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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I just finished watching Jesse Duplantis in his DVD Close Encounters of the God Kind. Being not exactly the greatest Christian in the world, I seldom feel the Spirit of God touching me. But gosh this man was so anointed, and he was describing his trip to Heaven when he was whooshed away for 5 hours, probably in a supernatural trance while his soul was whisked away. And as I saw his difficulty in putting Heaven into words I was hooked. And when he said 'You do not want to miss Jesus, ladies and gentlemen', and when later when he was talking about the Lord telling him how the saddest day is yet to come - the day when He has to say to only-He-knows how many people the words 'Depart from Me', with tears streaming from His face, and Jesse Duplantis pleading with the audience hoarsely 'Please don't make Him say that to you, please.' I just had tears flowing.

My cousin, for those of you who know, the same one who blessed me with the guitar, often said, 'Don't tithe until the revelation hits you.' (I don't really listen to that, which makes me no less stupid than giving my money for nothing). And I realise that almost whatever we do, we must have the revelation to do it. Not necessarily a Heavenly revelation, just a personal revelation. I will not truly make an effort to study hard until the revelation hits me, just how much sacrifices have been made for me, how every cent paid for this course is my father's blood, staying late almost every night completing teaching materials, running all over Singapore on public transport (not taxis) teaching and teaching. I will not truly understand and reap the benefits of tithing until the day I truly truly realise that that 10% was never mine in the first place. And I will not understand what music to listen to, and what not to, until it hits me just why, why why why this is not suitable, and this is. It's beyond Reason. It is your revelation.

This is what it's all about people. Don't miss it.



I knew I would be late for class. But most probably due to the video, I had an amazing sense of calm around me. Just walking fast but normally, not rushing, not feeling anxious when I boarded the bus at like 1.40 (class at 1.45). No I'm not bo chup. I try to be, but I usually fail halfway.

At the bus stop after school, we were talking cock as usual. First it was about that super tall guy, whom Ben insisted Kaiyan could have blown standing up... Then it was all the different positions Kaiyan engaged in. Ben suggested The Cartwheel, and from nowehere I just thought of round and round the ragged rocks. I then thought of the Hair Screw, and further argued that the protein would result in an unnatural sprout of hair where... it was deposited. Ben then commented that pubic hair would be growing on Kaiyan's head, which very inevitably led me to calling Kaiyan a dickhead, which also very inevitably led me to getting very nearly neutered.

Finally got Sabrina's present. First time I have been invited to a party in a long time (boys don't usually throw bashes at Sentosa, if you don't get it). And this looks to be a big party. Whee can't wait.

Nah actually I can. Midterms just spoil the mood.

On the way back, walking with Ben we came across this guy who was singing quite audibly, in what sounded like Hindi. He might have been disturbed, or a little deaf, or just trying to show off his lack of skills. Ben wasn't very nice by plugging his ears, and distancing ourselves, but he wasn't really looking around so that's the n-th time that Ben Chua escapes a serious asswhip.

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