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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Yeshh exams are over, and I'm going to complain to the admin about our scheduling. What do they think we are, robots? Putting three exams in one day, two of them back to back somemore. Even robots will freak la.

Had a good session in Mambo as hoped, a few gay shots but ah all in a day's pool. Thrashed Ben and Kaiyan three games straight (or was it two, doesn't matter la...). My centre slicing was working today, and well, it just went downhill for them from there. See guys, we must learn to communicate, even with inanimate coloured balls. Say ohmmmmmmmm......

Gonna slack the rest of the week off preparing for my researches, as well as getting back to that novel. Darn thing is proving a pain to write, but oh I'll show you... Squeeze it out like... an unripe pimple...

Whatever la. I'll just squeeze it out.

About the little clip you see, there was a longer one showing all the shocks of people, but this poor little guy was the best reaction so far. By the end of the clip he sounds like he's saying 'Yeh heu heu... yeh heu heuuuuu...'.

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Monday, February 27, 2006

After three exams in a row, none of which I know I'll get full marks for, it seems my brain has been numbed. Of course, I'm doing Interpersonal Communication now. Let's wait till Psychology...

Tomorrow it will be all over. Wonder if the guys will object to a decent hour plus at Mambo's. We've been rushing every time we got there this semester. I just want a few good, idyllic rounds of pool. Either that or I'll be breaking all the time to vent Psychology off.

Nahh, let's be optimistic ay?

Expect videos from now on. I doubt the loading will affect your enjoyment of my blog posts, but just in case it does, why don't you get yourself a decent connection. What are you a dinosaur?

You know someone's desperate for attention when he laughs at his own jokes. Ahahahahaha....

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Have a Sian Day
Thursday, February 23, 2006

Exams are nearing and oh my God I haven't studied. It's already Thursday, I have half my Friday taken up, and there Sabrina's party on Saturday evening and church on Sunday. Have a nice day.

I have since learnt not to trust friends who say that too. Because they, unlike me, have been studying consistently, and what they mean by I haven't studied is that they haven't revised their texts for the 7th time. Consequently they'll get away with A-s and I will scrape through with B-s. I always promise myself to study regularly, and I always break my own promise.


Friends, writers, silly men...

Kwong Weng has asked me to convey the message that everything is back to normal. Gaylene is under pressure from several factors, not to mention, I'm sure, her self-pressure to make this project a success, and something probably ticked her off, hence today's confusion. However, Weng has spoken to her and long story short, we shall proceed as planned. You decide on what you want, you give me the topics by this Sunday, or confirm with if me the topic I gave you is writable. You have one week until the following Monday, 6 March, to write and submit your articles. So please please plan your work carefully, because I will throw substandard work back at you. And that is because I know all your capabilities are far beyond substandard work, so don't disappoint me. You will, of course, be kept informed by my subnick.


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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I just finished watching Jesse Duplantis in his DVD Close Encounters of the God Kind. Being not exactly the greatest Christian in the world, I seldom feel the Spirit of God touching me. But gosh this man was so anointed, and he was describing his trip to Heaven when he was whooshed away for 5 hours, probably in a supernatural trance while his soul was whisked away. And as I saw his difficulty in putting Heaven into words I was hooked. And when he said 'You do not want to miss Jesus, ladies and gentlemen', and when later when he was talking about the Lord telling him how the saddest day is yet to come - the day when He has to say to only-He-knows how many people the words 'Depart from Me', with tears streaming from His face, and Jesse Duplantis pleading with the audience hoarsely 'Please don't make Him say that to you, please.' I just had tears flowing.

My cousin, for those of you who know, the same one who blessed me with the guitar, often said, 'Don't tithe until the revelation hits you.' (I don't really listen to that, which makes me no less stupid than giving my money for nothing). And I realise that almost whatever we do, we must have the revelation to do it. Not necessarily a Heavenly revelation, just a personal revelation. I will not truly make an effort to study hard until the revelation hits me, just how much sacrifices have been made for me, how every cent paid for this course is my father's blood, staying late almost every night completing teaching materials, running all over Singapore on public transport (not taxis) teaching and teaching. I will not truly understand and reap the benefits of tithing until the day I truly truly realise that that 10% was never mine in the first place. And I will not understand what music to listen to, and what not to, until it hits me just why, why why why this is not suitable, and this is. It's beyond Reason. It is your revelation.

