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Saturday, January 28, 2006

COM225. Dr Hocking asked for five volunteers. Only Juliana raised her hand. Finally he was left with no choice but to call out Daphne Graham Monica and Jill, who were sitting together. He instructed that Monica Graham Juliana and Jill were four best friends who formed a group and couldn't be happier. They were talking about ideas really enthusiatically, laughing, having fun. Then he instructed to Daphne to, on cue, join in with a suggestion.

And no one would ever acknowledge her presence.

And from the spectator's seat, I could see it wasn't all that funny, although we were all laughing our asses off. So poignant that she has to relive her role.

And the reason why we were laughing our asses of is because of Graham, who was trying to make the group really enthu, with Juliana's help. It was Whose Line all over again. Graham was like 'YEAH... Great idea! Cool... Jill cool right? Monica cool right? Ok cool...' and I think he nearly died of exasperation but then they were 'selling coffee' and were talking about the color of the cups.

Daphne: How bout black? Black is...
Let's stick to white!
G: YES then we can ALL BE HAPPY!

Then, the location.

Juliana: So where do you think we should sell the coffee?
Daphne: 2nd floor is good!

Ouch. Hahaha.

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Monday, January 23, 2006

So much happened over the weekend. More than almost anyone would know.

I find myself thanking God fervently for my friends one day, and the next trying to come up with as many worded slaps as possible. One day I'm in love with the world, the next day I wish it will just crumble and hopefully take my fucking miserable life along with its deserved demise.

Funny isn't it? Curious indeed.

But self-pity... when do you know you're really depressed or just trying your darned best to feel it? When do you try to rationalise the gloomy cloud over your head by blaming every cursed thing except yourself, and when do you know it is every cursed thing except yourself? Is it something actors suffer from? From their imagination? Is this why so many actors commit suicide.

Hey I may not be Robin Williams, but I know I am an actor in my own right.

What the hell am I trying to justify myself for, when I can't even get past a bad day without focusing my blame on someone? Taking every word that comes out of that wretched mouth to be a product of backstabbing? Paranoia?

I give my whole to helping my friends. I expect the same in return.

Tell me man, tell me! Tell me what is wrong with me. Why do I behave like the king of the world? Tell me where I'm getting it wrong. Get me a shrink. Break me down. Make me cry (not difficult). Make me scream and yell like a savage. And then comfort me. Make me smile. And just witness me go all wrong again.

Oh God I'm going insane.

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The Amityville Horror
Friday, January 20, 2006

Not bad. I say not bad because I didn't finish it. You know you've been away from horror movies too long when you get so frightened you pause the movie not daring to go on. When the lead actor gets into the bathtub naked.

In the end, a pair of rotting hands grabbed him from nowhere, and I yelled so loud that my brother who made me unpause the film freaked out. Lol serves him right. For an hour after that he kept muttering 'I hate you...' Gosh, and I think of watching Shutter.

How am I going to stay up late to read my stuff now? Stupid stupid stupid...

Decided. Since my dad doesn't want to get a 160GB HD for me, I'm fine with a 120. But I will discreetly buy a DVD dual layer writer. That, for the non-geeks, essentially means it can read and write all common laser-disc technologies on the market now. And when I get that stupid driver problem solved, and everything's up and running once more, the drive will go in, and my troubles will vanish. Chire, man. Totally.

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Ba d'bp
Thursday, January 19, 2006

That's the sound stand up comedy artistes make when they've delivered their punch line and want the audience to laugh. LIKE THEY WILL? Ba d'bp.

First order of business. People normally put important news as first priority, so here goes. Deep breath...



School has been enjoyable for the most part, love Dr. Hocking and Auntie Yeap. But gosh Stats today was crap. I paid attention today, and anyway it was easy la, different graph forms, mean median mode, easier to pay attention too. But then we went to our respective classes to do revision (it was just socialising for God sake) and to get ourselves busy with zapping books in preparation for next week's onslaught of quizzes. But Dr. Leong was being a total idiot. First, Juliana asked what the difference would be between reading the text and notes. And he thought for awhile and said, 'You will... have better understanding with the book.' To which Juliana shot back that we obviously were having a major shortage of books so how can we have a better understanding? And that idiot says 'Well... You have to find... you know... a way.'

For goodness sake la ah chek, copy then say copy la. Already made it so obvious is it that necessary to refrain from saying zap? Earlier he already said 'Well....'

Ok no he didn't really say 'Well...'

He said 'Your seniors, there were 48 of them, and in the first class only 4 had books. By the next class, all of them had books. I mean I'm not saying that they were all original but they all had books. So I'm sure you can come up with a solution as well.'

Talk so much just to tell us to zap. Its only one chapter we won't be electrified.

And I think we'll have to move nearer for PSY. Can't hear her for nuts.

