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Idyllic End to the Hols
Friday, January 13, 2006

Hotplate was lovely save for the fact that the first thing that happened was that the chicken fell onto my white pants. Black pepper chicken. D'oh.

Hans came in late with the 12-pack we requested (6X2) and the startling revelation that the great fighter himself slipped, and landed on his bum.

Laughs aside... Oh not yet? Oh. Ok.

Ok. Laughs aside, I nearly fell myself because of the lethal combination of rain and algae. Yes, green, slimy, slippery algae that made my shoe like an ice skate. Luckily my weight was on the other foot and I saved myself some humiliation. But I'll say, its damn well more dignified to trip yourself while pirouetting than slipping in a fashion worthy of Looney Tunes. You know where they play that huit-huit-huit-hweeeeee! sound and then the poor guy's legs just fly and he crashes.

Carlsberg probably is the best beer in the world after all. We were drinking Heinekein. Personal opinion. Kaiyan still had two bottles of his self made beer, but Hans said it tasted funny. I didn't taste anything unusual, but then I'm not a drinker anyway, so I decided not to take the chance.

Towards the end with the concentrated stock in the steamboat part, we started stir-frying the tastiest beef balls I ever tasted. But then after that we did mushrooms, and then Kaiyan got a business call, and the next thing we know we got toffee in the bowl, complete with bubbles so viscous it takes a second to burst. Which is excruciatingly long when you're used to seeing bubbles replacing burst ones faster than you can say pop. After dinner while cleaning up Hans tuned up the guzheng for the family. It's really easy to make up a tune after you're familiar with chinese music style. Hans played a part of a mourrnful, stirring tune, much like the one in Hero, complete with large wailing bends. But once we had a table (a super small one) we went up stairs to play mahjong, initiating Hans into the game. But we played like what, three games and it was getting late so we just went down to watch Whose Line Is It Anyway, and abit of Saw 2 that was playing on the TV.

After that I went over to Ben's for the night, where we watched Scrubs until we were both struggling to keep ourselves up. Ben was saying that salt didn't work for his gum ulcer (deepest consolations) and that it hurt like hell. I turned back and told him primly about how I used to dissolve 2 extra strong Fisherman's Friend into a 15ml spray bottle and add salt and spray it on my ulcer. Ben was like o_o did it work?

Me: It accelerated healing by one hour.
Ben: 0.0
Me: Nah didn't work, not really
Ben: Ah

I woke up at 6 in the morning to hear voices getting ready for school and work, and someone coming into the room. A short while later, I heard Ben in his sleep.

Mmm... Hmmm hmm hmm (laughing)... mmsmm b'sonum lmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

The second time I woke up it was bright, and when Ben got up it was 10.

You know, he said, I dreamt that I really fucked the guy with the red Sabre up.

Oh, that'd explain the mumbling.


He told me how when his ex stayed over, she heard him say very clearly 'Ay carumba' in his sleep.

Maybe I should sleep with Ben more often.

Does that sound wrong?

Anyway, more Sabre while more Scrubs. I got quite good with a guitar for once. I mean it is a good guitar after all. Plus I could hug the guitar closer because it was so darn thin. Or maybe it was the distortion that made me not hear the irregularity of my alternate picking. I was doing that surfer's song... The one they play when men with 6-pack abs, surfboards, and nothing better to do ride huge waves... The one with the background Ha! Ha! Haaaaaa! Pretty much figured it out. And then I made up my own intro, my own solo (get that suckaz) and my own ending. If I can iron it out, it would be cool man. Totally.

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