This is what it's all about people. Don't miss it.



I knew I would be late for class. But most probably due to the video, I had an amazing sense of calm around me. Just walking fast but normally, not rushing, not feeling anxious when I boarded the bus at like 1.40 (class at 1.45). No I'm not bo chup. I try to be, but I usually fail halfway.

At the bus stop after school, we were talking cock as usual. First it was about that super tall guy, whom Ben insisted Kaiyan could have blown standing up... Then it was all the different positions Kaiyan engaged in. Ben suggested The Cartwheel, and from nowehere I just thought of round and round the ragged rocks. I then thought of the Hair Screw, and further argued that the protein would result in an unnatural sprout of hair where... it was deposited. Ben then commented that pubic hair would be growing on Kaiyan's head, which very inevitably led me to calling Kaiyan a dickhead, which also very inevitably led me to getting very nearly neutered.

Finally got Sabrina's present. First time I have been invited to a party in a long time (boys don't usually throw bashes at Sentosa, if you don't get it). And this looks to be a big party. Whee can't wait.

Nah actually I can. Midterms just spoil the mood.

On the way back, walking with Ben we came across this guy who was singing quite audibly, in what sounded like Hindi. He might have been disturbed, or a little deaf, or just trying to show off his lack of skills. Ben wasn't very nice by plugging his ears, and distancing ourselves, but he wasn't really looking around so that's the n-th time that Ben Chua escapes a serious asswhip.

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Hard Times
Sunday, February 19, 2006

It is the best of times, it is the worst of times, it is the age of wisdom, it is the age of foolishness, it is the epoch of belief, it is the epoch of incredulity, it is the season of Light, it is the season of Darkness, it is the spring of hope, it is the winter of despair, we have everything before us, we have nothing before us, we are all going direct to Heaven, we are all going direct the other way...

Hardly a spell of joy before a storm of sorrow, nary a season of elation before a wave of pain. Such are the hard times now. Oh how calming our chatter of bliss, and oh how resounding the silent sob of embittered hearts. How handsome the tears which release our joy, and how aching the smile which hides our grief.

Such are the hard times now.

Brothers, sisters, fellow sufferers, fellow revelers, how will your life be lived? Will you wallow in sadness while there is merriment to delight in, or will you cherish your moments of gaiety in periods of depression?

Aiyahhhh what the hell am I saying la.

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Bleach fillers rock. Thanks to our pirate for passing to me. I officially hate my Bittorrent now.

Midterms are coming, I was supposed to study late into the night but didn't... I was supposed to study in the morning today but didn't... I was supposed to study after lunch but fell asleep... I'm going to study late tonight and I am praying I can make it. Lol.

I was encouraging Ryan to join the newsletter team as a regular writer, so he could build his stories portfolio up once more, when he inevitably lost his secondary school collection. Then I thought hmm I should build mine up too... And started on a story... And found I was going nowhere at all. Horrible.

HOWEVER, I recalled a story that I mentioned right here but never fleshed out. Avid readers and hardcore fans will recall it... But that will require some research. For those who can appreciate, it should be fascinating. I hope.

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VS VS go go... go?
Friday, February 17, 2006

Finally I meet Sean Tan, and Jie Kai too. Just at Tampines MRT, where the two had met a little earlier, and the I show up. Haha... but bad news bad news.

While most of us are....

Wait I'm sorry you might not catch some of the stuff its a VS post after all... but I might have something for you if you read patiently. I SAID READ, not scroll past!

Most of us are glad that Ang Pow Chew is gone, and Low Eng Teong has taken over. For all the things he did Ang Pow Chew might as well have done nothing. Well he did try, but he failed miserably. Academically well yeah he somehow managed to drag our '88 batch up, but then it might have just been our Dragon year. After all we did perform exceptionally in PSLE. But as far as student rapport, he gets a straight F for that. Low Eng Teong at least advocated arts, and was liked better by the students.