Council meeting after that. We are expecting to improve your lives buy quite a fair bit, and we are also expecting monetary thanks. But no it won't go into our pockets. Or if you aren't satisfied, sue José. He is a debater, is is council president, and he is the closest looking to TT Durai in our group. So there.

Ba d'bp.

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First Day
Monday, January 16, 2006

I. Am. Phaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaased out. Totally.

COM217 was ok, Dr John Hocking was interesting. Certainly reflects the American standards of education... help me when I dunno how to answer a question, speak up, question authority, etc. Hope the classes will be as good as he promised.

Stats is a total insomnia cure. Dr. Leong was smart enough to make us fill blanks so we won't doze. The soporific power of his voice can put owls to sleep at night. Hell, the moment I open the Stats book when I get home, I start dozing off. Maybe he was browsing through my copy and breathed onto the book. Tough luck. It's always me.

Gaylene though, oh my word. A powerful message today about the reality of war. Not a-girl-worth-fightin'-for war, but the real see-your-friends'-heads-explode-one-by-one war.
It was enlightening to hear from Gaylene herself, a mild sufferer of Survivor's Guilt. But even though her grief was evident, she did express clearly, though not explicitly, that she did not blame the Viets, but Bush for sending the soldiers in.

After lesson Ben LKY and I go to IMM to see his stall and eat KFC. First day of school, first day of week, and I'm left with $32 for 4 days. Kersou.

We had an amusing experience with the Mini Melts dispensing machine though. I slot in 2 $1 coins, and selected chocolate. Now in the window there is only a blank shiny table, as far as one can see and deduce, and a pipe at the left hand side. Once I pressed 1 for chocolate, the table, which turned out to be a cooler lid, sprang open.

Three 17 year old boys exclaimed, 'Oooooohhh.'

The pipe then proceeded arcade style to float to the designated box for chocolate, and shot downwards. Suddenly the sound of vacuum was heard, and for a moment, I pictured, my sacred chocolate mini-balls running up a pipe that has been used for all sorts of flavours before. But then the pipe retracted, and out came a small container sealed in a packet, suspended by suction. Three 17 year old boys continued to stare in awed silence as the pipe came up front.

Suddenly the vacuum noise died away, and with a sickening krock the packet crashed onto the bottom of the chute.

Two 17 year old boys roared with laughter. One 17 year old boy stood in stunned silence.

It was nice though. Heh.

Oh yeah I'm looking for a cheap but reliable large capacity HD. Any lobang tell me, other wise I have to wait till Feb/March for IT fair. Sianz.

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Idyllic End to the Hols
Friday, January 13, 2006

Hotplate was lovely save for the fact that the first thing that happened was that the chicken fell onto my white pants. Black pepper chicken. D'oh.

Hans came in late with the 12-pack we requested (6X2) and the startling revelation that the great fighter himself slipped, and landed on his bum.

Laughs aside... Oh not yet? Oh. Ok.

Ok. Laughs aside, I nearly fell myself because of the lethal combination of rain and algae. Yes, green, slimy, slippery algae that made my shoe like an ice skate. Luckily my weight was on the other foot and I saved myself some humiliation. But I'll say, its damn well more dignified to trip yourself while pirouetting than slipping in a fashion worthy of Looney Tunes. You know where they play that huit-huit-huit-hweeeeee! sound and then the poor guy's legs just fly and he crashes.

Carlsberg probably is the best beer in the world after all. We were drinking Heinekein. Personal opinion. Kaiyan still had two bottles of his self made beer, but Hans said it tasted funny. I didn't taste anything unusual, but then I'm not a drinker anyway, so I decided not to take the chance.

Towards the end with the concentrated stock in the steamboat part, we started stir-frying the tastiest beef balls I ever tasted. But then after that we did mushrooms, and then Kaiyan got a business call, and the next thing we know we got toffee in the bowl, complete with bubbles so viscous it takes a second to burst. Which is excruciatingly long when you're used to seeing bubbles replacing burst ones faster than you can say pop. After dinner while cleaning up Hans tuned up the guzheng for the family. It's really easy to make up a tune after you're familiar with chinese music style. Hans played a part of a mourrnful, stirring tune, much like the one in Hero, complete with large wailing bends. But once we had a table (a super small one) we went up stairs to play mahjong, initiating Hans into the game. But we played like what, three games and it was getting late so we just went down to watch Whose Line Is It Anyway, and abit of Saw 2 that was playing on the TV.

After that I went over to Ben's for the night, where we watched Scrubs until we were both struggling to keep ourselves up. Ben was saying that salt didn't work for his gum ulcer (deepest consolations) and that it hurt like hell. I turned back and told him primly about how I used to dissolve 2 extra strong Fisherman's Friend into a 15ml spray bottle and add salt and spray it on my ulcer. Ben was like o_o did it work?

