappy results. In fact it still seems that everyone's doing better than me. Everyone can carry himself with pride and say this is what I worked for for 17 years of my life. What do I have?

Hell. I'm at it again. What makes everyone else special? I dunno. I said so? Sue me.

I am what I want myself to be. And I want to be in the media. I want to be confident of myself. It feels like my head has turned into powder and would crumble to bits anytime now. I live on lavish wild enjoyment. Jap lunch with Hans and Big Ben and Sining and Graham... pool... A stayover at Ben's... what the hell. Let's do this forever shall we? Ohhh right. Everyone else has their own life.

I guess I expect alot from my friends. I expect them to be there for me when I need it, because I know I will be there if ever they need it. I expect them to stand by me, because I would do it. I expect them to be ready to help me to the best of their abilities, because I would do the same. I expect alot from my friends, so perhaps I get a little shirty with them (you) at times, because you have your own ideas of how friends should be. Heck I expect friends to have a hug ready. But er... Let's blame society for that shall we... Now moving right along...

You've probably come back from the toilet for the third time now. But I don't care.


You've probably come back from the toilet for the third time now. But I'll close with this. I thought I would miss my secondary school friends the most. Hey it was VS after all. We had wonderful times together. We fought our way against co-ed... somewhat together. I still cherish those times. But no. The times I will miss most are the times we shared these two semesters at SIM. Those who have seen the course schedule will know that BAC and BScBA will see less and less of each other with each semester. During the last semester we wouldn't even see each other at all in class. I just hope the time we've had, and the one or two more semesters we have with each other, will create strong enough bonds, ya?

I never said this in VS. Never thought I would.

I'll miss y'all.

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