Now apparently there is a VP who is somehow making the rules and screwing it up big time. Now the Prefects' Investiture is no more a grand affair with schools attending in blazers, but a disgustingly watered down affair along with Monitors and Student Leaders. And Sean was saying how the present J1's, last year's Sec 4's saw that their juniors weren't all that interested in fighting for their rights as Prefects, and they didn't bother too. I mean come on la, the PI has been going on for years and years and years man how the hell can one ass just cut it off like that? And with no one raising a fuss too. Unbelievable. Did we fight for VS to remain a boys' school for people like this? Because if we did, by all means let the girls in. At least they know how to bitchfight.

I'm just glad I was emcee for... either the last one or second last one.

Gosh that is so cool.

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L'héritage des civilisations du monde
Thursday, February 16, 2006

Psychology test. Prime material to cause severe brain damage.

McKelvey will be inspecting Psychology next Tuesday, and I know I'm loso but I feel that we are making too much noise, so perhaps we should cooperate with Auntie Yeap just while he's here la hmm? I mean she's so nice, don't make things difficult for her.

And on to other news.

Today as I got off the train at Tampines I saw this ACJC girl huddled in one corner seat sleeping. Somehow, I sensed she was supposed to alight at Tampines, and was going to oversleep if I didn't wake her up. So on my way out I kicked her shoe gently. And sure enough I saw her standing up and exiting from the train from the corner of my eye. One good deed for me! And to answer Ben's question, she's more cute than chio. So...

Oops. :P

Midterms next week and I still haven't studied. So tell me, what's new?

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Sen Walentine's...
Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Gave my four bottles of saga seeds away to the four people I should love and treasure most. Two of them I'm just starting to make greater acquaintance with, the other two... I haven't been loving as much as I should be.

I'm gonna set some reminder to pick saga seeds early next year...

Got in return two Rochers and something I've forgotten all about... a Kinder Surprise! Elton was like 'Omg I love the egg can I have it'... and I danced around lavishing in the sheer taste of one half and enjoying his envious look before giving him the other half.

I appreciated it as a gift, it doesn't come all that cheap you know. But I can never understand how anyone can still stand that standard of chocolate when there is like heaven waiting out there for the same price. I wanted to put pure heaven, but of course those are expensive. Very expensive.

The UB Newsletter (let's call it UBN) has finally taken a ghostly shape. We shall be dishing work out pretty soon, so get yourselves ready for some whip cracking.

Well actually it's only my Tech side that is going to work. Yes I am in charge of Tech and no I didn't choose it. It so happened that all the techies were in my list, and I still blame you Leong Kaiyan. The moment they saw your name I was bloody doomed for Tech. Anyway, my other side has stories sitting ready to be published, so they'll most probably complete the assignment the moment I hand it to them.

An update to the earphones situation: Audio Technica has better balance and slightly more bass than Panasonic. I really miss my Apple earphones, it's the only damn pair that can shut out sound. With Panasonic and AT I can hear salsa and buses roaring past me at the same time. Strangely enough, it doesn't quite affect my enjoyment as it normally would. Overall however, I might just get used to this new sound, and probably get an acquired taste for the bass. I think I pampered myself too much with bass. But hey... Jazz Latin Emo Rock Metal... Bass is important for me lor!

Sigh never mind. Off to school now.



Even though we didn't manage to go to Mambo today we still had considerable fun in the lounge. Graham and I were in a dangerous position with three balls left on the table versus the black ball left for Kaiyan and Rocky, two of which were sitting together. I attempted to break the couple, and decided on a back spin to bring the cue ball back out. Come to think of it, it would have been disastrous if my original intention had been cleared, since the cue ball would roll right back to the centre where the black ball sat waiting to be cleared. Instead, my cue ball only hit the right ball (of the couple, that is) and stopped dead in the right ball's place, creating an impossible snook behind the yellow ball. And Rocky let off his usual Indo-accented expletives. After that though, I screwed up a full length diagonal wall shot which Graham insisted was easy and which I knew damn well I would foul up.