Me: It accelerated healing by one hour.
Ben: 0.0
Me: Nah didn't work, not really
Ben: Ah

I woke up at 6 in the morning to hear voices getting ready for school and work, and someone coming into the room. A short while later, I heard Ben in his sleep.

Mmm... Hmmm hmm hmm (laughing)... mmsmm b'sonum lmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

The second time I woke up it was bright, and when Ben got up it was 10.

You know, he said, I dreamt that I really fucked the guy with the red Sabre up.

Oh, that'd explain the mumbling.


He told me how when his ex stayed over, she heard him say very clearly 'Ay carumba' in his sleep.

Maybe I should sleep with Ben more often.

Does that sound wrong?

Anyway, more Sabre while more Scrubs. I got quite good with a guitar for once. I mean it is a good guitar after all. Plus I could hug the guitar closer because it was so darn thin. Or maybe it was the distortion that made me not hear the irregularity of my alternate picking. I was doing that surfer's song... The one they play when men with 6-pack abs, surfboards, and nothing better to do ride huge waves... The one with the background Ha! Ha! Haaaaaa! Pretty much figured it out. And then I made up my own intro, my own solo (get that suckaz) and my own ending. If I can iron it out, it would be cool man. Totally.

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Et tu, crappé?
Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Something wrong with the wireless. Bleach is an awfully slow download. I'll have to think of pressuring my dad to get a whole new system if it doesn't work out when the Prolink guy comes a second time.

Got a self-made compiliation album: 100 mejores solos de guitarra.

If you haven't already figured that out (shame), 100=100, mejores=major, solos=solos, de=of and guitarra=guitar. SURPRISE. In other words 100 Greatest Guitar Solos.

Priceless compilation.

Also, KISS 5-CD boxset and The Essential Ozzy Osbourne.

I am turning into a distortion FREAK.

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Swee Lee
Monday, January 09, 2006

Swee Lee at Aljunied is better.

Better than Bras Basah. But I won't tell you where, or even if I could, you'll be running in circles without directions anyway, so spend that bit of effort to look up the directory.

Tried out an Epiphone left-hander for $550 after discount. Better feel than my current one. But somehow, maybe its the strings, somehow the tone wasn't as loud or nice as my Ebenezer. Might want get that though. Or for the matter when I have money, I'll get a whole left hand series. Classical, acoustic, electric. Rar. Oh Ben's Sabre is chio. Might want one next time. But left hand... will cost man. Will cost. There was a nice grand piano with a warm romantic tone that I enjoyed, but unfortunately I screwed up Moonlight Sonata so lol... give up. Don't dare to play my louder pieces. Soft fall keyboard cover seems to be a common feature nowadays though. Oh one thing. The strings there... Not much to my liking. Not very organised either. But oh welly-o.

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I'm back
Sunday, January 08, 2006

Be happy.

Make merry.


Translator for you? Remember to copy the phrase first.

Finally, blogging's back on my fingertips again. Seems it requires the unholily dark forces of heavy rain and a grand funeral to activate my powers again.


You wanna know grand? This Teochew funeral stretches three classroom sizes' space. And you know those metal badges that they prop up to show that this dead duck is from what clan and what association? This one has, get this, 80 badges, complete with lighting, lined up on the roadside alone. There are more scattered in the shelter. And sounds like they have a full band too.

As usual this holiday has been a total waste of time, BBQ at MM's house tomorrow. But there's congrats to be dished out for quite alot of people.

Gratz to me, first, for getting calluses on my fingers for fretting. Also getting a kick-ass guitar free from Sandra oh goshhh I love it thank youuuu.

Gratz to Ben for getting his Sabre finally. Don't spoil it too soon.

Gratz to LKY for having good business (reasonably good anyway). 1234567, toh kei toh tuck!

Gratz to Ryan for becoming cell leader. Trust in Him always.

Gratz to Hans for his album with Roughcast. Lookin' forward!

Gratz to KJ for getting a job just as soon as hols start and then enjoying in KL. I hate you lol.

Gratz to JCL for staying.

Gratz to G for experiencing the Maldives. I want my swordfish skeleton.

Aaaand Elton... Dunno what to gratz you for haven't spoken in so long. Sorry.

Those on my MSN contact list can request for the duwerdesteinekrankenschwesterbrauchen audio clip, from Family Guy. It's hilariously retarded.

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Do'sh tano?
Monday, January 02, 2006

I don't feel like blogging anymore. But I want to.

There are so many things I want to say. I want to rail about angry things, laugh about good memories. But there is always something else.

I don't owe anyone anything, but there is supposed to be a post about HK. And not one word.

I'm just disintegrating, turning into nothing. Bah.

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