Later after lunch at Megabites, Graham and I went to the free admission SIM Guitar Club concert. And it was kinda sadly ironic to see the beginners and noobs having the most chio guitars, just because each member purchased their own guitar and these idiots have the money to get super chio slim black acoustics (that would actually be me too if I join... hahaha. See who has Ovation parallel la lol. Except I was blessed with the guitar and didn't have to buy it... Or well the repairs and maintainence and what hath thee were a cost. But nah... nothing compared to the cost of the guitar. Precious precious...) Even more sianned when I opened the door to hear the last three chords of Hotel California. We missed the chance (I would say Hotel California is the chance) to see solo work. However we drew many laughs from people running out of sync, horrible strumming, horrible fretting, horrible singing, and a whole host of other horribles. Graham was contemplating whether to join or not, and I immediately turned to him and declared, 'You join I join!' Probably frightened him away with that thought.

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What's. Love. Got-ta do? Got-ta do with it?...
Friday, February 10, 2006

I was at Ben's house helping him (again) with his Valentine's Day gift. I'll probably refuse next year. ;P Go pick yourself. Ahaha.

I had a bright idea for a topic that was supposed to occupy the space you are reading, and I had the intention of blogging at Ben's house. But I forgot and as a result I am back to talking about mundane events of the day. Also I miss out on a chance to say something funny like

Blogging from Ben's house. If he asks me to help him with his gift one more time I'll shove the saga seeds up his tenderheart ass.

Missed. Just missed. Darn pity.

Anyhoo, my impatience got to me again. I brought a hundred dollars out with the intention of getting another pair of Apple in-ear earphones, which has delivered great sound, trust me on that. In the end I paid 59 bucks for Panasonic which has super bright and clear sound but practically no bass at all. Crappy.

Right let's digress abit.

When searching for high grade earphones, we have to keep in mind that inner ear earphones have all a very short lifespan. Four months, or 6-7 months if you never bend any of the joints and return it to its box curled up properly everytime you are done with it. Therefore we have to maximise quality of sound and lifespan against price. Since I have made mistakes in these area it is my hope that you, my faithful readers, not be as stupid as to commit the exact same errors after reading this.

I used to buy a Philips model which had a unique design. It had a rather large head, with a small grill for smooth bass air movement, and there was a roughly 0.5mm to 0.6mm circular rubber piece on the other side. This acted as both noise insulation and sound trapping, delivering a pounding bass which changed they way I viewed Michael Jackson's music, as well as clear, Surround quality music. Here's the product page. $45.

I thought I made the wrong choice, and at a price too, when I bought the Apple in ear earphones. Sleek, as with all Apple products, and with good thick wires for better durability. However my Zen at that time was a damned lemon, so when I paired the replaced Zen with the earphones...

Wow. Just... wow. The whole thing about it is because the sound is so sharp (sharp is not to be confused with bright), most people find the bass inadequate, when it has actually been shifted to a slightly lower frequency. This takes some getting used to, even an acquired taste due to its uniqueness, but once you can appreciate it, my word you're hooked. Here's the product page. $68. Keep the receipt as a one year warranty. Because if I had my receipt, I wouldn't have to waste money making mistakes.

Panasonic inner ear earphones. The one I have now and the big mistake. In my opinion it is more suited for classical music, because it simply has the clearest audio reproduction I've ever heard. However this same strength may well be its downfall on the trebles, since the clarity sharpens the treble so much it's ear piercing. The EQ, should your audio device allow it, must be customed to your preference for optimal enjoyment. Also it doesn't block sound out as well as Apple. Product page. $55-59.

Now. Audio Technica. The one I am eyeing next. Highly recommended by my friend. Good bass clear trebles... Everything, you name it. And for $45 I think. I seem to remember. I'll get that one next. Product page.

Well well haven't we digressed by quite abit.

The next paragraph shall be my first attempt at what I would like to call coded blabber. This involves using (or descending to, in my case) IRCish language as well as using ambiguous meanings to conceal your message, which can only be interpreted by one who knows the full background of the blabber's context. Note again that I do not condone IRC-lingo except where it belongs, and that it is a poor way of communication when you are writing for the public. But oh well, I suppose its necessary if its necessary.

lolz... so many things happened i cant believe i actually did it again lahs lolz... gratzie to u for losing tt feelin... guess its better tt way... lolz... and lol i knw i told u lotsa times liaoz but thks again la... nt often i hv a fren to tell mi whats wrong and allz n b real honest wif me... rmb to tell me when its gettin 2 deep n all kzzz cos u shld knw i dunno when ta stop onez.. heez... kkkz better stop liaoz later dey tink i gt sum probz lolz...

There. See. I can do it. I just choose not to.

Oh alright I had to revise it 3 times to correct the you and me and and. Actually I don't think the IRCinglish (ha coined a new word) helps. Not alot la. Just to turn people off who don't like it (ie. yours truly, but I will read one don't worry, I'm not that easily daunted) and those who don't want to waste their time deciphering it. Sort of a first barrier of defense. Then the masking is the real thing.

But anyhoo on to other news. Round of applause to Ben whose clever software earned him a Vader Force FX lightsaber for a hundred bucks (42% of original retail price). I'll get the green Luke one when I have money. Although if we're talking green, nothing beats Qui-Gon Jinn. I love his design. Ben should have gotten Yoda's though. Ahaha kidding.

I'm having too much fun... I have an enormous backlog of readings I haven't done. So does everyone else la but it isn't wise to compare yourself to others. Just do your best and let others peg themselves against you if they want. Booya.

I dunno why I said that. Doesn't really fit does it...


I've wormed my way through to the promise of getting my horrible earphones replaced. I shall hold Bertrand to his word and pick Audio Technica this time. Meanwhile my Apple earphones have returned to a reluctantly acceptable state of usage, with my left ear feeling uncomfortable due to the imbalance. But all the same hallelujah amen.

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Saga Tree Saga
Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Adventure from beginning to end.

First thing we did was to get out of class half an hour early. But then it was presentation time... still felt guilty though. Hai once a good boy always a good boy.

Once we were at the bus stop, we struck the brilliant idea of walking all the way to Bukit Timah Hill (LKY: We are in Bukit Timah). So we walked.

And walked.

And walked......

Half an hour, after wondering aloud if just about every damn tree present was a saga tree, we stopped at Bukit Timah Food Center for a water break and to smell the nice smell of all the dishes combined. We asked Ryan to wait for us since he lived just outside the Botanical Gardens.

When we got there the poor boy was sleeping. Lol sorry. Explanation on Ben's blog (Ben you owe me 100 bucks for advertising because even if someone isn't Ryan he/she would still go your blog anyway).

I thought the walk uphill was long enough. God knows we spent the next hour and a half trekking from one end of the Botanical Gardens right to the other, and right out the other end for me. We asked a couple of Aussies... The first one said, 'Nao... I dnt nao, surry...'

The next one, and old lady slightly older looking than Gaylene said 'Sada? Oh saga.... oh... oh Gosh I've been herr a thousand toimes and I dnt rilly know... surry... Ask the park raingers.. If ye walk down t'the carpork there ore a cople of them there...'

So we were already starting to drag our feet, and LKY was going nuts saying things like 'Hey let's go over and say, "Yo ranger... Where to find saga tree?"' When there was like only a garbage cleaner going up the stairs. By the time we reached the peak of the Red Brick Road, he was grabbing my bag and making noises you would only have heard if you are spying when he makes love. Or even worse, filming.

I'm sorry just had to do that.

We finally got to the main entrance where we consulted a ranger. 'Oh,' he said nonchalantly, and without effort, 'its at Girl on a Swing.'

So began our long trek to Girl on a Swing, but not before I filled my bottle with only slightly cold water, not even enough to fog up the outside of my bottle. When we reached the Girl, we fanned out, but to no avail. And my battery was returning to rock-bottom-and-digging state. Finally in the middle of the Frangipani garden (hey we were tired, and we did notice that it was Frangipani left right centre, AND in any case it was huge there were like 40-50 shrubs...) we split up; Ben and KY went right and Ryan and I went straight out to the Girl to search once more. As Ryan caught up with me, I muttered, 'You know, I have a feeling its either this one or this one...' and I waved for him to go check out the right side one while I checked out the left one. When I found out it was another Jelutong tree, I had half a mind to vow to vandalise all Jelutong furniture in the future... As I joined the main road, I asked Ryan whether he had checked the one I asked him to, which I noticed had a large plaque in front, which usually meant it was of special importance. And he said, 'Oh no, I skipped that one, why?'

I was spluttering and being a general bitch when he hastily agreed to check it out.

It was the Saga tree.

And there were no seeds.

In half-defeat I walked round the tree, sweeping dead leaves as I did, which were raked neatly into a circular pile around the tree. Just realised it was excellent fertiliser. And exactly as I walked halfway round the tree, I saw a single red dot sitting neatly on a pile of leaves, and it brought a faint smile to my face, but I tell you, I will remember that smile for a long time... The smile of hope amidst defeat.

And now its Ben's...

Ryan asked to see it, and immediately dropped it right back into the pile.

Luckily he found it back.

Then we passed it to Ben, who (what is wrong with you people...) dropped it right back into the rather deep pile, I must say, of dead leaves. But he found it back after some time.

After a search around the tree to no avail, we went to Kaiyan, who was standing a short distance away from us at the ranger station. He had gone there 10 minutes earlier with Ben's coins to get us each a drink, as Ben's way of saying thanks for walking aimlessly with me. :D And we thought he was stoning there trying to decide his drink. Then he turned right round and said, 'What you want ah?'

Kaiyan, Kaiyan. Ever the clown. Nahhh that's me. Hee. But he gets the limelight for this one.

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Bye bye to Black
Saturday, February 04, 2006

And here we go.

So I was talking to Ryan one night and he said that he was playing Dungeons and Dragons on roleplaying forums. And immediately, not because I saw a pair of malevolent red glowing eyes staring at me while I was playing it 6 years ago, but because of allllllllllllllll the stuff I've heard, and because of Ryan being an obviously stronger Christian than me I remarked casually, 'Isn't that supposed to be satanic?' and he loled me (I think).

Later I was off MSN because I was trying out my Bittorrent, which incidentally can't work for fuck I dunno how I'm gonna get my Bleach and Scrubs (yes Ben gratz you turned me on to it). And my phone buzzed.

Oh by the way I'm sure Ryan doesn't mind me sharing this. If he does, you're bloody well lucky to read this before I take it off.

Message: You're right. I'm pulling out of d n d.

I messaged back: Lol you know i never did play it. i'd like to hear about it when we meet. glad i somehow made you think twice. :)

But having no headway with my BT I signed back into MSN and made a decidedly cool comeback by starting our convo off with 'Or how about now?'

And yeah I think getting you to recite real spell casting chants and worshipping ridiculous out-of-the-norm idols are indeed satanic.

But then Ryan said that the real reason why he dropped DnD was that he wanted me to drop Black and Death Metal.


Let's cut a long story short. I might have been convinced that the lyrics had satanic elements in it, but I still could not convince myself to delete it. And anyway it was 2am, so I told Ryan that after we signed off I would have a cuppa with God, and that the next morning I would delete the albums. So we bade each other adieu and I filled my thermo-cup with cold water and flipped on a light in the hall, and sat down on the sofa.

And I looked to the single sofa opposite me and I said, 'Hello God.'

And then I had nothing to say. It was so sad. So so sad. Later Ryan reminded me that when I had nothing to say that words could express, use tongues.

I felt so stupid. So so stupid.

Anyway in the morning I was reminded of my dreadful task by my iTunes popping up during startup (which you can't normally do, unless you give your com one small small small small nipple tweak). So I sighed and got to work by first rearranging my library by artiste names. And the first one I came across.

Deadening the Dispirited | Absence of the Sacred

I couldn't press the delete button. Just couldn't. And for a song I hardly listen to.

And then I saw the huge discography of Cradle of Filth I never listened to... And I saw all the titles like Gilded Cunt and Total Orgaistic Pleasure and something I remember like Jesus Fucking Christ which made me sigh and shake my head and go you asked for it and deleted them all. And you know, it was heart-wrenching to see all my favourites songs go... Serpent Tongue, Progenies of the Great Apocalypse, Kuolon Tanssi, Hominis Nocturna, Triumph, Mother of Abominations, betcha everyone except one person doesn't know what the hell I'm talking about... ello Hans me ol' headbanging lad... \n/ (I know its supposed to be m but if you do the sign like you type it... thumb and pinky? Looks like a phone cradle or something...)

CRADLE OF FUCKING FILTH WRAHHHH YEAHHHHH \M/\M/\M/ Yeah ok ok no I'm sticking with n ok? \n/

So. I got to the end of my library list. And there was one growling band I couldn't trash. I didn't want to. Whatever ok...


YEAH ok ok shut up we get it, ok... Ok yeah Children of Bodom is cool. So I'm keeping that one band. Oh yeah reminds me gonna ask my friend for Christian growler bands. Impossible? Hoping not.

Oh and Ozzy too. I really... he's metal but no he's just a crazed druggie. I like him. And his solos.

Oh and all my cheesy power metal bands. Nope, not clearing them.

Ok no seriously... It was painful to clear off the bands. It's painful to let anything go when it's dear to you. I like growling. Those bands were good bands in their own respect. And hell I don't really try to make out the words they roar out. Metal for me is a wholesome experience. Its just not the same when you don't have a crazy drummer, not the same without hard heavy riffs, not the same with no psychotic growling voice... Its such a wholesome experience, quite like Dolby 5.1, haha. And it provides a sense of escapism for me into my darker, madder side, which I savoured. Opera and pop and jazz and even rock don't do that. I don't headbang to Placido Domingo for God sake. Or Britney. Helloooo curvy.

I'm sorry where was I?

There are people who turn away from Christianity because fanatical morons breathe down their necks snapping that masturbating gives hairy palms and not saying 12 Ave Maria's a day will send your sinful ass to hell. And then there are people who think Christianity is a bed of roses. Just kneel by your bed every night under the moonlight and say in your act cute 6 year old voice God, I re-he-he-he-he-heeeeally love you! Ae-men! and you'll go to Heaven to enjoy 24/7 xBoxing. Roses have thorns. Plenty of them. Get that into your head.

There are plenty of sacrifices to be made if we are to follow Christ and pick up our crosses. But most of the time, even as God includes us in more and more and more and more plans of His, we're leaning on our cross having our curd and whey. And whoop-de-doo, guess what? When we next pick it up, it's just so heavy we can't take it. And whoop-de-doo, guess what?

We run away from it.

I didn't want to admit it. I used the argument that I wasn't actually listening to their growling anyway. But I made a search on one of my favourite song's lyrics. Then I saw a link to another favourite band's lyrics.

Every one of them had hate and death and destruction in it. I guess it was for the best.

I'm starting to ramble I know bear with me.

It was fun while it lasted, ok? And I think with the exception of a pair of malevolent red glowing eyes staring at me while I listen to Children of Bodom I don't think I can ever fully let it go. But satanic or not, I will always always remember my brief experience with Black metal.

\n/. Truly. \n/ \n/.

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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Went to Ben's house today to study. Left Ben's house burping KFC and having my guitar skills increased by 2%. Surprising? Noooooo.

After watching music videos we concluded that ADRF. If you really think you'll die if you never find out, well, ask me and if i'm not having too heavy a flow maybe I'll tell you.

Wonder what it will take to make us study? Exam tomorrow, definitely... but anything other than that... procrastination is not good, not good at all.

Going out again tomorrow... Gotta get a prezzie for my dearest auntie... birthday coming soon. Ironic we're using the money she gave us to get her gift. Love this world eh?

Eee I'm turning into a rambling blogger. Eee eee eee eee....

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